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His Slave
by Dinghy(Jo)

Why shouldn't we have sex? Is it the 23 year difference in our ages?

I love him and he loves me. At 54 he is distinguished, handsome and virile, while I, at 31, am at the peak of my sexuality. His experience, tenderness and understanding make him an ideal lover. He has the ability to take me from peak to peak of erotic ecstasy. He never asks more than I am willing to give, and he always gives me his all. Many a younger man would do well to study his techniques. He was already a widower when my husband left me for some 18 year old cheerleader. With no place else to go, I moved in with him. At first the relationship was platonic. Slowly it developed into a sexual one.

I think the first time in happened was when he came into the kitchen on a Saturday morning while I was preparing lunch. He slipped his hands around my waist from behind and kissed me on the neck. I know that it was an innocent gesture on his part but I just stood there, with my head tilted a little to the side, letting the waves of sensuality wash over me. I took his hands from my waist and put them on my breasts. I could feel myself getting wet when his mouth and hot breath encountered my ear. I turned around, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Not the kiss of friend, but the kiss of a full grown woman who hadn't had sex in almost a year. While we were kissing, I was pushing my self against him and could feel his erection growing. I let my hand slide down until I could feel it through his trousers.

That very first-time we moved into the bedroom and had straight missionary style sex. I sat on the edge of the bed, and undid his belt and trousers, letting them fall to the floor. I fondled his massive cock for only a moment before I laid back and slid out of my shorts and panties. He entered me with the greatest of care, my juices lubricating the way. It took only a few long, slow, gentle strokes for me to lose any inhibitions I had and reach my first climax with a partner in almost a year. He continued to pump for a couple of minutes before he threw his head back, closed his eyes and with a low moan, shot his cum deep inside of me.

I don't think that he had sex since he became a widower. I know he had not dated during the time I lived with him.

Over the past few months, our inhibitions have melted away so that now we enjoy every aspect of sex. We have begun to experiment with domination. Although we are both strong personalities I think it works best when he is master and I am slave.

This afternoon when he came home from work, I was wearing the skimpiest out fit I could find and, of course, my slave collar. As tired as he was, I could see his eyes light up when I met him at the door with his martini. I led him to his favorite chair, sat him down and kneeling in front of him, remove his shoes.

"Have you done something I should know about?" He asked, eyeing me with a little grin.

"No master, I just want to please you" I replied without looking up.

"Well, go ahead, please me. Let's see if you know what I like."

"Yes master, come with me."

I led him into the darkened bedroom that I had prepared for him and this evening of pleasure. There were small bowls of delicious finger foods, with candles and aromatic incense burning.

Carefully I undressed him as he stood there, caressing each part of his body as it became bare. His cock was still half soft when I knelt in front of him and took it in my mouth. By licking up and down the shaft, swirling my tongue around the head, taking it deep into my throat and fondling his balls I soon had him completely erect.

I had him lay on the bed and poised myself over him so I could lower my dripping pussy onto his cock. I started my up-and-down ride very slowly but within minutes he was thrusting upward so hard that I was in danger of falling off. At the very last minute, when I knew his climax was imminent, I quickly dismounted and took him into my mouth again. The taste of his cum mixed with the flavor of the juice from my pussy was delicious. It's indeed unfortunate that he missed out on this treat when he put his tongue on my clitoris and made me come.

I wish we could be married, but there are laws concerning incest.

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