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Gym Fling Pt. II
by Sexy Eyes

Two days had passed since that experience in the gym, and I never stopped thinking about that blond and LJ. Damn I am gonna have to get her name the next time I see her. And after work I'm going to the gym again, hoping that she'll be there...I know LJ will be, he works there 6 days a week. But this blond slut was new there and she had made a VERY good first impression. One that I could get used to.

"Sonia" a friend shouted, startled, I turn towards him..."what do you want Mike?" Mike's a guy that has the biggest crush on me and I have absolutely no attraction to. But the fact that he would do just about anything for me turned me a thrilling but scary way. I would never fuck him, but I'd let him suck my cunt. He is very good looking, but just not my type. "just wondering what you're doing tonight, is all" he responded to me. "Just going to the gym after work to unwind a little, what about you Mike?" I said to him. And as soon as I said that, my mind once again thought about how much I came that night with the blond and LJ. I simultaneously felt my cunt getting wet, and making me so damn horny. I couldn't wait until 6pm when I finished work...getting all sweaty and fucked...mmmmm what a thought.

"mind if I join you, Sonia?" Mike asked...I thought to myself, "hmmm, sure you can, but I stay after hours with the instructor...he gives me private lessons" I responded. Mike had a weird look on his face...jealousy perhaps, but then again, he does want me BAD. So maybe I can show him a great time with that blond...and LJ...I smelt a foursome coming on here...

mmmmmm sometimes I think such dirty things...

That being said, I picked up the phone and called the gym. LJ answered, and I told him that I am bringing a guy that has the hots for me, and we are going to play with him a little. LJ started laughing and said "sure baby, bring him along, that blond called me and she's coming tonight too" My cunt pulsed when LJ told me that. I really couldn't wait until 6pm now...but I only had about 2 hours to go.

Two long hours passed, my cunt was already wet, thinking about what would happen tonight. And how it would start off, Who would make the first move tonight I thought? And since Mike was with me I thought about whether the blond would get scared away thinking that he may be my boyfriend. Hopefully LJ told her the story.

I walk in, wearing my black tight pants, 5 inch ankle boots, and a nice black polyester blouse. Nothing underneath of course...and of course I never wear panties, so I could feel the juices run don my leg as I approached the women's dressing room. The blonde was nowhere to be found. I hurried getting changed into my short shorts, and small tee. Mike had already changed and was waiting for me in the hallway, his eyes widened when he saw me walk out. I realized that this was the first time he ever saw me UNDER dressed. This turned me on. I knew he had a hard on growing just looking at me. "ready?" I asked him "ye...yes" he said stuttering. I giggled walking beside him. "why are you laughing?" he asked me "because I can see that cock of yours growing Mike, and I know that you are real horny for me" I responded. He started laughing a little, a shy, embarrassed laugh. "don't worry baby, you'll explode by the time we get out of here"

I looked into the weight section, and saw LJ helping the blond do shoulder workouts...holding her arms, they were laughing and talking, they didn't see me yet. I proceeded to my usual first workout equipment...and started my routine.

2 hours had passed, I was sweaty once again, so was Mike. He works out all the time, just not at this gym. So he is pretty cut. His body turned me on more and more. The entire 2 hours the blond and I exchanged glances and smiles, and LJ came by a few times teasing me with his raging hard on from my being there. None of us knew what was going to happen after the workout. Mike kept looking at me and I just kept smiling at him. So basically all of us were sweaty and horny. I proceeded to the dressing room, LJ closed the gym, and all fours of us were the only ones left. The blond followed me into the dressing room...

As soon as the last couple of women left...we were left alone in there. I went over to her...naked and wet from the sweat. I pinned her up against the door and kissed her hard. Licking her neck, biting on her ear lobe, making her moan softly. "so miss me?" I asked her

"oh fuck yeah, I haven't stooped thinking about you, and I couldn't get my eyes off you tonight" she responded to me. "mmmmm Good, so baby, what is you name?" "my name's Stacy, Sonia" she said "mmmm I like that name, and how did you know my name?" I asked her. "baby, I know a lot about you. The other night LJ and I talked about you for over an hour, I wanted to know everything he knew about you" I was pleased with what she had just said, I looked at her deep into the eyes and approached my lips to hers. We kissed very passionately.

A knock on the door startled both of us...both of us were naked, I knew there was only us four here, so I didn't mind. I opened the door, and saw both LJ and Mike there. LJ opened the door wider, and told Mike to follow him in. I smiled at Mike, letting him know that is was ok.

The dressing room was real classy, couches, nice showers, and dim lights. Candles all over the place. LJ closed the door behind Mike, I told LJ and Mike to sit down on the couches...but to get naked before sitting and to light the candles for me. They both listened to me real good. Stacy was at her locker, getting something, I didn't know what though. She had disappeared once LJ and Mike came in. I went over to her...saw her getting some lotion, blindfolds, handcuffs, a collar and a leash. From behind her, I put my hands on her waist, rubbing her up and down, she put her head back and we started kissing again. My hands moved up to her perfectly round tits...her nipples hard, I started pinching them. I whispered in her ear "what are you going to do with that stuff baby?" "she responded back to me "LJ told me you were bringing this guy I brought this for him and if you want Sonia, you can use it on me too" "oh babygirl, mmmm I want to do that" I told her...pinching her nipples harder. She handed me the collar and leash, I tied the collar around her pretty neck, and attached the leash to it. I remembered I had my favorite latex outfit in my bag, so I decided to put it on. I also had my thigh high black 6" healed boots in there too. WOW this was going to be perfect.

Holding the leash in my hand that lead to Stacy's neck, we proceeded back to the guys, they were talking, naked...and as soon as Stacy and I came into view, they shut up and just stared at us...LJ surely didn't know I had this outfit with me...and Mike didn't know I was into both of them were surprised. LJ know I was I suppose that's how Stacy knew to bring her toys along with her

Stopping Stacy I decided that she was going to fuck Mike, so I told her "you are going to please Me by pleasing My friend Mike, understand? And then you and I can do a little show for them" "yes Ma'am" she blurted out. "good girl, look at him all horny sitting there, doesn't he look good? You know he wants Me bad, but I won't fuck him, so you may do the honors"

LJ's cock was rock hard, he was stroking it slowly, and Mike's cock was semi hard...the guy was so shy...but that was something I was going to change TODAY I thought to Myself.

I walked over to Mike, and whispered in his ear "I am going to show you a great time baby"

"oh fuck, yes please" he said. I looked at LJ right beside Mike, and I knew that LJ also had some Dominant in I started stroking his cock with him. Stacy had been kneeling on the floor, looking down like a good little slut while I was doing this. I started licking Mike's neck and had my one boot in between his legs...about 2 inches from his cock, LJ's head was rested back, enjoying the feeling of my hand around his cock. Mike was starting to moan from my mouth on his neck.

I stopped, and proceeded to see Stacy kneeling on the floor. I pulled the leash up to make her look up at me, I bent forward and kissed her. "you can get up baby" I untied the leash off the collar, and told her to go suck Mikes cock while LJ fucked her. I sat on the chair that was across from the couch, and watched this. She was very comfortable playing a sub I could tell. Mike was so horny for me that I knew he would love getting sucked off while I sat very comfortably, watching his facial expressions. I reached in my "toy bag" and got my vibrator out, and decided to go sit on the couch with all three of them so I can smell the sweat and the sex from them.

Mike was sitting on the left side, Stacy was on her and knees in between his legs, getting ready to suck his cock and to get LJ's thick rod in her cunt, but she had to wait until I said to start. And LJ...mmm LJ, he was rubbing her ass slowly, fingering her slit, spreading her juices onto her asshole at the same time. I sat, my back against the arm of the couch, my one boot on the floor and the other on the top of the couch, My legs were spread nicely, and My crotchless latex suit was perfect.

The only lighting in the room was from the candles, which made it very sensual. The smell was amazing, and the picture I had in front of Me was magnificent. Four individuals, horny as all hell, and ready to fuck each other.

"ok Stacy show me how you suck cock baby, I want you to make Mike cum all inside your hungry mouth, just like I did two nights ago for you loved having my juices all over your face, didn't you?" "yes Ma'am" she replied. "mmm , yes it was very good" I said, looking at LJ, looking at me, smiling at one another. I put my vibrator to my cunt and started rubbing it all inside my lips, spreading my juices allover...LJ slowly started putting his cock in Stacy's cunt. I heard her moan, while she had Mike's cock deep in her mouth, I could hear the wetness from her mouth around Mike's shaft, as it went up and down. I love the sound of that. LJ started pumping her cunt a little harder and harder...The sound of his balls slapping against her clit made me very horny

"Frig my clit fucker" I told LJ as I brought the dildo to my mouth and stared sucking it like it were his cock. LJ and I couldn't keep our eyes off each other...I knew he loved to see me with the dildo in my mouth. "Oh yeah baby...suck my cock" Mike said, Stacy's mouth was moving faster and faster on Mike's cock, this made me suck the dildo a little faster also, Mike looked at me and let out a loud moan...I guess the feeling of Stacy's mouth around his cock, and the sight of LJ's hand all over my cunt, fucking it with his fingers, and the fact that I had the dildo in my mouth swallowing it made him extremely horny. Finally I had had enough. I wanted to suck LJ's cock, instead of this dildo

"Mike, do you want to fuck my little slut?" I asked him "Oh fuck yes, Sonia, can I? Please"

Stacy got up on the couch, in doggy style again. Her face facing me...I leaned forward and kissed her passionately. "I want to please You Ma'am" she said "oh you are slut, I love watching you get fucked, and now I want you to eat my cunt while Mike fucks your tight little pussy" I tied the leash back on the collar and pulled her face to my cunt...Mike rammed his cock deep in her loose cunt, and started pumping in and out of her like an animal. LJ, stood right in front of me, his cock pointing straight out at me, wanting my mouth around it...taking his cock in my hands, I pulled him closer, I began swallowing his cock whole in my mouth, sucking it slowly, feeling the veins popping out every time I would go back down on it. He let out moans of desire, I knew he enjoyed fucking my mouth...

Stacy's tongue was flicking real fast on my clit, driving me fucking nuts. Her tongue fucking my cunt faster and faster the harder Mike plunged his rod in her wet glistening pussy.

That was it, I was getting too hot in my latex outfit...I had to get undressed now. I stood up and got out of the outfit...LJ's cock still hard he asked "can I fuck you Sonia?" Without hesitation I said "thought you'd never ask" smiling at him. "but of course I have to ride you" "oh baby, that is no problem with me...I just want to feel your cunt around my cock and I want to explode all over you and get that slut to lick it all off of you" LJ said. "fucking right baby, mmmmmmm yeah...look at Mike taking her like the slut she is"

LJ layed down on his back. I told Stacy and Mike to come where we were, and for Mike to keep fucking her doggy style "I know my little sub likes it doggy style don't you slut?" "yes Ma'am, thank You Ma'am" LJ grabbed my waist and I sat on his back towards him. Stacy facing me, so pretty on her hands hand knees, we kissed has we both got our cunts fucked. The guys were moaning real loud. I pinched Stacy's nipples and licked them as my hips thrust back and forth onto LJ's cock. My back slouched, Stacy sucking my clit, biting on it..."that's it Stacy, you know how to please me...suck my clit...look at that cock in me"

We were all moaning and on the verge of cumming...Stacy and I were the loudest, and we were ready to cum now. "yes please, Mistress, please cum...oh may I cum Mistress, please, can we cum together Mistress?" "you may slut...I am cumming now, I want you to cum with me NOW...oh fuck..." Both Stacy and I were cumming...the cocks going in and out, our cunts pulsing around LJ and Mike's cocks. I got off LJ's cock and told Stacy to suck it real fast so he can cum...and when he does to aim it on me. Mike was breathing heavy now ready to cum...I told him to come over to me so I can suck his cock to the point that he wanted to shoot his load all over me too. His cock was nice and real hard...a perfect fit for my mouth.

It was tightening up, he was moaning real loud and so was LJ...they were going to cum now. They both stroked their cocks over my body, and the cum just exploded out. So thick and so white...all over my tits, and cunt. "Stacy baby, come over here and lick it off me, then kiss me with it in your mouth" Stacy's tongue ran all over my body, licking all the cum off me and kissed me once she got it all.

We all got dressed and walked out of the building. "so everyone in a great mood? Ready for some more fun?" I asked "let's go to my's Friday...we have the whole weekend to finish what we started" Everyone agreed with me, and we proceeded to each our own cars, and headed towards my house.


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