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In Her Father's Footsteps Pt. 7 of 14
Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond
by Latina

Completely drained after hours of lovemaking, Wendy Warmcox (wife of terrorist arms merchant William Washington Walker, or W for short) and British MI-6 spy Jane Bond, fell into a half-sleep in each other's arms, punctuated by occasional kisses on each other's mouths, necks, and nipples. Jane realized that Wendy was as much under her spell, as she was under Wendy's. When Jane heard Wendy softly snoring beside her on the bed, Jane slowly, carefully, and quietly got out of the bed, and slipped the tape of Wendy's husband cheating with a redhead, into the VCR. Still naked, Jane crawled back into the bed, and gently nudged Wendy awake again.

"Huh?" Wendy grumbled sleepily. "Whazzamatter?" Then, turning and recognizing Samantha Paddington-Smythe, Wendy smiled and said "Oh, it's you, my pet." Wendy could still feel the pleasurable, fulfilled ache between her legs, and smiled at Jane as she realized who had given her that sore but ecstatic feeling.

"Sorry to wake you, darling, but your snoring was keeping me up." Jane, still playing the role of Samantha, replied.

Wendy then noticed that the television was on. A very shapely, sexy redhead seemed to be getting a great deal of pleasure from a large, strong, muscular man whose endless shaft was pumping her sweet, hungry pussy at a furious pace. Rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes, Wendy sat bolt upright to watch the tape, fascinated by the action.

"I know that a lot of women brag about what a stud their husbands are," Wendy began. "But I'm not exaggerating. My William's cock is every bit as long and thick as this porn stud's is. If only he knew how to use it to properly fuck a hot pussy, like this guy does."

As Wendy continued to watch that long, hard cock sliding masterfully in and out of the redhead's wide-open pussy, Wendy began to sense a growing discomfort with the tape. "That stud's massive cock sure looks a LOT like my William's."

Just then, the "porn stud" on this tape turned around, to lick the redhead's pussy and let her suck his cock down her throat. In this position, the stud's face was gazing directly into the camera. Wendy let out an angry shriek. "That bastard! How could he? He never licks ME like that! How COULD he do that with another woman?"

Jane couldn't resist smiling.

"That COCK! I'll cut his dick OFF of him! That SCUM! I'll KILL him!"

"I have a better idea. Will you help me get even with him?" Jane asked.

After the magic that Jane's tongue had just worked on Wendy's pussy, Wendy was ready to agree to anything that involved spending more time with Jane. Getting even with her lying, cheating bastard of a husband would just be the icing on the cake to Wendy. As her suspicions and rage against her husband grew, Wendy suddenly directed those feelings at Jane as well.

"Say, wait a minute! Just where did YOU get that video of my bastard husband fucking some redhead bimbo, anyway?"

"I have my ways," Jane smiled mysteriously.

"You're not being any more honest with me than that lying scumbag of a husband of mine. Why, I'll bet your name isn't even Samantha!"

Jane decided to pull back just a little of her spy cover to regain Wendy's trust and calm her down. "No, as a matter of fact, my real name is Jane. But magazine publishers are real snobs. They would never hire a photographer named Jane. Samantha sounds more, well, exotic, and I get a lot more work since taking on this professional name. Besides, Samantha also sounds like I might have been a model myself not too many years ago, and models trust me more with a name like that."


"Hey, YOU trusted me when I told you I was Samantha! You thought that name was trustworthy!"

"It was your tongue, not your name, that won my trust." Wendy replied.

Then kissing, licking, and gently nibbling Jane's ear, "And your technique also won my LOVE and LUST, my darling. What do you want me to do?"

Jane was momentarily at a loss for words. For three days, she had focused on how she could win Wendy's trust and cooperation to bring terrorist weapons dealer W to justice. Now that she had achieved that goal, Jane was uncertain how best to use Wendy's help. Jane began to think, "What is the one thing that terrorists fear most? Publicity and exposure. Once authorities know who you are, what you do, what you look like, and where you travel, it is hard to maintain the stealth required to be a successful arms merchant to the world's underground and terrorist markets. And what is the one thing every lying, cheating husband fears more than getting caught? That it will lead to divorce and payment of most of his income to his ex-wife for the rest of his life."

Jane hugged Wendy close. Both women were still completely naked, and began to get mildly aroused again as their breasts pressed against each other and their nipples brushed across each other. "I want you to divorce your husband. Sue the rotten bastard for every penny he has or ever will earn. Ruin him financially. Plaster the divorce notice all over the international press. Put him out of business for good. And when that's done, I want you to move in with my Brad and me so I can eat you out every night and every morning."

"Mmm! I'd like that" Wendy replied dreamily, leaning down and planting a wet, sloppy kiss right on Jane's still wide- open pussy.

"And if you're real good, I'll even let my Brad pump a few gallons of his sweet cream down your throat once in a while."

"Oooh, please, I'll be good Samantha--I mean, Jane or -- oh, whatever the hell your name is. I'll be good if it means I can taste Brad's sweet juice fresh from his cock. Let me suck on your man's cock--every day--PLEASE!"

"We'll see." Jane smiled. "And yes, my real name really is Jane." Jane realized that although she knew more about Wendy than perhaps even Wendy did, there had never been any formal introduction, so not wishing to completely blow her cover, Jane Bond asked "And what is your name?"

"Wendy Warmcox."

"Oh, come on!" Jane laughed, "I was honest with you, and told you that MY real name is Jane. We've just made love all night, the least you can do is tell me your REAL name!"

"All right. Wendy is my REAL first name. I don't know my last name. My parents abandoned me when I was an infant, and I had so many foster parents growing up that I never knew WHAT last name to use. My husband cooked up the last name I've used since I met him almost 15 years ago. I never changed it, even after we married 11 years ago."

"How do he happen to give you the name Warm Cocks? As if I need to ask!"

"Well, back in high-school, I was a cheerleader, I got kicked off of the squad and asked to leave the school when they found me under the bleachers at half-time, fucking the entire team. I have always been a very horny little sexpot, as you yourself experienced earlier this evening, just letting my lust control me ALL the time, always needing to feel a hard cock pounding into me. But that day, I just couldn't get enough cocks. Well, one of those football players had this amazing ten-inch cock that I just couldn't get enough of. That day, I took him in my pussy, up my ass, down my throat, between my jugs, anywhere and everywhere where I could experience his amazing shaft. He had made up a name for himself, William Washington Walker, and he thought it was cool that my first initial was also W, for Wendy. But I had no middle or last name, and he was always trying to come up with names that started with W for my middle and last names."

"Your middle name also starts with W?"

"Yes. Well, one day, not too long after the half-time incident, William and I were talking about our favorite things. I said all I wanted him to do was keep giving me my two favorite things every day: warm come and hard cock. So he said my name should be Wendy Welcomes Warmcox. At first, I thought it was kind of silly, but then I realized that it was no sillier than my real mother's name, and it kind-of started to grow on me. So even before we got married, I had my name legally changed to Wendy Welcomes Warmcox, and I've used it ever since. By now I really like it, the name really fits me. And my William and I used to chuckle over the private joke of my name, thinking back to how many warm cocks I DID welcome that day under the bleachers. Until today, I have ALWAYS welcomed warm cocks, anytime, anywhere. I just can't get ENOUGH of hard cocks pounding me, especially if they are attached to a man whose fingers and tongue take the time to get me all worked up FIRST. Now I guess I welcome wet pussies, too. Or at least, I will always welcome YOUR wet pussy!"

Jane smiled at the compliment, and passionately kissed Wendy hard on her lips, then trailed kisses down Wendy's naked torso, until Jane was kissing Wendy's OTHER set of lips.

"You said your name was no sillier than your mother's. I thought you said you never knew your mother?"

"I didn't. But years later, I found out who my real parents were. My mother's name was Pussy Galore, if you can believe that! Her name used to embarrass me, until I decided to call myself Wendy Welcomes Warmcox, and now I think HER name is pretty cool. She was a blonde like me, too."

"How do you know that?"

"Well, I GUESS she was blonde. Honor Blackman played the role of my mother in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. Blackman was blonde in the movie, so I assume my mother was."

"And your father?" "Was James Bond, of course. They met when James was fighting the REAL Aurik Goldfinger, just like in the movie. The mere sight of that debonair British spy must have gotten my mother's pussy awfully horny, because just like the Pussy Galore character in the movie, my mother immediately and literally took a roll in the hay with Bond. Nine months later, I popped out, but of course, by then Bond had moved on to other spying adventures and other women. My mother lacked the finances to raise me all by herself, and abandoned me when I was an infant. I only remember a whole series of orphanages and foster homes. I never knew whether to use my mother's last name, Galore, my father's--Bond--or any of the half-billion foster-parent names I took over the years. And I never KNEW what love was until I met and married my William."

Wendy's smile suddenly turned to tears and loud sobs. "And now I find that once more, I was deluding myself. That rat bastard never loved me! He loved his career selling guns more than he loved me. And now he betrayed me with that red- headed bimbo SLUT!" Wendy shrieked.

Jane hugged Wendy tight. "There, there. Brad and I will SHOW you what REAL love is. You WILL be loved from now on. Not to mention completely and thoroughly fucked several times a day," Jane grinned.

Wendy stopped sobbing, and between sniffles, she cooed, "Mmm! I'd LIKE that!" Then Wendy started to plan her strategy, shouting, "Damn right, you and I will sue that damn rat bastard! We'll get every penny he'll ever have. And we'll make such a stink in the press, he'll never be able to stop running and hiding from the law long enough to sell another gun to anyone on the planet ever again."

Jane smiled. She had not only accomplished her mission of permanently stopping W's arms sales to terrorists, but she had also picked up a second partner to help satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex, either in partnership with her Brad, or when Brad was too tired or too distracted to give Jane's hot, tight pussy the loving attention it so constantly craved.

"Tell me, my darling," Jane asked, absent-mindedly nibbling on Wendy's ear lobe, "Why did you stick with your William so long, if he wasn't satisfying you any more?"

"I guess I stayed out of loyalty for all that he had done for me. After I got kicked out of school for the half-time incident, he was the only one on the team who helped me finish my education. He and I were both so mad at how the world had treated us as kids, that it was a real rush to do something to fuck the world back. And he and I really did love each other once, it is hard to admit that this is over."

"Did you sell guns, too?"

"No, I could never be directly involved in something so violent. No, I invented a very subtle weapon, that seduces people into voluntarily wasting enormous amounts of time, lowering productivity at millions of jobs around the world, and taking husbands, wives, and children away from spending time with each other."

"Did you invent some new kind of drug?"

"In a sense. But you don't ingest it or inject it. It is colorless and odorless. It is perfectly legal, and big corporations and governments are making tons of money selling it, and the press is always trumpeting it as a GOOD thing!"

Jane was wracking her brain, trying to figure out what kind of terrible weapon or drug Wendy could have invented, that would have caused the kinds of destruction of businesses and families that Wendy described.

"And best of all, I gave my invention a name that used the same three initials as my husband and me: WWW."

"OK," Jane replied, "You've got me stumped. What is this terrible new weapon you invented, that wastes so many people's time, wrecks businesses, and splits up families?"

"Surely you've heard of WWW! World Wide Web! Surfing the net has become a world-wide obsession, and seduces people into wasting enormous amounts of time that they should be spending earning an income and raising a family. Then all of these browser companies came along, and they made my revenge on the world even sweeter than I had ever hoped. They played right into my hands. A query to any one of their search-engines usually returns about 5,000 items that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject that the inquirer asked about, and everybody gets to waste even more time sorting through it all to find the information that they want. My WWW weapon is a lot subtler form of revenge on the world for fucking me over as a little girl, than my William's guns are, don't you think? Now that I'm older and more mature, I sometimes regret what I unleashed in my youthful arrogance and hostility. But by now, my weapon has taken on a life of its own, and I couldn't stop it or even control it, even if I tried to."

Later that evening, when Wendy Warmcox had returned to her room next to Jane Bond's, and Jane was alone in her own hotel room, Jane had time to sort out the jumble of feelings and emotions she had experienced earlier that evening, and was experiencing now. Would inviting the inventor of the dangerous WWW weapon into her life, make life hard for Jane? Or would eating-out Wendy twice a day be the only way that Jane could control and tame this subtle, scheming villain? Was Wendy really a villain any more, or was Wendy's expression of regret (for inventing WWW) as sincere as it sounded?

How was Jane going to explain to Brad that she had cheated on him, and with such a villain, even if she was a REFORMED villain? Did the fact that Jane cheated to get what her country needed, justify what she did? Was patriotism justification for cheating on her spouse? Was it really cheating on Brad at all, since she did it with another woman, not a man?

How would Jane feel if, on some future mission of his, her Brad (also a British spy) cheated on her with another woman--or with another MAN-- to gain information that his country's defenses required? How would Jane explain to her Brad that she had suddenly gone from hetero to bisexual? How would she convince Brad to let Wendy move in and be their shared lover?

Would Brad agree to satisfy BOTH women, whenever either or both of them craved him? Would he have enough stamina, even with his all of his repeatedly-demonstrated remarkable skill in handling his seven-inch love gun, to keep both women satisfied? Would Brad feel threatened if Wendy and Jane sometimes made love to each other, and didn't include him? Would Jane feel threatened if Brad and Wendy sometimes made love, without including her? Would Brad feel weird fucking his wife's sister, or would he find some of the same desirable qualities in Wendy that had attracted him to Jane?

And what about Jane's feelings for Wendy? Before she learned who Wendy's parents really were, Jane had started to fall a little bit in love with Wendy, and Wendy had professed her love for Jane. But now Jane knew, and Wendy still didn't know, that they were half-sisters. British Spy James Bond, 007, was father to both Wendy and Jane. The fact that Jane knew they were sisters, and Wendy didn't, might give Jane some leverage in keeping Wendy on her side, to bring W to justice. But didn't Wendy have a right to know that her new lover was also her sister?

"Oh, my GOD!" Jane suddenly shrieked at the realization, "I just fucked my own sister!" Then Jane clapped her hand tightly over her mouth, hoping that Wendy in the next room had not heard what Jane had just shrieked.

Jane grew madder. None of this moral dilemma would have happened if her womanizing father hadn't been so careless with where he put his cock all the time. How many more children had 007 fathered with all his conquests over the years, besides Wendy and Jane? How could Jane continue to hate and resent James Bond for fucking so many women, when she herself had just cheated on the husband she so passionately loved? Was this a case of like father, like daughter? Would Wendy Warmcox be just the first in a long string of Jane's conquests? If so, would Jane's future conquests in the line of duty for her country, wreck the wonderful, loving marriage that she enjoys with Brad? Would Jane future dalliances in defense of her country, if any, wreck the precious, budding relationship that she was just beginning to unfold with Wendy?

Jane had to push all of these thoughts, worries, concerns, and emotions aside for now. It was time for Jane to prepare a legal strategy to help little-sister Wendy sue W for divorce, and bring the weapons dealer to his knees. As far as all of Jane's emotional turmoil was concerned, right now it was time to live by Scarlett O'Hara's words: "Fiddle dee dee, I'll think about it tomorrow!" Right now, it was not time for inner reflection, but it was time to generate a media frenzy about Wendy's divorce, which Jane knew would stop the flow of guns from W, to the terrorists who used those weapons to kill Englishmen and Americans all over the world.

To Be Continued...


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