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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. I
by Che

Marla and Michael had planned to meet at eight by the pool. She'd showered after swimming, then headed for the fashionable Sunset Strip area to purchase a few things she'd seen while window shopping the day before. Now, waiting by the pool where they'd tanned in toasty afternoon sun, thoughts strayed as she reflected on their new relationship. Though still unsure she was entirely intrigued.

Exciting, mysterious, self possessed and sexual, Michael's sense of humor prevailed when good judgment failed, an attribute attracting her to him as much as anything. Dressing to please him as much as herself, she sensed he was enthralled by her looks and style more than he'd admit. Perhaps it would have been easier if he wasn't so advertent where she was concerned, his attentions making her even more self-conscious of how men saw her. Beautifully sensual to the point of near embarrassment, she wasn't unaware of men's lustful gazes following her everywhere.

At five foot seven, she was almost tall enough to be a fashion model, endowed with all those best assets. Slim yet curvaceous, legs and buns best body features, Nordic bone structure, large wide set pale-blue eyes and waist-length thick straight golden-blonde hair made everyone stare. Every guest at pool-side had stared when she stood to dive in, starring more when she returned dripping wet to the blanket. Temperature changes made prominent conical nipples harden and lengthen, stretching her swimsuit top in the most provocative manner, making her so self conscious she lay down immediately on her stomach. A sexy red mono-kini enhanced a lusciously-edible figure, high-cut sides making already long legs look even longer, almost backless design framing flawless shoulders, a gracefully-scooping front making perfectly-shaped breasts look better than silicone implants under thin Lycra-Spandex fabric. They weren't, of course and when she moved, they moved just enough to establish authenticity.

Knowing how much Michael enjoyed it, and because she wore such swimsuits, Marla shaved her entire crotch to the smoothness of a baby's bottom. Sometimes she let Michael shave her, luxuriating in his obvious pleasure while engaged in the risky act. She specially liked what he did afterward too, her hairless sex even more sensitive to lustful caresses of a talented, ardent and indefatigable tongue.

Then he appeared, rounding the pool wearing casual white cotton, white stone-washed cotton shirt and expensive black Italian loafers without socks, the costume making his dark tan skin appear even darker.

"You're right on time," he smiled, glancing at his watch. "I love it. I hate waiting."

She could see his ice-blue eyes in the dancing light of the pool. Girls at pool-side had noticed him, too. With salt and pepper hair pulled back in a tail, clean-shaven trim good looks often made girls ask if he was in the entertainment business. If they only knew, she thought. They were alone now, pool-crowd off on the town, Jacuzzi pool empty and pumps quiet. Shades were drawn on poolside rooms and the entire place seemed a deserted ghost town. Sounds of club music floated by between sounds of traffic on Sunset, that busy street only a half block away. Michael smiled as he took her hand in his, a hand always warmer than hers.

"Don't be so distant," he teased, tipping her chin up with a fingertip. "Afraid I'll embarrass you again?"

Her face flushed with heat when she remembered how she'd rebuked him in hot sunshine when he'd been rubbing suntan oil on her back, oily fingers between her firm thighs so close to her sensitive crotch she was afraid he was going to feel her up in public. But the sensation of strong hands certainly felt wonderful, her muscles relaxing as he massaged hamstrings and a portion of gluteus exposed by the high-cut suit. Just as he had her on the brink of complete relaxation, he'd slipped a finger under the edge of her swimsuit, stroking her clitoris so deftly it hardened instantly, triggering sensitive pussy to a body-spasming orgasm. She'd squirmed reflexively and lightly slapped his hand.

"Michael," she'd hissed. "Not in public! Some one might see!"

He'd smiled and lay down beside her.

"They'd only be jealous," he'd said, licking his finger obscenely.

Now, exuding a dark, sexy fragrance in night air, his presence again induced a tingling sensation between her pussy-lips that grew overly intense. Sometimes it seemed her body knew more than she did.

"Un-un," she said, a delayed response to his question, "but sometimes you make me a little nervous"

Walking around her like a lion around a lamb, eying her in the pale glow of underwater lights, he paused behind and pulled up the back of her very short black stretch miniskirt.

"Very nice;" he murmured, "white panties. I like white panties, especially plain tight satin panties like the ones you're wearing. Spread your legs a little," he said, caressing satin half-covered cheeks of a muscle-firm ass.

It made him remember the thousand buck bid an X-rated film-maker had offered to let him film her behind. They'd been swimming in the pool. Climbing out and beaded with water droplets, Marla had bent over, drying that long golden hair when the man got up from his chaise and approached them. She'd blushed and declined, and he'd quickly upped the offer to twenty-five hundred but Michael had told him to leave her alone. The bald-headed man had returned to his seat, shaking his head in disappointment. For the next two days, he'd been unable to stop staring every time he saw Marla in her very revealing swimsuit.

Just the sound of Michael's voice made Marla quiver. Shifting here weight slightly, standing with feet a couple of feet apart, she glanced around to see if there was anyone who could see what he was doing. There wasn't a soul in sight as she felt fingers slide between the cheeks of her ass, teasing small plump pussy-lips covered by a single layer of smooth satin spanning her crotch, felt vaginal muscles spasming as warm cunt-juice soaked through the skintight material and ran down the insides of quivering tanned thighs.

"Feels like you're excited to see me," he chuckled, finger busy at play. "Have you been playing with yourself?"

"Not tonight," she giggled, unable to control emotions.

She hated giggling and tried her best not to, but loosing control, covered wide sensual mouth with hand for fear of being heard by someone passing. Slipping an arm around her waist, Michael brushed his lips across hers, the gesture making her quiver. Key to her mouth, his tongue opened her plump lips on the first kiss. Sagging in his arms as his tongue slid between generous lips, lightly probing the roof of her mouth, then under her sensitive tongue, she let him suck hers deeply into his mouth. If her panties had been damp, now they were soaked.

"You're making me really hot, Michael," she whispered, whole body quivering.

"You're a sexy girl, Marla," he whispered, caressing that satin-slick crotch that was getting warmer and wetter by the second. "I'm not the only one who thinks so. You've been driving that film-maker crazy."

So aroused it was difficult to keep standing with legs spread wide for exploring fingertips, she shook from sheer excitement, wiggling hard ass reflexively as he worked two fingers under the edge of skintight panties, sliding them deep into her smooth wet sheath and finger-fucking her from behind. Marla loved getting it from behind and nearly cried out as she felt herself cuming but bit her lower lip to contain sounds wanting so desperately to escape. The climax gushed from the recesses of her deep throbbing cunt, leaving Michael's fingers drenched with warm slippery girl-juice.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, babe, I can feel you cuming!" he whispered, pulling his fingers out of a now gooy warm cunt.

After examining them in the soft light of the pool he reached for her face, caressing her voluptuous open lips with sticky fingertips.

"Suck them!" he whispered. "Open your mouth; suck your cunt-juice off my fingers."

Lightheaded and surrendering, she let him slip pussy-soaked fingers between her full lips, familiar aroma and taste of hot cunt filling aroused senses, sagging against him as she greedily sucked up the generous evidence of her very juicy climax.

"I'm glad you like the taste of pussy!" he whispered, rubbing his groin against her firm high, tight ass.

Still holding his hand she sucked each finger clean, not letting go until she was sure she'd swallowed every trace of her climax. Unlike most girls, when Marla orgasmed it could fill a tea-cup, leaving a couple of earlier boyfriends surprised and a bit envious.

"Me too . . . " she whispered, licking full cover-girl lips, "but you make me so nervous! What if someone sees us out here? Let's go back to our room, Michael. Let's enjoy this. We'll think about it for a long time!" she urged, squirming with sexual urgency. "God, you sexy bastard, you've made me so hot!"

"Good," he smirked, "I have plans you'll enjoy."

To Be Continued...


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