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Jazzy Girl Chapter IV
by Dixon Carter Lee

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But she didn't push me away, so I lay there next to her a long while, running my fingers across her tummy, slowly inching under her shirt, touching her midriff. Her stomach muscles were tense, and unresponsive. I lay my hand there for a while, without moving, listening to her shallow breathing, watching the steady rise and fall of her chest.

After an eternity she uncurled one fist and placed her hand over mine, guiding it downwards, slipping it under the waistband of her jeans. It was a tight fit, and she could only force my hand halfway in. I heard a snap as she unbuttoned her pants, then a zip as she opened them further. My hand slid inside, and I started to tease around the waistband of her underwear. Again, she was unresponsive, and let out no moan, nor relaxed a single muscle. Again she took my hand, and slipped it quickly into her panties, then withdrew, leaving me to explore her wispy hairs and womanly folds. She was dry as a bone. I decided to mine deeper for moisture, and pressed my finger into her. She flinched, her body not ready for insertion. A cold finger inside a dry vagina could not have been comfortable, but she did not push me away.

I managed to dig fairly deep, past flappy folds of skin and arid tunnel walls, and found not a hint of wetness.

I knew she needed stimulation, but no way was I going to force off her shirt and lick her breasts -- the girl would have jumped through the roof.

I started to pull out my finger.

"No." she whispered, holding my hand still. "Freddy, you probably already know this, but I love you. You're so much the man I want to be with. I'm sorry. You can sleep if you want, but I'd like you to keep your finger there. Is that okay?"

"Sure." I said, not understanding this at all.

And so I slept. I don't think she nodded off once. She just lay there, fully dressed, my finger up her dry vagina. Maybe she was waiting for arousal? I didn't know. All I had was a distinct feeling that I needed to be patient with her.

From the other side of the wall I could hear a soft, new-agey kind of music coming from Christie's room. I fell asleep and dreamed of whales swimming in a dry ocean.

Around midnight the bedroom door opened, and I could her the soft pad of Christie's feet come into the room. She whispered, "Julie? You awake?"

"Yes." said Julie, softly.

It was pitch black in the room. The mystical music still droned softly through the wall.

"Is Freddy with you?" Christie whispered.

"Yes. It's okay."

Christie shut the door and padded her way over to the other side of the bed. I could smell her creamy bedtime lotion.

"Baby, I've got to ask you something." whispered. Christie. "Is he asleep?"

I had continued my measured breathing, and hadn't moved (my finger, still buried inside Julie's vagina).

"Yes." said Julie. "What's up?"

I could feel her pull the covers up even further around her neck. She also pulled her feet in, making a tent with her knees, in case Christie could see through the gloom the contour of my hand between her legs.

"Kyle just called me." said Christie. "He's been kicked out of his place again. He wants to know, now that Dean's gone, if he could move in here with me?"

"He got kicked out again? Shit! Doesn't he ever pay his rent?" said Julie.

"He pays some." said Christie. "Here he could pay less. Besides," she added archly, "you can afford to give me this since I already pay more than half the rent."

"You knew about that?" said Julie, and they laughed. "I don't know, maybe it would be okay. What do you see that punk anyway?"

Christie replied, "He's nice, he's funny, he has a big penis, he's punctual...what else do you want to know?"

Julie laughed. Her sudden movements had left my arm in an uncomfortable position, and I needed to shift a bit. I was waiting for Julie to giggle to mask my movements, and when I did I accidentally rubbed my finger against her clit, and was rewarded with a tiny drop of moisture.

Julie knew I was awake now, but didn't let on. In fact, she actually opened her legs, giving access to my other fingers.

Christie went on about this Kyle character. As she talked I wiggled my finger inside Julie more and more, and she got wetter and wetter. My other fingers massaged her thighs, and boldly pressed against her clit, and she couldn't resist moving her hips, lifting her ass, driving my finger deeper inside her. Her breath quickened, and I could hear her licking her lips with pleasure.

Christie had no idea what was going on. I continued to feign sleep. It was too dark to see anything, and the music from next door drowned out the various squishes coming from under the sheet.

"So." whispered Christie, after finishing her little description of Kyle's finer points, "What's with this Freddy guy? You like him?"

Julie slipped a hand under the sheet, placed it atop mine, and guided the rhythm around her pussy. "Yeah. I do." she said.

"He's sorta' gorgeous." said Christie. "If you dump him I'll take him."

"What about Kyle?" asked Julie.

"Well, the big penis thing is true, but, you're not going to believe this, because nobody ever does," said Christie, "he hates, you know, oral sex."

"What?" asked Julie.

"You know, blowjobs. He doesn't like them." Christie continued. "He just likes it with him on top, and, oh God, I'm not going to go into it..."

"No," said Julie, squeezing my finger now with her vaginal muscles. "Go ahead."

"Well," said Christie, "Are you sure he's asleep?"

"Are you kidding?" laughed Julie, "He was so drunk he just passed out."

"You mean you guys didn't do anything?" asked Christie, "'Cause I thought, just now, that I smelled something, you know..."

"Christie!" said Julie, giggling.

But it was true. Julie had grown gushingly wet, and her smell was perfuming the room. It was a pleasant, herbal smell, much different than Bonnie's wonderful musky odor. Julie smelled more like (and I know you'll think I'm crazy), raspberry iced tea.

"Whew!" said Christie, "All this talk of sex and I just might wake that boy next to you up and, you know..."

"What?" asked Julie?

"Ohhhhhh, suck him off." said Christie casually.

Julie pressed my hand down harder, moving it in a circle over her clit.

"Jesus, girl!" she said.

Christie giggled quietly, "I know, I know. It's sad, isn't it? Here I have the only man in the world who actually doesn't like blowjobs, and good God do I love to suck a nice, hard, stony cock. Whew! Okay, I'm stopping now, or I'll never get to sleep."

"'Kay." said Julie, laughing at her friend.

"Maybe I'll grab a snack first." said Christie standing. "Well, if he wakes up, just bathe him, paint him, and send him in to me."

"Leave the door open." said Julie.

"Sure." said Christie, "'Night."

Once Christie left Julie threw off the sheet, rolled on top of me, and kissed me hard and wet. "Ohhhhhhhh." she sighed, humping my finger.

Julie stopped to glance at the open door. A light had gone on in the kitchen, and we could just make out Christie getting herself a glass of milk. Julie quickly stripped, tossing off her wool shirt and jeans, pulling down her moth eaten panties and white socks, and unsnapping her bra, letting them all fall to the covers until we were laying in a sea of her clothes. The whole time she kept her eye on Christie, who had spilled a little milk on the floor, and was now cleaning it up with a paper towel.

I could just make out Julie's body in the thin rays which bled in from the kitchen night light. Her breasts were full and heavy, with large red nipples. She had a Bottecelli figure, full figured, curvy hips, but with a tiny waist. She was obscenely sexy.

With her hourglass back to me Julie threw a rounded leg over my body, lowered her shapely bottom over my penis, looked at her roommate in the kitchen, and mounted me. She rode me up and down, up and down, in a perfect calliope horse rhythm.

"Ohhhhhhhh." I moaned softly, watching her rear end bounce. One thing was missing. Her voice. "Say my name." I begged softly.

"Freddy." she said quietly, but throatily.

"Yessssss." I hissed quietly, my cock engorging.

While Christie poked in the fridge for something to munch on, Julie pulled my hands up to her melon breasts, and crushed them against her thick nipples.

"Ohhhhh." she mewled.

Christie heard her and looked directly at us.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Julie squeaked, a little louder.

Christie was peering now, trying to see what was making the noise.

"Fuuuuuuck." whispered Julie, suddenly freezing, gripping my knees, pulling herself forward, pressing her clit against my rod, and cumming.

Christie walked towards the door.

"Arghhhhhhh." Julie gulped, holding in a scream.

Christie stopped about five feet from the door, still unable to see us. Julie's body shook in orgasm, and she was moaning. Christie listened. She must have figured out what we were doing, and looked away.

Julie made a short, complaining noise, and her orgasm started to fade away. She pushed her pelvis back hard, pressing her womanhood against my penis, feeling the pressure on her clit. Then she called out her roommates name, very softly, but enough to make her look at us.

"Christie." she whispered.

Christie stepped forward, blocking the kitchen light, peering into the bedroom. We were in shadow, but she could see us. "Julie?" she said. "Are you okay?"

At the sound of her voice Julie exploded. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she whined, cumming and gushing. My cock emptied up into her, swirling with her juices, until I lay back limp and spent, my hands groping her protruding nipples.

Christie hesitated. Then, looking away, she walked back to her room, and shut the door.

It wasn't until later, as I drifted off to sleep, that I recalled Julie saying "I love you". And that I hadn't said anything at all.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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