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Just A Small Electrical Problem
by English Bob

Hi! My name's Chas. That's short for Charles. I know that a lot of you Americans say Chuck', but please don't call me that, because it really pisses me off! I'm a Londoner through and through. Born in Stepney, East London, within earshot of the church at Bow which, as the proverb goes, makes me a cockney! Stepney used to be a really tough area when I was a nipper, but now most of it's been developed into luxury apartments and bought up by chinless wonders like lawyers and bankers. Our old place was owned by the council, now the site's probably worth about half a mil! Not that I'm complaining, without all theses bastards with more money than sense buying these houses, I'd most likely be out of a job. You see, I'm a spark'. No, that's not a bloke that glows in the dark or anything! I'm an electrician. I do all the wiring on these fancy new houses and offices around the city. I've been doing this for some time, even went to college. My old dad reckoned that I was the first in our family to stay at school after the age of fourteen!

Anyway, enough of this old toffee! I wanted to tell you all about something that happened to me about a month ago. I've got a mate called Keith, and his wife works in a large bank in the middle of the city. (Someone once told me what the collective noun for bankers is - it's a Wunch'!! - think about it!) Anyway, Keith reckoned that this firm were looking for a half decent spark to rewire their heating system. I jumped at the job. Business had been a little slow then, and a job like that would keep me out of mischief for a good month or so. I'd only known Keith for a short time and had never met his wife, so when I arrived to start the job, I made a beeline for her office and introduced myself.

Lisa was a real cracker! As I approached her office on the first floor and saw her for the first time, I immediately started to get a twitch in the old trouser area. I think it's worth taking a moment here to tell you what she's like. I never was much good with figures at school, but I'd have to guess at a 38-24-36 body on her! She looked younger than Keith and me, probably around 28 or 29 with a pretty face framed by long jet black hair tied back in a tight pony tail. As she stood to introduce herself, I saw a smart business suit with a fairly short skirt revealing white stockinged legs that seemed to go on for ever. Being the perfect gentleman, I shook her hand, made small talk for just a few minutes and then went off to start my work. The job was a complete pig! Being a heating system, I had to start down in the boiler room. The temperature down there was hot and sticky, and the so-called maintenance manager was a total dick-head. When he wasn't watching over my shoulder and telling me how *HE* would do a job, he just sat in his make-shift office drinking tea and looking at dirty mags!

Throughout the first week of the job, I sweated and toiled in that sweat-hole of a boiler room with very little outside contact save for the dick-head. Thoughts of Lisa filled my head and kept me from going crazy or just smacking the dick-head in the nose! Come Friday afternoon, I had all but finished the first stage of the circuit, which meant that, thankfully, I could get out of the boiler room and check my work from the first floor circuit board. The circuit board was housed in a cupboard in the main corridor, which meant that, as I worked, I was treated to long lingering glimpses of all the lovely ladies as they walked from office to office. This was much better I thought!

At around 5.00pm I saw Lisa. She was walking to the coffee machine and noticed me working away.

"Oh, hello Chas" she smiled warmly "I'd almost forgotten you were here!"

Great, I thought. I'd been fantasising about her all week, and she didn't even know I existed! Still, at least she remembered my name.

"Hi Lisa" I replied "working hard?"

"Nah, nearly finished for the week now, thank god." She paused, thinking before she continued "Listen, some of us are going down the pub after work, Keith said he'll be coming as well, if the sod remembers! Why don't you join us?"

I wasn't sure that I wanted to mix with a load of mugs whose only topic of conversation was the price of houses and who was shagging who at their tennis club, but Lisa was insisting. Oh well, I suppose the though of standing in a pub next to her for a few hours was not all that bad, so I agreed. Lisa gave me the name of the pub and I said that I would meet her there in about an hour.

After I'd finished up and tried the best I could to scrape some of the grime off myself, I left the nearly deserted building and walked the short distance to the pub. Like all city pubs, the best ones are the ones closest to where you are at opening time! This one was hot and noisy, crowded with after-work drinkers doing their best to get as much alcohol into them in order to brave the train or bus ride home to the suburbs. I quickly spotted Lisa sitting amongst a group of mainly younger business women and a few suited blokes. As I approached, Lisa stood up and made room for me to sit next to her. I offered to buy a round of drinks.

"That's OK" said a male suit, already halfway to the crowded bar, "It's my shout. What will you have?"

"Thanks mate. Pint of best bitter please"

I sat in the space Lisa had made for me and tried to join the conversation. It was easier than I had thought it would be. The group was laughing and joking, and I was made to feel very welcome. The suit reappeared with the drinks. From the look of the mess of empties on the table, and the relaxed atmosphere around me, I was sure that a fairly large amount of drink had already been consumed. I took a long pull at my pint and settled myself back, ready to enjoy the evening.

Because most people who work in the city, want to get the hell out of there before the last train or bus departs, most of the pubs tend to close around 9pm. By 8pm most of our group (including myself) were fairly well pissed and Keith (remember that guy!) had still not show up. At first, Lisa was agitated, checking her watch every few minutes. With a few more gin and tonic's, the agitation had turned to annoyance with her using phrases like 'useless bastard' and 'unreliable sod', and with yet more drink, the annoyance had turned into indifference and apathy. With the indifference came a surprising twist. I wasn't sure to start with, the touch was so light, but after a second it was unmistakable. Lisa had her hand resting lightly on my knee under the table! I looked towards her, but she was engrossed in a conversation with a large breasted girl on her other side and seemed to ignore me. But the hand was still there and was now squeezing my thigh gently. Some of the group were now leaving, standing, collecting packets of cigarettes and lighters and donning suit jackets. Soon Lisa and I were the only ones left at the table and she was forced to look at me. As she turned to me her hand left my thigh.

"Oh well" I thought to myself "It was nice while it lasted!"

As I went to stand and say goodbye she spoke.

"Oh, Chas. I can't send you home like that. You're still all grubby and sweaty from that awful boiler room."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

"Come on. We'll go back to my office, you can take a shower there" I didn't seem to have a choice one way or the other as she pulled me by the hand from the pub and we walked quickly across the road and back into her office building. Neither of us spoke as we climbed the stairs and found her office. Once inside her private domain, Lisa pointed to a small door.

"Shower's in there" she said with a sparkle in her blue eyes.

Now, I'm not usually one to do the dirty on a mate, but in this situation the thought had certainly crossed my mind! I tried to reason it out and justify my thoughts. After all, I'd not known Keith for very long, had I? And he was obviously a bit of a pratt for standing this beautiful creature up in the first place. But did she really want some extra marital entertainment, or was it just the gin & tonic's talking! I decide to play it cool.

"Thank's Lisa. A shower would be great" I couldn't resist a little aside though, and as I walked towards the shower I turned and said "I do feel very *dirty*!!"

As I started to run the water, I was sure that I had seen a little gleam in her eye. I began to strip off my clothes and was down to my boxers when I heard a knock on the door. Lisa entered before I had a chance to speak.

"I brought you a towel" she said as her eyes looked directly at my erection barely concealed by my pants.

"Wow! Is that one of your spanners in there or are you just pleased to see me" she laughed.

I've never been backward in coming forward as they say "I don't know! Maybe you'd better check it out.

"Quick, lets both get in the shower" cried Lisa as she started to strip in front of me.

Her jacket had obviously been discarded in the office because all that was covering a pretty lace bra was an almost transparent white silk blouse, and that was coming off quickly! Next was the skirt as she fumbled with the zipper at the back and, letting the garment fall to the floor, stepped out of it. Kicking her shoes haphazardly into a corner she tore her white stockings down her legs and threw them casually over her shoulder. She stood before me in just panties and bra, hands on hips, catching her breath.

"Well, what do you think?" she laughed

By this time my erection had grown and was pressing at the front of my boxers. I pointed towards it.

"That's what I think" I said with a devilish grin "but I'd love to see the rest!"

Lisa didn't hesitate. The bra and panties were lost in a second and I followed with my shorts as, grabbing my hand, she pulled me quickly into the shower. The water was hot, but not as hot as Lisa! She did not seem to want to waste any time. This was obviously not going to be a slow sensual lovemaking, this was going to be fast, hard sex and she wanted it badly.

As the water cascaded over our naked bodies my hands roamed over her perfect tits. Her nipples were already erect as I gently sucked one into my mouth. My body tensed as I felt Lisa's long, cool fingers encircle my throbbing shaft. I sucked harder, making her sigh as her fingers gripped my tool tighter and started to pump my foreskin up and down. Slow or fast, I still had to get a taste of that beautiful pussy and, taking her hand from my prick, I dropped to my knees. My head was now in a direct line with one of the best sights in the world! As my fingers peeled back her outer lips, her whole cunt seemed to unfold before my eyes. I touched my tongue to her hard clit and she screamed, calling me a big cocked bastard and such like! I didn't care what she called me as long as I was eating this perfectly smooth and hairless pussy. Urgently, I ran my tongue in long sensual strokes from the top of her slit to down close to her asshole. I sucked greedily on her clit. I fucked her hole with my tongue. Lisa was moaning deep and loud. Her head was back and her eyes were closed, enjoying the tongue lashing that she was receiving. As I stuck my tongue as far into her wet pussy as I could, I felt her body tremble and shudder. This was the moment I had been waiting for and I was a little surprised that it had happened so quickly.

"Aaaahhhhhh YESSSSSSS.....oh god....I'm me you beautiful my pussy...mmmmmmmmmmm...fuck me...fuck me hard.....I need to feel your hard cock in me NOWWW"

Not needing a second invitation, I straightened up to a standing position. Facing each other our lips met. Tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouth's. My hands sliding all over her tits, squeezing her nipples. Once again I felt her cool fingers wrap themselves around my pounding cock, guiding me towards her honeypot. As she broke the kiss, she whispered urgently in my ear.

"Do me now..fuck this little slut...fuck her hard...I want you my pussy now"

Lisa, still standing with her back to the wall, spread those long legs that I had been fantasising about all week. She placed my turgid weapon at the entrance to her pussy and lifted her left leg wrapping it around my ass. With a grunt I pushed forward. In my experience there is no better feeling than to sink your tool into a shaved wet pussy. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, the feeling was so good. As I sank further in, I could feel Lisa contracting her cunt muscles, tightening the passage. I pushed a little harder and slid in to the hilt. Lisa was going crazy. Gasping and whispering instructions in my ear. "Fuck me slower..oh yes..just faster..harder..deeper..fill me...cum in me"

I was more or less lost in desire now and hardly listening to her words. I pumped my cock in and out of her hot snatch for a full ten minutes, alternating deep and shallow strokes, moving her body slightly every now and then to change the angle and still squeezing her tits and nipples with my fingers. This girl was mad for it. Every time I pumped deep she cried out for more, wanted it harder, deeper, faster. I obliged, feeling at last the inevitable tingling in my balls. I knew I was about to shoot, and told her so.

"" she gasped "cum for baby now"

With a final lunge that sent my 8 inches so deep inside her that it almost lifted her off the floor, I felt my balls release their contents. I gritted my teeth and fucked her for all I was worth, my cum spewing from the end of my cock and filling her tight hole. My prick continued spurting for several seconds (seemed like hours - yeah, I know it always does!) As it finally began to soften inside her.

I turned the shower off as we both collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the small cubicle holding each other in an attempt to get our breath back.

Lisa was the first to speak. "How long will your contract here take Chas?" she grinned.

"About a month, why?"

"Well, I think my personal wiring may need attention on a regular basis!!"

The End

* * * * *

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