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Gotta Have Faith Pt. I
by CJT

Tom sat in the small room that served as his uncle's office, papers were strewn about and the place smelled of coffee. Tom was a 22 year old man who just graduated from college with a degree in Criminology. His hopes were to get on with the FBI, but would like to just land a law enforcement job. But, unfortunately economics were not helping the situation any. And jobs were very competitive at the federal level. In one month, he would start the rigorous testing for the FBI but he needed money in the meantime so he had called his uncle who was himself a retired cop and now ran a security company.

The door opened up behind him and the large man that was his uncle ambled into the room sitting down across the desk from Tom he gave him a broad smile.
"Hear you start testing for the FBI next month?" he looked at him with pride in his eyes.

"Yes end of next month." Tom replied his boyish smile creeping across his face.

"Good, no excellent! You are going to make a helluva agent!" the pride in his voice was unmistakable.

"Only problem is that...."

"That it is next month and you need money now." His uncle finished the sentence for him.


"No problem, I can put you on the job here until you get through all that crap, then you will be set. How is that?" his uncle was making the statement not really asking the question. "Tell you what I have this new customer who wants to put a guard at his home permanently, haven't really got anyone good enough to fit the bill right now, still interviewing, why don't you take over there for awhile and then we will both have a problem solved."

"Sounds good to me, is it a private residence?"

"Yes, the home of Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill."

"You are shitting me." Tom blurted.

"Know them?"

"I am a fan, yes." Tom could not believe it. A famous star to start his career with.

"Good here is the address go out there now and relieve the guard there he will fill you in on what you are supposed to do." Tom's uncle rose a sparkle in his eye, "No star gazing you are on the job now."

"Gotcha" Tom rose shook his uncles outstretched hand.

"Federal agent Thomas Wills, like the sound of that!"

"Me too!" Tom laughed as he left the office.

Tom made his way out the house of two of country music's best talents. He arrived and parked across for the shed that served as the guard shack, an older man stepped out his white hair blowing in the summer wind. Tom went up and introduced himself and shook the older man's hand.

"Well there really ain't nothin to this here job son" the man's drawl was evident that he was old south all the way. "Mr. Mcgraw, well he is a nice feller, wants his wife and kids safe, had a break in couple weeks back, perverts mostly taking underwear and some other stuff, spooked them both, great kids they are. Anyway he headin' out on tour and wants the missus to be safe here, that is why we are here. You walk the grounds from time to time, no one gets in unless they have an appointment or are on this here list. This button here opens the gate and there is the phone, line to the house is 11 and that there red light means that there is a problem in the house git your ass up there quick. Monitors are self explanatory. There you go, any questions?"

He said the instruction fast but this really was a brain dead job so Tom thought so he shook his head. The man picked up his lunch box and headed out the door.

"Oh and they are out right now won't be back until after seven." with that he left the building walked over to his car and left. Tom gave a wave and stepped inside looking at the clipboard with all the days activities

8:05 Gardener arrives (Cleamons)

9:00 Hard Copy crew arrives sent on their way

10:37 Mcgraw-Hill leave for interview

12:00 walked grounds

3:00 Simmons leaves

Tom looked at his watch and on the next line wrote 3:10 Wills starts shift walks grounds, he attached the clipboard and then made his way through the side gate, and up the drive, he walked the perimeter of the house first checking bushes and sheds, he saw the large riding lawn mower sitting next to the pool house he made his way there when he was close enough he began to hear voices. Tom knew that there were only five people other that himself there the house, the gardener, the nanny, the cook and of course the two kids, Tom approached cautiously from the side and peered in the window, inside stood a woman who was completely naked. Her long black hair came to about he middle of her shoulder blades her nipples were hard and she was talking to someone Tom couldn't make out, the lady was about 30 with big brown eyes and a great body, her breast were about 34c and were very firm her stomach was well sculpted and her pussy was completely devoid of hair she was stunning to look at, which would explain why Tom could not remove his eyes from her, but a movement from the side caught his attention a large black man came from the darkness of the shadows.

"Look I just don't have time right now." he said to her "I have to finish the lawn and trim the hedges, besides who is watching the kids?"

"Geno, the cook." she said making her way to him placing a hand on his bulge, she began to rub it causing it to raise even more, "Just a quickie and you can get back to work, I mean really how could you turn down a completely naked woman?" Tom was wondering the same question. So here was the gardener and the nanny, and what a nanny she was Tom thought to himself . The big man, Cleamons, reached out with a big hand and brushed her hair back from her face, he moved it to the top of her head and then gently but forcefully pushed her to her knees, a seductive smile broke out across her face. Her small hands reached up and undid his belt and snap of his pants, she pulled them down to his ankles freeing his 10 inch manhood, Tom gasped at the size of him, Jesus he will tear her apart!

Tom was stunned but he was also entranced he couldn't tear himself away. The nanny took a hold of Cleamons' large cock and stroked it gently, she pulled it down to her face and licked the head of it, it jumped in her hand, she slowly entered just the head of the black man's cock into her mouth, Cleamons let his head fall backward and closed his eyes at the sheer pleasure of her warm mouth around his cock, her tongue flicked out to the slit and toyed around the massive head. She slowly put more of his cock into her mouth, about 5 inches was in now and she began a rhythmic motion with her head up and down on his massive cock. Occasionally pulling it out to run her tongue around the head and to suck on his balls. Her hand gripped the base of his member and began to help stroke him too. Her mouth was back around his cock, only more of it was in her mouth now, her head came back to the end, the man's cock glistening with her saliva, she again went down on his cock slowly, even more of this man's huge cock disappeared into her mouth.

Tom was shocked, he began to wonder if she could fit the whole thing in her mouth, as if she was reading his mind, she carefully and slowly engulfed the entire member and held it there for a second, not moving as the big man let out a low growl, Tom's mouth dropped, he didn't think it was possible! The man was just too big but there she was his whole cock swallowed, she came up slowly off of it, Cleamons opened his eyes and looked down to her, fire raged in his eyes, desire, in its purest form, with one hand he scooped the small brunette off the floor and carried her to a table there he set her down and pressed her face first on top. This was close to the window that Tom was standing near in disbelief, all she had to do was look up and she would see him. Tom moved more to the side so he wouldn't be seen be them, his own cock which seemed puny compared to Cleamons' was at full attention and Tom rubbed it through his pants. The nanny laid her head down on the table her dark hair laid out across it. Cleamons moved in behind her and licked his hand then massaged his member with it, he pressed the huge head against her pink lips that were already wet from excitement. Slowly he pushed his member forward pushing into her, her eyes closed and a smile crept across her face.

"Oh... God .....Oh yes... that feels sooo good." She gasped. Cleamons began a steady plunge into her, she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts, the big black man reached out and took a handful of hair and gave a tug, the nanny's head came up as she looked back at him with eyes that screamed "Fuck me" in them. Cleamons increased his speed never letting go of her hair.

"Ohhhh yea baby fuck me, yes......c'mon fuck me with that big cock, I want it all in me do it now!" Cleamons unbelievably did just that slamming all 10 huge inches in her small body her breasts jumped with each violent thrust, the nanny reached back and threw one leg up onto the table, then reached through her legs and started to massage his balls, his bag, thick and solid with cum slapped against her clit with every thrust. His lovemaking was now almost violent as her took another handful of hair.

"You like that do you? You like my big cock spreading you out?" His voice was almost a growl.

"Oh god yes!" Tom could see her breasts jumping with the force of his thrusts, he couldn't take much more or he was going to explode right in his pants!

"Oh God I am gonna cum!! " the nanny yelled, he let go of her hair and grabbed both hips in his massive hands and began to pull her into his thrusts, his cock driving her pussy lips apart, the lips pulling at his cock the heat rising in her pussy with every powerful stroke, "Here I goooooooo!" with that her body became hard and tense, he plunged his cock even harder in her the sound of their bodies slapping together now audible through the windows, his cock barely visible in her pussy, as he only pulled a little out with each thrust, her cum flowed out around his massive cock and down his balls.

"Oh shit baby here I go too!" Cleamons grunted, he pulled his massive cock out, the nanny spun around and began to stroke his cock covered with her own cum, the massive flesh began to burn around the slit and then with one final grunt Cleamons released his seed all ever her, thick streams shooting out hitting her in the chest covering her tits and nipples some thick and clinging to her nipples some running down her cleavage toward her stomach as she pulled on his massive member pulling every bit out she could. Once the cock stopped squirting she began to lick the head clean gently, The big man was breathing heavily.

"Shit that was great Nancy!" he exclaimed. She looked up at him and smiled

"You are telling me! That is just what I needed!" Nancy the nanny said standing up, she looked around and picked up a towel and began to clean herself up. Tom took this moment to get back to the guard shack before he was discovered.

He got back just as he heard the big mower start back up, he was hard as a board and needed to be released, his own breathing was erratic. He looked up and down the deserted street and on the monitors he saw that Cleamons was back to mowing and the Nancy made her way inside the house with a final wave at Cleamons. Tom sat in his chair quickly opened his pants and released his aching member, his purplish head was sticking out above his band of underwear he jerked the band down freeing his cock. He began to stroke himself almost violently, he needed to cum and fast! His mind filled with images of Nancy, her breasts bouncing, her nipples hard, the pink lips of her pussy spread apart to allow the huge black cock into her, the way she screamed out during her own orgasm still filled Tom's ears, Tom felt his balls tighten and then his cum shot out in a powerful stream coating his stomach with a massive load, sticky and hot it ran into his belly button as he reached for some nearby napkins and tried to clean himself up.

"Shit!" was all he could say when he couldn't get it all up with the few napkins that he had. He looked up and saw a Ford Explorer making its way down the street slowing it was obviously pulling in here.

"Great!" Tom muttered as he pulled his shirt down and zipped up his pants enclosing his still hard member. The Ford pulled up and he stepped out of the building grabbing his clipboard on the way out. The driver's side widow was tinted but came down, there Tom stood, the bulge in his pants not going away, and the driver removed her sunglasses, it was Faith Hill. Her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, her blue eyes dancing as a smile appeared. Her face was even more beautiful in person than in any video.

"Oh Ms. Hill I didn't know it was you." Tom stammered He reached inside and pushed the button to open the gate. Tom bent at the waist so his bulge would not be noticeable.

"That is all right, you must be Tom, Jim Wills' nephew, he said you would be out tonight, says you are going into the FBI!" She looked like an angel and sounded like one too, she had a slight southern drawl. Tom blushed he looked to the ground then back up at her lips were a perfect shade of red as they pulled back against her teeth in another smile.

"Are you allowed to blush in the FBI?" She joked.

Tom laughed a little at his own discomfort. "Only with permission!" he quipped. She nodded her head with laughter.

"Mr. Mcgraw didn't come back with you?" Tom asked realizing he wasn't in the car and that she was back early

"No" Faith looked down at the wheel of her truck " He left to go on tour tonight." She said sorrowfully. "Well, I will let you get back to whatever you were doing."

If she only knew Tom thought as she drove up the lane. Tom pushed the button to close the gate and stepped back into the shack, watched the Explorer pull up to the front of the house and Faith get out, her blue jeans were tight against her body.

"Man would I like to see that up close!" Tom said staring at her ass as it swayed as it climbed the steps and entered the house. Tom rubbed his cock through his pants again.

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