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Jazzy Girl Chapter VI
by Dixon Carter Lee

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I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I was a little drunk, a lot pissed, and suddenly very, very turned on. This kid was way too young, but I couldn't help myself. When she had her hand in my pants and her brother appeared outside I suddenly got hot, and I knew that I had caught the exhibitionist disease. Suddenly I wanted to deflower this kid in front of the whole wedding assemblage, particularly her older brother. I honestly didn't think I'd go that far, but I was running on instinct here, and couldn't, or wouldn't, stop. The only thing that would have stopped me is if Mindy had screamed or run away, or even pulled her hand out of my pants.

But she didn't. (Lord, was this was one hell of a lucky month, or what?)

Actually, she went so white that she couldn't move. She had her hands inside a man's pants. A real man! And a cute one! Who had sung a song just for her! Hell yes this was dangerous, but this doesn't happen to a girl every day!

It was a tight fit, so I removed my own hand, and left hers there. She started to cautiously explore the mysterious confines of my pants, brushing about the soft leather, scraping against the zipper, slipping under the elastic underwear waistband, searching through the folds of tucked-in shirt to the taught skin of my hairy belly. Her index finger pushed into my belly button while her hand hovered above my steadily growing cock.

"Look at Barry." I said. "I think he's hitting on Julie."

She was nervous, and didn't want to talk. As long as I looked out the window she had the illusion that I didn't know what she was doing. It was a seductive lie, and she took advantage of it, wiggling her fingers around, reaching further down, until they tickled the head of my cock. Upon touching my penis she froze, startled, unsure of how to continue.

I kept talking. "God! She pissed me off the other day. I know we'll get back together, but right now I'm just so mad at her." I was sounding like a pre-teen, all emotion and petulance.

Mindy stared out at her brother, handing Julie a plate of food.

"He's a dork." she said, barely able to get any air out.

"Does he treat you like a kid?" I asked.

"He calls me Little Princess." she replied, resting her fingers now on my cock, freezing, registering the moment, the feel, the experience.

"I don't think you're a kid." I said, unbuckling my pants, slowing pulling down the zipper. I could hear her breath quicken. We both continued to stare out the window. I leaned forward, ostensibly to get a better look. "You seem pretty grown-up to me." With the increased room in my pants, and by leaning forward, I had pushed my cock straight up into her palm.

Her eyes started darting all over the backyard, looking for parents, friends, police, anyone who might catch us. She didn't do much with her hand but hold my cock. There really wasn't enough room, and she frankly didn't know what else to do.

I would have taken longer, maybe seduced her a bit more, but I had to pee from all that beer, and knew I couldn't keep this up for long, so I reached in and pulled my cock out into the air. Mindy stepped back and took a long, shocked look at this enormous hard on sticking out of my pants.

I looked her right in the face. "I'm just so mad at her!" I said.

Something about my girlfriend angst emboldened her, made her want to comfort me, and she instinctively started stroking my cock. After three strokes she became aware of what she was doing, and looked down.

"Oh my God." she said, watching her little hand slide over my bumpy, thick tool. "Is this okay?"

"It feels really nice." I said.

She stopped, getting a little nervous, and just held my prick like a doorknob.

"Do you want some more beer?" I asked.

"Sure." she said, happy to have something else to do. She held onto my cock, afraid of it, but unable to release the sucker. She took out her bubble-gum, and I tipped the bottle for her, feeding it to her like a farmer feeds milk to an orphaned lamb. The beer ran down her pearly throat as she gulped. When it was empty I pushed the bottle in just a bit, her perky mouth widening to accommodate the neck. I pulled the bottle back out a bit, and pushed it in again, and, with my urging she began to suckle.

"Do that to me." I begged.

She squinted, confused, then looking down at my cock she seemed to understand.

"Really?" she whispered.

"I want you to." I said. "I wouldn't ask you if I didn't think you were old enough."

She gulped, then carefully knelt in front of me, my monster cock bobbing in her face. She wrinkled her nose at the intimate, adult smell, but kept her face there. She was still holding her gum and looked for a place to toss it.

"You can put it back in your mouth. It's okay." I said.

She popped the gum back in her mouth, chewed it a bit, then opened up and took my penis between her pink lips. She tested the size, and taste, and finally gulped it in, sucking once or twice before pulling it out, her sharp, little teeth scraping against the skin.

"Oooo. Nice!" I said. "Have you done this before?" I knew she'd be pleased by the question, which implied that she was experienced, and good.

"No." she said, curling her lips around me and sucking again.

I looked outside. Julie and Barry were on the stage, and she was telling him all about the instruments. The moment I saw them my cock engorged, and I pulled little Mindy's flower covered head into me, nearly gagging her. Shit! They could see me if they looked over, and I was excited by that. I had turned into a Goddamn exhibitionist!

Mindy gulped, and pulled her head back, gagging.

"Sorry," I said, "you just feel so amazing." I pushed her head over my cock again, and she took me as best she could.

She sucked for a while, and then, sensing that something more should be happening, pulled me out of my mouth, chewed her gum and said, "What do I do?"

"Twirl your tongue around." I said. "Use your gum."

"Are you liking this?" she asked, her eyes moist, eager to please.

"Oh yes." I said. "You're perfect.

She smiled, slightly, took a deep breath, and put my cock back in her mouth. She started swirling her tongue around, as I asked her to do, allowing the gum to bounce around like a stiff, little ball bearing pressing against my skin.

"Blow a bubble." I said.

She pulled me out of her mouth, stuck her tongue into the gum, and blew out an enormous, pink bubble.

"I'm going to pop it." I said, and pressed my cock into the bubblegum. It popped, collapsing and sticking to the thin skin of my prick. "Now, use your teeth to scrape it off." I said.

She seemed to like that idea, if only because bubble-gum was something she understood. She began to alternately suck me and scrape away at the sticky gum with her teeth, carefully gnawing it off bit by bit, like a cat using her fans to nibble food from your hand. It felt and sounded like she was devouring my penis. She got every last strand, and chewed it all back into a ball.

"Mindy, do you want to try something else?" I asked. "Something to make you feel good?"

She stood up, and nodded, breathing lustily.

"Okay," I said, "But you don't want to get pregnant, right?"

She shook her head. Outside she caught of glimpse of her big brother.

"So, I'm going to be real careful, okay?"

She nodded, too nervous to talk, but game.

"Come here." I said, and kissed her. Christ, was she waiting for that! She melted into my lips, letting me do all the work, crushing her little face into mine as she moaned and squealed, squeezing me with her thin little arms. She tasted like fresh strawberries and champagne.

She became aware of the window, and realized that she was kissing an older man in full view of her brother. She started to pull away, but I held her. "They can only see our faces." I said. "So we just won't kiss, okay?"

She nodded.

"Okay," I said, "Let's try this."

I lifted up her shift. She was wearing white, strappy shoes and no stockings. Her toes were delicate and painted. I lifted it up further. Her legs were thin and hairless. I ran my hands up her legs, up her sinewy thighs to her ass, and rubbed her panties. She was so excited that she rose up on her toes, nearly falling over me. I placed a hand inside her panties and pulled them down and off, tossing them onto a "Twister" game that somebody had left out. The panties were yellow bikinis, with bright blue dots.

I could almost hear her little heart pounding as I put my hands under her dress again, grabbed her under her naked ass, my fingers just brushing the tiniest hint of fur between her twig legs, and lifted her easily into the air. Her little limbs wrapped around my waist, as I held her suspended over my penis.

She seemed literally swept away by this whole thing, and kept holding her breath, scared, but aroused.

"Is it going to hurt?" she managed to ask.

I held her easily with one hand, and used the other to maneuver my penis next to her small pussy, which was bald but for some fine baby hairs. "If it does," I said pressing the head against her lips, "you tell me to stop, okay?"

"Okay." she said with a trembling voice. Then, as if marking a moment of great import, she kissed me deeply, earnestly, with just a touch of pleading, as if to say "Gently, please."

We both looked out the window. Julie and Barry were getting another drink from the bartender. Barry was touching her arm, very excited to have so much attention from her.

I lifted my cock into Mindy's snatch, getting about an inch in. She winced a bit. "Should I stop?" I asked.

She shook her head no, and tried to wiggle me in further, with no luck. We needed more moisture, and I couldn't wait for foreplay. I needed something fast.

"Mindy," I said. "Is there a boy in school you like? A boy you've been in love with for years, and never told anybody?"

She looked at me like I could read minds and said "Yes. Ricky Sherman."

"Do this," I said, "close your eyes and picture Ricky in gym class. He's wearing his gym shorts. He's playing basketball. Do you see him?"

"Yes." she said, her eyes closed.

"Picture him going into the boys locker room, all alone. He's in front of his locker, and he takes off all his clothes, and he turns around. Is he naked?"

"Yes." she said, gulping.

"Okay. Now you're naked. He picks you up, and kisses you, and starts to pull you down, like this...." I lowered her more onto my prick, bending it, waiting for the moisture which would allow it further entrance. "Do you feel it?" I asked.

"Yes." she said, her eyes tightly closed. "Ohhhhhhh." she moaned, burying her head in my chest, and starting to drip from between her legs.

"I'm Ricky," I said, "tell me what you've always wanted to tell me."

"Oh Ricky," she said, biting my shoulder, her pussy getting wet, "I love you."

I pushed my cock into her. It greased in easily, sliding though her tight tunnel, and pushing through the thin wall of her hymen.

"Arrrgghhhhhh!" she cried in pain.

"Should I stop?" I said?

"Nooooooo!" she yelled, her eyes still closed. She bit my shoulder again and said, "Ricky, I love you! I love you!" I could feel her tears dampen my shirt as she wept and cried out Ricky's name. "I love you so much! Oh, God, Ricky, I love you!"

I watched Barry outside, while I screwed his little sister. I pumped my cock up into her, but didn't need much thrusting. She was so tight, and smelled so good, like baby powder and soap, that I quickly came to the brink. Mindy, too, climaxed fast (probably for the first time), shuddering and shaking and crying up a storm. I held her tightly, letting her finish, not moving. "OOOOHHHHH RICKKKKY!" she said cumming very well for a beginner.

I pulled her off me, and placed her under the window, still shuddering with little aftershocks, her back to the wall.

"Remember I said we have to be careful?" I said. She looked up at me, my cock glistening with her juice, and nodded. "I can't have my orgasm inside you, so you need to help have one outside, okay?" This seemed logical, so she nodded her agreement. "Hold me." I said. And she did, grabbing onto my penis with her doorknob grip again. "Use your mouth, and get ready because it might be a little messy, do you understand?" She nodded that, yes, she did understand. Thank God for Sex Ed.

I could now face the window directly. I put my face against the glass, put my hands against the frame, looked right at Julie, and fucked Mindy's mouth.

"OHHHHHHHH!" I moaned as she took me in and sucked, rolling her bubble-gum around the shaft. I pumped her tonsils until I felt the cum rise. I froze and yelled "Suck hard! Now!" She pulled me in deep, scraping her teeth against my cock as she sucked as hard as she could, and I came like a fire hose, gagging her. She pulled me out of her mouth, coughing up cum, squeezing the semen out of me with her fist. I shot all over her face, and she cupped her hand under her chin to protect her dress from drips.

"FUUUUUUCK ME!"I cried as I blew my spunk, a thrill running through me as I looked at Barry and came on his sister. There were strings of sticky cum crisscrossing her lips, cheeks and forehead, and her hand was full dripping white goo.

After the last rope of semen squirted across her face I grabbed her pretty little underwear and wiped her face clean. She used the panties to clean off her hand, but she very much needed to clean up properly.

"I'd better go to the bathroom." she said, moving to leave, limping a bit as she walked. A small spot of red blood lay spattered on the floor.

"Hey!" I said.

"Yeah?" she answered, turning back, a stunned look in her eyes.

"If you do that to Ricky, I think he might suddenly know you're alive."

She smiled, her sudden increase in experience giving her all sorts of ideas. She came over to me and kissed me sweetly. "Are you really going to stay broken up with that girl?"

"I don't know." I said. "I don't know if she wants me back."

"She's crazy." she said, chewing her gum brightly. "Bye. Thanks."

She left the garage and limped across the yard, her soiled panties hidden in her fist. Barry noticed her walking strangely, and asked if she was okay. She nodded, and disappeared into the house, looking back once to the garage with a smile.

She looked okay, though I was worried about her, after fucking her mouth like that. And, shit, I did just take her virginity. What the hell was wrong with me. Was I intentionally trying to fuck up my life, just as everything was going so well? Was that why I couldn't tell Julie that I loved her? Because I expected everything to fall apart, and for my life to turn back into shit? Was seducing Mindy just part of a self-fulfilling prophesy? Was I destined to lose everything I'd recently gained? Surely the Moon God wouldn't do that to me!

As guilty as I felt about Mindy, I rationalized that she was okay, and everything was fine. I enjoyed her. It was nasty and lascivious, and as shocked as I was to know I had those urges in me, I still enjoyed her, and thought about her long after we left Jersey.

Later that night I tried masturbating to the delicious memory of Mindy's delicate little body impaled on mine, and her gorgeous puppy-dog eyes widening at the sight of my cock, and her baby cheeks wet with my cum, but I couldn't, and I realized that what I wanted, what I craved, was the desire to do it in public. I thought about my newfound fetish, and called Julie.

"Hello?" she said, picking up.

"It's me." I said.


"I haven't really been very understanding about this whole Bonnie thing. I get it that she was someone I had great sex with recently, and that you have problems with sex, and I can see how that might make you feel inadequate, and how you might think I might not want you anymore."

"Geez, you think a lot of yourself." she said, witheringly.

"But is that it?" I asked.

She hesitated. "Yes."

"So, what if you come with me?" I said.


"To meet Bonnie, on top the Empire State Building. She'll see that I'm with you, and you'll see that she sees it, and that will be the end of it."

She was silent for a moment.

"Okay." she said, then added, with relief, "I thought we were broken up."

"We were." I said, giving myself an excuse for my actions that afternoon. "But I think I understand you better now. And..."

"Yes?" she asked.

"And I think I might be in love with you." I said.

She paused. "Are you sure? Am I sure? It's only been a couple of weeks. How in hell can we be sure?"

"I don't know." I said. "Something's going on with me, with the city, with the universe. I don't need six months. I know it now. I love you."

We talked for an hour before I said, "This is stupid. Come over." She grabbed a cab, got to my place, and we had amazing sex on the fire escape overlooking the courtyard behind the building where at any minute someone could look outside and watch us.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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