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It Could Resemble Porn
by Please Clothing Off!

Bridgette lay on her bed clothed in deep blue velvet underwear and a black tank top. Lips slightly parted and breathing heavily, she flipped through the porn magazine, longingly reading the dirty, dirty captions and eyeing the beautiful women tied up at the hands of sexy men. She longed to be tied up, a sex slave to her loving boyfriend, Patrick. Closing her eyes, picturing herself chained to her bed, hands and feet while Patrick caressed her up and down and tortured her blissfully. She was very wet. She could feel it, seeping into her underwear. She reached down to the band of her panties and rested her hand there for a moment. Just as she was about to plunge her hand into her wetness, the doorbell rang. Flustered, she set the porn aside and went to the door.

She looked through the eyehole and was shocked to see Patrick standing there; it was a perfect setup. She opened the door, seductively inviting him in, her nipples pert and a small darker spot forming on her underwear. Patrick stared; he couldn't help it. Shutting the door behind him, Bridgette pulled Patrick up to her room. Lying on the bed, she spread her legs slightly and whispered, "I want you to tie me up. Take me this way, tie me up and rape me!"

Patrick hesitated. He was a virgin. They both were, and all they had ever done before was give each other oral pleasures. He never thought that Bridgette would be the kind of girl into S & M. Patrick's hesitation lasted for all of three seconds, before he jumped, and whisked the silk tie off of Bridgette's robe.

Straddling her, his cock protruding from his pants, he tied her hands to the bedpost. Taking a scarf from her dresser, he also bound her legs to the bed, legs spread invitingly. Quickly, he stripped down. As he took all his clothing off, he noticed the porn magazine set aside, open to a picture story of a woman getting tied up and seduced by a man with a mask on.

Bridgette was securely tied up to her bed. Naked, he picked up the magazine and read one of the captions aloud to Bridgette, bound and wet "Courtney was bad, and she knew it... She begged the masked man to butt fuck her." The illustration showed the masked man lifting Courtney's waist and plunging into her dark shit hole with his huge dick.

Patrick was into the S & M idea now. Grinning, he approached Bridgette, muttering, "So this is what you want, huh? You dirty little slut, I'll give you what you want."

Bridgette, still in her underwear and tank top panted heavily, horny for action. Patrick kneeled on the bed between her legs. Lowering his head to her stomach, he gently licked and tickled her stomach, before seizing her underwear with his teeth and ripping them off. He spat them onto the floor and buried his head into Bridgette's wet, fragrant pussy. He nipped at her lips before sliding his tongue into her slit, just enough to arouse her more.

Bridgette moaned, and Patrick leapt up, shouting, "Bad, bad slut! You talk when I say to talk! You'll have to be punished now." Patrick stood, and straddled Bridgette's stomach. He pulled up her shirt to reveal her beautiful C cup breasts.

Perky and vulnerable, Patrick shoved his huge cock between her breasts. A spark of evil in his green eyes, he brought his dick up to Bridgette's face. Stroking Bridgette's face and dirty blonde hair with his penis, he demanded that she throat his dick. Bridgette was all too happy to oblige and opened her mouth widely while Patrick shoved his huge cock into her throat. Patrick closed his eyes, savoring the warmth and moisture of her mouth.

He quickly maneuvered himself so that they were in a 69ing position. Shoving his dick deeper and deeper into Bridgette's mouth, Patrick started to madly grope Bridgette's ass. When he was on the verge of cumming, he pulled his dick out just in time to prevent the explosion and simultaneously shoved a finger up Bridgette's ass.

Bridgette screamed and thrashed against her restraints, crying, "Yes, yes! MORE!" Patrick kept pumping his finger in Bridgette's asshole, and started to lick her slit, while Bridgette struggled to get Patrick's cock in her mouth again.

Suddenly, Patrick got up without warning. Standing beside the bed, he examined Bridgette's body, tied and waiting before him on the bed. Always one to be a tease, he mounted Bridgette, but positioned his cock right above her hole. Bridgette struggled to fill herself with Patrick's massive cock, but to no avail. "Do you want me, bitch? Huh? Is this how you want to lose it?"

Patrick grumbled. In response, Bridgette could only whimper and continue to thrust her pussy at Patrick's throbbing dick. "Yes," she whispered, "take me now."

His facial expression softening some, Patrick firmly, but with gentleness slid his dick easily into Bridgette's tight, warm hole. Upon penetration they both gasped, pleasure filling them both. When Patrick was almost all the way in, Bridgette cringed, a pleasurable pain filling her pussy.

"My cherry," she whispered, "I felt it go. Shit your dick feels good. Pump me, baby, do me hard."

With a steady motion, Patrick began shoving his cock deep into Bridgette's hole, then withdrawing more slowly. To aid him, Bridgette kept shoving herself into Patrick, moaning softly upon each firm thrust. She could feel Patrick's cock pounding away inside of her, filling her- satisfying her. Patrick buried his head into Bridgette's hair, nuzzling her neck as he continued to thrust, feeling the cum building inside of him.

Their breathing quickened even more, and Bridgette moaned loudly, as the first gentle wave of an orgasm swept over her, the walls of her vagina tightening and contracting around Patrick's dick. Soon after Bridgette's first orgasm, Patrick also gave way, cum spouting out of his pulsating dick into the deep caverns of Bridgette.

Patrick moaned loudly as Bridgette gasped, "Patrick, I can feel it! I can feel you cum inside of me." Gasping and moaning more, Bridgette set about into another, less powerful orgasm, panting with the immense pleasure that flowed through her. Patrick pulled out soon after, their intermingled cum flowing from Bridgette's pussy and dripping from Patrick's cock. Patrick held his cock to Bridgette's face, poking her lips with the tip of his penis.

Obediently, Bridgette took his slowly softening cock into her mouth, the wonderful taste of their cum filling her mouth. "Let's do it again," Patrick said, "but I want to be tied up this time." Bridgette smiled around Patrick's cock, and gave a gentle nibble of her desire to.


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