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In Her Father's Footsteps Pt. 9 of 14
Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond
by Latina

The next morning, British spy Jane Bond awakened to find a soft beam of the morning's first glimmer of sunlight gently streaming through her hotel room window, and her new lover, Wendy Warmcox, lying with her beautiful backside facing Jane. Jane propped herself up in a half-sitting, half-lying position, peering over Wendy's perfect globes of 40-inch breasts, watching them softly rise and fall with Wendy's every sleeping breath. Wendy's soft, barely-audible snoring was music to Jane's ears as she thought about how quickly they had discovered how much alike they were, and how completely they had already fallen in love. Jane began slowly planting soft, butterfly-gentle kisses all over Wendy's soft, smooth shoulders. With one hand, Jane slowly ran her fingers over the shapely curve of Wendy's hips. Jane's other hand was cupping Wendy's huge, round right breast, her fingers squeezing, stroking, rubbing, and massaging Wendy's long, hard, pink nipples.

Awakening from all the loving attention she was receiving, Wendy reached behind her and pulled Jane's head toward her, pressing her lips firmly against Jane's. Jane continued to cup Wendy's breast and stroke her hip.

"Mmm!" Wendy purred, "What a wonderful way to wake up." Then kissing Jane harder and quickly slipping her tongue into Jane's mouth, "Thank you, my darling."

"You think that's great? Wait until we get back to London, and you get to experience first-hand how my Brad always keeps a smile on my face."

"Mmm!" Wendy repeated, in her sexiest, dreamiest voice. "After sucking his come out of your pussy, I can't wait to experience it direct from the source. If he is as skillful with his cock as you say he is, I want to feel him thrusting and throbbing everywhere: in my mouth, my pussy, my ass, between my breasts...Mmm!"

Jane gave Wendy's gorgeous naked ass a quick series of gentle love taps. "And so you shall. But right now, it's time to get up. Come on, get dressed."

"Mmm, I don't wanna."

"I know, I don't want you covering up that gorgeous body, either. But we can't be naked on the plane. Here, wear this," Jane said, tossing Wendy the skimpy red dress that Wendy had worn to dinner the first time Jane ever saw Wendy in person.

"Be a dear, and hand me that bra on the chair," Wendy cooed.


"No? You're refusing me, the woman who loves you, the woman you love, the only woman who knows how to send you into ecstatic multiple orgasms that last for hours?"

"I don't want you wearing a bra or panties on the plane. I want to be free to reach into that slinky, skimpy red dress, from above or below, and play with every part of you on the plane. If I can't do that, the flight will just be too boring, and I'll just scream with frustration. Besides, I want you to be able to strip as quickly as possible for my Brad when we get home."

"Oh," Wendy replied contritely. "Good point. So what are YOU going to wear, my love?"

Jane picked up a sheer, almost but not quite transparent black cocktail dress, with the back open all the way down to the top of her firm, round ass cheeks, the neckline plunging to show acres of dark Latina flesh and just show the very tops of her very wide, red-brown areolas. Her hem was only one quarter of the way down her thighs, revealing her short but shapely dark legs. "How's this?"

"It will do nicely." Wendy replied, letting out a wolf whistle of appreciation. "Lots of access for me on our flight. I'm picturing me pushing up that short hem just an inch or two and rubbing the outside of your naked pussy right on the airplane seat, then plunging two fingers into you, and pressing and rubbing my thumb on that hot, horny little clit of yours that I love so much, and then feeling your sweet come flowing onto and between my fingers. And then maybe I'll slide my foot under your skirt, with no panties underneath of course, and feel your warm, fresh lust juices squish between my toes."

"Mmm!" Jane purred, "I can hardly wait!" Jane kissed Wendy quickly but firmly on the lips, and huskily whispered, "Mmm! I love you."

The two ladies, their minds filled with fantasies of what they would do to each other on the flight from Vienna to London, rolled to face each other on the bed, intertwining their arms and legs, and kissing passionately. Just as they were getting started, an airplane roared loudly overhead.

"Mmm!" Jane moaned, pushing Wendy away. "Sorry, love, we have to stop this now, and get to the airport."

"Yes, wouldn't want to be late giving your Brad his surprise treat."

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Jane mumbled, "Hmm? What treat?"

"Me, silly. Aren't I your gift to Brad?"

"And he and I are both my gift to you, my sweet angel."

They quickly kissed again, slid their skimpy dresses over their heads, and grabbed their suitcases. They strolled hand-in-hand, giggling all the way, to the hotel desk, where they both checked out. Standing in front of the hotel, they tried to flag down one of the busy cabs whizzing by, but without success. Suddenly inspired, they simultaneously raised the hems of their short skirts, revealing Jane's thick, dark bush and Wendy's light, curly blonde wisps.

A cab's brakes squealed loudly, and the pudgy, balding driver stepped out, his big jeans (no belt) falling off his butt, the shirt-tails of his Hawaiian shirt untucked. Tipping his cap to the ladies, he held the back door open for them. Kissing each other and giggling, Wendy and Jane tumbled into the back of the cab, calling out sexily, "Oh, cabby, would you be a dear and put our suitcases in the trunk?" He silently complied, and the ladies turned to each other, smiling and laughing at the sexual power they both held over men. They both knew that only one man ever would or could hold the same power over them both: Jane's husband, Brad.

The driver closed the door for his gorgeous passengers, and returned to his seat. "Where to, ladies?"

"Airport, please," they sang out in unison, between giggles.

At the airport, as the cabbie held the back door open, Jane stepped out first, sticking first just a foot out, then slowly, seductively letting her dark, shapely leg emerge from the back doorway to the cabbie's view, making sure as her black stiletto-heeled shoes touched the pavement, that the hemline of her black cocktail dress was as high up her thigh as possible, so he could really admire the view. When she was standing outside the cab, she turned to face the cabbie, spread her legs apart in an inverted V, and quickly raised then lowered her hem, flashing the cabbie a quick peek at her naked pussy.

Not to be outdone, Wendy stuck her long, pale, show-girl leg straight out the door, then raised it high, letting her bright red, stiletto-heeled shoes graze the cabbie's hand, before swinging her leg all the way back down to the pavement, and emerging from the cab. She, too, turned to face the cabbie, and raised her skimpy, fiery-red dress, but left it up longer than Jane had. Smiling and licking her lips, Wendy plunged her middle finger deeply and rapidly all the way into her pussy, and let out a soft, purring moan. Then she slowly removed her finger, and quickly pulled her short skirt back down, smoothing her hemline with both hands.

Jane peered into the front of the cab, and read the price on the taxi meter. She then handed the cab driver the exact amount on the meter.

"Hey ladies," the cabbie called gruffly, "How about a tip?" To make sure they understood exactly what kind of tip he meant, he punctuated his remark by rubbing his palm vigorously up and down on his crotch.

"OK, sure," Jane turned and replied over her shoulder. "My tip to you is, don't expect two beautiful women who get into your cab, to want to give a fat slob like you a blowjob!" Wendy and Jane both laughed, and disappeared with their bags through the airport doors. They felt cruel for saying what they had, but the world was such that a sloppy ignorant cabbie making lewd remarks was unlikely to get any, and he was old enough that he should know that fact already.

The cabbie watched the blonde with the long legs, short red dress, and matching red shoes, sway her hips as she slowly, seductively walked away and disappeared from view. He envied the way her long blonde hair caressed her shapely ass, and wished that it was his hand caressing her sweet ass cheeks, instead of her long, flowing blonde hair. But even with her sassy mouth, he still preferred the shorter, darker-complexioned woman in the tight, black, backless dress, and he longed to remove her high-heeled black shoes, kiss her foot, and suck her cute little toes one by one. He knew that Jane was right, he had to clean up his act if his fantasies were ever to become reality.

Right then and there, the cabbie vowed to prove both ladies wrong about having his way with beautiful female passengers. Before the day was over, he had joined a health club, bought a stunning Italian suit, and had his hair professionally groomed. By the end of that month, after daily workouts, this cabbie was stunningly handsome, nearly a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike, and always impeccably dressed. And he was routinely successful with every one of his most gorgeous women passengers. He came to be quite talented at eating out pussy, and women so loved that he would focus on their needs and never ask for anything in return, that he was routinely receiving grateful blowjobs in his back seat as payback for his loving attention to women, without him ever having to ask them for these paybacks. Once more, without knowing it, just as she had with Wendy Warmcox, and with the red-head terrorist, Jane Bond had made the world a better place, through helping to increase the number of people having joyful, passionate sex. After all, a life without love and sexual pleasure can feel awfully empty.

But now it was time for Jane and her two lovers to have some joyful, passionate sex of their own. Or at least, so Wendy and Jane hoped. Throughout the Vienna-to-London flight, as both women felt each other up, they both chattered nervously about how Brad would react to Jane bringing a third person into their relationship, to share their lives and their bed.

* * * * *

London, England. Noon on a rare sunny day. An elegant black classic Jaguar sedan pulls up the horse-shoe driveway, past the large, neatly-trimmed lawn, to the front door of a modest but stately stone house with ivy-covered walls. The lady of the house, British spy Jane Bond, gingerly steps out of the Jaguar's back seat first, carefully holding down the hem of her extremely short black cocktail dress.

Although looking somewhat weary from her flight, she is nevertheless smiling broadly. In her sexiest, sluttiest stiletto heels, Jane slinks catlike toward the front door of her home after a three-day absence, seductively crossing one leg in front of the other in imitation of the slinky walk of her naked lover, Wendy Warmcox, across her Vienna hotel room on the previous afternoon. Still seated in the Jaguar, Wendy watches in appreciation of her female lover's walk, flattered that Jane is copying her own sexy, seductive walk, and honored that the gorgeous British spy whose shapely hips and ass now swayed so tantalizingly before her, had chosen to make love with her repeatedly over the past 24 hours.

Wendy continued to watch as the front door of the house slowly opened, and a very handsome man stepped outside. He was about 40 to 45 years old, 5'10" tall, with short, wavy brown hair, the biggest, softest brown eyes Wendy had ever seen, and a receding hairline that made him look extremely intelligent. His soul-piercing eyes gazing through his gold- rimmed glasses made Wendy's heart race, and she reached under the short hemline of her fiery-red dress to feel the moisture already starting to line her eager, excited pussy.

Seeing her Brad framed in the doorway of their house, Jane Bond now forgot all about walking slinkily and seductively for Wendy's benefit.

She hurriedly kicked off her high-heeled shoes, leaving them in the circular driveway, and ran barefoot up the front steps, into Brad's welcoming arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around Brad's back and squeezed him lovingly, kicked up her left leg behind her in a cute 1920s flapper motion, and kissed her husband so forcefully that he nearly fell over backwards.

"Oh, Brad, I have missed you so terribly! I can't bear being away from you for THREE--WHOLE--DAYS!" she began to sob, drawing him nearer.

"Why are you crying, honey? I'm right here now."

"Yes, you are. My sweet love. Oh, I want to devour you right here and now!" she resumed kissing him and crying again.

"Oh, Brad, I've been a BAD girl. Such a BAAAD girl!"

Wendy took this as her cue, and emerged from the back of the big, black Jaguar sedan. She tried walking as catlike as Jane had done, but after a couple of stumbling steps in her red high-heels, she kicked up her left leg behind her, practically tore off her shoe, and threw it onto the lawn. She then kicked up her right leg, removed and tossed her right shoe, and ran barefoot up the front steps of Jane and Brad's home. Her enormous 40-inch bust, unrestrained by a bra, jiggled under her skimpy red dress as she ran.

Jane backed one step away from Brad and said, "Honey, this is my new friend, Wendy Warmcox. I told her she could stay with us."

"That's fine. I'll have the maid set up the guest bedroom."

"No, honey, you don't understand. She's going to STAY!" Then pointing first to herself, and then to Brad, "With US! With both of US!"

Brad stared blanked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I have spent the last 24 hours making passionate love with my sweet Wendy. And now I want her to stay in our room, with US--with BOTH of us!"

Brad only heard the first sentence, and was too busy framing his response to listen to Jane's second sentence.

"You--CHEATED--on ME!?" he screamed.

"Yes, I did honey. But I love--"

"YOU--cheated on--ME!?"

"I love you. I never stopped loving you. I want you and need you. You are the only man I ever want and need, the only man I've ever loved and ever will love. You are the only man who knows how to pleasure every square inch of my body, how to make me feel warm and loved and safe inside."

"But you CHEATED on me!"

"I love Wendy. She gives me something no man, not even you, can give me. But now I want to share her with you, I want the three of us to be a very close, very loving family, loving each other in EVERY way!"

"YOU--YOU--CHEATED! YOU--YOU--WERE--unfaithful, to ME!" he shrieked.

"Shh! There, there," Jane cooed, cradling Brad's head to her ample bosom. "You still love me," she half stated, half asked.

"Of course I do, but--"

"And you have always loved my friends, because they ARE my friends, and I love them!"

"Yes, but--"

"And given time, you will come to love my darling friend and lover Wendy as much as I do. If you'll just give her a chance. Her personality is a lot like mine, and if you just give her a chance, you will find yourself loving her in the same ways and for the same reasons that you fell in love with me."

"But you CHEATED on me! And with another WOMAN!"

"Yes, that's right. She has sucked gallons and gallons of my sweet, sticky juice out of my hot, hungry pussy in the past 24 hours, and I have sucked just as much sweet pussy nectar out of her. I have pumped lots and lots of sweet pussy juice down her throat, and we both enjoyed every minute of it. I know you're hurt, but--"

"Damn right, I'm hurt! How would YOU feel, if MY love juice was pumped down some other woman's throat!"

"But, dear," Jane smiled triumphantly for Brad having handed her the very point that she had hoped he would make. "Your love juice HAS been pumped down another woman's throat!"

"No, never! I have NEVER cheated on you! I would know if my juice went down another woman's throat! It never happened!"

"No, you WOULDN'T know, and yes, it DID happen." Wrapping her arms around Brad's waist and shoulders, and gently nibbling on his ear lobe, she quietly, seductively whispered to him, "Do you remember what we did the night before I left for Vienna, three nights ago?"

Brad fondly recalled eating out Jane, Jane eagerly sucking his cock with that voracious sexual appetite that he so admired, and him fucking her passionately and forcefully, erupting huge globs of his come into the deepest reaches of her tight, wet, throbbing, quivering pussy not once, but twice before the evening ended. "Yes, of course I do," he smiled sweetly.

"Do you remember you injected your love juice very deeply into me, and I came back for a second injection? Do you remember how tightly my pussy muscles squeezed you, wanting to fill myself up with every drop I could get, so it all could slosh around deep inside of me as I walked all over Vienna for 3 days?"

"Yes, my sweet love, I do remember."

"Well, Wendy licked and sucked at my pussy so good, so powerfully, so forcefully, that I couldn't help but pump some of your sweet, creamy juices from my deepest recesses, into her mouth and down her throat. So yes, your come HAS been pumped down another woman's throat!"

"And even after two days sitting around getting moldy in her pussy," Wendy chimed in, "Yours was the most delicious spunk that I ever tasted. And believe me, I've swallowed a lot of men's come over the years. I once sucked off and fucked an entire high-school football team during a single half-time break. So I know when come tastes delicious, or really awful. And believe me, your come was by far the sweetest and tastiest I've ever sucked, even after two days in your wife's pussy. And as good as it felt and tasted to suck your cream out of your wife's sweet, warm, wet cunt, I just can't wait to taste your thick, creamy love juice as I suck it out fresh, directly from your cock. Mmm! My pussy is getting all HOT and WET just thinking about it, just thinking about sucking your BIG (pause), HARD (another pause, then nearly shouting) COCK! I'm getting SOOO horny, just thinking about tasting and swallowing your fresh come!"

With that, Wendy pressed the hem of her short red dress hard against her pussy. With no panties on underneath, only the thin layer of fabric at her hem separated her pussy from her hand, and from Brad's gaze.

For the first time, Brad took a good look at this woman, his wife's new lover. He began his appreciative appraisal at her bare toes, her pedicured toenails sparkling with deep-red, almost purple, polish flecked with specks of gold. He then slowly gazed up her long, milky-white, silky- smooth legs. Her legs were so long that he thought it took him about an hour to move his gaze inch by inch up her incredible, shapely legs, before his eyes rested on the high hemline of her nearly-blindingly-red short dress.

"Do you like what you see?" Wendy smiled.

"Yes, very much!"

"Want to see more?"

At this point, Brad was already getting so excited that he could barely manage to croak out a softly-whispered, polite, "Yes, please."

Thus encouraged, Wendy mischievously raised her hem.

Brad gulped, swallowed hard, and began licking his lips suggestively and hungrily. There before him was a pussy second in sheer magnificent beauty only to that of his wife Jane. Wendy's gorgeous pussy lips had already opened into a big, round O, her hard, extended clit was hanging out and down, and a stream of liquid lust was slowly inching its way down Wendy's creamy-white thighs. Brad was sure that there was plenty more where that came from, and if he played his cards right, maybe he would even get to taste some of it as he lapped it up from her incredibly smooth thighs. Or maybe he would even get to lick and suck Wendy's nectar right out of her juicy slit himself, and into his mouth, then down his throat.

Brad mentally slapped himself for even THINKING about cheating on the love of his life, his sweet, precious Jane. But he couldn't stop staring at Wendy's naked lower half. As his eyes moved up to the delicate, curly little blonde wisps that barely covered her sweet, pretty mound, Brad forgot all about his anger at Jane, knelt down, leaned forward, and lightly, gently, softly kissed Wendy's blonde wisps. When even barely touching his lips to her delicate blonde fuzz produced an appreciative moan from Wendy, Brad kissed her sparse pussy hair more firmly and passionately now.

"Now you see," Jane interrupted the moment, "why I can't resist her, and why I love my sweet, wonderful Wendy so much. Show him your breasts, honey, so he gets the WHOLE picture of why I love you so much."

"Of course, darling," Wendy replied sweetly, with just a tinge of huskiness in her sexy voice, "Anything for my sweet baby." With that, Wendy pulled the rest of her skimpy red dress up, over her head, and tossed it behind her onto the carpeted floor. Now Wendy stood naked before Brad and Jane, her firm, round breasts and long, hard nipples jutting out toward Brad's face.

"Wow!" Brad moaned. "They look so--"

"Big?" Jane suggested helpfully. "They're four inches bigger than even my 36-inch chest!"

"Yes. But--no--that's not it! They look so--"


"Tasty," Brad said decisively now, planting a kiss under where Wendy's right breast hung over her torso, then licking all around the perfect curve under her breast, and finally sucking one of her long, hard, nipples fully up into his hungry mouth. "Yes, tasty is definitely the word for them."

"They ARE beautiful, aren't they?" Jane asked. "That's why I like playing with them so much, and kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling on them. And one of many reasons why I love my tall, shapely, beautiful, sexy blonde goddess SOOO much!"

"Just one of the reasons?"

"Well, another reason I love her so much," Jane admitted, "Is she's my half-sister. James Bond--you know, 007--was not only MY father, but HERS, too. Different mother. Knocked them both up on different spy capers. That's why my sweet Wendy is so much like me, and why I'm so sure that you'll grow to love her for the same personality traits you love about me."

"You're my sister?" Wendy exclaimed in shocked but delighted amazement.

"That's sick!" Brad declared. "You made love with your sister?" Did Brad mean sick as in mentally unstable, or sick in the popular street-gang meaning, as in wonderful and terrific? Or maybe a little of both meanings?

"Half-sister. And we didn't know we were sisters when we started out."

"And it doesn't matter anyway," Wendy replied. "I still love your wife with all of my heart and soul, and I still plan to lick her and fuck her every chance I get. And to include you in our games as often as you'll let us."

"Mmm!" Brad moaned, finally starting to let go of some of his anger and to examine the possibilities in the proposed permanent three-some. After all, Wendy could take care of Jane whenever he was too tired or too busy to give Jane's luscious body the full attention it desired and deserved. And either, or maybe both at once, of these stunning ladies could, and would willingly, give him what he needed whenever he needed it. "That sounds good to me."

Jane now gazed lovingly and longingly at the growing bulge pressing tightly against the fabric of Brad's tailored beige trousers. She placed her palm, fingers pointing down toward the floor, against his crotch, and began slowly, teasingly rubbing her open palm up and down the fabric that covered his stiffening cock. "Looks like you're getting ready to accept our luscious Wendy into our lives--" she tapped and patted him lovingly over his fabric-imprisoned hard cock as it throbbed against her hand, then continued, "and into our BED!"

But Brad was not yet quite ready to fully emerge from his dark male cave of anger and upset. "That may be. But nevertheless, you still CHEATED on me!"

"Well, even YOU couldn't resist my Wendy's -- I mean, OUR Wendy's-- charming little pussy and her enormous 40-inch knockers. So how could you expect ME not to have fallen in love with her? And when she licks at my starving pussy and hot, hungry, swollen little clit, Ohh! You just can't imagine!"

"Believe me," Brad croaked hoarsely, "I'm TRYING to imagine it! I'm TRYING to picture you two eating each other out, and my sweet, loving wife excitedly pumping her own juices and MY come down her luscious half-sister's throat!

"Wendy spoke up again now. "Why should you have to imagine it at all? Jane and I would be very happy to re-enact the whole thing for you, right now, right in your own bedroom. Would you like that?"

Again, the only response that Brad could manage to this lusty suggestion was a helpless, pitifully-weak, "Yes, please."

To Be Continued...


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