The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter III: A Little Family History
by Mark Singer

Jennifer closed the door silently and watched from the window as Dan pulled away. She, too, was feeling the love that was developing. Her hand closed around the wet handkerchief in her pocket.

She thought that maybe tomorrow, at school, she'd find a way to get Dan alone. Somewhere....anywhere....

For now, she had another thing on her mind, though. The real reason she'd wanted to go into the house alone was that she'd seen her cousin Jeff's car parked beside the garage. Obviously he was home from college for a few days.

Jennifer's parents had been killed in a tragic accident when she was just twelve. Her uncle and aunt had taken her in and ever since, had raised her with their son Jeff, as one of their own. What her uncle and aunt didn't realize though, was the relationship between the two cousins had blossomed over the years into something they probably wouldn't have approved of...

And, although her mind was still on Dan, she wanted to give Jeff a special "hello". It had been three months since he went away and she had a few things she needed to discuss with her cousin.

* * * * *

Jennifer wandered into the kitchen, thinking Jeff might be getting a late night snack. The house, though was quiet and deserted. She drank a glass of cold milk, then turned off the house lights, preparing to head upstairs to her room. As she reached to switch off the basement lights, though, she heard the sound of snoring coming from below. She left the lights on, and quietly made her way down the stairs. She grinned when she saw her cousin asleep on the couch, a beer in his hand, and his head lolling over the couch back In his lap was a photo album...

Jennifer recognized the album cover and smiled. It was an album she and her cousin had been "putting together" for the past two years. But not your typical family album.

Jeff had always been interested in photography, since he was a little kid. In fact he was in school learning to become a photo journalist. The finished basement of their house had become Jeff's private space over the years, and sported a full compliment of photography and developing equipment.

In the far back was a "studio" of sorts that her cousin had set up do portrait photography. It was here that Jennifer had grown "aware", with her cousin as her mentor. It was here she'd learned to tease. And it was here where Jennifer had learned the art of pleasing a man.

Jeff had always thought his cousin was one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen. His artist's eye had recognized the inherent sexuality of her beauty, even at an early age. And Jennifer had always thought her cousin was simply the coolest human on the planet. They'd never experienced any of the sibling rivalries that were a part of most families.

So when Jeff suggested that she pose for him on one hot summer day, she readily agreed, flattered that her cousin thought so highly of her.

For weeks, they'd get together in his "studio", with Jeff taking shot after shot of her, practicing different lighting, backdrops and poses. For the most part, she was fully clothed during these sessions, but after a few weeks, Jeff began to ask her to show off her legs a little more, or just unbutton a few buttons on her blouse. Again, Jennifer was flattered that her cousin thought so highly of her. Which indeed, he did!

It was in August, when it was a blistering hot day, when the photos began to get a little hotter....

Jennifer had been to the beach with some friends and came home to shower and change before she went over to a girlfriends house.

As usual, she found Jeff in his studio. He'd just developed some photos from their last session and was hanging them to dry. Jennifer, still dressed in her beach robe and suit, walked behind him as he described the lighting, or the pose, or whatever and made small criticisms about his work.

When they'd finished the viewing, Jeff turned to Jennifer with a smile.

"How about some bathing beauty shots, Jen...?" Jennifer's eyes lit up and he grinned. "After all, you've still got your suit on. Might be nice for our collection."

By this time, Jennifer felt good about her body. With all of Jeff's "ooohing" and "aahing" during their shoots, he'd convinced her that she really was beautiful. Not that it ever went to her head. She simply felt good about herself.

Jennifer readily agreed to her cousin's suggestion, and slipped her robe off, tossing it on a chair behind her. She had always preferred her hair long, and it flowed around her shoulders like a thick halo.

"Good Lord, Jennifer...!" Jeff sighed as he looked over her body. "Girl, you are an absolute stone fox!"

Jennifer giggled and began to pose comically as Jeff laughed and watched. Inside, though, she was excited and gloriously happy.

They walked out of the darkroom area and over to where Jeff had his camera and lights set up. For the next hour, Jeff took shot after shot of her in various poses

Jennifer looked wonderful, wearing a white bikini that showed off her well tanned body to it's greatest advantage. Her firm young tits, although certainly not yet fully developed, pushed out proudly against the white Lycra, her nipples plainly visible. As she moved from pose to pose, the bottom of the suit rode high into her ass crack, and she made no move to fix it.

"Geez, Jen..." Jeff breathed. "What does that suit look like when it's wet?!" He continued to click away as Jennifer smiled into the lens. She knew the suit looked good on her from the attention she got at the beach. And she also knew that it was almost transparent when it got wet.

"Gee, Jeff..." she teased. "I don't know...Why don't we find out? Then it would look like I just came from the beach!"

Jeff was growing more and more excited from watching his cousin prance and pose for him. While he changed the film in his camera, he grinned and suggested she get under the shower...just to wet her hair. Then they could finish up their session. The sexy smile that formed on Jennifer's face made him pause for a minute, but then he returned to his camera as Jennifer padded over to the shower.

He was still loading film when the water turned off, and didn't look up as he heard Jen pass by. When he was finally ready, he looked up and lost his breath.

The girl who sat on the stool in front of him was his cousin, all right, but she'd just been transformed into a sultry, sexy bombshell with "SEX" written all over her. The water matted her long brown hair, forming it to her head and shoulders as it spilled it's way over her breasts.

The white, Lycra suit she'd had on was now as transparent as it had been in his fantasy. Her hardened nipples pushed out from the thin fabric and he could clearly see her areolas through the cloth. As his eyes drifted downwards, he saw her brown pubic hair like a shadow between her legs.

He tore his eyes from her body and looked at her face. She was grinning like a cat with a canary.

Jennifer was glowing, knowing that her cousin was admiring her body. As he watched, she stretched and posed, pushing her tits out against the wet fabric of her suit, and thrusting her legs out to their fullest length.

"God, Jen....You are gorgeous!" Jeff panted. He quickly took his camera up and began to shoot from every angle as Jennifer posed for him with a huge smile on her face. He didn't care if she could see his cock hardening inside his shorts...he had to get this vision on film.

Jennifer, on the other hand was well aware of Jeff's hard-on. A number of the shots would show her with her eyes cast downward. But it wasn't from shyness. It was because she was looking at her cousins hard cock pushing out from his shorts.

She'd seen hard-ons before, in magazine's, but had never seen one in real life. And had never, to her knowledge, actually caused one. Her mind began to whirl as she imagined what Jeff's cock would look like. She grinned again as a plan began to form in her mind....

As Jeff's camera whirred and clicked, Jennifer moved in front of her cousin, leaning forward and back, turning from side to side in all the poses he'd taught her. Finally, she turned to face him, her hands clasped behind her neck. Her tits were thrust out, and staining the straps that held her top on.

Jennifer grinned and thought, 'what the hell'. Still looking into the camera, she found the bow that held her top straps together. With very little hesitation, she slowly pulled the bow string. Jeff saw what she was doing, and took the camera from his eye, staring at Jennifer as she tugged the string outward.

"God, Jen...." he whispered. Jennifer grinned and pulled. In one smooth motion, the bow came undone, her suit top dropped away, and her firm young breasts spilled into view. Jeff only stared, his breath ragged and his eyes bugging out.

"Take some pictures...." Jennifer laughed. "Isn't that what we're doing...?" Jeff nodded, his face blank, and began to shoot again as Jennifer posed for him. This time, though, her poses were much more sexual. She thrust her naked tits at the camera, occasionally running her hand over them, or cupping them as she grinned at her cousin. She heard him groan as she pushed her hand inside her bikini bottom and tilted her head back with a laugh.

When she brought her head back up, and looked over at Jeff, he'd dropped the camera again and was simply staring at her, his eyes wide and lust filled. She reached behind her and untied the back of her top, dropping it in a heap at her feet.

"Should I untie the bottom...?" she teased, grinning at him. Jeff could only nod, his mouth was so dry.

He stared as her hands went to the bow on either side of her suit. She giggled at his moan as she pulled one, then the other, and stood up, letting the suit drop. She was naked in front of her cousin for the first time in four years, and she was very, very excited.

She looked down at his cock and grinned.

"Now you...." she whispered staring at his hard-on. Jeff's eyes snapped open in surprise.

"It's only fair, you know...", Jennifer pleaded. "I'm all naked and everything, and you have all your clothes on....please...?" She looked at him pleadingly, then dropped her eyes to his cock.

"I want to see it..." she finished with a barely audible voice. She sat back on her stool, and brought both hands to her tits. She sighed as she saw her cousin bring his hands to the elastic band of his shorts.

"Yesss...." she hissed as he drew them down. She saw his cock get caught in the elastic and then spring free as he pulled his shorts off. Her eyes widened and she squealed as Jeff's naked, hard cock bob from his waist. The sight of her first live cock was making her quiver in excitement, and she groaned when she saw his hand move lower to grasp it in his palm.

"You are so hot, Jen...." Jeff wheezed. Jennifer dropped a hand to her bush as Jeff began to stroke his meat. "So fucking hot..." he repeated. He stumbled closer to her until he was only a foot away, running his hand up and down his pole.

"Are you jerking off...?" Jennifer asked innocently. Jeff nodded, his eyes barely slits as he watched her hands move over her naked body.

"God, that is so HOT..." Jennifer panted. "You're jerking off in front of me...I love it...Jerking of to me..."

She dropped her hand back to her pussy and spread her lips as she spread her legs wide. Jeff groaned as she pushed a finger between her pussy lips and began to finger herself. She moaned as she watched his hand blaze up and down his shaft.

Jeff let out an animal sigh and stood in front of her as his cock exploded. The sight of his younger cousin sitting naked, just inches away from him, staring at his cock and fingering her pussy was just too much for the guy! A huge gout of cum sailed through the air from the tip of his cock. Jennifer laughed wildly as it streamed in a wide arc and splashed hotly on her thigh. Her fingers dropped to touch it as Jeff stepped closer and sprayed another thick blast over her belly, hitting the underside of her tits, and dripping wetly downward.

Jennifer yelled gleefully as she watched her cousin come. With wild eyes blazing she reached out and cupped her hand around Jeff's cockhead as he released yet another eruption. This time it was her hand that got coated with semen. She grinned hotly and wrapped her hand around Jeff's cock, pumping him as his final flow dripped thickly over her fingers and onto his balls.

Jennifer, her eyes wild, continued to jerk Jeff's cock as his knees began to tremble. Unable to stand from the sheer strain of ecstasy, he collapsed at her feet. Jennifer, jumped from her seat and knelt in front of him, hugging him tightly and panting.

"Oh, my...Jeff! That is so hot! It's so wet!" her youthful enthusiasm overcame his exhaustion, and Jeff began to grin. He'd just jerked off all over his cousin's naked body and she was thanking him for it! It was too much.

Jennifer was beside herself. She kept her hand around Jeff's cock, as she hugged him with the other arm. "God, Jeff....!" she panted. "I want to do that again! That was so hot! I want to do it...I want to jerk you off...please...!"

Jeff began to laugh. "In a minute, Jen....Geez! A guy needs some time to recover!!"

His cock belied his words, though. It had stayed fully erect as Jennifer worked her cum covered hand up and down it's length. Finally, he gave in to her, laying on his back as she stroked him with both hands as he instructed her in the fine art of masturbation.

Jennifer was a sexy, eager student, and in a matter of minutes, his cum was shooting through her fingers, landing in wet pools on his belly and chest. She continued stroking him, and finally he had to pull her hand from his sore tool. Jennifer reluctantly complied, but sat beside him, watching as his cock shrank back to it's normal size.

When she brought her semen coated hand to her face, smelling his juice then tasting it, he felt a tingle in his balls, but nothing could get his cock up again. He was drained.

* * * * *

That night was the beginning of a whole new relationship for Jennifer and Jeff. They both would endure long days at school, waiting for the bell to ring so they could hurry home and play. Jeff taught her exactly the right way to jerk a boy off, and Jen was a most willing student, stroking him gently, allowing his pre-come to coat her fingers until they glistened, then jerking him off faster until he shot his heavy load of semen into the air.

Jeff often asked her to jerk him off onto her tits, and Jennifer loved this. To see the expression of pure pleasure on his face when he covered her tits with cum made her happier than she'd ever been.

And the feel of his thick, warm semen on her skin made her feel sexy and hot. She would grin as he panted exhaustedly above her, and she would rub and massage his cum into her skin.

This practice changed slightly one day when Jeff asked her if she would jerk him off between her tits. Jennifer's eyes widened with excitement and she readily agreed. Jeff didn't realize how much his cousin already knew from looking at the magazines and watching the videos their parents kept in their bedroom. She was much more aware, even than Jeff, of the variety of sex acts, but she kept the information to herself. It gave her a thrill to follow her cousins instructions, and she was learning an awful lot!

This day, she couldn't resist teasing him, though. She grinned at his request and lay on her back, cupping her tits with both hands, as Jeff stood over her stroking his cock. "Do you want to fuck my tits, Jeff...?", she whispered. Jeff's eyes opened wide then closed to slits as he watched Jennifer writhe underneath him. Sometimes she made him so hot, he could barely contain himself.

"Are you going to fuck my tits...?" Jen repeated, her eyes smiling. Jeff nodded and straddled her, kneeling down until his cock was only an inch away from her cupped breasts.

"I think I'd like that." Jennifer continued. She could tell her teasing was driving him crazy. He had taught her well...

"I want you to fuck my tits, Jeff..." She used the phrase over and over because she saw the effect it had on him. He was beginning to shake as he watched her play with her breasts and grin at him. "I want you to fuck them until your ready to come..." She reached a hand up, cupping his cum laden balls. She looked deep into his eyes. "Then I want you to come on my face..."

Jeff's whole body tightened and he coughed loudly, making Jennifer giggle. She was amazed at how easy it was to tease guys into a state of frenzy, and she was loving the experience.

A lot of the movies she'd seen had guys shooting their semen over ladies faces and it seemed to turn them on immensely. And a lot of the women seemed to love it. Her curiosity had peaked and she was anxious to find out if it was as exciting as it looked. She was certainly getting turned on building up to it!

She sighed, and pulled her tits apart as Jeff lowered his cock between them. They groaned in unison as he spread his oozing pre-come over her nipples, then into her valley. She grinned up at him as her hands closed her tits around his pole, creating a gentle vise.

Jennifer looked down as Jeff began to pump his hips slowly. Her lips parted and she breathed open-mouthed as she watched his cock head peek through her tits, then disappear. Each pass became quicker and quicker as Jeff felt himself loosing control.

"That feels so good, Jeff...You're fucking my tits....fucking my tits....fuck me, Jeff...." She began chanting as she felt her cousin start to tense. She felt her own orgasm building simply from the excitement of the moment. She squeezed her legs together as a wave overtook her. She shuddered in pleasure as Jeff began to moan.

"Come for me, Jeff...Fuck my tits and come on my face...Fuck me....FUCKME!"

Jeff pushed his cock deep between Jennifer's breast and groaned. His cum blasted from his cockhead, splashing wetly against her jaw, and spilling down her neck.

"Yesss..." hissed Jennifer. Jeff reared up and aimed his cockhead at his cousins face. His second volley erupted and hit her squarely on the cheek. Jennifer felt it hit and began to laugh uncontrollably. Jeff grinned and aimed lower, stroking his cock faster. His third heavy shot arced perfectly into Jennifer's open mouth!

Jennifer choked, purely from reflex, until she realized what had happened. She closed her mouth, tasting semen for the first time, then grinned. Without even thinking, she leaned her head forward. she opened her mouth and took the head of Jeff's cock inside just as he released another barrage.

She squealed around his cock, keeping her lips tight as she sucked him like a thumb. She felt his cum blasting out and spilling over her tongue. Instinctively she began to swallow, finding that she liked the soothing feeling of the thick juice as it flowed down her throat.

She opened her eyes and looked at Jeff, keeping his cockhead inside her mouth and simply sucking it like a nipple. She was overcome with love when she saw the expression on his face.

Never before had she seen such a look of complete peace and contentment. He looked back at her with love in his eyes and gently pushed his cock deeper. Jennifer relaxed her sucking and allowed him to slide over her tongue. Her eyes widened as he pulled out slightly, then pushed in again. She couldn't believe her cousin was fucking her mouth!!

And she couldn't believe how much she enjoyed the feel of his thick meat as it glided over her tongue. It was her first blow job! Jennifer was ecstatic!

Well, not really a blow job, since he'd actually only just come there, but, as Jeff began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, Jennifer thought that was about to change...

She wasn't sure what to do, but kept her head tilted forward, and began to suck gently. Jeff groaned, a huge grin on his face. Jen smiled back as best she could as Jeff instructed her to swirl her tongue around his cockhead. As she did this, he groaned again, only deeper. Jen grinned and kept up her tongue action.

Jeff leaned forward, placing a hand on either side of Jennifer's shoulders, and leaned over his cousins face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. He simply couldn't believe how lucky he was to have someone like this. She was as full of lust as he was, and so very receptive.

He loved the way she grinned up at him, obviously enjoying the sensation of his cock in her mouth. His love for her poured from his heart as he felt a stirring in his balls. Jennifer felt him tensing up and began to flick her tongue wildly under his cock as he passed over her tongue. She turned her eyes upwards, looking into his. She knew he was going to come, and couldn't wait to feel her mouth filling again.

Jeff slid his cock deep into Jen's mouth and held it there, almost making her gag, but she controlled her reflex. He let out a long whoosh of air and his cock began to buck.

Suddenly, Jennifer felt her mouth filling with cum. Jeff began to fuck her mouth with short, fast strokes, spilling load after load into her willing throat. Jen swallowed as best she could, but felt some semen escape her lips and spill over her chin.

She was in heaven! She was sucking her very first cock, and was too excited for words! And she was loving it! As Jeff's flow ended, he kept his cock in her mouth and Jen sucked to get every drop, even after he began to soften. When he was half hard, she leaned forward, taking his cock deeper and feeling it slide into her throat. She choked as she did this, though, and had to pull her mouth off.

Jennifer had to turn her head, laughing choking and gagging all at the same time. Long rivulets of semen and saliva spilled over her lips, coating her chin and neck.

Both of them fell back, panting and wheezing, their hearts pounding like jackhammers as they realized what they'd just done. Jennifer's smile was luminous, her eyes bright with excitement. Jeff's eyes were closed, but when he opened them, a huge grin broke out over his face.

"That was incredible, Jen..." he panted. "That was so incredibly hot! I can't believe you!"

Jennifer grinned at his praise, and moved closer, laying her head on his chest and looking into his eyes.

"I want you to teach me how to do that, Jeff." she whispered. Her eyes glowed with lust. "I like that even better than jerking you off..." She cocked her arm and brought her hand up to encircle his semi-hard cock. She squeezed him gently.

"I was excited about you coming on my face...I really was...", she continued, "...and I loved your cock between my tits..." She closed her eyes remembering the sensations. As she opened them again, she saw Jeff looking at her with a smile. "But I loved the feel of you inside my mouth... It's almost like fucking, isn't it?" Jennifer shuddered with pleasure.

"And, I love it when you come there, Jeff....I love the feel of your cum shooting on my tongue... And the taste! God, I love the taste!" She sat up beside him, grinning wildly.

"I want to do that a lot, Jeff." she grinned. "I want to suck you off again!" She turned to look at his exhausted cock, flaccid and soft in her hand. "Uh...later, I guess..." Jeff cracked up, causing Jennifer to laugh with him. She leaned over and hugged her cousin as he wrapped his arm around her.

His hands moved over her body, cupping her tits, and massaging her. As his left hand moved lower, and slid between her thighs, Jennifer sighed and spread her legs wider. She positioned herself to give him greater access to her pussy and moaned as his fingers found her pussy lips, parting them and teasing her slit.

She loved it when Jeff made her come. His fingers were very talented. She pushed her hips up, coaxing Jeff's finger inside her. She groaned as he slid inside and began to fuck slowly in and out. Jeff grinned and began to work his magic.

Jennifer was always eager to come after getting him off, and her orgasms were never far away. She got so excited just playing with his cock, that her own come was an extension of his. This time was no exception.

Her hips began to rotate as she lifted off the floor. Jeff began fucking her with his finger, and pressing his palm against her clitoris, knowing that this was a favorite thing for Jen. She began to pant heavily and flooded his fingers and hand with her juices. The wet sounds of his slapping hand only served to drive her further into her come and she moaned into his shoulder as huge, orgasmic waves of pleasure washed over her. She quivered and shook, pushing her pussy down onto his hand, then collapsed against him.

"Oh, Jeff, what you do..." she gasped. "I think I love your fingers most of all..."

She looked up at him and laughed at his expression of mock disappointment. Her hand moved up to encircle his cock once again.

"Well....maybe not MOST of all...." she laughed.

* * * * *

From that day on, Jeff and Jennifer experienced their special brand of sex almost every day. Both of them couldn't wait to get home from school, and go down to the studio to play. Jennifer developed her cocksucking abilities to the point where she could make Jeff come in a matter of only minutes. This came in handy when they were both hot to play, but Jeff's parents were home. They would sneak off, going to the basement, or Jeff's room, or even, sometimes, outside in the bushes beside the pool, and Jennifer would slip to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking him wetly until he filled her belly with his seed.

By the time they returned, no one was the wiser, and they'd share secret glances across the living room as they pretended to watch T.V..

The photography continued, also. Over the months and years, they collected hundreds of photos. Jeff had installed two six foot, full length mirrors on one wall of his studio, and they'd take shot after shot of Jennifer sucking him, or masturbating each other, or Jennifer posing for the camera in a variety of erotic poses and costumes.

The ones that Jennifer found particularly exciting were the ones of her going down on Jeff's thick cock, and, of those, she loved the ones showing him coming...either in her mouth, or on her face and tits. Looking at them reminded her of the passion she'd felt at the moment. And some of the looks of pure ecstasy on Jeff's face as he shot off, were absolutely priceless! They shared their secret life together for two years, until Jeff went off to college.

* * * * *

All these memories flooded through Jennifer's mind as she watched her cousin sleeping on the couch. She reached over his shoulder and slipped the photo album from his hands, taking care not to waken him. She sighed as she leafed through the pages, remembering each and every time as if it were yesterday.

Her excitement grew as she saw that he had spent a considerable amount of time cropping and blowing up a lot of the original photos. A lot of them involved just her, laughing and posing, smiling for the camera in various states of undress. But there were also a lot of her with his cock in her mouth, or gliding over her cheek. She sighed as she turned to a shot of her looking into the camera with a huge smile. She was holding Jeff's hard cock against her cheek with one hand, her mouth open and her tongue sexily poking out. She could clearly make out the milky pools of semen that coated her tongue.

Jennifer sighed again, and closed the book quietly. She moved around to the front of the couch and knelt in front of Jeff. For a long time, she merely watched him sleep, propping her head on her hands.

Then, with a grin forming on her lips, she reached out her hand towards his lap. Still trying not to wake him, she gently ran one finger up and down the length of his bulge. She grinned as she watched it grow, pushing up and out against the loose cotton of his sweat pants.

She sat back, admiring her handiwork, and unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off, and placing it on the couch. Then, still grinning at her little game, she reached out to gently, quietly unbutton Jeff's pants.

He stirred, turning a little in his sleep, and she paused, watching him until he was under again before continuing. She giggled as she grasped his zipper tab and pulled downwards. It was a nylon zipper and moved down effortlessly and silently.

Jennifer sighed as she saw his naked cock come into view. Her mouth began to water with the thought of what she was going to do...

She pulled the flaps of his sweats apart, exposing the entire length of his cock, then leaned forward. Her tongue flicked out, and she began to lave to head of his cock gently. Jeff groaned, causing Jen to smile. He must be having a hell of a dream, she thought.

Moving silently, Jennifer covered his cockhead with her saliva until it gleamed wetly. She used two fingers to pull his cock up and delicately closed her lips. Jeff groaned again as Jen slipped her mouth over him. She smoothly began to move her head up and down, taking him deeper and deeper into her moth with each pass.

Jeff was still in dreamland, but began to move his hips, fucking upwards as Jen began to suck him off. He was groaning continuously now, and fucking his cock up into his dream girls mouth. Jennifer became more aggressive as she felt him begin to tense. She began to suck harder, running her tongue around his cockhead as he slid back and forth over her lips, trying desperately to make him come.

Jeff's body became rigid and his eyes snapped open. He looked down to see Jennifer with her mouth around his cock and he exploded, firing blast after blast of thick hot semen into her mouth.

Jennifer moaned and swallowed, sucking his cock with every ounce of talent she had developed. She was thrilled to have the comfortable feeling of her cousin's cock in her mouth once again. Jeff's hips stopped pushing up, and Jennifer held him in the middle of her mouth, allowing his seed to fill her cavity, loving how it seeped under her tongue, and between her lips and teeth.

Only when she felt his cum pushing out from her lips, did she swallow again, letting the thick mouthful trickle over her throat and into her belly. Jeff groaned as he watched her and shot a last, small volley onto her tongue. Jennifer grinned around his pole and swallowed this also before pulling her lips from his cock.

She sat back and smiled at Jeff. "Welcome home, cousin..." she whispered. She laughed as Jeff leaned forward and hugged her tightly.

"I've missed you so much!!" he whispered to her, pressing her firmly to him. Jennifer smiled and kissed his cheek. "Me you too..." she said sincerely. They hugged again, then sat on the couch together.

For hours, they talked about college and high school. About old times and new friends and experiences.

As they reached the subject of new friends, Jennifer noticed that Jeff seemed uncomfortable. When she asked him why, he looked down and sighed. He looked up and into her eyes.

"I have a girlfriend..." he began. Jennifer smiled. She thought that this might be the reason for his discomfort. "We've been going out pretty steadily for the last three months and..." he paused as he chose the right words. "...and, we're pretty tight, Jen. I mean. I think we might be...kind love..."

He waited with downcast eyes for a response of some kind from his cousin / lover. When none came, he looked up. Jennifer was beaming at him, a huge smile across her face!

"You're not mad?" he asked with a grin.

"Mad?!" she sighed, "God, no, I'm not mad. I think it's wonderful!! I can't wait to meet her!" She leaned forward and kissed Jeff, then hugged him tight. He was so sweet to have been concerned for her feelings. She loved her cousin so very much.

When Jen told him about Dan, and about how she thought she felt for him, he began to grin, relief spreading over him like a warm fire. He bounced up from the couch and went over to get two cold beers from the fridge.

"Well, then I guess we should celebrate, right?" Jennifer laughed and took the beer he offered, toasting to their new relationships. Just like that, everything was fine between them.

Jennifer and Jeff sat up the rest of the night talking and reminiscing. Their relationship had taken a turn, but it was a necessary turn, they both felt. They'd had some hot, fun times together, that was for sure, but it was time to move on and grow into their new lives.

As the sun began to stream into the basement windows, Jennifer turned to her cousin with a quizzical half smile on her lips.

"So, does this mean that I can't suck your cock anymore...?" she said softly. She saw Jeff's smile falter and she took him off the hook immediately.

"Okay, okay...I understand." she teased. "You want to be true to old what-her-name..." Jeff looked at her with genuine concern. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt his best friend in the world.

Jen laughed and hugged him. "I'm only teasing, Jeff. Geez, I DO understand. Really! I've got a new friend too, you know." Jeff grinned and they shared another laugh. Then Jennifer stood up and reached her hand out to Jeff, pulling him up beside her.

"We'd better get to bed, bro..." she said, kissing him gently. She turned to leave, but hesitated and turned back to him. A wicked smile formed on her lips as she moved close. She reached out and gently grasped his cock, feeling it harden immediately in her palm.

"Maybe just on holidays..." she whispered. She grinned as his cock jumped in her hand. She kissed him again and turned for the stairs.

"Welcome home, cousin..." she smiled. "And thanks for everything..."

"I love you, Jen." Jeff said with a smile. "Sleep well..."

"You too..." she replied as she walked up the steps. She felt warm and full as she crawled under her covers. The morning light did nothing to keep the sleep away, and soon she was breathing deeply and evenly, a happy smile on her face. As she dreamed, she dreamed of Dan...

To Be Continued...


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