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Job Satisfaction
by Jason Charles

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

He had it. It was perfect. He had almost hugged his old schoolmate but instead invited him to lunch at The Ritz in a week or twos time. It was almost too good to be true.

Sam checked the pictures again when he got back to work. There had been about sixty shots in all, two thirds of which were useless. Of the remaining twenty about half did not include a facial shot. There were nine that were okay-ish but there were three in particular that were just perfect.

One of them showed her in her underwear with the black mesh body suit in her one hand while her other hand was about to remove her sensible but comfortable work panties. It was a three-quarter shot that was unmistakably Jenny. The second shot showed her applying lipstick in a small round personal mirror. Her eyes were wide and her lips puckered. But the third was the icing on the cake. She was sitting at her own desk this time, something that the CCTV camera had missed. Jenny's feet were up on the desk, those high Cuban heels of her boots resting precariously, inches from the edge. The body suit was unfastened at the crotch and there was a silhouette of a man between her thighs tasting her nectar. Jenny's head was thrown back in ecstasy, her short delightful brown hair imperfectly ruffled. She was holding a long cone shaped joint and had obviously just puffed out a great cloud of smoke. Her breasts were shaded seductively by the tight black mesh. Wolfe would hit the roof and Sam knew it. Drugs, even grass, were a big no no to a stern moralist like him. Not only would she not get the promotion but also she would probably, no definitely, get the sack.

Samuel considered this as he looked at this photograph, A4 size in black and white, the enjoyment of cunnilingus etched on her features. He sat alone in the locked cubicle admiring her stunning good looks and that taut looking supple body. Another thought came to him as he unzipped his fly and took out his heavy fat cock and began to stroke it up and down while concentrating on that beautiful photograph. He had plans for Miss Goddess Gaia. He rubbed himself up and down his entire length and imagined her curvaceous legs wrapped around his body, her hot breath on his shoulder, while he put himself hard and sharp into that most desirable of all soft places. He began to rub himself harder as he imagined walking into the office right now and throwing her across her desk, lifting her skirt up, and hammering his stiff cock into her cunt. How she would plead for more, give herself up to him; beg him to be more forceful with each stroke of his length. He dropped the photo to the floor as he clenched his eyes shut and imagined the look of sheer pleasure on her face as he shot his desire into her body. The closed eyes, the open mouth, and the fast heavy inviting breathing that he imagined her to present to all her lovers sent him over the edge, and he ejaculated his victory into the air. The thin white streamers of come were celebrations of the homage that would be paid to him for this master plan.

Jenny checked her e-mail when she got back from flirting with Benito. She ran her well-manicured nails through her short brown hair and moved the mouse impatiently. The thought of Benito had aroused her and the last thing that she wanted was to spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the stuffy office. Worse luck there was an e-mail from Sam, no doubt another juvenile attempt at winding her up.

She clicked for the message to come up.

Dear Goddess Gaia of the earth and everything that stands upon it,
I thought that you'd appreciate me showing you the picture below before I send a copy to the upper management team. You've really blown it this time. It's a really great picture. You ought to try your hand with magazine photo shoots, the up-market ones of course. All of which begs the question how much do you charge? How much did you charge that guy? Not as though I'm going to be paying you understand. I just thought it'd be nice to tell Wolfe and the rest of the selection committee whether they've got a high-class hooker on the pay roll or just some common slut.
I'm playing squash after work tonight at the company's sports centre. My opponent doesn't like to hang around after so why don't you join me for a drink? Don't worry I'll be upstairs in the bar that sells alcohol (I thought that you'd need a drink) none of those health freaks go in there so we'll have the chance to discuss the situation alone. Look forward to seeing you. Love Samuel
P.S. Do you realise that I'm only one button away from circulating a copy of this picture to everyone in the firm? Well you do now.

He had scanned the photograph in. She had no idea how he could have taken the picture. It was certainly a beautiful picture of her. In fact in different circumstances she would have been quite proud of it, her total beauty and her abandonment of everything but the moment was more than artistic, it was erotic. She was in big trouble though, and she knew it, this could be, would be, the end of her, let alone her chances for promotion. If this got out...

Jenny looked over at Sam's desk he was grinning from ear to ear. She picked up her bag and left the office not looking behind and not saying a word to anyone. "I'll see you tonight," she heard the scumbag whisper as she walked past him. She could hear still laughing as she entered the elevator.

Jenny ordered an ice cold Gin and Tonic and went to sit out of view of the barman in a small secluded booth. Sam was right there was nobody else in there. The barman had been watching TV when she ordered and looked surprised to have a customer.

She had put on her knew skirt that shimmied in the light and set of her heels just as she knew it would. She wore a soft tight white sweater that clung to her chest shaping her eye-catching breasts. Jenny knew that she was going to have to use all of her assets tonight. She would not bow down to Sam, not until she had no choice. She would not give him the satisfaction of giving in to the little shit. She pulled up her skirt to adjust the top of her pure white stockings and re-clip the suspender. The deeply tanned exposed flesh between her stockings and white lace panties contrasted seductively with the brilliant whiteness of her luxuriant lingerie. The barman brought over her drink and the salacious look on his face told her that he got a glimpse of something that he shouldn't of. He was very polite though and put her drink down and told her to call him over if she wanted anything else. As he walked off he turned to catch her eye and smile again. He was quite cute and in other circumstances she would be tempted to pick him up and take him home for the evening, strictly for one night of course.

After half an hour, another two G and T's and many longer and longer glances from the enthusiastic barman, Sam finally made his entrance. He was all square jawed and freshly showered after his game. He sat down and ordered a Screwdriver. His body gave off a certain coolness after his shower which refreshed her own warm skin. "Did you win?"

"Don't I always." He was feeling pleased with himself.

"So what did you want to see me about?" She was trying to stay calm and in control but he saw straight through her façade.

"Stop pissing around here Jenny baby. You've fucked up. I mean really fucked up and you know it. Now I was going to ask you to drop out of the race for promotion and we'd forget all about this. I'd destroy the negatives and that would be that, as you know I'm not one to bear a grudge, not usually anyway. But then I got to thinking about things. All of those sexy needy women that I've had in the office, how happy they all were to share something intimate - all of them that is except for you. You've always rejected my advances. You've always thought you were too good for me. Well that's all about to change. Wolfe's always telling me that he won't tolerate drugs, not in his workforce, and you, you like a little smoke don't you? It's okay you don't have to answer me. I understand I quite like a joint myself from time to time, not generally in the position that you like to but it doesn't bother me. We all have our whims, our fantasies. I don't want to stop anybody living out their dreams you see. You can't say the same though can you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about you Jenny. You haven't been bothered to help me with my little fantasy of you. The one where we're in the elevator and I slide my hand up your skirt and finger that moist pussy of yours."

"Oh Sam I never knew..."

"Don't give me that."

Sam stood up and sat next to her. He leaned across her and began to play with her nipple through her soft woollen sweater. Jenny breathed in sharply shocked by his fast approach. He made a circle with his fingertip and then gently pinched her now stiff nipple until she closed her eyes and showed him her pleasure in a deep breathless sigh. She uncrossed her legs and took her foot and moved it up onto the leather booth seat so that he could see right up her shimmering skirt. "Nice, stockings and suspenders, all in white too, how symbolic. They're expensive too if I'm not mistaken. Then I suppose someone in your profession must have the best. And with your moonlighting you can afford it no doubt." He continued to play with her nipple and began to lightly kiss and bite her neck.

"Only the best for you Sam. I want you to have the best."

The sensations in her nipple and neck were sending shivers of hot and cold throughout her body. Sam dipped his finger in the ice cold gin and ran it up and down her stockinged legs, onto the exposed flesh and then, after teasing her along the elastic, after pretending to push through the white lace, he finally slipped his finger inside her panties and stroked his cold finger up and down the outside of her vagina. He stroked the lips firmly and she could feel his teeth on her neck biting a little harder now. Both of them were breathing fast and heavy. "I always knew that you would be good Sam. I always knew that you could enjoy a woman. Now take me Sam, come on, hold me open, pin me down, please Sam, open me up until it hurts and then force yourself into me. Now Sam, please for God's sake now!"

Sam was shaking with anticipation. He held her legs in a tight grip and forced them apart while she pretended to resist. To his excitement she began to call out "No Sam, No" really loud so that anyone could hear. It was turning him on more than anybody had ever before. He had to have her and...

He was totally focused now, lost in his lust, unaware of everything but her. He actually got turned on by her calling out, so engrossed in his pleasure, in her fine body that he forgot where he was. Her calls, she was now sure, would bring the barman running to the damsel's rescue. She smiled, men were wonderfully predictable. She could hear the barman now as she called out again "Stop Sam, no, oh God no." The tears that she was concentrating on forming in her eyes would seal his fate.

Then suddenly just as Sam was about to take himself out he stopped. A fierce anger came into his eyes. "I'm not as stupid to do it here, in a public place, not like you. I'm sorry Jenny darling, good try but we're not all as foolish as you are. You won't catch me like that, and you've just made things ten times worse for yourself." Before the barman could see what was happening Sam had stood up. "It's okay we're just leaving, aren't we Jennifer?" He growled through clenched teeth. "Nothing to worry about just a difference of opinion wasn't it sweetie?"

"Are you okay miss?"

She nodded, "Yes everything's fine." The barman didn't believe her and she appreciated him for it but he would do nothing and all three of them knew it.

"Like I said," Sam growled again, "we're just leaving." He grabbed Jenny's wrist and dragged her out of the bar.

They went down many flights of stairs. Sam was still holding onto her tightly. "Where are we going?" "Somewhere where we won't be disturbed, where you can't scheme against me you hot little bitch." He took her down to the underground car park. Sam had a very nice new shiny blue BMW. He pressed the button on his key ring to unlock the doors and told her to get in. "Where are we going?" she demanded as she fastened her seatbelt.

"Nowhere!" and at that he released her seatbelt and hastily reclined her seat so that she was thrown backwards. He scrambled on top of her pushing his hands up her sweater, grasping her flesh, and squeezing her breasts together. He used his strength to open her legs wide apart so that her skirt rode up and he quickly snatched her panties down.

Jenny could feel his whole weight upon her. He moved frantically trying to make her submit to him. She was no slouch and could have fought him off only somewhere in the back of her mind she realised that she had always wanted this, not Sam, but this, this wild need for her. Her sweater was half off, above her head, but binding her arms together. It was good to be the helpless one for once. She rested her feet upon the dashboard as Sam pulled her bra around her waist and began nibbling on her tits. She could feel every movement of his tongue and the harsh but exhilarating grip of his hands.

Maybe I should throw him off now she thought as he began to push two fingers in and out of her wet cunt. But it felt so good to her, an unexpected thrill that was all the more exciting because she should have stopped him. He was good though, too good to resist for any longer and she began to push her pelvis up so that his fingers would get deeper into her. She rubbed her knee between his legs and felt the stiff reassurance of him. He fumbled to free himself obviously enjoying the feeling of her leg against him.

Then he was free. He quickly held her down so that she couldn't move, or at least pretended that she couldn't, and thrust himself up into her. It was good. She cried out in pleasure and pain impaled on his cock and wanting more. His free hands now smoothed over her pulsing clit. She had surrendered to his total control now. She thrust back with each bang of his cock into her cunt and each new push on her shining pink clitoris. Her body began to tighten and spasm in the glory of this wonderful fuck when Sam threw her onto the back seat.

He manhandled her onto all fours and then stroked her vagina from behind. She heard a not unfamiliar buzzing sound and turned to see a large vibrator going off in his hand that he'd obviously taken from the now open glove compartment. The noise itself always turned her on. She had one just like it at home only in blue not purple. It was one of her better ones and she couldn't wait to be teased with it. Only Sam didn't tease her. He stuck it straight up her juicy hole and turned it up to maximum. He held it there for a while and then let it rest against the leather seat so that she could slide up and down on it. He reached round with another hand and moved his fingers quickly over her needy clit. He squeezed her tits mercilessly with his other hand.

Then suddenly her whole body began to move in waves of pure joy as if a hot pleasurable electric shock was passing through her as he pressed his whole hard shaft up her arse. He fucked her hard and she moved on the vibrator and he rubbed her clit in what seemed like all directions at once. Then she felt it begin inside her. The feeling was overwhelming and she encouraged it. Jenny was going to orgasm on the back seat of his car and as she closed her eyes it felt as if she was being fucked by two guys and she was enjoying the work of two hard men inside her and that thought went from her mind right down to hr toes and back again. And she could tell that her increased arousal was having its effect on Sam because he was bigger than ever now and he was fucking her faster and harder than she had ever known.

Then, with their bodies writhing together they came in what seemed like a fountain of lust and sex. They collapsed onto the back seat together both of them relaxing into their satisfaction. Jenny could feel that the inside of her quim was still contracting. "This doesn't change a thing you know Jenny. You're good real good so good in fact that you won't be needing your job anymore, with that kind of action you'll probably make more than me."

"What makes you so sure that I'm for sale?"

"Come off it. Anyway I was going to let you keep your job but now I don't think it's such a good idea. I'd have to constantly look over my shoulder. I know you Jenny you wouldn't rest until you got revenge."

"You bastard Sam. I don't think you've got the nerve to show Wolfe those pictures. I'll say it's a set up that you forced yourself on me just because I refused you."

"Yeah go ahead, who'll believe you? Nobody's going to believe a slut from the street over me now are they."

"What about the barman he knew something was going on? He'd side with me."

"Oh get real, you just virtually raped me if you remember?"

"I'm going to fucking kick the shit out of you," Jenny said as she went to punch him with her strongest fist. Sam avoided the blow though, which would have broken his nose if it had hit its intended target. He opened the door behind her and kicked her out onto the concrete floor of the car park. He started the engine up. "You fucking coward!" she screamed. "Come back and fight!"

The electric window came down and he threw her panties out at her and laughed, "Well that's easy for you to say. See you bright and early tomorrow morning and don't be late - not for your last day at work."

Sam sped off leaving Jenny to pick herself up, dust herself off, and make the long journey home.

The next morning Jennifer forlornly made her way to the office. She was ready though. She knew that all was not lost - not yet. She put on a sharp blue pinstriped trouser suit and the highest heels she could walk in. She wanted to look intimidating. She wanted to appear confident, and she would. She pulled a face at that shit Sam as she passed his desk. There was one day until Wolfe made his decision. Would Sam show him the pictures? Would she miss out on promotion? The answers, she knew, to both questions would be yes. Maybe he wouldn't freak out, but then she expected that he would. Maybe he's let her keep her job, at least until she found another one, then again most probably he wouldn't. There was nothing left to do but give it her best shot, one last show for posterity.

Sam stood up picked up the A4 sized envelope and held it securely to his chest. Jenny smiled, as if she'd try anything as juvenile as to try and steal his precious pictures. He was gone maybe fifteen minutes before she got a call from Wolfe's personal assistant instructing her to go to his office immediately. She stood up to her full height which was quite something in her highest heels and set off for Mr. Wolfe's office.

As she entered Mr. Wolfe and Samuel were just finishing their conversation. "I thank you for your diligence Sam. Your work will not go unnoticed. We need more men of your calibre on the team."

Jenny had been unsure of how to approach Mr. Wolfe about this but now she was in here, and after hearing the same old backslapping tone, that we're all men together bullshit, in Mr. Wolfe's praise of Sam, she was sure. Sam winked cockily at her as he left. He was so sure of himself but he hadn't listened to her.

Jennifer sat down as Mr. Wolfe's gesture invited. The great desk that was a symbol of his power was just in front of the huge windows that looked down on the city. Only the blinds were drawn as it was so early and the boss had not had time to open them. It was time to put her plan into action. "Do you mind if I just open the blinds and let some daylight in Mr. Wolfe?" She had stood up and walked over to the blinds before he could answer. "That's better now isn't it Mr. Wolfe? Or should I say Mr. Big Bad Wolfe?" She moved swiftly over to his desk opened the bottom drawer on the left-hand side and took out the handcuffs which she quickly fastened around his wrists, pulling them hard behind his back. "And haven't I told you to stand up when your Goddess enters the room?" She stepped up onto his desk and stood before him. "Well?"

"Yes Goddess Gaia, always Goddess Gaia."

"Well stand then!" she admonished.

Goddess Gaia unfastened her trousers and let them slip down her smooth legs to her feet. She stepped out of them and reaching down to the sharp blade of one of his letter openers. He backed away but nearly overbalanced obviously uncomfortable with his hands locked in the shiny metal cuffs. Jenny moved to the edge of the desk. She brandished the letter opener before him and with two sharp movements cut away her silky black knickers showing her neat mound of black hair.

"You've been careless you weak pathetic little man. We've been watched. You must think up a suitable punishment for this insolent wretched Samuel while I think up a suitable punishment for you."

Mr. Wolfe trembled with excitement. "Of course, whatever pleases you my Goddess."

"That's right whatever pleases me. In the meantime I'm going to stand and look down at my world, survey my earth, and you are going to begin your worship. And when I've soaked up everything you've got to offer I'm going to discard you, throw you aside and make you watch as another hundred worshipers take your place." At that she spitefully grabbed his hair and thrust his face between her legs where his tongue began to probe within her.

Soon it would be flicking across her clit at what would seem like a million miles an hour. She would feel its warm wetness within her, on her thighs, on her clit, in her mind. And she would come with his face nestled between her legs and then she would come again and again as often as she like while she decided exactly which important position of power she would accept tomorrow.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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