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Horny Vampire
by Carl East

The draft coming through the cellar door was starting to get on my nerves, I was sitting in the midst of the Vampire lair contemplating how to tell them the news. I'd been a Vampire now for just one week, but they made me feel at home straight away, a tradition it seems from the old days when a Vampires only code was that he didn't kill another Vampire, and always accepted him into the fold. I had to tell them this news, but how to word it without sounding stupid, that's what I pondered as I sat there in a drafty corner of the room, I think I would have sat there another couple of hours if it hadn't been for Scar, he was the head Vampire, and a grumpy old bastard.

"What's this news, that's so important then?" he said, loudly.

"I think I'm a vegetarian, I'm allergic to blood." I blurted out.

I couldn't see the funny side to it, but they didn't stop laughing for at least three quarters of an hour.

"What do you mean, ha ha ha ha, your a vegetarian, ha ha ha ha." Scar eventually said.

"I mean that when I try to eat blood I'm violently sick," I replied.

"You're also shit out of luck then," someone shouted.

Again they erupted into laughter, this was getting me down, I felt that I was alone after all, I tried one more time.

"Is there nothing I can do?" I said.

"Yeh, suck a vegetarian's blood," said Fang.

They just collapsed after that, I gave up trying and left.

I found myself on the top of a large building over looking an apartment complex, it was my favourite haunt since becoming a Vampire, mainly because a beautiful blonde lived in the penthouse. If I was going to die of starvation, I wanted to at least enjoy my final hours. She was in, I saw her walking between the kitchen and the bedroom.

People have incredible gifts given too them when they are turned by a Vampire, their senses are tripled for one-thing. My eye sight was better than it had ever been, in fact I used to have to wear glasses, now of course I didn't, my earring is very accute, as for my strength, well, lets just say that if a certain bully at school had picked on me now, he'd be wearing his head up his arse. I smiled at that thought, then I remembered some of the things I missed, daylight being top of the list, or rather the lack of it, I'd always enjoyed the day time more than the night, but beggers couldn't be choosers. Looking across to the blonde I spotted her disrobing, her beautiful body was incredible, those breasts were a master piece, blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, blue eyes, and a smile you could watch for ever, she was getting ready for a bath, she reached for her robe and entered the bathroom.

What should I do I wondered, thinking once more of my problem, you see a Vampire needs to eat at least once a week or he/she shrivels up and dies, I was told that, when I was turned. There was one plus side to all this, as of yet I hadn't killed anybody, and strangely I was pleased with this part of my ailment, I was never a violent person as a human, in fact I always believed, and still do, that there are always solutions other than violence to solve problems.

I was suddenly aware that I was not alone, turning I found Scar approaching me.

"So this is where you hang out!" he said, looking over at the apartment block.

"Yes, I come here to think, and to spy on a gorgeous blonde in the penthouse," I said, not thinking.

"Well, I came over to tell you that you're not the only one who couldn't drink blood."

"At first I was encouraged by this news, but found he hadn't finished yet."

"It doesn't happen very often, but when it does the Vampire dies a week or so later."

This is what I suspected would happen, I think I already knew I just wanted it confirmed.

The blonde came out of the bathroom crossed the room and disrobed once again, she started to get dressed for bed, placing a silk night dress over her head, watching it slide down the various parts of her body was quite erotic, Scar reminded me that he was still there, saying, "If you can't have her, then I will."

He jumped from where he was, landing squarely on the penthouse roof. That little move always impressed the hell out of me, on this occasion however it annoyed me, for he was about to enter her apartment, I couldn't allow it, I just couldn't. Weather it was the anger of another Vampire taking my last bit of fun away from me before I died, or the fact he didn't even ask if I would mind, I don't know, I just had to stop him. I jumped and missed the ledge by a clear foot.

Falling the ten flights gave me chance to ponder the folly of my ways, hitting the concrete woke me up, getting to my feet without so much as a scratch I bolted for the front entrance. Upon reaching it I found it was one of those buzzer affairs, not knowing a single person in the building I pressed them all, to a choir of hello's, the door opened, there's always one I thought as I raced up the stairs taking six at a time, pretty soon I reached the penthouse, kicking the door down I entered.

The picture before me was classic hammer, for she had fainted in his arms, he was about to bite her neck.

"Put her down!!!" I yelled.

Scar looked over at me surprised.

"Why, you can't take her, you're a defect remember."

"I still have the right to choose my last victim." I said, hoping that if I gave him the 'rights' speech he would concede.

He placed her on the bed, then turned to me, his eyes almost glowing red.

I couldn't beat him in a fair fight, for his strength was twice my own having fed on the blood of his victims, but then why fight fairly with a Vampire. He lunged pinning me to the wall. I took a bite out of his neck, it was the only thing I could think of doing. The power surged through my body, as he tried to pull my limbs off, suddenly feeling like a God I ripped his throat out with bear hands then plunged my right hand through his chest and out the other side. I had found the only cure for my ailment, living on the blood of Vampires. Scars body turned to fine ash as I let him drop to the floor.

Looking up and finding the blonde still unconscious on the bed I walked over to her, Scar had ripped her night dress down the front revealing those lovely breasts. She started to come around.

"Ah, who are you?" she said, with fear in her eyes.

"Have no fear, I stopped him from hurting you." I said, pointing to the ash on the floor.

She wasn't convinced, but did relax a little, this is going to take some finesse I thought.

I suddenly remembered a power that all Vampires possess, and one which I hadn't yet tried. Staring deeply into her eyes I told her that she was safe with me, then watched to see if my hypnotic skills were working, she embraced me with both arms, and I could almost feel the tension leave her body. Looking into her eyes again, I told her to kiss me, she placed her lips over mine and kissed me with a passion I had never known before, her tongue entering my mouth in search of my own. We kissed for five minutes before lust started to take over, taking my clothes off while she removed her torn night dress, we embraced again, I started to kiss her neck, not once getting the desire to bite it, I carried on down her beautiful body, reaching her breasts I lingered, my tongue playing with her nipples while my right hand was stroking her thigh, she sucked in a mouth full of air as my finger lightly brushed her pussy lips.

She reached for my cock, taking it in her hand, she started to rub gently, my nine inch tool responding with a jerk as she manipulated it between her fingers. I carried on kissing her body, getting nearer and nearer to her lovely mound of pubic hair, she had to let go of my cock as I drew nearer to my goal. Placing my tongue to the entrance of her pussy, I licked the outside before penetrating her tunnel of love, then proceeded to lick and suck her tiny hood, she placed her hands into my hair encouraging me to delve deeper.

What many people don't know about Vampires was that they had staying power, they could make love for days if they wanted too.

Her legs were squirming as I made her reach her first orgasm, her juices tasted like a good meal, I lapped it up which made her yelp. Proceeding back up to her breasts I cupped them with both hands, by now she could feel my stiff cock rubbing against her leg, getting nearer to her pussy, reaching down she guided my lust to where she wanted it the most, it touched the outer wall, she pushed her hips forward in anticipation of entry, it glided past the moist entrance with ease, entering her body she let out a gasp, then holding my buttocks with both hands she pulled me into her womanhood, slowly at first for I wanted to saviour the moment, I started my rhythmic motion, letting me take over she kissed me once again, her hot mouth covering my own in a wanton lustful manner, darting her little tongue in and out with the same speed as my cock. She moaned with pleasure as I started to speed up, shouting loudly as she neared another orgasm, I was not even close, but I was enjoying this moment more than any time in my life.

We changed positions, I lifted both legs, parting them, and holding them in place, I entered her pussy in a kneeling position, again making her gasp, she wanted me deeper as she thrust her hips forward trying to take more than she could, I penetrated deeper eager to satisfy her lust, she pulled her nipple stroking her breasts, in a effort to encourage my thrusting of her pleasure zone. She was beautiful, her slim body glistening with sweat as the onslaught continued. I could feel myself starting to cum, I pumped faster my groans giving my climax away. She quickly pulled my cock out, then kneeling up to face me took my cock into her mouth, just in time for the first load, swallowing it then sucking in anticipation of my second, some escaping her mouth and running down her chin, again I came with less vigour but just as much pleasure, taking in each drop she gripped my cock with her hands and pumped the remains out onto her waiting tongue.

We again changed positions, she kneeling while I entered from behind, thrusting with all I was worth to the choirs of moans, that I'm sure could be heard by the entire neighbour hood. After making her cum for the forth time, I took my cock out and pressed against her anul passage, she pushed back eager to feel my cock sliding into her arse, it passed the tight outer ring entering her behind, she screamed with the suddenness of it, I reached round with one hand playing with her pussy while I pounded her back passage, she kept telling me to go faster, to which I responded with ever quicker thrusts, again I was going to cum she could clearly feel this for she started to push back harder, I felt the surge explode into her body, slowing down slightly in order to savour the moment, my fingers still working on her pussy lips, she started to orgasm as she felt me erupt in-side her. We held each other for what seemed like hours after that, but in fact was only twenty minutes.

I started to wonder about my dilemma, the only way I could survive was to take the blood of a fellow Vampire, as I thought about it my guilt started to fade away, after all I hadn't asked to become a Vampire, it had been thrust on me as it were. Looking at the beautiful blonde in my arms I suddenly realised that I still didn't know her name. Placing her head softly on the pillow I got up to look around the room, on the dresser was a couple of letters addressed to a miss Pamela Booth, now I knew. I was going to see a lot of Pam in the future, and I hoped she would eventually not need to be coerced by my hypnotic stare. I bent down over her face kissing her cheek, then left her sleeping.

As I re-entered the night I wondered how this would all turn out, I had killed the leader of the resident Vampires in this town, and knew that they would want revenge. I did have one thing in my favour, they wouldn't know who had killed him, or where he was killed. That was a comfort to me, knowing that Pam would be alright, I walked into the night thinking of my next move.



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