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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. IV
by Che

As they strolled through, affectionately close, the young Consignor watched the sensual swing of Marla's slim hips, long tapered legs and incredibly tight ass, the sight making his cock leap to attention. Jeremy Sand was a victim of youthful hormones and just the sight of Marla aroused lustful thoughts in the young guy's mind. Seeing her earlier at the pool had given him such an insistent erection, he'd almost masturbated in the bushes before going on duty. Thinking himself alone behind the counter, no one close enough to see what he was about to do, he quickly freed and began stroking an impatient uncircumcised erection ever larger than Michaelís

There isn't a girl alive who'd rush past Jeremy Sand's erection without a lustful thought entering in her head. Endowed with a cock that would have made him a star in any X rated video, the pale shaft protruded well over nine inches from fly as he stroked himself, the lavender crest large as a ripe plumb as he held foreskin back to lubricate the shaft with pre-cum.

Unaware of what was happening back of the counter, Marla stopped and bent over momentarily to leaf-through a stack of flyers and magazines. Her stretch-fabric skirt was so short Jeremy could see the tan cheeks of her ass and the little strip of white glossy satin covering an adorably delectable crotch. Eyes focused on the sexy exhibition, Jeremy Sand masturbated to a teeth-clenched orgasm. The massive white river of cum shot across a folded flyer in the waste-basket back of the desk as he imagined cuming-off up the sexy girl's fabulous ass.

Little did he know what Marla would have said had she known what was going on back of the desk and through his mind. Fuck he sighed to himself, squeezing big thick drops from the engorged head, swags of semen dripping into the waste basket, Iíd fuckiní pay for a taste of her ass! I could shoot another load up her ass right now!

A sound behind him made him jump. Candi, the desk-clerk, had returned some five minutes earlier than expected, only to discover him jacking-off back of the counter.

"Jeremy!" she whispered, big blue eyes wide. "What are you doing?"

Although she wasn't as striking as Marla, Jeremy had fantasized fucking the not-quite five foot tall nymph, a saucy young blonde with perfectly proportioned figure. Cute was the word that described her in every respect right down to impish pout. While Candi watched, Jeremy tried to get his big cock back in his pants, the silly smirk on the young girl's face reminding him of one of the blonde dancers he'd seen on an M/TV video.

Jeremy was 20, but his fake I.D. indicated he was 24. Looking like a teenage valley-girl more at home in a mall, Candi had just turned 22. Even though she could prove it, there wasn't a club that didn't examine her ID with detective-like curiosity. Despite appearances, she wasn't an empty-headed doll, having earned a B.A. in business in only three years. Boyfriends were glad she'd studied more than business while going through school, developing habits she dearly adored.

"Wait a second, Jeremy," she whispered, glancing around the near empty lobby, "you didn't have to waste all of that!" Dropping to knees behind the counter, she carefully removed the flyer from the waste basket, examining the enormous pearlescent puddle clinging to it, a nearly twelve inch long thick rope of cum dangling from one edge. With one quick move she caught the thick swag with a pink-nailed fingertip, the next move brought the swinging wad to ample pink lips. Jeremy actually blushed as the tiny blonde raised the finger above her picture-pretty open mouth and lowered the cloudy jewel onto an obscenely long waiting pink tongue. Sucking her fingers with more than obscene pleasure, the entire cloudy rope of cum was gone in seconds. Six swipes with her long broad pink tongue wiped up the remaining giant puddle of shimmering cum. Licking plump lips she turned her head. Jeremyís cock was still hard as rock. Blushing at what she'd just done, she looked up.

"Is she still there? Are you watching her?"

He was looking between Marla's legs, and nodded.

"Keep watching her!" she whispered, quickly taking him in a made-for-sucking mouth, a habit she adored, fellating him so ardently he orgasmed within seconds while watching Marla's fabulous ass, but this time, blowing an equally massive load of warm ejaculate into young Candi's eager-for-jism mouth.

Jeremy Sand had thought of oral sex as something gays did, letting them suck his cock for ten bucks when he needed extra cash. He'd always enjoyed the sensation of cuming in a mouth, letting men swallow colossal loads of his cum in dark alleys, doorways, theaters, and parking lots. Feeling her mouth swallowing, he tried imagining Marla doing the same thing as he held the counter to keep from falling.

After the spasms stopped, the tiny girl stood next to him, still holding his cock, glancing around as she worked desperately to swallow the huge remaining mouthful of warm cum. Lipstick slightly smeared, she smiled wistfully up into his eyes, whispering just loud enough for him to hear.

"You're real tasty, Jeremy! Golly, you shoot quarts! Next time you want to cum, tell me first! Golly! Don't waste it, silly boy!"

Licking swollen lips to get all the semen, she glanced at Marla who was still bending over the display while Michael waited patiently near the door.

"You don't have to masturbate, Jeremy. Don't waste it! I adore swallowing cum! I'll always suck you off, good!"

Marla bent over further.

"Oooooo, look at her panties, Jeremy! You were watching her, weren't you?" whispered Candi, teasing more. "Did you like it like that, Jeremy? Shooting cum in my mouth while watching her bending over? She has a very pretty crotch!"

Her fingers were busy in her own panties. Jeremy nodded. Brochure in hand, Marla straightened and left holding Michael's arm. Not responding to Candi's question, Jeremy left the counter somewhat embarrassed. Smiling at his nervousness, Candi flushed with sexual pleasure from satisfying one of her favorite fantasies. She'd wanted to go-down on the boy from the first day she'd seen that bulge in his pants. Now she was sure she could give him head anytime she wanted. Watching him leave the lobby she fingered the large hard tip of her clit through the tight crotch of slick wet panties.

"Nice cum!" she said to no one, orgasming on dancing fingertips. "Mine and his!"

Jeremy could have cum again. He tried recapturing the moment but things had happened so fast he hadn't been prepared. He'd acted intuitively and perhaps Candi had, too, sucking him off as good as any gay. Maybe it isnít perverted; swallowing cum. She swallowed it, too, he thought, absolutely sure he wasn't gay.

Jeremy liked fucking, especially fucking a young girl's ass, his long cock throbbing as he recalled the sight of Marla's. But gays are ass-fuckers, too, arenít they? Jeremy didn't care. He liked women. Thoughts of his next door neighbor flashed through his head. Vanessa, that was her name, the same as the redheaded waitress working for the hotel. Two years older than he, the redhead had talked him into fucking her up her ass when heíd turned fourteen. Vanessa didn't just like getting fucked up her ass, she lived for it, convincing him it was okay because she couldn't get pregnant. That was important. Yes, she had a bitchin' ass and he'd filled it with semen almost every day for a year before she moved away. Cumming deep up her tight colon as many as eight times without stopping, he'd shot so much semen up her ass she'd taken to squeezing it out into a glass so she could play with the load of sticky goo. He remembered she'd shocked him further when she'd unexpectedly made a show of drinking the cloudy glassful while they were both masturbating, an act that made him ejaculate all over her hand, face and open mouth.

After she'd moved, it was back to jacking-off while reading sex stories in men's magazines, wishing he was still shooting quarts of cum up Vanessaís tight asshole. After fucking another high school girl in the back seat of her car, he'd talked her into anal sex, too. Getting her a little drunk, he'd fucked her so hard up her ass without stopping the young girl was peeing down her legs. He wasnít sure but he thought he must have cum at least three times. After that date she'd refused to go out with him. She must have shit cum for a week, he laughed to himself.

Had he known what Marla had in mind for the long-haired man at her side, Jeremy would have gladly paid him a week's salary for the pleasure of just five minutes time between the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. Youthful cock pressed against tight pant-leg, he imagined fucking the beautiful girl's stunning ass.

Maybe Iíll fuck Candiís after work, he mused. Yeah, she has a really nice ass, too. Boy, the chick sure gives great head! Iím gunna let her suck me off again, too! That was real kinky, watchiní that chickís ass while cuminí in Candiís mouth! A tremor shook him, as though he'd stuck a finger in a live electrical outlet. That was fuckiní hot! Next time Iíll watch her mouth when IĎm cuminí in it!

Unable to get her off his mind he thought about how nice her ass looked when she wore tight slacks, how on a couple of occasions he'd seen between her legs when he'd been down on his knees looking through lower cabinets for forms. She'd been standing on tiptoes, talking to guests at the counter, crotch-short skirt doing little to hide proud ass-cheeks. The manager had scolded her for wearing the too-short skirt. Once, when she'd bent over to pick up a pencil from the floor, he'd seen that narrow strip of glossy pink material between the cheeks of her ass. That view had given him a ragging hard-on, remembering Vanessa's crotch as she bent over, eagerly waiting for him to pull her pink panties down in back, waiting for her daily ass-fuck and repetitive hot loads of cum.

"Then I'll fuck the little bitch's ass good!" he laughed out loud. "Boy, she's so tiny I bet she has the world's tightest asshole!"

Heading for Sunset to grab a bite to eat, he was unaware of what the next few days held in store for sexual pleasure!

To Be Continued...


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