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Hidden Fun
by Andrea Stevens

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I started her legs, I went to her crotch as she shivered with her eyes shut!. I could smell the musk of hers. I was hard and the weather was cold outside and raining. I daring this time as I gently massage her vagina. "uughhhh....Ryann..." she was very dizzy. As I traced over her wet labia. " promised.." More and more juice was pouring. I inserted my finger into her and then the other and paddle. Her body arched a bit. She was almost speechless. "Stopppp....please....ugghhhh....". I started lickin and sucking her vagina like the other night. Her vagina really swell and fierce. I was now on her nude and placing my dick into her hole. I gently inserted...."What are you doing????". Little by little I buried my dig into her and rocked. Her muscle captured me hard as I started to cum........I blew inside her. I knew there was no end. I did not get worried what will happen the next day.

On the next day she woke earlier than me. I did not know what happen, later I woke up. She was not there. She was preparing breakfast. "God!.... She is well" I thought. I went to her and she acts casual. "Ryan, you naughty yesterday again!. You applied the lotion again in me" she grin. "....." . "Well thanks for taking care of me. Frankly the lotion you apply actually reduced my regular menstrual pain . " shyly she said. "Wow bingo! . She does not know I fucked her. Oh shit... she still can have period....pregnancy" I thought. It's about time I have to be a bit honest since this could lead to pregnancy. "Mom... I did apply my..errr the lotion in you and....I was rubbing you more and more and you're".... "Tell me Ryan! Were you having sex with me then ?" Her eye widen with anger.

"No! ...." I lied. "I was feeling uncomfortable and did not know what when into me and my penis...."

"Tell me Ryan.. please" she beg. "It's ok I forgive you for the indecent behavior. I know it's a torture for you to see me naked. And towards that you have not been seeing any girls. Tell me the truth and I promise I will not change my feeling on you. What had been done is done ok." She said. "Well mom I was kinda horny so I took out my penis and slightly rubbed against your vagina." "Did you cum?" she asked "Yeah...I did.. around the entrance" I said. "Entrance?" she puzzled "I mean the entrance of your vagina" I explained. She blushed and came and hugged me. "I'm worried if you would get pregnant mom" I cried.

"No honey...I will know when is the right time for me to get" She explained seriously. "Can we not hide anything between us anymore" I asked. "Well sure honey...what do you want to know?" she asked. "I mean I meant was being truthful among ourselves and being extremely casual where we both be like couple." I explained. "I'm not so sure could lead to..." "Lets, give a try mom! From now onwards we are a couple" I declared. I actually meant as lovers but I know she will protest. I thought of seducing her little by little.

We took breakfast together and I playfully went to her and fed her and played some tricks. Both of us sat and watched movies. I was close to her as I bravely ask her to teach me how to kiss. "Ryan... why are you asking me that?" "Well I don't know" I said. "It's natural... you will know later when you get a girl" "What happen if I kissed her wrongly... the only person I can trust is you. You can teach me how to kiss. I never kissed before" I lied . She thought for a moment and said. "Don't tell anyone that I teach you how to kiss.. ok!" "Ok mom". "Ryan.. All you have to do is met our lips...." Instantaneously I brought myself and parted my lips with hers. She gently held my head and kissed me and took of. Without waiting her explanation I kissed her again deeply. Her soft lips were so moist and I lingered the kiss and broke off. No protest were made on her side. "Ryan... Are you sure you never kissed anyone?. "Mom...can I try a French kiss". Without her reply I kissed her with my tongue found her. was like heaven. She moan a little. She was breathing heavily. I hugged her as kissed her again and again. She as well returned me kisses and said "Ryan...I don't know...but I love you." She whispered. I knew that was the turning point of our relationship. Her lips were now slippery. This was my first time I actually could draw out her body layout since the amount of hugging I had with her earlier. I could feel her mouth liquid replaced mine and it was so smooth in my mouth and all the way down my body. She was now lying her head on my chest on the sofa and told me. "You can feel free to ask me anything honey." Like her husband I told her to take a bath with me. She did not answer. "Can I bath you " I asked. "What....err why err...bath?" she puzzled. "Well mom you promised that nothing to hide among us. The most private issues that we hide will split us apart. We are not going to do anything wrong just learn to take care one another" I explained.

"Only bath right?" she asked. "Yeah just washed each another... If you are shy then I'll only wash you" I said.

She blushed. She hesitate awhile and then agreed. We went into the bath as I kissed her. We got undressed and we looked at each another's body nude. My erection was a disturbance to us as she understood the situation. I turn on the shower as I brought her closer to me and we took together. We turned to each another as my erection was slightly rubbing her bush. She did not try to protest. I switch off the shower and soap her. I applied on her face as she smiled anxiously and shut her eyes. [At that point I knew that she was not agreeing for this but it was just for me so that I will be with her. That was actually the true love. Not mine, mine was only for sex come first buy her's were no sex involved...just true love. I know that I can influence her but it needs time.] I then soaped her breast and circle the rosy nipple as I got closer to her. My erection was on the other hand were applying it's own soap. I stretched my hand to the back of her shoulder blade to soap her back as my chest crushed her breast. My erection has now aimed at her clit and pass down to her opening. "Arrrgg..." she moaned as grabbed my shoulder. I could feel her labia which was touching my pink head and she brought her hands down. Without realizing she accidentally rubbed pass my dig and went to cover her vagina for unauthorized insertion. My pink head was now rubbing her shield vagina against her hand. "Ryan....we shouldn't..." She warned. I came on the spot...Spilling my cum on her hand, her uncovered vagina and her legs. But my hard-on remained, only another cum will decrease it. "I'm you mother, you can't have a feeling like this on me. I love you Ryan.. but we shouldn't...this is incest. What will happen if your sister gets to know this...the world...the society...God.." she cried. I could feel her public hair were getting dried up onto my pink head. "Mom.... I don't care about the world. I could have just had intercourse with you when you're ill." I lied. "I didn't have because I wanted you and I to have it with our own willing. Forget about the world... society...They don't care for us. The only person that we can trust is our own family member." I said. We stood there without moving as she lay her head on my shoulder and cried. As I moved, she moved her hand from her vagina and my dig was now resting at her entrance and awaits my instruction to move in. My pre-cum was giving easy access to proceed. I did not fuck her but let her go. Sometimes I do think to myself, how complex am I. Why don't I just fuck her since I already done when she was asleep.

She was in her room locked and then later she greeted me for lunch. I saw from her face that she was recovered from the shameness... We had lunch together then she went for shopping leaving me alone. I on the other hand went out to do my own shopping and came back in the night. I saw her there and she greeted me. She was in her white gown. I could see thru her gown and spotted bra-less but had panties on. I went to her and gave her a hug and kissed her passionately. We had dinner and I followed her to her bed while she said there is something to discuss. She was on her bed sitting down as I went beside her. I increase the air conditioner even it was cold outside. "Ryan... I think we should discuss about our relationship further. Well you have seen me nude and also has ....err...I'm sure you know what I mean. We should stop this at once." She said. "Mom...I know how you feel.. but I love you, I want to be with you and have you. I don't need any girls. All I want is you and not anything else. I don't care what my sister thinks off this." I explained. She knew how much I wanted her and she is very sensitive at this time of discussion. She then came to a compromise ..."OK then... I will let you have me. BUT do not have sexual intercourse with me. Just do anything with me but not intercourse."

"But mom!..." I interrupted. "No! Ryan, no intercourse" she cried. I had no choice but agreed to her rules and I also made a rule. "Mom... When I make love with you except the intercourse, you must not protest at any point" I demanded. I saw tears rolling down her cheek as she undress with only panties. I was immediately naked in front of her with hard-on. She laid beside me as I went on her and parted her lips. I then began the process of fluid exchange while my dig was rubbing her wet panties. Her hand was on my back roaming with her knowledge. I could hear her moan as her body arched. Her breast crushed against me with her hard nipple. Both mine and her nipple met with friction. Ultimately nipple to nipple, mouth to mouth and private part to private part crushed. The weather was cold outside plus the icy sensation cast by the air conditioner was no match against our heat produced. My pre cum was dripping on her panties which made her wet soaking combination of her juice and mine. I could smell the aroma of my mom. She was now weak against my kiss as her eyes was closed. I began to trace my hand on her breast and circling her nipple. To my surprise I found a lotion at the corner of the bed. Without thinking I started to take the lotion and began to apply on her. Her body shiver and arched against my touch. I massaged her then started to suck her hard nipples. Her breast was big and I tried taking he whole breast to my mouth greedily. She was panting now when I traced my finger on her panties. I stated rubbing her vagina from her panties. I could see her swollen vagina as I traced her clitoris. She was really wet and I started to suck her. "'s dirty. Don't do that errrrr....nooooo!" she begged. Her hands grabbed my head tightly and I pulled her panties violently off her.

She covered her vagina with her hands. "Ryan ...You promised!!!!" she reminded me. "Yeah I did...I'm not going to have intercourse with but just feel you with my hands...that's all. But you are breaking your promise by creating obstacle." I said. My hands went to hers as I removed hers. The clear vision of her pussy was shown to me. I could her pussy movement.. opening and closing and so on. Her pubic hair was very little compare to the last time I saw. She must be trimming very often. I could see her juice gathered by the side of her labia. She was still pink but her juice was poured out where I could see the stained on her bed. Her panties was really wet and soaked. My pre cum was dripping like water from the tap. I could wait no longer as I began to lick her. Her smell was so adaptable to me as I sucked her vagina. She made a lot of movement, moaning and panting. "No!! this can't be happening..." she panted. Gently I begin insert a finger into her. As I bypass her labia...I could see my finger disappeared into her vagina. Slowly and gently I draw back and forth. I could see her cunt juice on my finger while I pumped gently. I gently thumbed her clit and began to circle it over and over again. I was almost to cum but controlled. I took off my finger and looked at her. I saw tears from her eyes, her wet lips, harden nipples and her hands grabbing the bed tightly. She smiled at me. I didn't know that meaning. I brought my dig dripping pre cum to her legs and caress them and immediately I came, shooting my sperms accidentally over her legs, breast and her vagina. She immediately got up and scolded " dare you pour on me like this! I'm your mother for crying out loud. Don't you see this is incest....." After a while she apologized coming out of the bathroom cleaning herself.

"I shouldn't have scolded you. You kept your word by not having intercourse with me. Honestly I felt good when you made love to me but let this be our last ok...? She said. She came to bed with me nude as I placed my knee between her legs while brushing her pubic hair. Her legs was smooth and slim. I placed my hand over her buttock and then to her crack. I roamed my finger around her crack and found her anus and gently trying to insert. "Ryan....It's dirty...don't do that. I have not done this before. Just play around my vagina ok." She informed while redirecting my hand to her vagina and help me insert into her hole. She guided me into finger fucking while her finger above mine and into her vagina. Her thigh was into the rubbing sensation of my dick as I got closer to her. With the other hand I pulled my dig to her vagina area where my meat touched her hands. She then took off her hand and mine. She looked into my eyes. I spoke "Mom since we are not going to have sexual intercourse, can I just rubbed my dick on you vagina...please... " I pleaded. "Alright... that's the closest you can go. Do not even try to stick it into me ok.. I'm your mother remember...and I will rub your penis against my vagina" she warned.

She held my dick as I almost fainted. And then I got even closer to her by the side. She was breathing heavily and when my dick touched her vagina.... "Oh god.....Errr" she panted. She was tracing my dick around her vagina in circle and passed her clit every one round she made. Combination of out juice mixed and poured out of her dripping vaginal waterfall. My dick was like a titanium rod with dripping end. Ever since my cum been drowned, I'm still ready for a more as I could feel that I have more bullets to spare. Her labia and skin which creates friction against my rosy pink head make us go into the new world of heaven. As I panted, I began to kiss her deeply. Once in a while she would accidentally pushed my dick slightly in.. I mean very mild . She felt tired of stirring my rod and stopped for a moment while without realizing, she used her thumb to circle around my rosy slippery head. She started slowly and then went a bit faster resulting my cum to bursting out of me with concentrating hit to her vagina and I jerked. "Oh my god!!! What have I done" she said by covering her palm to her mouth with her soaked thumb. "It's ok mom... " I said. "Errr... I didn't mean to masturbate you...I feel ashamed and I'm sorry. Did I hurt you penis." .... "I'm ok mom... I loved it. But mom... I'm still want to continue since you never gave me the change to rub my penis against your vagina". I said. She taught for a moment and then "OK Ryan, I'm letting you do this because I don't want what happen to you repeated and remember to stay discipline". She said as she wiped out my cum surrounding her vagina.

I started to traced her vagina as I used my finger to flip her folds. She moaned. After a while I slowly applied pressure to my dick onto her opening. Then I was back to rounds of tracing on her vagina with speed incremental. Our juice has give us more advantage of easy slip-ins. I began to slip a bit by a bit. "Ryan...did you try to slip in me" She asked puzzled. "" I replied while I continued. I got bolder as I slipped into her first muscle ring and pulled off. "Ryan..!!! you slipped into me". She scolded. "No mom it's just the head a little" I lied. I did no attempted but then later I repeated. This time there was no response from her as I let myself deeper. "Stop that Ryan...." She panted heavily. As I stopped in her. "Mom it's not even half inside and tell me the truth that you liked it" I questioned. "We mustn't Ryan, yes I liked it but not with my son. Yes you are inside me less than half , pull it out please.. This is incest" she answered. I started to gently and slowly pulling out. I then continued rubbing her vagina with my rod. At times I'll slide a bit. I decided to change position and went over her. I laid my hands beside both her shoulder and moving my hips front and back where my dick was rubbing her clit. My knee was at the side of both her legs and she knew that I wanted to fuck her. Controlling my dick with my hips, my rod was tracing her vagina and I slowly pushed in. "No.. stop" she began to hold my dick and pulled it out. "Please mom.... I feel frustrated for not having it with you.... I feel like blowing myself off. .. Uugg... just let me pushed inside you once ...I mean a few strokes I promise . " I begged. "A few strokes!!... No.. Only one and that's it" she responded.

"One is not enough.... How about five?" I asked. "Three and that's it" she fixed. I found this hard to believe. It's like a bargain for fuck. How stupid can this go. Well I got the green light for a brief fuck.

I got onto her again and positioned my dick to her hole and pushed in very slowly. I was not circumcised and as I pushed....I could feel my dick penetrating into her as her labia was caressing my pink head while my skin was pushed to the back. Her vaginal muscle held my dick tight as I could feel the wall of her uterus. She closed her eyes tightly and she panted. "I love you mom than anything in this world" I panted.

I was now deep inside her. I started to stroke once and then the second. I pushed myself into her as I could. "Oooohhhh...Ryan...Ahh...Ahh.. Ahhhhh....God...nooooo...don't....." she panted. I paused in her a while. She was out of her world and I started fuck. In and out... I fuck her regardless of her conditioned and my promise. To my surprise she followed my rhythm as we fucked together. As she looked into my eye. "Only for today ok.... Just don't cum in me sweetheart. " she said as she crossed her leg behind my buttock to prevent me from pulling. We were having a slow fuck since this is her first time conscious with me. I felt responsible for a moment and asked. "Mom... I'm not protected, shall I wear a condom? I might cum and there is no way of pulling out since you have locked me with your leg.. "We shall forget about this and worry later... I'm having pleasure that never did I have before. I love you. Just take me.. I'm yours." She whispered. I couldn't believe it. I went on fucking as suddently....spurt.. spurt ..I jerked with my cum shooting into her vagina as she yelled. "Oh god...Oh god....never have I had this pleasure..." We both was talking for a while as my dick become smaller and slipped out of her. We did not bother to clean ourself but just laid on the bed to keep ward. We slept together and I have sex with her that night for 5 times.

We become very close and had sex like husband and wife. She was never pregnant as we took precaution except that night. About blowjob.....I never let her give me one until today.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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