The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter VII: Experimenting In The Lab
by Mark Singer

As Jennifer made her way towards the chem. Lab, her mind was whirling. She'd always been a cock-teaser, there was no denying that, nor was she anything but proud of it. She knew she was a great tease, and luckily, was attracted to guys who were attracted to teasing.

What was giving her pause was the level at which her sexuality was expressing itself lately. She'd always been a tease, yes. But she'd never let it go beyond that, until these last few weeks. She was truly loving acting the slut with Dan and had always had a bit of that in her with her steadier boyfriends. Once she got to trust them that they wouldn't blab in the locker room, she was more than willing to open up, so to speak... And all of her boyfriends were made fully aware that if any word of their exploits made it into the boys' friendly war stories, that it would be the end of the line for them. That always seemed to keep them in line. And, even though she always hated moving from town to town with her family, she always enjoyed the fresh start she was able to achieve with a new school.

But now things were changing. She was changing, she realized. The way she'd brazenly sucked Dan off while fully aware of being watched by his father... the way she'd spread her legs and fingered herself as she watched him stroke his cock for her while Dan was in the other room... And, good lord! She'd just jerked a boy off in the entry foyer of their school! A boy she had hardly ever met before!!

She was definitely changing. And she knew she had to get a grip on her sexuality before she got out of control... She walked on towards the chem. Lab, thoughts racing through her head in a confused jumble. As she rounded the corner though, her mind shifted to Dan and she felt herself getting excited again. She paused and brought her hand to her nose, inhaling deeply the scent of Todd's thick semen clinging to her fingers. She smiled and made a quick stop in the restroom, washing her hands and drying them on a paper towel before returning to the hall.

Smiling to herself as she reached the lab, she came to a decision. Yes, she had some thinking to do. Soon. But right now she was planning on having some fun. She'd think more later...

As luck would have it, Jennifer was the first to enter the chem lab that morning. There was still five minutes left in the period between classes, but she had her reasons for arriving early. The memory still burned in her sexy mind of her last conversations with Mr. Redfield, and how his eyes had wandered over her body as she teasingly stood before him. She'd enjoyed his attentions and knew that Redfield enjoyed looking. And her curious nature wouldn't let her stop wondering how far she could take him.

Swinging the door to the classroom open, she glanced inside, glad to see that she was, indeed the first to arrive. Her glee was short-lived though, as she realized that the room was truly deserted. Mr. Redfield was nowhere to be seen. Swallowing her disappointment, she flipped the lights on and walked to the rows of desks in front of his. Then as an afterthought, she turned and flipped the switches off again before sitting at a desk in the front row.

Staring ahead at the teacher's desk, she smiled as she imagined herself squatting under that desk and playing with her teacher's hard cock as he stood before it addressing the class. Her juices began to flow once again as she imagined how incredibly hot that would be. Closing her eyes, she allowed her hand to move over her breasts, tweaking her nipples through the material of her dress until they were hard as little pebbles.

Voices in the hall made her come to her senses, her first reaction to be tugging the hem of her skirt down to her knees. It wouldn't do to have students walk in and see her legs exposed in the front row. She certainly understood the need for discretion. Especially now.

When no one entered though, Jennifer tuned her ears to the door. She recognized the voice of Mr. Redfield and a female teacher in the hall. When she heard Redfield say he would meet the teacher for lunch, then say good-bye, her smile returned.

Reaching down to her skirt, she scooted down in her seat. At the same time she hiked her hem over her thighs. Not enough to look obvious, but just enough to expose a delicious expanse of thigh flesh. She kept one hand on her thigh, just in case Mr. Redfield wasn't alone, prepared to quickly pull her skirt down. With the other hand, she opened her chemistry text book in front of her and pretended to be reading as the door swung open.

Jennifer grinned when she saw that Mr. Redfield was, indeed alone. Not noticing her at first, he reached out and switched the lights on. As the room was bathed in bright fluorescent light, Redfield stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed her sitting there. His eyes flew open in surprise, then a smile crept over his handsome features. "Good lord! Miss Grayson!" he cried, "You almost gave me a heart attack!" His voice was kidding, and he brought a hand up to his chest, as if in pain. His eyes, though, immediately dropped to Jennifer's legs, and the smile remained on his face.

"I didn't mean to shock you, Mr. Redfield.." Jennifer said innocently. "I just figured I'd brush up a little while I waited for class to start." Smiling at the young teacher, she slowly uncrossed her legs, then re-crossed them just as slowly, making certain he caught a tasty glimpse of her inner thighs.

"Studying in the dark?" he chuckled, regaining some of his composure. He walked to his desk and set his briefcase on top of it before turning back to the young vixen. "You won't learn much that way, I'm afraid." He leaned back against his desk and smiled at her, his eyes returning to her long legs under her desk.

"On the contrary, Mr. Redfield," Jennifer grinned sexily. "I've learned an awful lot of things in the dark..."

Her teacher's eyes narrowed as a grin broke over his face. Jennifer saw his eyes drop to her legs again, and she slowly uncrossed them, this time leaving both feet flat on the floor. Leaning back into her seat, she let her thigh muscles relax, allowing her legs to part just enough to tease him. Dropping one arm to her side, she leaned her chin into the upturned palm of her other hand and smiled at him coyly.

"Although I prefer to do it with the lights on..." she grinned. "Studying, I mean..." Her innuendo was quite obvious, and her young face radiated sexual challenge.

Her teacher grinned back at her and nodded thoughtfully. His eyes drifted over her thighs, then up to her breasts, before returning to her face. Jennifer's teasing was working better than she'd hoped. When she was certain he was looking at her eyes, she slowly dropped them to his crotch and was rewarded with the sight of a sizable bulge pushing out from the front of his trousers. She was obviously turning this guy on, and in turn turning herself on immensely in the process.

She turned slightly to look at the clock on the wall, the movement causing her skirt to hike even higher. She saw that she had about three minutes before the first bell signaling the start of class. Turning back to her teacher, she smiled. His eyes were locked on her legs now, and his cock seemed to be fully hard, pushing the front of his pants in her direction.

"I'm sorry we don't have more time to study..." Jennifer breathed, looking obviously at his hard cock once more. "Not any sorrier than I am, Miss Grayson." he said, his throat suddenly very dry. "I've enjoyed our chat very much, but you should probably return to your own desk. Someone might get upset if they caught the wrong desk..."

Jennifer grinned at his words. She smiled at him and nodded. "You right, of course. But you should know that I'd never let that happen." She looked longingly at his hard cock again. "Let someone catch me at the wrong desk, I mean..." He nodded, letting her know he understood what she'd said.

They looked at each other for a few seconds, mentally communicating their respective desires, until the young teacher moved his eyes lower to steal one last look at Jennifer's legs.

When she saw his eyes drop, Jennifer seized the opportunity. Sliding one leg out from under the desk, she used one hand to gather her books while the other crept into her lap. Sliding slowly from the chair, Jennifer let her skirt ride up almost to her waist. But instead of standing she held her pose, letting the young man look directly up her skirt. She grinned as his eyes widened to the size of saucers. She knew he could see her lack of panties, and her heart beat wildly as she brazenly exposed herself to him.

Jennifer let her legs spread just a little wider before calmly gathering her books together and standing in front of him.

"I'm going back to my desk now..." she whispered. Redfield was struck dumb by what he'd just seen. He didn't even nod. Jennifer grinned at the effect she was having on him. She couldn't resist one parting shot.

"Although I was thinking how hot it would be to spend some time under your desk...." she breathed. Her teacher's eyes snapped up to look into hers and she smiled sexily, running her tongue wetly over her full lips. He groaned low in his throat as his eyes narrowed lustfully.

Again hearing voices in the hall, Jennifer winked at her teacher and raised her eyebrows like Groucho Marx. "Soon..." she whispered as she turned towards her desk.

Turning just her head back to him, she dropped her eyes to his prominent bulge. "You'd better get to your own desk, Mr. Redfield. You look like you've been studying..."

The young teacher looked down at his condition and grinned as his face turned red. He hurriedly walked around his desk and sat in his chair just as the first wave of students pushed noisily through the door.

Jennifer grinned to herself as she took her seat. Her skirt remained demurely at her knees as she waited for Dan to get there. This was turning into quite the day, she thought to herself with a grin!

* * * * *

Jennifer had a very hard time concentrating on her studies. Her whole body was still tingling from her adventures so early in the morning and her mind was focused on sex. Raising her hand to her face, she could still capture the smell of Todd Bridges cum on her fingers, the musky odor only stoking her already blazing lust fire. She looked through her fingers at Dan, who was trying a little harder than she was to concentrate on class. She was disappointed that he wasn't turned in her direction. She would have loved to have been able to tease him a little bit...

Directing her attention to Mr. Redfield, she saw that he was having his own problems concentrating. He was stumbling over his words as he addressed the class, and Jennifer saw that he was making a serious effort to avoid looking in her direction. She smiled, knowing that he was probably thinking more about her legs than about what he was talking about. The growing feeling of power she was developing made her giddy with happiness.

Redfield, it seemed was beyond salvaging much of the class and he realized it. As hard as he tried, he couldn't get his mind of Jennifer Grayson and the way she'd so obviously opened her legs in front of him. The totally sexual way she was acting, and then the way she'd exposed her lack of panties to him had almost made him shoot off right there inside his pants. The girl was so fucking hot, and obviously knew what she was doing.

He knew he had to watch himself. to get involved with a student, even for one time, could mean the end of his career as a teacher. He was almost ten years at this school. He couldn't blow this by letting his cock think for him.

Nonetheless, his cock seemed to have a mind all it's own. It was still fully hard inside his pants, making him direct his class from his desk, his chair drawn up tightly to it just in case someone happened to approach. He read from the text book in a drab monotone, but his mind kept whirling around with visions of Jennifer's long legs stretched out in front of him.

Occasionally he allowed himself a quick glance in her direction and, even though his view was partly blocked by the desks in front of her, she was sitting sideways in her seat, and he caught fleeting glances of her lovely legs just past her knees. In his mind, he wondered how much of her legs were exposed right then. And he wondered just what it would be like to see Jennifer Grayson on those knees in front of him, taking his hard cock into her mouth as her teasing eyes looked up at him....

"Mr. Redfield? Mr. Redfield!?" A voice cut into his reverie. He realized that he'd stopped reading and was sitting at his desk with a dazed expression on his face.

"Oh...uh...thanks..uh..sorry..." he stammered, feeling his face turning red. "I'm having a little trouble concentrating today, folks." He sat back and tried to smile at his class. He realized that it was useless to try to continue.

"Hey, I'll tell you what, folks..." he said, getting control once more. "This chapter is pretty boring anyway." The class laughed and applauded his admission. He grinned at their response and continued.

"Especially for a beautiful Friday morning." Again he was greeted with whistles and applause, making his grin grow wider.

"How about we just close these things up and head to the lab. It's a lot more fun to do it than to just talk about it." The class responded enthusiastically to his suggestion and the room filled with the sound of books being slammed shut. He stole another glance at Jennifer and saw her grinning back at him, her tongue running over her top lip. Obviously she'd caught his double meaning.

"Then, maybe we can get out of this place a little early today." he concluded. His last statement was greeted with loud cheers and applause until he motioned for everyone to calm down. "We don't need to tell the world about it." he cautioned. "Everyone head over to the lab, and try not to blow anything up until I get there. Just get your equipment ready for today's experiments, and don't' forget your lab coats."

The class jumped up en mass, flooding the aisles as they headed for the door. "And your goggles!" he shouted after them.

He smiled to himself, glad that his little talk had gotten his mind off sex, if only for a minute, and allowed his cock to go down to a manageable level. Still, he watched the class filter out from behind his desk. He was concerned that he might have left a spot on the front from his leaking pre-come. As he gathered up his books, he looked up to see Jennifer still at her desk. She was talking with Dan, laughing at some joke, but her eyes flicked over to his and she winked before turning back to her boyfriend. Redfield sighed, feeling his cock begin to inflate with just that quick look. He was in serious trouble with this girl, and she seemed to delight in torturing him.

Leaning back in his chair, he treated himself to a long look at Jennifer's crossed legs, most of them exposed under her desk. He knew that Jennifer was most likely fucking and sucking her boyfriend, and he envied the boy.

Then, looking up at the clock, he realized that he'd better be getting over to the lab before someone decided to start mixing the wrong things together.

"Well I'm guessing you two have stayed to help me carry my things to the lab...right?" he said in his best teacher voice. Dan turned and looked at him with a winning smile and turned to face the front.

"Uh...that's correct, Mr. Redfield. Anything to earn a few extra points." He laughed and turned to Jennifer. "See you in the lab, gorgeous...I'll save you a place at my table..." She gave him a dazzling smile, then slowly began to gather her books together.

"I hope this means an "A" " Dan kidded as Redfield handed him a box full of electronic devices. Redfield grinned and nodded.

"At least an A..." he chuckled, "And I'll see about that scholarship to Yale also. Tell the class to untie each other and get to work. I'll be there in a minute."

"It's Princeton, and I'll tell them I'm in charge until you get there." , Dan laughed, heading for the door. As it swung shut behind him, Redfield turned his attention back to Jennifer. Her head was down as she picked up her books, but she knew darn well he was watching her as she slid from behind her desk. She moved slowly, letting her skirt ride to her waist as she slid across the chair.

Redfield moaned to himself as he drank in the sight of her long legs, then again as her closely cropped pussy hair came into view. Jennifer paused at the edge of her chair and looked up, meeting his hot gaze with her own. His eyes bobbed back and forth between her face and her nakedness.

"I guess I forgot to wear something today..." Jennifer said in a sultry voice, feeling her own heat rising under his gaze.

"Garter belt and stockings, maybe..." Redfield whispered. "Other than that, you're perfect..."

Jennifer grinned at his compliment and stood up, letting her skirt cascade over her legs. "I'm glad you like." she said, walking slowly towards his desk. "Dan likes it when I wear a garter belt, too. I like dressing up for makes his cock really hard...." She stood in front of him, leaning slightly over the desk. "I like his cock to be as hard as it can be when I suck him off...."

Redfield groaned as her words entered his ears. Moving his eyes from her full breasts, where he'd been focusing, he looked her in the eye.

"You're making me crazy, Jennifer. You know that, don't you?"

She grinned and nodded, using her sexy tongue to trace circles around her lips. "Uh huh..." she whispered, "but I think your enjoying it, aren't you?" She stepped back as he pushed his chair back and stood up.

"What do you think?" he rasped. Jennifer's eyes dropped to her teacher's crotch and they narrowed as she saw the immense hard-on pushing out the front of his pants.

"I think you need some relief..." she breathed, staring at his cock with a growing excitement. Holding her books with one hand she allowed her other hand to move slowly over her braless tits, feeling her heart pump as her fingers brushed her nipples. Looking up, she saw Mr. Redfield watching her hand fondle her tits. He was definitely a "watcher" and she liked that. Dan liked to watch her play with herself, and she'd learned to use her show to turn him into jelly.

Smiling, she watched Redfield's excitement as she squeezed each breast in turn, then moved her finger to the top button of her dress.

"Do you think I have nice tits?" she teased, undoing the button. Redfield only moaned softly, his eyes fixed on her fingers. Jennifer took that to be an affirmation and moved to the second button, quickly undoing it and sliding her fingers inside the opening. She was getting extremely turned on by her own actions. The way she was turning Mr. Redfield on was making her own excitement grow.

Neither of them said a word. They were both lost in time, oblivious to anything but their own growing need. But as Jennifer undid the third button on her dress, exposing the tops of her full, round breasts, the sound of the bell brought them both back to reality.

"Good lord!" Redfield moaned. "I have a class waiting for me." He looked down at his hard-on, realizing that he needed a few minutes to "recover" before he walked in front of a group of students.

"We'd better continue this some other time, Jennifer." he sighed resignedly. "If we don't get in there...and get in there now...we're both going to regret it.

Jennifer smiled and nodded, knowing he was right. Leaning over the desk towards him, she pushed her shoulders together, giving him a look down the inside of her dress. "I'll have to show you these later, then..." she purred. "I think you'll approve..." Then, standing up straight, she set her books on the desk and used both hands to button her top.

"So...I'll see you in the lab, Mr. Redfield..." she said, stealing one last look at her teacher's hard-on. "I'm looking forward to experimenting today..."

Redfield groaned and reached for his lab coat, glad that he kept it in the class room. At least he'd be able to hide his erection. He knew that it wouldn't be going away anytime soon. He watched as Jennifer opened the door and walked into the hallway with out even glancing back. She didn't have to. She knew his eyes were on her ass as she walked. She liked the feeling....

* * * * *

When Jennifer walked into the lab, general pandemonium was pretty much the rule. Students were everywhere, sitting on the lab tables, leaning out of the windows...pretty much just enjoying their freedom. She saw Dan in the back, reserving their lab table. He was already wearing his lab coat and was talking with Shannon West, a gorgeous blond cheerleader that Jennifer had never really gotten to know. She knew of Shannon's reputation as a "party girl" though, and felt a moment of jealousy as she watched Dan talking and laughing with her. He was obviously acting interested, and Shannon was obviously flirting with him, placing her hand on his arm and pressing her nubile body against his as they laughed.

As Jennifer walked towards them though, her jealousy disappeared. After what she'd just experienced with Mr. Redfield, to say nothing of what she'd done with Todd Bridges in the breezeway of the school, she realized that she had little right to be jealous. Dan was having some fun, just as she had.

In fact, her walking slowed as she neared them, and her sexually pumped mind began to wonder what it would be like to see Shannon on her knees in front of Dan, taking his hard cock into her mouth. She was an exceptional beauty, with a thick mane of pure blonde hair that reached almost to her waist. Her smooth, nicely tanned face was accented by her bright blue eyes and also by what was her most attractive facial feature, her full, sensual lips. Her corners of her mouth had a natural downward turn that gave her lips a particularly sexual look. It was a look that boys drooled over. Combine that with a perfectly shaped body with medium sized breasts, and you had Shannon West. Jennifer couldn't blame Dan for being attracted to her.

She knew she had the looks that could kill, and had taken advantage of that power since grade school, using them to get her way at first, then to tease and please the boys. And if her reputation was based at all in fact, she pleased more than she teased...

Shannon's reputation mostly revolved around the fact that she enjoyed using her mouth on her boyfriends. And, if the stories were true, Shannon had displayed her talents to most of the football team at one time or another...

Jennifer had never paid much attention to the stories, figuring it was none of her business or concern. That is, until she saw Shannon getting friendly with Dan. Instead of thinking negatively, though, her turned on mind thought more about how much she and Shannon might have in common. She knew very well how much Dan loved her blow jobs, mostly because of her enthusiastic delivery of them.

Jennifer knew that rumors often got blown out of proportion, but she also knew that they were often based in fact. If Shannon was half the cocksucker she was made out to be, she would be an excellent choice of a partner to blow Dan's mind. And his cock... She'd often fantasised about finding a girlfriend that she could confide in. Some who would understand her love of cocksucking and share her passion without judging her. She wondered if Shannon West might be that friend.

Jennifer's discovery of her sense of exhibitionism was being joined with her realization that she had a voyeuristic side also. As much as she enjoyed "showing", she equally enjoyed watching. By the time she walked up to Dan and Shannon, she was right with the world once again. In fact watching the two of them flirt had actually turned her on a bit!

"Hi Dan...." she said in a lilting voice. Walking up beside him, she wrapped her arm around the boy's waist and kissed his cheek. He looked a little nervous about being "caught" talking to Shannon, and his look told Jennifer that he must have been getting turned on by the cheerleader. She squeezed his waist, letting him know she wasn't upset, and he relaxed as Jennifer turned to Shannon.

"And hi Shannon..." she said in a friendly tone. "You're not trying to steal this guy away, are you?" She couldn't resist tossing the comment out to see Shannon's reaction. The blond returned her smile, then looked up at Dan.

"Well, to be honest, I was thinking about it, but since you're here, I'll have to wait till later..."

Jennifer smiled broadly, glad to see that Shannon was willing to be honest with her. She winked at the cheerleader, letting her know she understood, then let her hand move down over Dan's muscular ass.

"I can't say that I blame you, girl. Dan's a lot of fun...if you know what I mean..." Shannon looked down at Jennifer's hand as it moved sensually over Dan's butt, then grinned at him. She was enjoying this little game.

"I'll bet he is..." she said, letting her tongue poke out of her lips. "I'll just have to work my magic on him later, I guess..."

Jennifer chuckled. She could tell that Dan was getting excited as the two of them talked. She could feel his ass muscles flexing under her palm and imagined his cock growing in his pants.

"Well, I think your magic is working already, although his lab coat is hiding it." She looked around to Dan's front and stared at his waist to demonstrate her point. When she looked back at Shannon, she saw the girl grinning at Dan. "And that outfit doesn't hurt either. You're looking pretty hot today... Do you think Shannon's looking pretty hot today, Dan?" She teased, looking up at her boyfriend.

Dan knew he had to be careful, even if it was Jennifer who was initiating this game. Shannon did, indeed, look hot today. She wore a tight, white cotton miniskirt that accented her long, tanned legs and hugged her ass enticingly. On top, she was wearing a plain white cotton dress shirt that fit fairly loosely, but somehow still accented her nicely sized breasts. Especially when she stood just right and let her shoulders pull the cotton against them.

Shannon did just that as she watched Dan's eyes move over her. Pulling her shoulders back and standing up straight, posing she pushed her tits against the thin fabric. The small tents created by her nipples made it plain to Dan that Shannon also was braless. He felt his cock growing even harder in his pants. He was glad he was wearing his lab coat to hide his erection.

Then, turning and looking at Jennifer, he smiled. "I think you both look totally awesome today, Jen. The two of you are the hottest looking ladies in the school."

Jennifer groaned and rolled her eyes as she turned to Shannon and grinned. "He's going to be a politician someday. I just know it. We'll have to get together someday and work the truth out of him."

The blond smiled and winked at Jennifer, knowing what she was suggesting. "I think I'd like that Jennifer. Just let me know when." She looked at Dan as the door to the class room opened and Mr. Redfield walked in. "I know that Dan would enjoy that, wouldn't you Dan?" She moved closer to him as she looked into his eyes. Jennifer looked down to see Shannon's hand brush the front of Dan's lab coat, and felt him stiffen slightly. Jennifer couldn't resist. She turned slightly, blocking any view of Dan's front from the rest of the room, and reached out with her own hand.

Smiling at Shannon, she covered the blonde's hand with her own and pushed it harder against Dan's hard cock. She smiled as she felt the cheerleader's fingers open and encircle Dan's hard-on. Hearing Dan moan lightly, she dropped her own hand to cup his full balls.

"He's big..." Shannon whispered to Jennifer. Jen nodded and smiled. "And he comes like a horse..." she whispered back.

"And you don't mind sharing...?" Shannon, excitement grew as she felt Dan's cock pulsing under her hand. She wondered how come she hadn't gotten to know Jennifer Grayson earlier. They certainly had a lot in common.

"Not if I'm there." she replied. "I need to keep an eye on this guy." She looked long and hard at Shannon, making certain that the girl understood that Dan was hers. "And no fucking..." she said, smiling, "Just ...other"

Shannon smiled her understanding and released Dan's cock. "That's what "It's kind of my thing...if you haven't heard..." she smiled sexily. "It's a deal...

"Call me..." she said to Jennifer as she composed herself. "And you..." she said to Dan, "Don't call me. I have a deal with your lady." She winked and turned to walk to her lab table across the aisle. Dan and Jennifer watched her as she put her lab coat on over her sexy outfit. She smiled at them as she raised her arms up to slide the garment over her shoulders. She left her coat unbuttoned and the movement of her arms caused her breasts to push against her blouse to the point where her hard nipples were plainly visible. Dan groaned and turned to get Jennifer's lab coat.

"You like her don't you?" Jennifer asked as Dan helped her on with her coat. He stood behind her, holding her coat as she slid her arms inside. When Dan didn't answer, she leaned forward, pushing her ass against his hard cock. "It sure feels to me like you like her..." she teased, turning to face him.

Dan's mouth was as dry as a bone. He couldn't really fathom what was happening, but his excitement was unbounded. His girlfriend was suggesting that they get together and play with Shannon West, one of the hottest girls in school. And Shannon West was into it! Really into it, it appeared. He could almost still feel her hand squeezing his cock! He felt wonderful.

Dan had also heard the stories of Shannon's oral escapades and had often fantasised about her sucking his cock when he was alone in his bed. But he also knew that it would be hard to beat Jennifer's talent when it came to cocksucking. And he was not about to jeapardize his relationship with her!

Placing his hands on Jennifer's shoulders, he looked her in the eye. "Jennifer", he said sincerely, "You are the hottest, sexiest thing I've ever met in my entire life. I'm madly in love with you."

Jennifer smiled at his words and moved closer to him. Her hand moved forward, feeling his still hard cock, then slipping inside his lab coat. She could feel the heat of his hard-on through his pants as he continued.

"But yes, I have to say that Shannon turns me on." He grinned at her and pushed his cock into her hand. "And I think she turns you on a little, huh? Am I right...?" He was teasing her now, but he was right on track. Jennifer was turned on by the thought of being naked with Shannon and sharing Dan with her.

She felt her heart begin to pulse as she thought of it, and used her fingers to find Dan's zipper tab. Looking him in the eye, she grinned.

"Maybe a little." she admitted, tugging down on the zipper. She felt Dan tense up and look around nervously. "Relax..." she whispered, "No one can see..." She opened the zipper of his pants and snuck her fingers inside, feeling his naked cock against her fingers. She could feel his pre-come coating the top half of his pole.

"I have to admit that the thought intrigues me," she continued. "But what I really want to see is you fucking her hot little mouth with this thing..." Dan groaned as Jennifer curled her fingers around his cock and pulled it out of his pants. Everything was hidden by his loose lab coat and the knowledge of that helped him to remain calm. But Jennifer's fingers were making him crazy.

"What I really want is to see you come in her mouth..." Jennifer continued, running her fingers up and down his shaft. "I think you'd like that too, wouldn't you?" Dan swallowed hard and nodded.

"I thought so..." Jennifer concluded. "I'll see what I can do about that... Rumor has it that she likes to suck cock as much as I do. Just remember who you belong to..." She squeezed his cock hard, making him wince, and he grinned at her.

"You don't have a worry in the world Jennifer Grayson. I'll never find anyone hotter than you."

Jennifer smiled, satisfied with his reaction. Releasing his cock, she withdrew her hand from his lab coat and reached up to button her own. She was glad to see that Dan made no attempt to put his cock away. This was going to be a very exciting lab session she felt.

Dan had his back to the wall, and Jennifer smiled as she took a step back from him. Buttoning the bottom button of her lab coat, she paused and winked at him. She heard Mr. Redfield tell the class to take their places at their tables, and as she listened to the shuffling of feet behind her, she moved her fingers to the buttons of her dress.

Dan's eyes widened as he watched Jennifer's fingers undo the buttons of her dress. His eyes dropped to the growing expanse of flesh between the folds of cotton, the swells of her breasts making his mouth water. When she reached her waist, Jennifer raised her hands up to her tits, cupping each one as she pulled the top of her dress open. Dan groaned lightly as she exposed her breasts to him, then quickly buttoned her lab coat over them. His heart was pounding madly in his own chest as her thought of hers being naked under her flimsy lab coat.

Jennifer was grinning lustfully as she turned around to face the front of the lab. Dan moved close to the table, aware that his released hard-on was pushing out the front of his lab coat. He couldn't believe that he was doing this in the middle of class. Jennifer just seemed to bring out the animal in him. She never failed to amaze him with her free flowing love of sex.

As the class began, and everyone moved about, getting the various paraphernalia necessary for today's experiments, Dan stayed close to the table, letting Jennifer do the walking. It was much easier for her to hide her nakedness than it was for him. His cock remained rock hard as it stuck out of his pants. And every so often, Jennifer would sneak her hand down to caress him, making certain he stayed that way. He couldn't get over how horny she was acting today. He had a feeling it was going to be a wild weekend!

Glancing across the aisle, he caught the eye of Shannon. She was sitting on a high stool in front of her lab table, her short skirt riding high enough to give him a tantalizing view of her long, firm legs. She smiled sweetly when she saw him glancing at her legs, then turned back to her experiment.

When he turned back to Jennifer, she was looking at him with a feigned look of anger. The twinkle in her eyes told him she was only kidding though.

"Long legs, huh?" she teased, brushing against his hard-on. Dan sighed at her touch and nodded. Obviously it was impossible for him to hide his excitement, although he really didn't feel the need to do so anyway. He knew that Jennifer was just as turned on as he was at the thought of playing with Shannon. The thought only made him more excited.

"Ms. Grayson..." Mr. Redfield's voice cut through the conversations of the students. Jennifer looked forward and smiled sweetly.

"Perhaps you would be willing to assist me in demonstrating this experiment to the class?" His voice seemed calm and collected, although inside he was a nervous wreck. He knew he was pushing it here, but he couldn't resist getting closer to this young nymph. Even if it had to be in a classroom setting.

Jennifer looked at Dan, then up at Mr. Redfield. "Well, I'm kind of helping Dan here, Mr. Redfield. I'm afraid he might blow us up if I leave him alone..."

The class laughed at her statement, and at Dan's expression of indignation. Redfield smiled, then joined in with the laughter.

"I tell you..." he chuckled, "I get no respect here anymore!" The class broke up again until he motioned for quiet.

"Then perhaps, Ms. West would consent to assist Dan while you assist me. That way none of us will get blown up."

Jennifer smiled and shook her head with resignation. Setting her book down, she turned to Dan. "You be good now..." she whispered, brushing against his hard-on once more. As she turned to walk to the front, she smiled at Shannon and winked. Shannon smiled at her sweetly and stood up, moving her stool across the aisle and setting it beside Dan.

"Must be fate..." she said sexily, hoisting herself onto her stool. Her lab coat was unbuttoned, and Dan sighed as he watched her skirt ride high on her thighs. Shannon made no move to adjust it, even though the hem slipped to within a couple inches of her crotch. Dan drank in the sight of her legs until he was able to force his eyes away. As he looked up at Shannon, he saw her grinning sexily at him.

His hands were shaking as he turned back the experiment underway on his table. And for the time being Shannon helped, showing a natural talent for science with her sure handed movements. Dan was truly impressed with her knowledge. Although not quite as impressed as he was with her legs...

As for Jennifer, she was disappointed to have to leave Dan. And especially to leave him with Shannon. But as she approached Mr. Redfield's front row lab table, she could see the fire in his eyes and it began to kindle hers. It took all the willpower she had not to let her hips begin to sway sensually. She couldn't control the hardening of her nipples though, and she had to suppress a smile when she saw Redfield's eyes drop to her breasts for a split second.

She was glad that the rest of the student's eyes were focused on their experiments or towards the front of the classroom, because she could feel her breasts swaying against the thin material of her lab coat. She hadn't planned on being in front of the class when she'd freed them from her dress. Pulling her long hair over her shoulders in the front, she hoped that her condition wouldn't be too obvious.

Mr. Redfield couldn't help but notice, though. He felt his cock growing in his pants as he smilingly welcomed Jennifer to his table. He maintained his professional appearance very well, considering what was going on inside of him. He showed Jennifer exactly what to do, helping her set things up. When he was confident that she was doing everything properly, he smiled at her and stepped away, slowly walking around the lab and helping each table with their own versions of the experiment.

As he neared the rear of the room, his eyes fell on the legs of Shannon West as she sat on her stool next to Dan. He allowed his eyes to start at her ankles and move slowly up to her thighs. He couldn't believe that he'd never noticed those legs before. So long, so perfectly formed, and! If her skirt was just an inch higher, he knew he'd be able to see her panties, if she was wearing any.

Catching himself, he tore his eyes away from the blond cheerleader's legs. Jennifer had started a fire inside him that seemed to be spreading. Redfield was beginning to look as his students in a whole new light. He mentally slapped himself. He'd better watch it or he'd be thrown out on his ear before he realized what was happening!

Composing himself he raised his eyes. He was amazed to see Shannon West smiling sexily at him as she leaned back on her stool. She pushed away from the lab table, letting him see how the experiment was going, but also letting him see her long legs up close.

"I hope you like what you see..." Shannon smiled. "I think Dan and I have gotten it right this time..."

Redfield smiled at her double meaning and shook his head. taking his eyes from her legs and turning to the array of beakers and flasks on their table. They did indeed seem to have done everything right, actually having beaten most of the other students at completing the chore.

"Very impressive." he said to Dan with a smile. Turning to Shannon, he winked. "Very impressive, indeed..."

Shannon grinned and turned to Dan, winking at him as Redfield moved up the other aisle.

"I think he liked what he saw..." she whispered, still leaning against the back of her stool.

Dan grinned back and nodded. "Well, if you saw where he was looking, I know he liked what he saw!" He dropped his eyes to her legs to emphasize his point. Shannon placed her hand on Dan's arm and giggled. Seeing his eyes remain on her legs, she slowly uncrossed them, placing both feet on the footrest.

"I'm more interested in whether you like what you see..." she teased, letting the muscles in her legs relax. Her thighs parted slightly and Dan groaned softly as a flash of white lace came into view. His cock bobbed with new life, making his lab coat jump. The movement didn't escape the sharp eyes of Shannon. Looking pointedly at the tent protruding from the front of his lab coat, she smiled.

"I think I'll take that as a yes..." she whispered. Wheeling her stool closer to him, she pressed her shoulder against his. "What were you and Jennifer up to before she got called away? Something nasty, I hope..." She smiled again, showing her pure white teeth, and dropped her eyes to stare directly at his cock. Dan felt it bob again and saw her smile grow.

"Just a little nasty..." he teased, letting his eyes roam over her legs again. "We didn't have time to get real nasty..." Shannon sighed, feeling her excitement grow as they bantered with words. She could tell that Dan was hard...and it looked to her as if his cock was actually out of his pants. She had to find out!

"Well, we've completed the experiment..." she said in a thoughtful voice. She looked to the front of the room to see Jennifer still working away at her own experiment. "And Jennifer is busy right now..." Turning and smiling at Dan, she let her tongue trace teasing circles over her lips. Leaning closer, she pressed the side of her body against his. Without a word, she grasped his hand and brought it to rest on her thigh. Dropping her left leg to the floor, she suggestively raised her right knee, causing his hand to move onto her inner thigh.

Shivering at the feel of his hand, she moved her right hand out, brushing against the tent in Dan's lab coat. She heard him sigh and felt his hand tighten on her thigh. Both of them stared ahead, trying to make it appear that they were still working on their experiment as their hands began to move.

Dan couldn't resist her suggestive moves, or the feel of her leg. He began to move his hand up and down her inner thigh, letting it go a little higher with each pass. Shannon sighed and let her legs part more, encouraging him to continue. Her own fingers curled around the tent in his coat, encircling his hard cock. Feeling the heat of his organ through the lab coat, she looked at him with a lust filled grin.

"You were a bit more than a 'little' nasty, I think..." she whispered. Working her fingers between the buttons of his coat, the sexy cheerleader finally contacted his naked cock. Dan groaned as he felt Shannon's fingers close around him and begin to pump his staff.

Glancing around to make certain they weren't being observed, Shannon opened her legs further. Dan took her hint and moved his palm up to cup her lace covered pussy. Her could feel the moist heat emanating from it as he pressed his finger against her slit. His heart felt as if it were going to explode!

Shannon continued to masturbate his cock, running her fingers from his balls to his cockhead, and pausing once in a while to spread his leaking pre-come over the head and shaft.

"Your cock is so big..." Shannon whispered to him. "And so hard..." She looked into his eyes, her face a mask of lust filled heat. "Jennifer said I could suck you..." she panted. "I want to...I want to suck your hard cock, Dan...tonight...I want to suck your cock while you eat my wet pussy....I want to feel you come in my mouth tonight..."

Her words were driving Dan closer to the point of no return. But as much as he felt like coming right then and the middle of a crowded classroom, he fought to hold off. He'd promised Jennifer that he would wait until she was with them, and there was no way he was going to chance making her mad at him. Or worse yet, of losing her for a broken promise.

He reached down and slowed Shannon's stroking hand. "Careful there..." he whispered. "You're going to make me come right here..." Shannon's eyes narrowed at the thought of him coming in her hand, but she reluctantly slowed her stroking.

"I know..." she said in a little girl voice. "We promised... But you are SO ready...."

"Seems like you are too..." Dan said with a sly smile. He moved his hand against her panty covered pussy, pressing the filmy lace against her. He smiled as he heard her moan softly and used one finger to pull the thin fabric to the side. Sliding his finger under the lace, he pushed further, until he felt the wetness of her slit. Shannon moaned again and pushed her hips against his probing finger.

" shouldn't..." she whispered. She looked at him with fire in her eyes. "I'm really sensitive down there..." she said, her breath coming out in ragged pants.

Her words told him not to, but as he continued to probe, Shannon looked around. Seeing that they were still unobserved, she moved forward in her seat. At the same time she spread her legs wider, pushing her hot pussy against Dan's fingers. Feeling his finger pushed between her lips, she released a long sigh.

Dan couldn't believe how hot this beauty was as he began to slide his finger in and out of her. He watched as she began to chew lightly on her lower lip and he could feel her lower body begin to convulse as he slid his middle finger completely inside her. Shannon began to come on Dan's finger as her blazing eyes flashed over the room. She couldn't believe she was letting this guy fingerfuck her in the middle of a crowded classroom. By this time, though, she was beyond caring. Reaching down to cover Dan's hand with her own, she pulled his finger deeper as she worked her hips against him, leaning back in her stool. Her orgasm was quick and electric, staring within her pussy and traveling up to explode inside her head. When she closed her eyes, she saw skyrockets...

Dan was surprised to feel Shannon come so quickly, but it pleased him to no end. He pushed his finger in and out of her as fast as he could without being too obvious, and thrilled as he felt he hot juices flow over his finger and palm. Like Shannon, he looked straight ahead, trying to appear like nothing at all was going on under the table.

When the blonde's convulsions slowed, Dan pushed his finger deep and held it there, feeling her pussy contract and release against it. He imagined how those convulsions would feel against his hard cock. Turning to her and grinning, he withdrew his finger, amazed at how tightly she could hold it. Her face was flushed and red, but she was grinning like she'd discovered a new toy. She rolled her eyes as Dan patted her thigh and pulled her skirt over her satisfied pussy. Still smiling at her, he brought his cum covered finger to his lips, smelling it first, then inserting it between his lips and sucking the sweet juice from it.

Shannon watched him, her eyes locked on his. The look on her face showed that she'd never seen anyone truly enjoy the taste of her pussy before. Dan smiled around his finger, fascinated by the look of lust mixed with love on her face. Taking his finger from his mouth, he stared straight ahead towards the front of the room.

"I enjoyed that immensely." he said, matter of factly. "I loved the feeling of your pussy gripping my finger. I've never felt anything like it..." He turned to her, and saw her looking at him with a look of pure lust. Her hand began to move along his hard-on again, making him wince with pleasure.

"Dan, that was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. You, young man, are incredible!"

Dan smiled at the compliment, reveling in the feeling of her hand on his cock. Shannon leaned forward, her head against his shoulder as she whispered in his ear.

"I'm going to suck your cock tonight, Dan." she panted, her hand moving up and down his shaft. "I'm going to suck you off until you fill my mouth with your hot, thick cum..." Her fingers were making his cum begin to boil once more, but he fought to hold it back. Shannon was doing her best to break his resolve, though.

"I'll let it dribble from my lips...'till it runs over my chin and onto my tits..." She was looking up at him with fire in her eyes, and Dan didn't doubt that she meant every word. He watched her as she moved her left hand over her breasts, as if to accentuate her words.

"You'll like my tits, Dan..." Shannon continued, "Their not as big as Jennifer's, but they fit nicely around a big hard cock... I want you guys to call me tonight...promise..." Her eyes were pleading as she continued to stroke Dan's cock. Her fingers were coated with his pre-come and he moaned as he fucked his pole through her tight fist.

"We'll call...I promise..." he panted, trying desperately not to come in her hand. Trying to take his mind away from the expert touch of Shannon's fingers, he turned his attention to the front, watching Jennifer as Mr. Redfield finished his rounds and approached her. His mind shifted from the wonderful sensations of Shannon's fingers on his cock as he noticed the look in Jennifer's eyes as their teacher neared the lab table. He thought he detected a flash of heat as their eyes met.

When Jennifer saw Redfield approaching, she smiled to herself. She actually been working quite diligently on the experiment in front of her for most of the class, although her body was burning with the heat of inner lust. A number of times she'd had to squeeze her thighs together, flexing her pussy muscles and adding to the fever that ran through her.

And seeing Dan and Shannon obviously (to her) playing with each other hadn't helped to dilute her craving. After giving Shannon the "go ahead" with Dan, and knowing the cheerleader's reputation, she just knew that something was going on under that table. Especially after she'd warmed Dan up with her own fingers. She smiled to herself, thinking of how much Dan was probably enjoying himself. The feeling also relieved some of her guilt she felt for her own dalliances...

As Redfield walked up to her table, she turned her gaze to him and smiled. He was moving beakers and flasks, making like he was grading her experiment, but she saw his eyes constantly shifting to her breasts. His obvious desire for her made her even hotter.

Her teacher was standing with his back to the class as he looked over the table, and was blocking the student's view of her with his body. Jennifer used the opportunity to continue her teasing. When his eyes returned to the table, she raised her hand, quickly and deftly undoing the top three buttons of her lab coat. Her heart was pounding as she surprised even herself with her brashness.

As the teacher's eyes moved onto her breasts once again, Jennifer seized the opportunity, leaning over the waist high table and pretending to move one of the beakers. Redfield's sharp intake of breath assured her that her ploy had worked. Moving her arms as she moved various instruments, Jennifer allowed her lab coat to open as she bent over. When she chanced a look at her teacher, she saw his eyes glued to her exposed breasts. She held her pose long enough to give him a good long look, then straightened up, smiling as her lab coat closed neatly. As if it was designed for teasing.

Redfield's heart felt as if it were going to explode. When he glanced up and saw Jennifer's naked chest just inches from his face, his cock grew instantly hard. In all his years of teaching, he'd never met a young woman with such a desire to show off her body to him. Jennifer Grayson was driving this ol' boy crazy with lust and desire. He felt his face getting red and flushed as he watched her stand up again as if nothing had happened. But a sly, sexy grin covered her face. No smugness at all, just a satisfied expression that told him she was enjoying this as much as he was.

As he watched her slowly re-button her lab coat, he wondered how he was going to turn and face the class. His cock was as hard as a pipe and was giving no indication of going down. Even with his lab coat on, he was afraid it would be too obvious to his young charges.

On the other hand, he had to end this class. And he certainly couldn't do it with his back to them. Taking a deep breath and preparing himself for the worst, he began to turn around. As he did, he glanced down at his crotch. Seeing no tell tale bulge, he sighed his relief.

"Good job today, class." he rasped. "It appears that just about everyone has achieved what they set out to do. In fact, I'm giving everyone an "A" today for outstanding work."

The class cheered his announcement and gave no indication that anything was amiss, which caused another long sigh of relief.

"And as soon as you all get your tables cleared, you can have the rest of the day off. All I ask is that you leave quietly. I don't think our fair principal would approve of you leaving so early."

Again, the class cheered their new hero until he signaled for quiet. As the students hurried to clean everything up, the teacher turned back to Jennifer. She was leaning against the table and smiling sexily at him.

"Good show, Ms. Grayson..." he said, knowing she would receive his true meaning.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Mr. Redfield..." she whispered, "but I think I enjoyed it more..."

"I doubt that!" he chuckled, emptying her beakers into the sink. "You definitely have a talent for science. I'm impressed that your experiment came out as well as it did...considering the circumstances..."

Jennifer smiled at his compliment as she helped him clean off the table. "I've been told I have a talent for other things too..." she whispered. Redfield looked up at her with a frustrated expression.

"Of that I have no doubt at all, Ms. Grayson. And I would truly love to discuss that at some other time. You have to understand that I have my position to consider here, and right now, I'm worried about just being able to limp out of here undetected!" He gave her a wry grin and Jennifer nodded her understanding.

"I understand" she said sincerely. "We'll just have to discuss things somewhere else..."

"I think that would be best, Jennifer. In fact, I think I'll be able to finish up here. Why don't you go help your lab partners clean up there table. They were making quite a mess back there. And I think we all need to get out of here."

Jennifer glanced back at Dan's table and saw him and Shannon slowly cleaning their table. She smiled as she noticed that Shannon was using just one hand, and that Dan was standing a little closer than he had to.

"Yeah, I'd better check up on those two." she laughed lightly. Turning back to her teacher she delivered one last winning smile. "By the way, do you like to jog?"

Her question took Redfield by surprise and he looked at her quizzically. "Why, yes I do!" he answered. "Don't tell me you're a jogger too?"

Jennifer grinned and winked at him. "Well, something like that..." she continued. "I was thinking of taking up the sport this Sunday morning. Chelsea Park is so nice early in the morning. It's almost deserted before ten o'clock. I'll probably check it out. If you happen to be jogging there, we might run into each other!"

With that, Jennifer turned and walked to the rear of the lab. Redfield stood there, his mind whirling as Jennifer's hint registered with him. Then, grinning from ear to ear, he hurriedly finished cleaning up the table, keeping his back to the class for obvious reasons.

As Jennifer approached Dan and Shannon's table, she wore a huge grin. Neither of them had noticed her yet, and the expression on Dan's face was almost comical as he tried valiantly to concentrate on the clean-up. Most of the class had already cleaned their tables and bolted for the doors, anxious to enjoy this early parole

Shannon was the first to notice her. Her sexy smile confirmed Jennifer's suspicions that they'd been playing while she was gone.

"Hi Jen...!" the cheerleader said as Jennifer leaned over the table. "Nice job at the teacher's table!"

"Thanks, Shannon...." Jennifer replied, casting an eye on Dan. His nervousness made her grin. "How's the experiment going back here?" She walked around to their side of the table and glanced down. One look at Shannon's skirt told her that things had been going quite well. Her smiled broadened as she saw Shannon's hand hidden inside Dan's lab coat.

"Is that another experiment?" she teased, moving close to the blond. Shannon grinned at her, happy that her new friend wasn't angry. She wrapped her arm around Jennifer's legs, hugging her closer as her palm moved over Jen's outer thigh. When Jennifer moved closer, she snuck her hand under her lab coat, moving it higher until she felt Jennifer's naked ass cheeks under her palm.

"Oh, my..." she whispered, running her hand over Jennifer's ass, "You're even naughtier than me!" She turned to Dan, who was finishing up with the cleanup. "Your girlfriend forgot her panties, Dan." she said in a sexy voice. "Isn't that nasty...?" As she spoke to Dan, Shannon moved her hand over Jennifer's smooth, firm ass, then between her legs. Jennifer closed her eyes and groaned. Shannon's touch on her pussy was exactly what she'd been fantasizing about since early morning.

As Jennifer's eyes locked on Dan's, she allowed her legs to spread and she lowered her pussy against Shannon's probing fingers. Moving her hips back and forth, she felt Shannon's thumb slide between her lips and into her hole.

Oh god..." she sighed, moving up and down on Shannon's thumb. The cheerleader pushed her thumb in to the hilt, pressing the side of her hand against Jennifer's wet pussy, and using the side of her fingers to tease her clitoris. Jennifer tried her best to maintain her composure, but as the last group of students passed through the exit, leaving them alone with Mr. Redfield, she lost herself in the hot sensation of Shannon's fingers. Entwining her fingers behind her head, she leaned backwards, not caring a bit how obvious she was being. The fact that, at any time, someone could come barging through the door to the lab didn't phase her a bit. She gave herself up to her lust entirely.

Dan watched the two girls go at it with a dazed expression. Shannon's fingers had slowed on his cock, but his excitement only grew heavier as he watched Shannon finger fuck his girlfriend. Forgetting about completing his cleanup, he turned and slid his right hand up Shannon's thigh. With his left, he pulled her lace panties to the side, gazing hungrily for a moment at her wet pussy, then slowly inserted two fingers of his right hand between her lips. Shannon turned to him, her eyes ablaze, and spread her legs as wide as she could, moving her hips against his hand.

Dan watched as Jennifer's orgasm overtook her. She let out a long low sigh, bringing both hands down to cover her tits. Pulling the thin fabric of her lab coat apart, she allowed her breasts to push free, bringing her hands back to pinch each nipple as her whole body shuddered.

At the same time, Dan felt Shannon's pussy begin to convulse around his fingers, squeezing them tight as he moved them in and out. When he looked over at Jennifer, he saw her staring towards the front of the classroom. Following her gaze, he saw that her eyes were locked on the eyes of their teacher.

Realizing where they actually were, Dan froze at first, then relaxed as he saw the fire in their teacher's eyes. He was a little embarrassed to be seen like this, but his embarrassment was overshadowed by the happenings beside him. Once he realized that Redfield was enjoying the girl's show, he resumed his fingering of Shannon. She responded immediately by letting out a hot moan and shuddering forcefully against him as she coated his fingers with her thick cum. Her mouth was open wide and she was panting furiously, making Dan grin with satisfaction.

When the two girls finally came down, their eyes were still blazing hot. Dan withdrew his fingers from Shannon's satisfied pussy and brought them to his lips, sucking her juice from them as he looked into her eyes. The sound of Mr. Redfield clearing his throat broke his concentration, though.

"Uh...that was an interesting demonstration, students..." he said, sounding extremely agitated, "and thank god no one walked in on you. But I think you'd better cover up before someone does...and we're all kicked out of here!" He made as if he was finishing putting his things away, but his eyes were fixed on Jennifer's exposed breasts. She smiled at him and nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Redfield." she purred sexily. "Sorry...we just got carried away I guess..."

Redfield looked at her and smiled. "No harm done..." he rasped. "Just cover up please! We could all get in a lot of trouble here."

Jennifer nodded again and stepped back as Shannon slowly withdrew her thumb from her pussy. Jennifer shuddered one last time, then slowly unbuttoned her lab coat. Dan's eyes widened with glee as he saw what she'd done. Sometime during the class, Jennifer had managed to unbutton all of the buttons on her dress. As she smilingly handed him her lab coat, her dress opened fully showing off her naked body. Her eyes moved to Mr. Redfield, making certain he saw her before she slowly began to button her dress. He stared openly at her until she teasingly buttoned the last button.

"Let's go to Dan's house..." Jennifer said to Shannon. Shannon's eyes were smoky and hot as she nodded her agreement. Jennifer grinned and turned to Dan. "Your dad won't be home until later, right?" she said pleadingly. When Dan nodded she grinned again. "Good...cause Shannon and I have something in mind for you...something I think you'll like...."

Stepping close to him, she pressed her chest against his as her fingers began to unbutton his lab coat. Shannon stayed in her seat, watching intently as Jennifer reached the last buttons. Her eyes dropped to Dan's cock as Jennifer moved behind him and pulled the coat from his shoulders, and her breathing intensified as she saw for the first time what she'd been playing with for the last hour or so.

Dan's cock had never been harder. It was thick and red, covered with a thick sheen of his pre-come that glistened under the bright lights of the lab. He watched Shannon as she stared at it, her tongue making wet circles around her full lips. Jennifer watched her also, a proud look on her face as she saw Shannon practically drooling over her boyfriend's cock.

Shannon looked up at her with gratitude on her face. "Let's get out of here..." she whispered. "If we don't , I'm going to suck that thing right here and now...god, he's big!"

Jennifer smiled at her and winked. "Let's do it. I want some too..." She released her hold on Dan's shoulders and turned to hang up his lab coat on top of her own. Shannon stood up, not bothering to adjust her skirt and pulled her own lab coat off, pushing her breasts in the direction of Dan as she smiled at him teasingly. Dan tried to grin back, but could manage only a grimace as he tried valiantly to stuff his hard-on into his pants. Finally achieving his goal, he grinned sheepishly as he saw the obvious bulge his cock was making in the front of his pants.

"I'd better use the bathroom before I walk down the halls..." he chuckled.

"You'd better just be tucking it away for us..." Shannon teased. "I want those balls filled to the brim..."

Dan smiled at her, then at Jennifer. "I'll save it, I promise. I just need to tape it to my leg or something."

Both girls laughed as he turned and headed out the rear door of the lab. The men's room was directly across the hall, and they watched as Dan limped over to it. When the door swung closed, Jennifer turned to Shannon and winked, a conspirital glint in her eyes.

"Follow my lead..." she whispered, leaning down to pick up her purse and books. Shannon watched her walk to the head of the room, then gathered up her own things, adding Dan's books to her pile. She followed Jennifer to the front desk, letting her hips swing sensually.

Redfield swallowed hard as he watched the two girls approach him. He knew his cock was tenting out the front of his pants, but there was no way to hide it.

Hi Mr. Redfield..." Jennifer said in her little girl voice. "I thought we could help you put everything away..." Redfield only stared at them, words failing him. He could smell the sex that emanated from the two girls and it made his cock throb. Finally he was able to clear his throat and stammer.

"Uh...fine..that would be fine..uh, I mean,, you can help me take these boxes back to the store room..."

His nervousness made Shannon excited. She'd never seen an older man so aroused and it made her think of him in a whole new light. Leaning over to take one of the boxes, she picked it up and smiled sexily. "So, lead the way..." she purred.

Happy that her friend was joining her, Jennifer took the second box and smiled at their teacher. "You just need to get the doors, Mr. Redfield..." she said innocently. She held the box so that the top rested under her breasts, making them stand out. The effect was not lost on Mr. Redfield. He cleared his throat and walked to the door, holding it open as the two young lovelies walked past him and across the hall.

He cursed his own weakness as he watched their hips swaying in front of him. He didn't know exactly what was going on here, but he had a feeling he was putting his career on the line. At this point, he was beyond caring, though. He pushed the door to his classroom open and held it as Jennifer and Shannon walked past him. Both girls took the opportunity to brush their hips against his bulge as they passed. And both girls smiled as they heard him moan lightly.

Jennifer walked to the open store room and set her box on the shelf. Shannon followed her lead and then both girls turned to face their teacher in the doorway. His eyes were wild and hot.

"Uh...thank you ladies...I appreciate the help. You can go and enjoy the afternoon now..." He felt his heart pounding inside his chest and wondered if it could be seen. Jennifer smiled sweetly at him.

"Well, we can't go just yet..." she whispered, leaning behind him and swinging the door closed. Standing close to him, she raised her fingers to the buttons of her dress. Redfield's eyes widened as she began to undo them. Shannon watched her friend, then, as she'd agreed, began to follow her lead. Her own fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse, quickly undoing them and opening her blouse in front of the startled teacher.

"I think what Jennifer is saying..." she purred, "is that we cant' really go and leave you in such an uncomfortable position..." Her eyes dropped to his bulge, then back to his face. She brought her hands to her naked tits as she watched Jennifer step closer to her teacher. She smiled as Jennifer reached out and quickly undid Redfield's belt.

"See...we don't want to go...until you come..." Jennifer teased, undoing his button and grasping his zipper tab. She pulled it down quickly, then pushed his pants down his legs, letting them pool at his feet.

By this time Shannon was beside herself. Stepping up to stand on the other side of Redfield, she hooked her thumbs inside the elastic band of his boxer shorts and slid them to his knees, bending at the waist as she did so. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as she saw Redfield's cock.

"My god!" she hissed. "Mr. Redfield! You're hung like a fucking horse!"

Jennifer's eyes also grew at the sight. Redfield's cock hung at a forty five degree angle from his waist. It was red and thickly veined and had to be the biggest cock she'd ever seen in her life! At least twelve inches long and as big around as her wrist, with an almost steady stream of pre-come pouring from the long slit in the head.

Getting a grip on her composure, she raised her hand and ran her fingers along the shaft before curling them around him. Redfield moaned out loud as Jennifer began to stroke him.

Shannon grinned and again followed Jennifer's lead, reaching out to curl her own hot fingers around the horse cock. Smiling at each other, the girls began to pump his prick in unison. Redfield began to pant and moan. After today, there was no way he could have held back, even if he wanted to. Both girls sensed this and grinned.

"Just come..." Jennifer whispered, pressing her naked tits against his arm. "Show us your hot thick cum...Just come for us..."

Together, the girls began to speed up their strokes. Redfield's copious flow of pre-come coated their hands, exciting them both further. Soon Shannon joined Jennifer with the verbal teasing.

"Do it..." she said softly. "Just let us jerk off your big hard cock...Just show us your cum..." She looked up at her teacher's pained face and smiled. Opening her mouth, she ran her tongue in circles over her lips. "But next time I want you to come in my mouth..." she whispered.

That did it. Redfield could take no more. His cock expanded in the grasp of the young girls, and a huge gout of cum sprayed from his cockhead, sailing in a long, wide arc to splash wetly against the tile floor.

"Oh god..." Shannon breathed. "Look at much of it!" She was truly excited as she watched her teacher come. The pearly stream sailed at least five feet out with each furious blast, a thick full stream that looked more like a hose spray, then a cum shot. She moaned, curling her fingers over Jennifer's as the two of them jerked the older man off. She imagined what it would feel like to have that cock come off in her mouth. Or even on her face and tits. She felt a small orgasm overwhelm her and dropped her free hand between her legs, frigging her pussy as she watched Redfield come again and again.

Jennifer was having similar thoughts as she watched her teacher's orgasm. She wondered if she'd be able to take this monster into her throat, but quickly decided that it would be impossible. Her hand barely closed around it! But she was also having thoughts of how it would feel coming inside of her lips, and shuddered as she pictured in her mind how erotic it would look sliding between her tits...expanding under her fingertips and spraying that huge geyser of semen onto her face. Dan certainly was no slouch in the cum department, but Redfield's cock was a damn fountain of the stuff!

When his flow finally stopped, he collapsed against the door frame, his chest heaving mightily. Jennifer released her hold on his cock and grinned at Shannon. As if reading each other's minds, both girls raised their cum covered fingers to the lips of the other. Jennifer moaned as she licked Redfield's cum from Shannon's fingers.

When their hands were clean, the girls hurriedly buttoned their tops. It hadn't taken very long to make the teacher shoot off, but they both knew that Dan would be wondering where they were.

Shannon didn't say a word, but slipped silently past her teacher, a big grin on her face. Jennifer was about to do the same, but paused, remembering her comment about Sunday morning. She looked at Redfield and smiled.

"So don't forget your exercise on Sunday..." she whispered. "I think I'm going to be jogging at Chelsea."

She winked and slipped past the dazed and exhausted man, moving quickly to the door and into the hallway. As soon as she saw Shannon leaning nonchalantly against the wall, she began to giggle, and both girls erupted in gales of laughter.

As luck would have it, Dan emerged just then from the men's room. Both girls watched him walk towards them, their eyes focusing on his still prominent bulge. Smiling at each other, they flanked him on either side, each of them grasping one of his arms as they walked down the hall and out into the warm afternoon.

Jennifer couldn't wait to get her boyfriend behind closed doors and knew Shannon was feeling the same desire.

The school day was ending. But the weekend was just about to begin. The weatherman had called for a hot one, and these three were going to do their best to make that prediction come true!

To Be Continued...


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