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Sex: F
Age: 49
Location: California
ICQ#: not given
I was born in 1950, my birth sign is Cancer. I am a prim and proper businesswoman by day. My family, friends and coworkers do not know I write erotic stories, or about
my real-life activities with my husband that inspire these tales. Latina is my pen name, because I am Mexican-American.

My husband, called Frank in these stories, was born in 1955. His birthday is a week after mine (he is also a Cancer). We met by phone in May, 1996, in person in July, and married in October, 1996.

We both work in California's electronics industry.

He had a daughter whom he adopted years ago, she is grown & on her own now. We have a son I adopted during my first marriage, he is now 12. My first marriage lasted 17
years until he died of a chronic illness. First husband was nowhere near as romantic or sexual as my current one.

My interests are sex, history, writing erotic stories, sex, classical/jazz/classic rock music, sex, computers, spending time with my husband, sex, cooking, sex, fine dining, sex, camping & hiking, sex, the beach and the aquarium, sex, going to the movies, sex, traveling & sightseeing, wearing historic costumes or sexy outfits, and oh yes, did I mention I love sex?

I am 5'2", and very proud that at almost 50 I still maintain smooth, soft skin wrapped around a 38C-28-36 figure! My husband loves me for my looks AND my personality, and shows it in MANY ways, not JUST sexual (although he shows me his love in that way quite often).

In Grateful and Loving Tribute To My Husband - poetry by Latina

the Latina series
My Real and Terrific Love Life Pt. I
- Latina finds true love.
My Real and Terrific Love Life Pt. II - Latina finds hot sex.
Latina's Husband - He tells his side of the story.
Latina's Seduction - Husband seduces lovely wife Latina.
Latina's Birthday - Frank helps Latina celebrate.
Teddy Bears - Frank & Latina make up after argument.
Latina's Swing - Frank & Latina buy one and break it in.
Latina's Purple Passion - Latina displays fiery temper.
Latina's Second Honeymoon - Latina and Frank put on a show.
Latina Goes Shopping - Latina shops for a job, and more.
Latina's Exercise Bike - Latina goes to confessional.
Latina's Second Anniversary - Latina and Frank celebrate.
The Importance of a Nutritious Lunch - They eat healthy!
Email Replies About Size - Latina surveys her women readers.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game -Latina & Frank watch and play.
Latina's Email from the Edge... - Latina shares her email.
Outfits - Latina and Frank play dress-up.
The Seminar - Latina & Frank meet sexy Jasmine.
Lessons in Magic - Madame Zora teaches Latina REAL magic words.
Latina's Replies to Emails - She shares more provocative letters.
Connie & Her Greek - Connie's first guy is rock-hard - literally.
The Ice Queen - Frank and Latina enjoy a Popsicle.
Welcoming the Millenium... - Latina celebrates New Years.
While the Cat's Away... - Latina & Frank enjoy time alone.
Frank, Three Mother's Days... - Latina & Frank on the radio.
A Motel Room With a View - Frank & Latina get out of town.

the Jane Bond series
In Her Father's Footsteps I
- Spy's daughter joins The Service.
In Her Father's Footsteps II
- Jane stalks the mysterious W.
In Her Father's Footsteps III - Jane gets a lead on Wendy Warmcox.
In Her Father's Footsteps IV - Jane leaves for Vienna.
In Her Father's Footsteps V - Jane gets the goods on W.
In Her Father's Footsteps VI - Jane plays photographer.
In Her Father's Footsteps VII - Jane shows tape to Wendy.
In Her Father's Footsteps VIII - Jane and Wendy confront W.
In Her Father's Footsteps IX - Jane brings Wendy home.
In Her Father's Footsteps X - Wendy & Jane exhaust Brad.
In Her Father's Footsteps XI - Moneypenny debriefs Jane.
In Her Father's Footsteps XII - Janes helps Wendy divorce.
In Her Father's Footsteps XIII - Trio goes to divorce court.
In Her Father's Footsteps XIV - Wendy gets divorced.

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