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Guess I Should've Called First
by Stardog Champion

"Mendoza is set....Garciaparra comes the 3-2 pitch....fouled off over the 1st base dug out...its still 3 and 2," the voice of Red Sox play by play man Sean McDonough boomed in his thick New England accent as he called the early May Yankees/Red Sox game.

I had just gotten the chance to sit down after a long day of work, taking my son to little league, eating dinner and helping my wife clean up afterwards. Now comfortably planted in my LazyBoy to enjoy the rest of the ballgame between my Red Sox and the hated Yankees on a quiet Tuesday Night, I twisted open the cap of a cold Heineken and brought the icy green bottle to my lips.

Intently, I focused on Nomar Garciaparra fidgeting in the batter's box as he awaited another 3-2 pitch.

"Down one here in the bottom of the 8th with the bases would behoove Boston to get a run or two across here because if they don't they'll have to face Rivera, the Yankees almost unhittable closer in the 9th," Jerry Remy surmised in his usual splendid job as color analyst. Just then the pitch left the pitcher's hand.

Rising ever so slightly towards the TV screen, I immediately fell backwards into the chair, deflated when Nomar swung and missed....strike 3.

"SSSHHIII...," I started to curse when my wife Carol, walked meekly into the room. "How's the game going?" she asked in a tone that stated her question was only a polite one, that she really couldn't care less 'How the game was going'.

"Down by one going to the ninth," I answered taking another sip of beer. "What do you want....?" I asked, sensing a look of need on her pretty face, telling me she was about to ruin the rest of my quiet, lazy evening.

"Well..." Carol coyly replied," Since you asked."

Carol stayed silent for a few more moments sensing my growing testiness. "What!?" I said agitatedly, as I sat my beer down beside me.

"Well," she finally spoke, moving closer to my chair. "I was wondering, before the Sox go and lose again and you go get tanked again... I forgot to give Mary Mcdonald the cook book she lent me last month back to her at church you think you could run it over to her?"

"Now?!" I asked, amazed she would ask me something so silly this late at night. "Look honey....she lives three blocks away... why can't YOU just take it over?" "It's 10 after 10, she's probably in bed anyway," I added, as rationally as I could.

"She's not that old Charlie," My wife answered sarcastically. "She's only 55. She doesn't go to bed with the chickens."

"And to answer your other question," Carol continued," I just did my nails and they haven't dried yet. Can't you just listen to the rest of the ball game on the radio on the way over?"

Looking at Carol's hands as she extended them towards me to prove she had just coated them with a Cherry Red gloss, I saw that they were in fact still shiny and wet. Sighing loudly, I tried brushing the sudden drowsiness out of my eyes and ate my words, knowing it would be fruitless to argue.

I almost asked 'why can't you just give it to her next Sunday in church?', but I knew the sooner I got the book over to Mary's, the sooner I could come home and finish a few beers before going to bed.

Taking the cookbook that Carol had dropped on my chest, I sat up, put my sneakers on and went out into the driveway to get in the car.

"Thanks Honey," Carol said from the front door patronizingly, with a smile of satisfaction on her face from once again playing me like a puppet.

On the verge of exasperation, I turned the key in the car's ignition, slipped the car into reverse and began backing down the driveway.

As I tuned in the ballgame on the radio, my mood only worsened when I heard the groans from the Fenway faithful through my car speakers. "Grand slam home run for Bernie Williams...Yankees lead 7 to 2..." The announcer's voice said direly.

"DAMN," I cursed, slapping the radio off.

Smacking my hands on the steering wheel twice to relieve my anger, I then reached down and put the car in drive for the short trip over to Mary McDonald's house to return the cookbook that my wife had not even bothered to use.

* * * * *

Mary was a fifty five year old woman who still was a pillar of our small Massachusetts community. For 17 years she had taught English in our school system. Her late husband Peter had been a successful businessman for a number of years before he was elected to the city council. Peter served on the board for 6 years before he was diagnosed with Cancer and died two years ago.

The McDonald's had been big contributors in the church I grew up in for as long as I could remember. From day one, I had always had a crush on Mary. When I started attending church regularly around age 12, right when my hormones were kicking in, Mary McDonald was the most polished and gorgeous female specimen I had to use for my frequent fantasy fodder.

She was in her early thirties then and had the grace and presence that caused me plenty of sleepless nights and messy sheets as a pre teen and teenager.

As I grew up however, and other girls came into my life, my interest in Mary waned slightly even though she was one of the private pleasures I had to look forward to every Sunday morning.

When I started high school, I had always held out hope that I would be lucky enough to be placed in her English class but it never happened. Unfortunately, I was a mediocre student and Mary spent her days teaching the advanced placement classes.

After I graduated high school and spent 6 years in college, when I finally returned home to settle down, I found out Mary had given up teaching because her husband's business success had enabled her to do more charity work and to stay home and raise their two kids. She had also immersed herself further into the various church programs such as exchange and missionary work.

Although age had stripped her of her youthful and polished figure, for a woman in her fifties, Mary still had a very voluptuous body, a keen sense of humor, an eternal friendliness and still had that intangible poise that never leaves no matter your age. Mary was about 5 foot 4 and I guessed she weighed around 145lbs. She had large breasts that still never failed to fill out the front of the sweaters or business suits she always wore to church. She also had short jet black hair that was dotted with hints of salt and pepper and always had a smile of kinship on her face.

When her husband had finally passed away after his long illness, Mary re-dedicated herself full bore to her charity and missionary work after she had finished grieving. Peter's estate allowed Mary the opportunity not to have to go back to work, and after seeing the way she doggedly went about raising money and making connections in her various capacities, even though she was 20 years older than me, I had developed a deep respect for her energy and vigor.

* * * * *

Parking my car at the foot of the hill that led up to the McDonald's front porch, I cut the ignition and my headlights off, grabbed the heavy cookbook, and prepared to go up and drop it off.

Walking up the steep incline of the McDonald's modest palatial estate, I scanned the front windows of the house trying to determine if Mary was still up. The complete darkness inside gave me a sensation that I was about to feel very awkward after waking this hard working woman up at this late hour.

Even though the light was vividly glowing on the front porch, I just had this feeling Mary wasn't ready to be disturbed. Why I didn't get Carol to call first I don't know......oh that's right, her nails were still wet.

As I approached the door, I balled up my hand into a loose fist and smacked my knuckles against the heavy hardwood door. About 20 seconds went by without any stirring from inside, so I knocked again.

I turned my head to the side and saw that Mary's dark maroon Cadillac was indeed parked at the upper end of the driveway, so I knew she was home. Another minute went by with no response.

"That's it," I thought. "I tried."

I could picture in my head knocking a third time with Mary hurriedly walking down the stairs to see who was disturbing her at such an hour only to see a shadowy male figure walking through her yard back to the car that she would surely recognize in the church parking lot at some point.

I tucked the cookbook back under my shoulder and turned to head back home feeling like a complete putz.

As I descended the steps a little quicker than I had scaled them, hoping Mary wouldn't look out the window and think there was a doorbell ringing prankster in the neighborhood, I stopped at the foot of the steps suddenly remembering the only time I had been inside the McDonald house.

It had been a church mixer I remembered that Mary and Peter had thrown four or five years ago and I recalled spending a great deal of time at the party that night downstairs in the luxurious basement they had built. If memory served, they had put in a large family/TV room, a game room, a wet bar and an office for both Peter and Mary.

Against my better judgement, I turned and took a few steps across the manicured lawn, and sure enough, I did see a shining light coming out of the window of a side room on the house's lower level.

I remembered from my previous visit that there was a door around back that had easy access to the basement and I reasoned that down there in the peace and quiet, Mary was probably able to get a lot of her busy work done.

Happy now that I could get Mary her cookbook back and get it off Carol's absent mind, I glanced down at my watch and saw the neon numbers tell me I could still get home in time to watch Leno.

Whistling softly to myself under the cover of darkness, I eased around the house, heading for the door knowing Mary could certainly hear me knock from there.

As I approached the window that I had initially saw the light shining from, I casually and innocently looked in.

Stopping dead in my tracks, I felt my ears pop as I stood there, gawking in. At some point during my temporary paralysis, the cookbook resting under my arms fell with a thump to the ground as the wave of numbness swept through me.

I bent down slightly ,my knees buckling from what I was witnessing. As my field of vision lowered, I got a clearer view for what was going on inside through the ground floor window.

There was a large, cushy sofa sitting in the center of the basement's study, resting catty corner from the window I was looking through.

Mary was seated on the sofa, her right side to me. I immediately recognized her sitting there dressed casually in a pink sweater and a pair of comfortable form fitting black leggings.

The light in the family room reflected off Mary's short jet black hair, highlighting the salt and pepper in it magically. There was a pile of books sitting on the coffee table in front of her, a few of which were open.

At about the same moment I discerned two glasses of what looked to be ice tea sitting on the table, Mary leaned forward to take a sip and allowed me to see the man that was joining her on the couch.

My head started to swim as the realization hit me of who it was. Since Mary's husband Peter had died, Mary had re-dedicated herself to aiding the church's efforts with helping exchange students prosper during there time in America, especially concentrating on helping them learn the English language.

One such exchange student was an 18 year old young man from Nigeria named Kaba Akeem. I had seen him on occasion at church for the better part of the past 2 months and knew he was living with a black family in our congregation.

Putting 2 and 2 together, I assumed Kaba being there was just a natural extension of Mary's role as an English tutor for the church, especially with the evidence of the open textbooks in front of them. It appeared to now be totally innocent.

Taking my mind out of the gutter, I reached down and searched for the cookbook that I had just dropped. As my hands blindly felt around the ground in the dark, before I could grasp it, my eyes curiously glanced back inside the window and this time when my gaze fell on Mary and Kaba, my body literally fell limp. Collapsing onto my stomach, I laid there and watched incredulously.

Kaba, who was easily 6 foot 2 and a wiry 200 lbs. even though he was only 18, sat beside Mary, face to face with her.

As my eyes focused on the contrasting pair, I could see Kaba's large black hand tentatively placed on the top of Mary's right shoulder. I stared on as Kaba's tendons subtly flexed, pulling the reluctant teacher closer to him. Once she was close enough, Kaba opened his lips and lowered them to hers.

Eyes opened wide, I watched as the open space between Mary's and Kaba's face narrowed to mere inches. They both seemed to stop just before making contact with each other as if to say, this is both our last chance to back out, that once it gets started.....

With my heart thumping loudly in my chest, I waited impatiently for one of them to make the next move. A moment later Kaba parted his lips fully and placed his mouth on top of Mary's.

When their lips met, Kaba's arm muscles instantly constricted, pulling the 55 year old widow closer to him vigorously as his mouth explored hers.

With the smell of freshly cut grass filling my nostrils, I continued laying there almost hypnotized by what I was witnessing inside.

Mary's body seemed to cave against Kaba as she reluctantly returned his kisses. One moment Mary would seem to allow him to dwelve deeper into her mouth and the next, she would cautiously try to push him away.

Kaba kept up his oral probes until Mary finally succumb to his relentless advances, freely allowing the teenage stud to place his right hand between her slightly parted legs, giving Kaba unhindered access to the moistening mesh covering the crotch of her soft cotton leggings.

Kaba then deftly pulled his lips off of Mary's for a brief moment, opened his eyes and seemed to look down and survey Mary McDonald as if she was his captured prey.

Mary just sat there motionless, her eyes still closed, at the mercy of the hulking exchange student who was sizing her up.

Satisfied she had given herself completely to him, Kaba lowered his head once again, only this time he bypassed Mary's mouth and pressed his lips wantonly onto the soft sensitive flesh between Mary's earlobe and collarbone. Grinding his hot mouth against Mary's delicate skin, the virile young stud sucked hard on her neck until Mary's hips rocked steadily up and down on the sofa cushions below.

Working his thick wet lips down Mary's neck, Kaba slithered his tongue down Mary's shoulder as he continued probing her seething crotch with his free hand. Deftly swinging his middle finger up and over the elastic waistband of Mary's leggings, I watched as Kaba's long black finger disappeared.

A moment later, it seemed an electrical shock went through my body when I saw the same woman I had fantasized about for over 20 years, spasm like a common whore under the touch of an 18 year old kid who was gouging his finger into her wet pussy.

I could almost feel Mary shudder as I laid in the yard watching. Kaba continued kissing her tenderly, slowly manipulating Mary's voluptuous body until he sensed she was ready to take the next step.

Taking his hand that was resting on Mary's shoulder , he lowered it gently to the front of the older woman's sweater and furtively began fondling Mary's heavy, D-cup breasts through the fabric like the powerful, insistent school boy he was.

Mary literally shook under Kaba's intense, clutching grasp, seemingly becoming more and more willing to allow her teenage suitor access to parts of her untouched for years by another man.

Suddenly, I felt something pressing with each passing second as well. I could feel my cock straining against the front of my blue jeans as it grew between my legs, pressing mightily into the grass below. I still was having a hard time believing this was the same woman I had known from church, school and social circles for the better part of 20 years, now sharing a secret and private embrace in her basement with one of her exchange students.

Mary's eyes were closed and her face flushed as the black stud went about stimulating her upper body with his hands, arms, and mouth.

As Kaba pulled his middle finger out from underneath Mary's pants, I could almost smell the pungent nectar that coated his finger. After pulling it out of her pussy, Kaba immediately raised his hand up to Mary's face and brushed the sticky length of his fuck finger against her small quivering, pink lips. I could see Mary's tiny mouth tentatively work, trying to muster the courage to suck her own juices off Kaba's digit. Knowing where Kaba's finger had been, Mary had to fight her own demons, knowing she had shown her weakness of the flesh already ,that now there was no turning back.

Growing impatient with Mary's attempts to accept his finger into her mouth, Kaba simply pushed his slick glistening middle finger into her mouth, forcing it down to the knuckle before swirling it crudely in her mouth, forcing the copious amounts of vaginal fluid on it to baste Mary's tongue, lips and teeth.

After rotating his drenched finger around Mary's mouth for thirty seconds, Kaba pulled it out and smiled when he saw it glisten with the combination of Mary's feminine secretions. Taking the finger into his mouth, Kaba quickly tasted the remnants of what Mary had left on it.

Wasting little time, Kaba angled both his hands down onto Mary's throat, gently tracing his thumbs in small circular patterns around Mary's exposed neck causing the fifty five year old widow to rock her head all the way back in a signal of complete surrender.

Instinctively realizing this, Kaba reached down and took Mary's frumpy sweatshirt in his hands and effortlessly raised it up over his English tutor's torso. The young man smiled broadly when he saw Mary raise her arms for him allowing Kaba an easier path to remove her top.

Both my cock and head throbbed painfully as I watched Mary Mcdonald, the woman that I had fantasized about for over 2 decades, be stripped willingly of her clothing. My eyes widened when I saw her pale chest and back come into full view. she was wearing a large white support bra that appeared to have 2 sets of 4hook attachments. I focused intently on Kaba's dark hand as it quickly covered the hooks, his youthful exuberance showing in his hurry to unsnap Mary's bra to get his hands on her heavy, slightly sagging mounds of fleshy womanhood.

I found myself ever so slightly grinding my crotch forward into the ground below as I watched Kaba continue to strip Mary of more than her clothing.

After taking a few moments to unsnap Mary's formidable bra, Kaba leaned back when the snaps were all loosened and rested his body against the back of the sofa, taking an eager and attentive final look at Mary's covered breasts before he finally stripped her chest completely naked.

I could tell Kaba had opened his mouth and muttered a few words of broken English down to Mary, and a moment later, Mary looked up at the towering dark young stud and opened her submissive eyes as if to say, "I'm your's...I'll do whatever you want."

Mary then reached her hands up over her shoulders, taking the thick bra straps in her hand and then deliberately removed the undergarment from her chest allowing her heaving, pale white titties to spill free in front of her young pupil.

After discretely dropping the bra to the floor beside her, Mary meekly looked up at the imposing young black exchange student and seemed to cower when she saw him haughtily rubbing a growing thick tubular ridge through his tight jeans as he intently watched Mary undress herself for him.

With my gaze intently locked on Kaba's facial expression, watching as he stared hungrily down at Mary's body, I saw the young stud subtly nod his head to Mary as he watched her openly gawk at his growing cock.

Slowly, Mary figured out what Kaba was nonverbally hinting at and reached her hands out, awkwardly taking the snap of his jeans between her small white fingers. Kaba's cock seemed to twitch and rise up through the denim as if to get at Mary's hand on the outside.

As Mary leaned forward to get a better grip on Kaba's pants, my dick throbbed even harder when I saw the fullness of Mary's breasts fall on top Kaba's thighs as she fumbled with his jean snap. I reached under my body and began tickling my erection when I saw Mary's nipples harden as they grazed back and forth against the rough fabric of Kaba's jeans.

When she finally got it undone, I could see her hands tremble as she began unzipping them. Turning her back completely to me, I was obstructed from seeing what she was seeing. I looked up into Kaba's eyes and saw a calm coolness and as Mary's hands went about the chore of pulling his huge dong out, Kaba's expression looked as if he was a proud parent on Christmas morning watching as a child unwrapped a special gift. Licking his lips nonchalantly, Kaba cracked a wicked smile when it was clear the 55 year old woman had finally gotten her hands onto his throbbing, steely cock.

Almost as if on cue, Mary dipped her head forward and I watched as the veins in her neck flexed in an undeniable show that she was trying to stuff what Kaba possessed between his young sinewy legs into her mouth.

Mary's bare, naked shoulders tensed as her head began bobbing up and down forcefully. Mary's feet also curled on the floor underneath the coffee table as she awkwardly tried positioning herself for a better angle to suck the 18 year old stud's huge cock.

Pressing her face straight into his crotch, Mary's heavy titties had now fallen across Kaba's thigh and shook wildly side to side as Kaba continued to feed her his virile length.

Breathing heavily through her flared nostrils, Mary lowered both her hands into Kaba's lap, out of my eyesight, in an obvious attempt to grope the jutting black cock she was trying her best to suck.

When Mary finally had to come up for air, she exhaustedly rocked her head back as her two gripping hands refused to let go of Kaba's dark endowment. As she leaned back, I also finally got to see firsthand why Mary was having to work so hard giving the young man a blowjob.

Kaba's dick was easily as long as a normal man's foot and seemingly as thick as a V-8 bottle. From watching the way that the overhead lights glistened on the slick spots on the head of his black prize, it appeared Mary was only able to accommodate about a third of it into her mouth.

Taking Mary's hands, that were still glued to his cock into his, Kaba helped the sex starved widow jack him off, their black and white hands contrasting sexily around his batlike penis.

Mary freely allowed Kaba to manipulate her hands up and down on his joint, while her nipples hardened even more, showing the young Nigerian her complete willingness to do anything he wanted of her sexually.

Not wanting to spew his copious cumbath just yet, Kaba pulled Mary's hands of his massive black stalk moments before there would have been no turning back, still wanting to milk the situation for all it was worth.

Taking his large hands, Kaba cupped them both on the insides of Mary's inner thighs, just above the knee. Flexing his hands outwards, Kaba pressed Mary's legs further apart as the widow pulled herself up the length of the sofa so she could lay her tired head on the arm rest.

As Mary pulled herself up the sofa, Kaba seemed to shadow her every move as if he was a hunter stalking his prey. As the young stud raised up on top of her, I could clearly see his huge jutting cock dangling over top of Mary's half naked body, the enormous head periodically smacking Mary's pale white stomach.

Reaching underneath the submissive white woman's legs, with one cruel exquisite jerk, Kaba pulled Mary's body closer to him, so that her burning crotch smacked against his.

I looked on with a great deal of arousal as Kaba pulled Mary to him, the way her heavy flopping titties poured over the sides of her chest, her right breast angling out towards the floor and her left one jiggling against the side of the sofa cushions.

Once Mary was flat on her back, snugly trapped underneath the young African Adonis, Kaba guided his body up over hers, placing each one of his knees down beside Mary on the couch, letting each knee come to rest just below the creamy white orbs of Mary's huge tits.

Grabbing his blood filled black weapon in his hands, Kaba slowly started smacking its veiny length lewdly over Mary's naked torso as he looked down at the 55 year old pillar of the community with a glare of lustful dominance.

Causing his dick to further harden, stretching it across Mary's hot sweatsoaked skin, I could see Kaba mouth a few words to her but the only reaction I could see come from Mary was her body squirming underneath him and the lurid way she fanned her hands out to take her feminine endowment in her grip, clutching the fleshy firmness wantonly as if she were presenting her breasts to Kaba for his approval.

With his huge sagging black balls resting heavily on top of Mary's belly, the teenage stud lowered his hand into the thick curly patch of dark pubic hair at the base of his massive girth and took control of it by its thick trunk.

Leaning forward slightly, I could see Kaba open his mouth once again, further instructing Mary as to what he wanted her to do.

His youthful expression turned to one of devious intent when the middle-aged English tutor pulled her large titties apart slightly, just far enough so that Kaba could aim his clublike erection between the warm soft flesh of her bosom.

From my vantage point, flat on my stomach outside the window, it looked as if a foot-long black snake had slithered itself between two snow-covered melons, and as the teenage stud began seesawing his pride and joy between Mary's pride and joy, the two slowly worked up towards a lurid and carnal rhythmic crescendo.

I watched with amazement as Kaba towered over Mary's body, his hands now intertwined with hers once again, covering her massive white tits as together, they mashed Mary's breasts tightly against Kaba's shockingly huge black dick, with the sole purpose of getting the young man off.

As Kaba's thrusts became more and more frantic under the smooth feel of Mary's titflesh squeezing his cock, his head shot backwards and the veins in his neck rippled out, in a clear show of just how good the 55 year old white woman's tits felt smothering his gifted endowment.

I could tell Mary was staring straight forward, her eyes locked on the intensly taboo sight of this young black Nigerian exchange student fucking her tits with reckless abandon and using her whole body as if he owned it.

Taking his right hand off Mary's tits, Kaba bucked even harder when he deftly placed his right hand behind his back and blindly groped for Mary's pussy. Dropping his fingers against the moist crotch of Mary's black leggings, Kaba began tickling and teasing his lover's pussy with his powerful touch as he relentlessly continued titty-fucking her from the front.

With his left hand forcefully clutching Mary's breasts in front and his right rubbing her pussy in small vicious circles behind him, Kaba rocked savagely back and forth on top of the half naked, writhing white woman he had so skillfully seduced.

Looking down at his black cock rooting devilishly through Mary's womanly swells like a dark rapid blur, Kaba could feel his hot semen begin to boil in his loins.

Prone underneath the relentless stud that was nearly 40 years her junior, Mary McDonald had never been so desperate for a sexual release in her whole life. In the sanity and order that came with a normal day, she would have never even fathomed the obscenely taboo scenario she was currently in. But under the darkness of night, in the privacy of her own basement, confronted with years and years of unfulfillment and in the presence of such a virile, persistent and powerful young man, Mary had finally succumb to her long pent-up temptations, curiosities and needs.

With Kaba straddled on top of her, towering above her like a mythic black God, Mary gritted her teeth together and came spastically under the 18 year old's phallic assault.

Raising her pelvis forcefully against Kaba's, Mary brazenly slammed her pussy desperately against Kaba's hand as he fingered her through her now drenched cotten pants.

"III'MMMM... CU... CU... CCCUUMMMNNNGGG.... OH SHIT. .OH.. SHIT.. OHHH... SSSHHHHHIITT... IIIII'MMMMMMM... OOOOOHHHHHHHH... GGGGGOOOOODDD..." Mary gurgled as her face contorted wildly. Small steams of sweat also ran like small rivulets off Mary's forehead, down her face and between the mashing vice of her cleavage as she continued milking the cock of the young man that had satisfied every latent curiosity she had ever had about men like him.

Hearing the sounds of Mary's shrieks of pleasure echoing up from below, whimpering helplessly from the same pleasure Kaba had unleashed on many of the girls back in his home country as well as the wife and daughter of the family that had taken him in here in America, Kaba felt the sizzling trail of his own orgasm burning to his core like a lit wick.

Under his youthful and potent power, no girl or woman had ever been able to resist Kaba's allure. Black, white, young, old, rich or poor and Mary McDonald was simply the next lady who happened to catch his attention and curiosity, and like all the ladies before, she ended up on her back, willingly letting the young buck have his way with her.

Digging his hand once again, up and under the waistband of Mary's pants, Kaba crudely dug his fingers into Mary's soupy cunt. Blindly finding her buzzing clit with his first two fingers, Kaba squeezed until he felt Mary convulse underneath him, the air rushing out of her lungs and wafting up against his bare skinny chest.

With Mary's orgasm as his trigger, Kaba savagely began to grunt noisily when he felt his head throb and the cum inside his bloated black balls began to seeth up like molten lava traveling through the Earth's crust, pressing to shoot out into the light of day and down onto the submissive woman trapped and squirming helplessly between his parted thighs.

Mary could feel Kaba's hot and heavy nutsacks on her bare chest and could plainly feel the heat of his pending virile release work it way up though his equipment. Squeezing her tits over and around his dick even tighter, both Kaba and Mary shuddered drastically as the young stud's orgasm savagly hit.

The initial stream of Kaba's searing seed landed just below Mary's right eye and slowly oozed down her flushed cheek like hot white paint. Mary continued madly pumping Kaba's cock between her titflesh until it spewed forth on her alabaster skin, too many times to count.

With Kaba's milky cum dotted across her face, chin and neck in a broken, gooey line, Mary begged for every drop of Kaba's masculine seed, savoring the warm and natural feel of being showered so lewdly by him.

Instinctively closing her eyes to shield herself from the nonstop rush of cum, Mary blindly removed her hands from her quaking breasts and groped for Kaba's slick black joint, pumping the monster in her straining grip, trying to drudge up every last drop of his youthful seed out of the huge balls that were tingling on her chest cavity.

By the time she was done, her body from her cheeks down to the erect nipples on her breasts glistened in the bright basement light from all the cum that Kaba had so forcefully deposited. I looked on in grotesque wonder as Mary raised her palm off Kaba's still hard black pipe, his frothy cum completely coating Mary's small frail white hand.

* * * * *

Sometime during the carnal onslaught, I had heard my watch obtrusively tweet, signaling a quarter after the hour, in this case meaning 11:15pm. Slowly, I realized my wife Carol would start to wonder where the Hell I'd been.

Still looking hypnotically at the sight inside of Kaba resting on top of Mary, the two kissing each other in a post orgasmic caress, I slowly made my way to my feet.

The first step I tried to take was an adventure, I nearly fell from both legs being asleep. As I did my best to meekly tramp through the pitch black yard, I could also feel the sticky remnants inside my own pants from my own voyeuristic orgasm as well.

* * * * *

Setting the cookbook inside the newspaper box on Mary's front porch, I worked up the plan in my head to tell Carol that Mary must have been asleep and that I just left it there for her to get when the morning paper came. After that, I stopped by the store and a pack of Salems because after what I had just seen, I needed a smoke.

While at the store, I also got Carol a red rose. I knew I could never tell her what I saw, where would I even start. Subconsciously I feared if I did, then her curiosity might be tweaked and then.......well...that's another story for another time.

Anyway, on my drive home a lot of things went through my head, the foremost of which would be how I would ever look at Mary McDonald in church, or anywhere for that matter, without remembering this night and what happened to her. Honestly though, I couldn't wait for Sunday to come.

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