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Sex: F
Age: 18
Location: Southern CA, USA
ICQ#: not given

I write mostly for amusement... Some of the stories I write/wrote are for other people, but they always please me in the end... If you were wondering- yes, most of my stories are true.

As for myself, I'm a Japanese/white female, 18... I love writing and while an intelligent guy is great- an intelligent guy with a big cock is even better!

Happy Romping!

A Casual Threesome..? - She talks two guys into menage a trois.
Another Sex on the Kitchen Table Story
- Krista gets wild.
It Could Resemble Porn
- Virgin asks boyfriend to take her.
The New Boy
- Vixen invites new kid over for a little fun.
Train Ride to Ecstasy
- Two strangers make time on trip.
Whipped Cream & Chocolate Syrup
- He eats birthday sweet.

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