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Hot E-Mail
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Dearest Greg,

I have spent every night this week playing with myself and thinking about the wonderfully erotic time I had with you and Abby last Friday night. I am glad that I had the chance to be 'your birthday present'. I am still extremely turned on by the way the evening went. Late at night after Ashley fell asleep, I got into bed, took off all my clothes, shut the lights, pulled out my vibrator and a dildo and began fantasizing about what happened last week. While I masturbated with these toys, I imagined that I was back in your bedroom and that I was watching you masturbate. I also thought about the sex games that the three of us played on that eventful and wonderful night. I fantasized that my dildo was your beautiful tasty cock and that the vibrator was Abby's tongue. Using my toys in tandem and fantasizing as I did, it didn't take me anywhere near as long as it took you to reach orgasm. But then, of course, I wasn't wearing a cock-ring either! Please forgive my futile attempt at humor. Not being a man, I don't have any reference point for knowing how much agony you must have suffered during the two hours that Abby and I made you play with your beautiful dick before giving you the go-ahead to cum. I imagine that it sheer was torture for you having to watch and listen to Abby and I disport ourselves as we did. Abby told me you had great staying power but I never would have imagined that you could hold back that long, especially since we were trying to make it so difficult for you. Obviously, Abby and I did everything we could think of to titillate you keep you on the brink of an orgasm for that duration before we finally gave you permission to cum.

Clearly, whatever we did it must have worked because your ejaculation was fantastic. I never have seen, tasted or felt that much cum at one time. Who would have imagined that one man was capable of producing that much spunk in a single orgasm. Lucky me! It felt great and it tasted delicious. I hope to have the opportunity to sample more of it sometime soon. I can hardly wait! Abby is a very lucky (and satisfied) woman. I know that for a fact because she's been telling me for a very long time how happy the two of you are. She always seems to have a smile on her face whenever she talks about your life together.

Obviously, I am very horny. It's been more than six months since I left Brian. Other than you, I have not met any other man --- married, divorced, or single, who interests me enough to have sex with and I am certainly not about to frequent pick up bars. Believe it or not even though you saw me drop my inhibitions the other night, I am a very proper and moral lady. Until last week, the only sexual satisfaction I have had in a long time has come (pun!) from poking a penis shaped dildo that I bought after our separation up my very needy and wet cunt. I have been playing with myself almost every night. Even before our split, I had not had good sex with Brian in a couple of years. Honestly, I do not ever remember Brian eating my pussy the way you did -- I was silently (not so silently I guess!) screaming in ecstasy the entire time that your tongue and lips were touching me down there. Could you feel me trembling and hear my heart beating so fast that I actually thought it was going to burst? Every time your tongue touched my clit or any other part of my pussy, it felt like a tiny electric shock. I felt tingly from my head to the tip of my toes. I thought that I was going to jump out of my skin and after a while I felt that I was about to pass out. I hope that I didn't scratch your back too badly and that Abby will forgive me for scratching you at all.

It may surprise you to know that the most sensual and erotic thing you did for me that night happened in those few moments just before, during and after your ejaculation. You may think I am perverted but having a virile man's cum bathe my body is a real turn on for me. It has been a secret sexual fantasy of mine for a number of years but I was never able to tell Brian about it. Frankly, I am certain that he wouldn't have done it to me even if I had asked him to. Even as I am typing these words, my pussy is getting wet again remembering how wonderful that shower of your 'love juice' felt. I wish I had a videotape of that moment so I could replay it again and again. The reality of that experience was even better than my fantasies about it.

During those few moments -- it probably took less than a minute in reality -- everything seemed to be happening in ultra slow motion. There you were on your knees between my thighs hovering over me and stroking your hard cock. When you are lying flat on your back like that and looking up the size of everything is distorted. You seemed to loom over me like a giant. Your cock looked enormous and very angry. It seemed to take an eternity for you to complete each stroke. I felt like an impatient brat anxiously waiting for you to 'shower' me with your 'gifts'. I observed each subtle nuance of every movement of your hand, cock and body. I watched in awe as your scrotum tightened, your penis shuddered and the ejaculation began. Large gobs of your sex juices were floating in the air and raining down onto my face and body, just like in a dream. I was mesmerized. Bound, as it were, without ropes. I could not have moved if I had wanted to and, believe me, I didn't want to. I want to have my face washed like that again, especially if you are the person doing it. That kind of facial could become a regular beauty treatment for me, just like having my hair done or getting a manicure. They would probably be good for my complexion too! Friday night was the first time in a very long time that I felt sexually desirable to anyone. Losing weight, firming up and treating my body so well has really worked. Somehow, at the moment of your ejaculation, I realized that it was me who was turning you on so much and that I was the reason that your orgasm was so powerful and that it lasted so long.

You are so lucky Greg! Abby is so thoughtful and obviously creative in bringing your sexual fantasies to life. She knows you so well that she really did not have to plan much. About the only thing that was different on Friday was Abby agreeing to my suggestion that she shave her pussy for this special occasion. I shaved mine the night that I left Brian. My shaved pussy is symbolic of my freedom. I had an intuitive feeling that a bald pussy would be a sexually exciting vision for you. I hope you were pleasantly surprised and really turned on by seeing Abby (and me) that way.

She showed what a great friend she is by allowing me to share that very intimate experience with the two of you, knowing of my great sexual neediness at this point in my life. I am not sure that I would have done the same thing if I was married to you and circumstances were reversed. Frankly I was very surprised that she let us be alone together and make love. I wanted so much to have you fuck me. I wanted to feel your balls slamming against my pussy lips, your hard cock penetrating deep into my vagina and moving around inside me. I wanted you to fuck me hard, harder than I have ever been fucked before. I wanted to feel every thrust and parry of your stiff cock battering my insides. I wanted the experience of feeling your hot semen squirting into and filling my womb. That's all I could think about all the while I watched you playing with your beautiful penis. Believe me when I tell you that the reality of your making love to me was even better than the fantasy.

Oh how I loved watching you play with yourself! I want very much to watch you masturbate and to have you fuck me again -- the sooner the better. After last week's experience, I also want you to watch me as I use my dildo and vibrator to play with myself. I want to put on a sex show for you. I want to let you watch me suck my own tits - I can do that, you know! Even if we decided to carry on mutual cyber-masturbation or play some kind of telephone sex game, it wouldn't have the same impact on me that watching you play with yourself has already had for me. Now I really understand how much you love being watched when you masturbate. If Abby hasn't told you so, she loves watching you stroke yourself too. It is a real turn on for her. Maybe it is as good for her as she tells me it is for you. She has admitted to me that watching how you play with yourself gets her endorphins going and that it has the same effect as when she plays with herself. I think that is why she rarely does so in front of you. She's having too much fun and getting a 'sexual high' just watching you manipulate your sex tool. Maybe I can convince Abby that the three of us spend another night of 'fun and games' together.

I cannot believe how Abby and I came on to each other. I don't think she is bi-sexual. If she is, she has never mentioned it to me and believe me we have shared a lot about our sexual likes, dislikes and experiences. I am so heterosexual that I never even remotely considered participating in any kind of sapphistic (Lesbian-like) behavior before last Friday night. It was all so spontaneous, and I think it happened because Abby and I were so turned on by you, your openness and your obvious erotic high that we allowed our own inhibitions to drop and surrendered ourselves to the flow of events. I must confess that I was really enjoying both the oral and manual sex (active and passive) with Abby. I will also be frank and admit that I would like do it again with her. Or maybe you'd like to watch us do it with a third woman, maybe somebody like Abby's and my friend Pamela -- under the right set of circumstances. It would really turn me on if you were there to watch and join in. I have not had a chance to discuss it with Abby yet. Has she said anything to you about how she feels about the experience? I have never tasted a pussy before but hers was so juicy and sweet. Does mine taste that good? Did she enjoy it? Would she like to do it again? With me? Did watching us do that turn you on? If it did, perhaps you can subtly coax Abby into whichever participating in another 'Friday night'. My birthday's coming up in August, I would love it if you and Abby gave me a special birthday present similar to the birthday present she gave you. Since it is my birthday, maybe Abby will even grant my birthday wish and allow me have sex with you again. Do you want to fuck me again half as much as I want to fuck you?

As I lie in bed playing with my companions -- the vibrator and the dildo -- I fantasize about watching you play with yourself and my pussy gets soaking wet. I would like to have the opportunity to stage the evening's activities in my own way the next time, if there is a next time. I know Abby prefers being mysterious and leaving you in the dark when she has plans to turn you on for a special erotic evening. I am very different. I like being direct and to the point. I want to share my own fantasy with you and let you mull it over for a while. I will be candid with you. I have an ulterior motive. My intention is to turn you on and to beguile you into wanting me to be a participant in your erotic activities again. I hope it does. So, here is my fantasy:

'I invite Abby and you to have dinner at my house. I orchestrate everything to stimulate an atmosphere of sensuality for the evening. You know how meticulous and creative I can be and how detail oriented I am. I have thought about the lighting and selected the background music. I have even changed the décor of my house so that it serves my purposes. I have prepared the meal and drinks with ingredients that are aphrodisiacs. I make certain that the conversation evokes erotic feelings in all of us. After dessert, I suggest that we drink a champagne toast. What you don't know is that Abby and I have conspired to drug your glass -- I have found a fast acting drug that will render you unconscious only long enough to put our plan into action. When you awaken you will do so with all your faculties in tact.

You regain your consciousness and find that it is pitch black and unable to see anything. You are blindfolded and you become quickly aware that you have very limited use of your hands and feet which Abby and I have tied up and cuffed. You discover that you are completely helpless and that you are lying spread-eagled on a mattress. Sensual music is playing in the background and the sighs, moans and other sounds of people making love fills your ears. Something that feels feather-like is lightly brushing over your body, briefly touching each of your sensitive and erogenous spots. You can feel your cock rising and stiffening but you have no idea of where you are or what's going on. After you lie there for a while pondering your situation, the blindfold is stripped away.

When you regain your sight, the first thing you see is the Abby and me hovering over you. We are wearing some very provocative and naughty items of lingerie. I am wearing an aqua blue bustier with a demi-cup under wire bra that supports and pushes up my breasts while leaving them completely bared. By the way Greg - don't think I wasn't aware of how much you were ogling my tits - you know I'd like another chance to use them to beat you off. Only this time I'd allow you - in fact I'd want you to cum all over them, while I'm doing you that way. Wouldn't you love to suck on and French kiss my cum soaked titties? Back to my fantasy, I am wearing a pair of color matched crotchless panties, and adjustable clip garters. Abby is wearing a black or red or white sheer body suit that leaves her crotch exposed and her breasts bared. She is also wearing matching long velvet gloves. .... Are you playing with yourself yet, Greg -- because I am? .... Your eyes wander around the room; there are no clocks anywhere to be seen. The windows are very high, almost at roof level so you can't see outside the room. A very raunchy porno flick is being projected on to the wall in front of you. You notice that there is also a good-sized stack of videotapes near the bed. The jacket covers tell you that every one of them is XXX rated. You turn your head and see that your arms are bound to the brass headboard with nylon stockings that, coincidentally, are the same aqua blue color as my bustier. Your legs are cuffed to the corner posts of the bed with velvet cuffs that are the same color as Abby's body suit

Abby and I inform you that for the rest of the night we will use you as our love toy. Your cock will be our dildo and your tongue our human vibrator. We will use your body and your body parts to pleasure ourselves. We will keep your cock hard and available for that purpose at all times. Since you can't touch yourself, and we know how much you love to do that, we will masturbate you whenever we need to keep your erection from flagging. When we aren't touching you, you will be wearing a cock-ring. Not to worry you will be kept aroused but you will not be allowed to cum, dear, that is ... unless and until we want you to.

Our first order of business, Greg, will be to shave off your pubic hair. Then we will be a matching trio of baldies. Abby lathers you up, making certain that your balls and the surrounding area are completely covered with shaving cream. Be careful not to flinch while I shave you because I will be using a straight edged razor to do the job and I do not want to risk nicking, damaging, or heaven forbid, slicing off, that beautiful barber pole of yours. Don't worry though; I used to shave my dad's whiskers with a straight razor, so I am very skilled at using one. Besides that, I have planned many good uses for your sex tool so I don't ever want to damage it. After you are shaved, Abby and I take turns covering the shaved area with a warm moist towel, massaging your cock and balls with it, and wiping away any remaining shaving cream. I take out a blow dryer and dry off the shaved area with it. I know how good it feels to have warm air blowing on my genitals, I assume that its the same for men, especially highly erotic men like you.

We have decided to apply warm fragrant oil to your cock to lubricate it making it easier for it to penetrate us when we want to have it enter our pussies. Abby and I draw straws to determine which of us gets that privilege first. She wins. We will need to re-oil you from time to time, so I'll get my chances, too. Abby slowly and methodically strokes and massages your cock making certain she does not miss even the smallest area. Since she knows your body so well, you can be certain that she will carefully massage the most sensitive areas of the scrotum, shaft and head. Meanwhile, I'll be bending over you and allowing my breasts to circle and lightly caress your face, then your chest and your belly and eventually...well you know where. By now, your penis is so hard, that its necessary to bring you down again so that we can fit the cock ring around it. That's my job and I take my time, first using ice cubes to deflate you and then fitting the cock ring to you. I may fumble around a bit while fitting it just so that I can keep my fingers playing with your penis for a while longer.

I plan to have lots of vibrators and dildos available too, Greg. We are going to use those on you whenever we need to make certain that your penis needs some stimulation to stay hard during the time that you aren't wearing the cock ring. I am certain that we are going to want to use them to play with ourselves too, while we force you -- I don't think that we will need to use any physical force, do you?-- to watch us. You get the idea, don't you? While you service one of us, either with your mouth or your cock, the other one will be keeping you ready by masturbating you with a vibrator, putting our mouths around your cock, or pushing a dildo up your asshole. I am certain that things will be very warm and erotically steamy and, I suspect that Abby and I will probably want to pleasure each other too, while you watch us turn each other on. Remember though you cannot cum before we give you permission. If you do there will be consequences that you will have to pay. I guess I am more like Abby than I thought. I am a tease too, and I want to keep you guessing about what kind of consequences I have in mind. That sounds kinky, doesn't it?

I might as well confess that I have had some other very kinky fantasies involving you and me - I am not sure that they would be the kind of thing that you would be willing or enjoy doing. Though on second thought I suspect that you might be turned on by the kind of erotic experience that I have in mind! I have never tried any of the kinds of things that I have in mind either, but if you were involved, I think I probably would be daring enough. If we are ever alone again in an erotic situation, I may decide to share my fantasies with you. Sorry to be such a tease, but a girl like me has to keep a little bit of an air of mystery about her. I'll give you one itsy bitsy little clue about what I have in mind: think 'obey me'! Obviously we have planned even more fun and games to keep you 'up' and involved. Just try to imagine what kinds of things really turn you on sexually and we will probably do them.

By the way dear, since this is my fantasy, this is likely to wind being an all night ordeal and maybe, if Abby and I are really enjoying ourselves, we will have to extend it into the next day or maybe even make it last the entire weekend. That's a very long time to have to hold back from cumming isn't it Greg-? Do you think you can do it? Guess what? If you make it through the ordeal without an accidental 'spill', you get a reward. You get to shoot your cum all over both of us or if you prefer inside one of us. The choice of which of us, Abby or me, gets that privilege and where you deposit your sex juice -- face, body, mouth, pussy ...hmm, maybe even asshole, since I have never tried that - have you? I'm a little selfish, so I hope you will bestow that honor on, or in, me.'

Well that's my fantasy. Sorry that I got so carried away with it. I know it is only a fantasy but I would really love to act it out sometime. You are such a sexy and erotic man and I want to tell you again that last Friday night with the two of you, was the most wonderful erotic experience I have ever had in my life. I also want you to know that I love both Abby and you dearly. I never want to do anything that would have negative consequences for your marriage or come between the two of you, because there are not many couples as well suited to each other as Abby and you. So please, please, please do not ever allow her to see this. She might draw the wrong conclusions!

I can't go on any longer. I have been typing this with one hand on the keyboard while using my other hand to play with my clit. I am so sweaty hot, my pussy is soaking wet and I am still horny so I am going to climb into bed, think 'dirty thoughts' about you and play with my dildo some more. Sleep tight hon.

Love ya,


As you can tell from Darlene's e-mail message, she is a highly imaginative, sensual, articulate, and, obviously, a very horny lady. By the way, Abby and I were so turned on by our erotic session with Darlene, that we really are giving serious thought to doing something like it again. If we do get together with Darlene again it may not happen exactly the way that she would like but with two very imaginative women like Abby and Darlene involved, I can assure you that whatever happens will be very kinky. I know one thing for sure I'll be 'beating my meat' and they will be watching me. Got to go now. Its time for me to wank the old stick.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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