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Going Home
with My College Roommate

by Kip Carson

When I went away to college it was kind of scary. I had never been so far away from home, and I didn't know anybody. That all changed fairly quickly. My new roommate Mark was very cool. We had alot in common, and he made the loneliness go away. He informed me that he was going home for the weekend and told me I was welcome to come along. I decided why not, and we loaded our suitcases into the trunk of his Camaro and headed to his home.

His parents were away for the weekend, and we pretty much had the house to ourselves. We got drunk and buzzed and pretty much partied hardy. We were watching porno movies on the vcr, and enhancing our buzz. We heard someone fumbling with the front door and in staggered his sister. She was very drunk. She was probably 22 or 23. She was wearing a short black mini skirt with black fishnet stockings beneath. Her button up sweater was unbuttoned half way, and you could see the ample cleavage.

She kissed her brother and said "welcome home, bro" She leaned forward and kissed me directly on my lips and said "welcome home, Mark's friend". She giggled. She glanced at the television and saw the porno which we forgot to turn off. She smiled and left the room. We continued getting very buzzed and his sister, Liz, reentered the living room. She stepped in front of the television, and told us, who needs porn.

"Check this out" she stated. Suddenly Liz began unbuttoning the rest of her sweater. It flew open. She slowly danced around and tossed the sweater to the floor. She began undoing her black bra. She tossed it at us, and it landed across my lap. She began caressing her large tanned breasts. She squeezed the hard nipples and let out a moan.

"I want to see you boys jack off" she said. I looked at Mark and he began taking his blue jeans off. I followed. We were both sitting on the couch totally naked with our hard cocks in our hands. Liz began removing her skirt. She tossed it to the floor, and seductively began sliding her satin panties down inch by inch. As she finally removed the satin panties, we stared at her shaved pussy. The thick lips were glistening with hot pussy juice. She began to dance like a stripper as we stroked ourselves. She ran a finger along the wet slit and began to lick her own juices from her very wet finger.

She squatted in front of us and spread her beautiful pink hairless pussy apart. You could see her wet pink hole clearly. She began thrusting a finger inside of herself. I had precum oozing from my overly excited cock as I stroked. I looked at Mark's cock and he also was oozing pre cum. We both continued jerking ourselves off as his hot sister masturbated in front of us.

"Now, I want to see you jack each other off" Liz ordered us. I was very reluctant, and could tell that Mark was also. Liz grabbed my hand and placed it on her brother's rock hard throbbing cock. I could feel the wet slick precum that covered the head. It worked as a lotion, and I began to stroke him while I watched his sister spread her pretty pussy for us. I felt Mark's hand on my cock, and he began to stroke me. Liz leaned forward and began to lick my cock head as her brother stroked my throbbing shaft. She then began to lick her brother's cock head and passionately licked my hand as I stroked his enormous erection.

"Taste his cock" she instructed me. "Put it inside of your mouth" she added. I was so hot, that I leaned over and took his large cock inside of my mouth. I licked the pre cum that coated the huge pink head, and it wasn't half bad. As I began to suck on his hard cock, Liz took me inside of her mouth. As Liz began to expertly suck me, I followed her lead and did the same things to Mark. Mark moaned as I took him deep into my hot wet mouth.

It felt pretty cool, actually. I could feel every throb and it was so hot. Liz sucked my cock hungrily, and I did the same to her brother. I could feel his cock throb even harder and it pulsated wildly in my mouth, suddenly I felt the hot semen as it splashed inside of my mouth. I continued sucking him, and he rewarded me with another jet of sweet sticky cum.

Liz now slid her hot tight pussy onto my thick hard cock. As I entered her, I sucked Mark's thick hard cock even harder. He stayed hard, and I continued sucking him as his sister rode my dick passionately. Her pussy tightly gripped my aching erection, and She thrust herself down on me grinding against my pubic hairs. As she rode me, Mark's cock became even harder. I knew I was about to cum, and Liz groaned and moaned loudly. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, and I could feel her hot pussy juices explode on my cock. I grunted and shot inside of her. I filled her pussy with my burning hot cum. She squealed as my cum blasted inside of her hot pussy. She came again.

Mark's cock now throbbed uncontrollably, and he moaned and emptied another load of cum inside of my mouth. I swallowed every drop and sucked him until he went limp. Liz rode me until I once again shot my load inside of her hot , sweet , tight pussy. All 3 of us, collapsed on the floor. "Now, that was fucking hot" Liz said.

"yeah," I mumbled.

"Very very good," Mark added. We lay on the living room floor for about a half an hour until our cocks were ready for more.

"I want you both inside of me now, at the same time" Liz told us. Mark lay on his back and Liz sucked him, getting his cock really wet with saliva. She then began lowering herself upon his hard cock, taking him inside of her hot ass. As Mark entered his sister's ass, she instructed me to put my hard cock into her pussy. I entered her pussy, and could feel Mark's cock as it thrust in her asshole.

That felt incredible. Each time I thrust my hard 10 inches deep inside of her, I could feel the throbbing hardness of him throught the thin latex like skin that separated the 2 holes. She grunted like some wild animal as we both fucked her very hard and fast. Liz came many times as we filled her with hard cock. Mark moaned, and his cum blasted inside of his sister's hot ass. I could feel the hot fluid as some dribbled from the hole and landed on my thrusting cock.

"Cum in my pussy for me" Liz begged me. I obliged her and filled her pussy with more hot cream. She grunted as each jet of sperm shot deep into her wonderful pussy. Mark continued pounding away at her ass as I filled her pussy with my cum. She exploded into another hot orgasm. Her pussy and ass tightly gripped our hard cocks. We all 3 were in total heaven.

She held us inside of her until we were totally wore out. She began kissing both of us, telling us how good it was. What a weekend. We fucked and sucked her in every imaginable way. Her and Mark both sucked my large cock and shared my cum. How incredible.


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