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Jim & Patricia
Part II - Class is In Session
by English Bob

This story follows on directly from The Shark Part III - Jim and Patricia

3 weeks had passed since Jim and his mother Patricia had first enjoyed each others company on an intimate basis, and, apart from Jim walking in on Pat once while she took a shower, their relationship had returned to a fairly normal mother/son situation. But this had not stopped Pat's imagination from working overtime. Her sexuality had been re-awakened, she had experienced orgasm at the hands of her son and had felt him climax within her body. It was Pat's decision to return their relationship to a more platonic level. She knew that what she had done was wrong but even now, as she stood in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, she became flushed with excitement as her mind recalled the feeling of his hard penis inside her body.

"Oh.. Hi mom" called Jim as he walked into the kitchen, disturbing her thoughts "Would it be OK if Bill joined us for dinner tonight?"

Jim's face betrayed a devilish grin as he spoke. He had already told his mother of his friend's attraction to her.

"Maybe we could all watch a movie together or something after dinner?"

It was the "something" in his last sentence that caught Pat's attention as she agreed to prepare enough food for three and rent a movie.

At 7pm Pat was taking a shower as she heard the doorbell ring. She could make out muffled sounds from downstairs as Jim and Bill greeted each other and wandered into the lounge for a beer before dinner. Bill was a regular visitor to their home and Pat liked him a lot. He was quite handsome, in a quiet sort of way, never having much to say for himself, but letting his 6ft muscular body talk for him. "What was to happen tonight?" Pat thought to herself as she soaped her body. "Had the two friends talked about her at all? Was it just an innocent evening or was there more to it?" She had to admit to herself that, since Jim had told her about his friend's (and his own) attraction to her, she had frequently used her vibrator whilst imagining herself with either or both of them. But was she bold enough to put her feelings into practice? With the thought lingering in her mind she dried herself, selected her underwear and a light summer dress and joined the boys downstairs.

The atmosphere over dinner was light and informal. The three talked about the boy's college and their studies. But when Pat enquired on the subject of girlfriends, the two boys looked slyly at each other and changed the subject. After the meal, Bill and Jim cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher while Pat made herself comfortable in the lounge and loaded the movie she had rented. When the boys returned, Jim opened a bottle of brandy and they all settled in front of the TV. The movie was not as good as they had believed, and as the three consumed more and more brandy, they ignored the TV and began talking again. They had all become quite intoxicated by the brandy when the conversation again returned to the subject of girlfriends.

"No mom. We don't have regular girlfriends. We sort of um... together," Jim looked to Bill for support.

"Yeah Mrs. Beech, I guess we kind of each other's company better!"

Both Jim and Bill looked directly at Pat unsure of what her reaction would be. Long seconds passed before she finally spoke.

"Well, I guess that's ok." she said "you are both quite young, and I suppose you're just experimenting?"

"Yeah, that's it, we are" they both replied in unison relieved at her open mindedness.

"Mom. Can I ask you something?" Jim continued

Pat was sitting opposite both boys as she nodded.

"When we know...together. It's awkward. It sort of takes a long time you know? We wondered.... could show us how to do it with our hands... so it was better."

Now the subject was out in the open. Pat had no idea that her son and his friend had been experimenting together but the idea of tutoring them excited and scared her both at the same time.

"Let me get this clear." She said "You are asking me to help you masturbate each other?"

Both boys nodded their heads vigorously as they looked at each other and then back at Patricia.

"Okay," she continued slowly "Where do you want to start?"

She felt her face flush as the excitement within her rose. Was she really about to indulge in sexual acts again with her son? And this time with his friend as well?

"Maybe we should show you what we do," said Bill with more enthusiasm. "Then you could tell us what we are doing wrong."

"Or show us!" intoned Jim with a smile.

Before Pat had a chance to accept or reject this suggestion, Bill had leaned over and pulled Jim's zipper down, unbuckling his belt and opening his jeans. Pat watched as Jim's head fell back and his eyes closed as Bill groped around inside his friend's underwear and released his cock. Pat winced as Bill's hand closed around her son's solid penis and began quick jerking movements up and down his shaft. Bill's hand squeezed tighter as his jerking continued with no rhythm or pattern and Jim's balls, now free of his underwear, started to bounce around uncontrollably.

Pat realised that her son would soon be in pain rather than enjoying the hand job, and moved over to the couch where both boys were seated. She gently took Bill's hand away from her son's cock as she settled herself between them.

"Let me show you." she spoke gently. "Now let's get you both comfortable shall we? I'm going up to the bathroom, I want you both to remove your jeans and underwear completely OK?"

Jim and Bill nodded their consent as Pat quickly climbed the stairs to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of body lotion. As she seated herself back between her son and his friend she looked at both their cock's. Both were fully erect but Bill's was definitely larger; around 8 inches with a wide mushroom shaped head.

"Now I'm going to show you how to do this properly." she cooed.

Gently she placed her left hand under Bill's tight balls, cupping and stroking them slowly. With her right she squeezed the bottle of lotion, trickling the cream over his cockhead. Her left hand came up his shaft slowly as she squeezed and massaged the lotion along the sensitive underside. She repeated the same procedure on her son's penis until she had both cocks well lubed up. Pat felt so horny now as she squeezed and massaged Jim's penis in her right hand and Bill's in her left, running lightly up the length of their shafts to the cockhead and then down to their ball's, occasionally sliding well oiled fingers between their cheeks and tickling their assholes. The boys were in ecstasy ; both groaning loudly with eyes closed, telling her how good it felt and how hard she was making them and pleading with her to make them cum. Pat was only to happy to comply. Squeezing their cockhead's a little harder she quickened her pace slightly on their shafts and every now and then slipped a finger into an anus (she could tell from the tightness that their experiments had not gone as far as fucking each other in the ass).

Bill was first. Feeling his balls twitch and contract he groaned deeply and shot a great stream of cum on to his chest. Pat continued to gently pump his cock, making sure that she had released all of his cum before turning to her son. Jim was watching intently and holding his breath as Bill shot his load, He knew he was so close to climax himself. As his mother's hand slid down his shaft and her long finger entered his asshole he let out a cry. Her finger went deep as his cock spewed white cum into the air and then falling onto the carpet. Both boys watched Pat in awe as she slowly and deliberately licked the cum from the fingers of each hand and swallowed.

"Wow mom, that was fantastic. Thanks!" Said Jim

"Yeah, Mrs. Beech, I don't think I've ever cum so hard." Bill agreed.

Pat giggled at the sound of her surname. "Oh, I think you can call me Pat since we know each other so well".

Jim was looking at his mother "geez mom, your nipples look real hard now." Pat looked down. She had selected a very sheer bra and her nipples could clearly be seen through the thin fabric of her dress.

"I thought you guys were not into girls at the moment," she chided them.

"Only because we're not sure how to do it properly," replied Bill "Perhaps you could show us how?"

"Oh well," thought Pat. "I might as well finish what I started!"

Slowly she stood up from the couch in front of the boys and eased the top of the dress from her shoulders. She wriggled her hips slightly letting the thin material fall further, eventually pooling around her bare feet. With two pairs of eyes eagerly staring at her, she began to run her hands over the sheer bra occasionally stimulating her nipples. She let her hands wander down her body, tracing patterns with her fingernails over her stomach and upper thighs. She could see the boy's cocks getting harder as she slipped her hand into her panties and closed her eyes as her finger ran between her vaginal lips feeling the heat and dampness she was producing. Crossing the room in her underwear, she sat spread legged in the chair and beckoned the boys over to her. She closed her eyes again as she felt two pairs of hands roaming her body. The front clasp of her bra was unsnapped exposing her firm, round breasts, quickly followed by a pair of hands tugging her panties down. Lips closed over a nipple as she lifted her hips to allow her panties to be completely removed, and as she sat again and spread her thighs, she felt another pair of lips close over her hard clitoris. Abandoning herself to the pleasure she was feeling she began to instruct her son and his friend.

"Mmmmmm yes baby....suck my nipple...mmmm a little harder...oh yesssss... roll your tongue around it... bite it gently... a bit harder... AAAAgggggg... mmmmmm... oooooo suck my clit... fuck me with your tongue... no not there... yes there... that's it... aaaahhhhhh... now put a finger in me... mmmmm yes... now in my ass... ooooo you boys learn quickly.....yes....make me cum... yes... yes... yes... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

As her orgasm ripped through her trembling body, she opened her eyes to see Bill's face covered with her juice. Jim stood beside her smiling from ear to ear, his now hard cock sticking out in front of him. Pat wanted to feel a hard cock inside her again and now, completely naked, led the boys back towards the couch. Bending over the couch with her butt in the air she issued instructions to her son.

"Jim baby, come and fuck your mom's pussy from behind, OK?"

Jim readily agreed as he positioned himself behind his mother. Pat beckoned Bill over to her and pulled his hardening penis towards her mouth. As his large head slipped past her lips and over her tongue she felt her son's cock enter her pussy from behind.

Jim closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt his shaft disappear in by inch into the warm wet tunnel of his mothers pussy. Her vaginal lips unfolded seductively as he felt her velvet smoothness stimulate his nerve endings and began to slowly push in and out. Bill was getting his first experience of oral sex as he held on to bunches of Pat's hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt fantastic, but the sensations he felt next as she tilted back her head and swallowed his cock deep into her throat were truely unbelievable. Pat hummed gently as she felt Bill's 8 inches invade her throat and pushed back onto her son's cock. Being fucked by two guys at either end was fantastic and something that she had never experienced before and she knew that she had to take it to the next stage before they both climaxed. She wanted to experience another first.

Pushing the reluctant Bill away from her mouth, she also climbed off the cock in her pussy. Taking Bill by the hand she helped him lay on the floor with his hard cock, still wet with saliva, sticking up from his body. Quickly she straddled his penis, guiding it deep into her vagina. Raising her hips and bending her head down she looked over her shoulder at her son.

Jim knew exactly what she wanted. With his erection in his hand he guided it towards his mothers exposed rectum. Using the body lotion he coated his cock liberally from the bottle and massaged some more into her anus. When he was satisfied that her ass was slick, he began to push his penis down and into Pat's asshole.

Pat let out a small scream as she felt her asshole widen as Jim entered her. Bill was thrusting his hips up and down in a nice rhythm as he fucked her cunt, with Jim in her as well she felt full to bursting. Bill could see her breasts bounce back and forth over his face as he and his friend fucked her, and he lifted his head to suck in a nipple. As Pat felt her nipple disappear into Bill's mouth and both her holes being plugged at the same time, she could hold back no longer.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yesssssssssssss... I'm cummmmiiiiiinnnnnggggggg" she wailed, as a second, much stronger orgasm ripped through her hot body.

This was too much for Bill and, as he thrust his hips strongly forward and buried his cock to the hilt in her pussy, he also came violently spraying his cum deep inside her cunt. Jim was not far behind as he pulled his twitching cock from his mom's asshole and let loose a stream of hot semen over her ass cheeks and back. Jim spread his mom's cheeks and pushed his softening cock between them ensuring that every last drop of cum was emptied from his balls.

Bill did not make it home that night, and waking the following day, he found his usual morning erection being guided towards Pats asshole, while her son was fucking his cock down her throat.

The three continued their sex games until nearly noon with Pat getting fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth over and over. She gave them another hand job each (just to make sure they had not forgotten how!) And had let Bill fuck her large breasts until he came on her face. By early afternoon Pat found that she had been fucked so many times that she could barely walk and reluctantly called a halt to the proceedings.

As they said their farewells, Pat wondered if Jim had any more friends that would like to come over for dinner!

The End

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