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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. III
by Che

"Oh, Michael; you make me so hot when you call me nasty names. I am a nasty cum-swallowing slut, aren't I? Are you going to let Leticia suck you off, too?" she asked, watching his face. "You want her too?"

"If you want me to; or if you want to do it with her," he smiled, pulling off his Italian loafers, "otherwise, I'm a happy camper. How about you? Are you liberated enough to play with an old girlfriend?"

"Would you be liberated enough to watch me fuck or suck-off my old boyfriends?" she smiled back. "You wanta watch me having sex with a girl?"

"Only if you want it, too," he said, undressing. "Have you ever done it with a girl before?"

Marla smiled, but didn't answer.

"She's very pretty, isn't she?" continued Michael. "It would be really erotic. I've always been aroused by the myth of Lesbos. Beautiful women having sex together is a turn-on for lots of people."

"I've done it before," Marla smiled, watching him undress as she lay sprawled half naked over the arm of the couch. "I like doing girls and girls doing me. I'm not the jealous type, Michael. If you want her to suck you off it's okay with me. When were you together last?"

"Three months ago. Look, I'm gonna take a shower. Come on, take one with me. We can go out and get a bite to eat if you're still hungry."

Marla spanked his ass as he turned for the bathroom.

"She likes girls a lot," he continued. "I think she's mostly gay but she likes oral sex with me, too. She says I'm more than a mouthful! She calls me a ‘cunning linguist.’"

"I'll say!" she giggled, laughing at the intended twist. "You have a talented tongue, you devil! You sure make me have wonderful orgasms!" Blushing, she brushed thick long blonde hair away from her face with the back of her hand, a gesture now habit. "I may not want sex quite as frequently as you do, but that doesn't mean I don't want to please you," she smiled, stepping into the shower�with him. "I know how much you like sex, honey. I'll suck you off anytime. Just ask. You know I love doing it now, swallowing cum. You were right! The more I swallow the more I want! It's addictive! Cum sticks to the back of my throat and reminds me for hours how hot you get me!"

"I'm glad you like it!" he smiled, holding her in his arms. "I'm hard to take at times!"

"You're also hard to swallow!" she teased, doubling his double entendre, "but that's what I love, you sweet�thing! Mmmmmmmmmmm, trying to swallow you!"

Holding half-hard cock in her hand as they kissed, she enjoyed the memory of his climax exploding in the back of her throat. "I don't have to get-off all the time but I love the taste so much I sure enjoy pleasing you. Want me to suck you off again here in the shower? I'm more than willing if you wanta cum again in my mouth!"

He smiled as they scrubbed each other.

"Later, sweetie!" He took a deep breath. "Maybe I'm one of those guys who shouldn't marry. You know; why try to live that social role-model when you'd rather be single. I'd be a disappointment to some good woman wanting a faithful husband. Every time the opportunity came along to have fun with another good-looking girl, I'd be ready. I mean, look at you. When we met I knew in a second I wanted to have sex with you. I'm as randy as that film-maker down at the pool. Know what I mean? I would've been real unhappy if we hadn't made love. You looked good enough to eat!"

"So you proved!" she blushed, shampooing his hair.

She held onto the grab-bars as he shaved her crotch, raising her legs one at a time so he could shave every inch of sweet flesh. Looking out the window at palm trees silhouetted against a night skyline, she remembered how excited he'd made her, licking so deliciously she'd orgasmed for hours.

"Are you going to lick Leticia?"

Michael glanced up from his handiwork.

"Are you?" he asked, answering question with question.

She looked out the window again so he couldn't see the expression on her face, still excited and a little nervous at the same time.

"If you want me to," she answered, real question burning in mind. "Does she like back-door sex," she asked, just the thought making her dizzy, "like I do?"

Smiling, he nodded, lubricating her anal sphincter with a water-resistant lotion. She thought about watching him fuck the girl up the ass, that image making her hot as he worked two fingers up hers.

"Ooooooo, that feels so good, Michael. Mmmmmmmm, I like how smooth I feel right after you shave me. If I look good enough to eat, eat me now, baby! I wanta cum again before dinner!"

Holding grab-bars as he licked and sucked her freshly shaved crotch, she orgasmed delightfully until she couldn't take it a second longer.

"Now, I'm hungry!" she giggled. "Let's go eat dinner. When we come back, you can feed me dessert in bed. You can even watch your old girlfriend eating you while feeding me my favorite cream-snack! Don't take advantage of me because I get so hot with you. It's just like you said, the more I suck, the more I'll want to. I'm glad you made me suck you off three of four times a day instead of fucking me up the ass each time like I wanted. You've made me so turned on by giving head I'd suck you off anytime you asked!"

They walked to the elevator, Michael's finger up her very slippery anus as she wiggled satin-clad cheeks against his hand.

"You're so naughty!" she grinned, almost considering returning to their room. "I'm going to bring you back here and make you do that with your tongue!"

"Lick me, spank me, make me do nasty sex!" he laughed, as the elevator door opened. "I love the way you taste, sweetheart! Make me get down and lick it!"

Two Hollywood showgirls squeezing past as they entered the elevator overheard that remark. Giggled like schoolgirls, they turned and wagged tongues like Mick J. at a rock concert.

"Make him do it!" they giggled, hurrying off. "We would if we had the chance! Make him do it all night!"

Their laughter was cut short when elevator doors closed.

"Promises, promises!" Marla laughed, teasing his cock with her fingernails through cotton denim. "If those girls know what I have in mind, they'll be knocking on our door tonight!"

"I'll put up a sign!" laughed Michael, making her slap�his hand away from her crotch as they walked into the lobby, so aroused she was having difficulty keeping a straight face.

To Be Continued...


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