The Best Erotic Stories.

by Mark Singer

Dan walked up to Jennifer as she stood in the doorway. He drew her into his arms, feeling her full breasts pressing into his chest. His hands moved over her back as they exchanged a wet, passionate kiss, and from the feel of her skin, he knew she was naked under her skirt and T-shirt.

Jennifer smiled sexily at him as he looked into her eyes. "I decided against a bathing suit." she said, her eyes bright and burning. "I have a feeling that there won't be a lot of swimming going on tonight..."

Dan nodded in agreement, glancing down at her hard nipples pushing out from her shirt.

"And if you do decide to get wet, you'll look fabulous in what you have on....", he said. Jennifer smiled and ran her hand over his flat belly, moving slowly lower until it slid over his hard cock. She squeezed him lovingly before moving lower to cup his re-filled balls.

"I definitely plan on getting wet tonight..." she teased, her hand returning to his cock. "But not from the water...." Dan groaned at this new slutty side of Jennifer. He wondered how he would handle watching his girlfriend suck off another boy. To say nothing of watching her suck off more than one.

He had to admit that the thought of watching her giving blow jobs to a group of boys excited him as much as listening to Shannon describe her own experience. But thinking about it and watching it were two completely different things. He hoped he would be able to maintain his free thinking attitude when the time came.

As if sensing his thoughts, Jennifer looked up into his eyes with concern. Her hand stayed on his cock, teasing and stroking him through his bathing suit.

"Are you okay?" she asked sincerely. Dan nodded and tried to smile as he hugged her to him. The two held each other tightly until they heard the sounds of Shannon being greeted by Randy and Steve. Jennifer leaned back and looked into his eyes once again.

"Anytime you want me to stop, just tell me...okay?" she whispered. "You are the most important thing in my life right now. I won't do anything to upset you..." She kissed his lips lightly, and waited for his response. Dan looked down at her and grinned.

"I want to watch you..." he said softly.

His response made Jennifer grin broadly. She'd been prepared to cancel the whole thing, but she was ecstatic that Dan was into the scene. She kissed him passionately, pressing her pussy against his hard cock and moving them from side to side. Dan groaned and let his palms move over her asscheeks, urging her on.

Jennifer removed her lips from his and began to run her tongue along his neck and into his ear. They were both panting heavily, and Dan groaned as Jennifer slipped her hand into the top of his suit.

"You want to watch me sucking those hard cocks, don't you?" she panted into his ear. Her hand began to move up and down his naked cock as she teased him. She felt him nod against her cheek and she grinned. "You want to see me swallow all that cum...see all those guys jerking off on my face and want to see that don't you...?" Again, Dan nodded as Jennifer leaned away from him and looked into his eyes. With her free hand, she pulled the top of his suit out and down, allowing his long, thick cock to spring free. She wrapped both of her hands around it, pumping him as she grinned at him.

"It excites me, too, Dan.." she whispered, staring at his glistening cock as it slid through her fingers. "I want to act like a slut. I've always been my mind, you know...." Jennifer sounded dreamy, as if she was someplace far away.

"I've always dreamed of being surrounded by hard, throbbing cocks...nameless cocks...faceless men waiting their turn to shoot their hot cum into my mouth...or on my tits... Again and again...until I was covered with it...oh....fuck....mmmmm...I want it so bad...."

Her stroking slowed and her eyes opened as if waking from a trance. She looked up at Dan's excited eyes and grinned sheepishly. "I've never shared that with anyone before..." she whispered, squeezing his cock. Dan grinned back and hugged his girlfriend.

"And I've never shared my girlfriend before..." he said soothingly. "But I have a feeling that we're both going to enjoy tonight...."

"I get the same feeling...." Jennifer breathed, "I get it right here...." Grasping Dan's quivering hand, she drew it down between her thighs. Looking him in the eye, she placed his palm on her inner thigh and pulled his hand higher. Dan's eyes narrowed to slits as she drew his hand up until he felt the heat of her wet pussy.

Jennifer smiled sexily as Dan's eyes widened in surprise. He took a sharp intake of breath as he realized he was cupping a newly shaven pussy. He groaned and moved his hand over her mound, his cock throbbing in her other hand as he explored her smooth, hairless cunt.

"I was going to surprise you..." Jennifer said, her own excitement showing in her voice. "But I couldn't wait..."

Dan sighed and slid his finger between her pussy lips, marveling at how wet she was right then. The smoothness of her mound excited him beyond anything he'd ever felt. He stared into her eyes as he fucked his finger in and out of her.

"Trust me..." he moaned, "I'm surprised..."

Jennifer tried to smile but could only manage a grimace. Her hips began to move in time with Dan's finger, rolling them back and forth against his probing finger. They made for a very erotic sight as they stood on the patio masturbating each other. Dan felt the cum rising in his balls and decided that it would be better to wait. He'd come so many times already that day, he honestly didn't know how much more he could produce. This girl was pushing him to his limits. And he was loving every moment of it!!

"We'd better go..." he panted into her ear. At the same time he slid another finger into her pussy, loving the way she fucked her hips against him.

"Just a little more..." Jennifer breathed, her hips beginning to fuck faster and faster against his hand. She could feel her orgasm rising inside her. Dan could feel it too, and began to thrust his two fingers in and out of her breathing increased.

Jennifer released her grip on his hard-on and clasped both hands around his neck, using him for support as she fucked herself onto his fingers.

As she let go a long low wail, Dan felt her cover his fingers with her cum juices. As his hand became soaked, he could hear the sound of his palm slapping wetly against her newly shaven mound. It made his cock throb mightily as he rubbed it against her outer thigh. He grinned as Jennifer collapsed against his chest and into his arms.

" are so fucking good....." Jennifer panted into his shoulder. She tilted her head back and kissed him passionately, running her hand up and down his hard shaft until they both heard the calls of the other three.

Coming slowly to her senses, Jennifer realized that it was already dusk. Randy, Steve and Shannon were calling to them to get a move on.

"Plenty of time for that later!" Shannon called with a laugh.

"Not that we didn't enjoy the previews..." Steve yelled. Randy laughed with them and motioned for Dan and Jennifer to follow. Putting his arms around Shannon and his brother, he directed them through the gate and to the driveway.

By the time Jennifer and Dan had composed themselves enough to follow, they found their three friends sitting in the van, impatient looks on all of their faces.

"It took you guys long enough!" Randy shouted good-naturedly. "We want to have some fun too, you know..."

Jennifer laughed as she stepped into the back of the van. She smiled as she saw Randy's eyes drop to her long legs as her skirt rode high. She paused for a moment, letting him get a long look at her thighs, and at the same time, letting Dan take in her pose from the back. She knew her skirt was short enough to allow him a look at the lower half of her ass cheeks in this position. Leaning over Randy's shoulder, she ran her tongue along his cheek. "So...go ahead...have some fun..." she teased. She reached down to his thigh, sliding her hot hand upwards until she ran her palm over his hard-on. Squeezing it rhythmically, she slipped her tongue between his lips.

"I this for me...?" she teased, stroking his cock through his shorts. Randy laughed a little nervously and brought his hand up to cup her breast through her T shirt.

"Anywhere you want it, sugar..." her moaned into her mouth. Jennifer smiled as she kissed him, then sighed as she felt Steve's hands moving over her body. One came up to grasp her other breast as the other slid up the back of her thighs. Jennifer shivered, getting a feeling of what the evening was going to bring.

She'd never seen a gang bang, much less been involved in one. Her heart was pounding furiously as three hands moved over her young body.

"You'd better drive..." she whispered into Randy's open mouth, "Or we're never going to make it out of the driveway...."

Randy's eyes opened slightly. The look he gave her told he wouldn't mind if they simply stayed put where they were, but he also knew he had to make it to the beach. There was magic in the air and this was definitely going to be a night to remember. He groaned and pulled his hand away from Jennifer's fine tit. Turning to the front, he gripped the wheel in a death grip before turning the ignition.

As the engine roared to life, Jennifer turned her face to Steve. She kissed him wetly on the lips as she felt Randy put the van in drive and begin the short journey to the beach. Steve kept his hand on Jennifer's breast and brought his other hand higher, slipping his thumb between her pussy lips as Randy pulled out of the drive. Jennifer sighed and ground her hips lower, pushing Steve's thumb deep into her pussy.

"I'm going to suck your cock tonight..." Jennifer panted, reaching down to squeeze his bulge. "I'm going to suck you off....and swallow your hot, thick cum...." Steve groaned and began to move his thumb around inside Jennifer's tight pussy walls. She began to breathe faster, enjoying his thumb-fucking, until Randy made a wide turn onto the interstate. The motion of the turn made her lose her balance, and she fell back, onto the carpet.

Rolling into the sliding door, she began to giggle and laugh, unable to get her bearings. The whole evening was becoming very surrealistic for her.

Finally able to regain her sense of balance as Randy straightened out the van, Jennifer stayed on the carpet, looking up to see Dan and Shannon smiling at her. Shannon was laying across Dan's legs, her head on his belly. His suit was around his ankles and his hard cock was sticking up into the air like a flag -pole. Shannon had her fingers wrapped around him, stroking him slowly as she smiled at her girlfriend.

"You don't mind if I suck your boyfriend's cock do you...?", she smiled. Keeping her eyes locked on Jennifer's, Shannon opened her mouth wide and slid Dan's hard on between her lips. She continued to smile at Jennifer as she began to move her mouth up and down Dan's full shaft. Jennifer stared at her friend, feeling her heart begin to race as she watched her boyfriend's cock slide in and out of Shannon's full, red lips.

The two girls kept their eyes glued to one another as Shannon sucked Dan's cock. She knew how close he was from Jennifer's teasing earlier, and she was determined to make him come off in her mouth as Jennifer watched. Jennifer realized this as she watched Shannon move her lips up and down Dan's shaft.....faster and faster...her eyes never losing their contact with Jennifer's. Jen smiled at her friend, wordlessly giving her the "okay". As the van rumbled down the highway, Jennifer leaned against the sliding door and let her legs open wide, exposing her pussy to Dan and Shannon. Still smiling, she dropped her hand to her crotch, gently rubbing her clit and outer lips as Shannon sucked Dan's cock

As she noticed Dan's hips begin to move, a sure sign that he was close, Jennifer brought her hands up to her shoulders. Keeping her eyes fixed on Shannon's, she slipped the thin cotton off her shoulders.

Shannon watched excitedly as Jennifer pulled her shirt lower. Her eyes narrowed as Jennifer's firm tits came into view. The feeling of Dan's cock in her mouth, combined with the sight of Jennifer stripping for them both was making her hotter than hot. Normally, she liked to watch a boys face as he came in her mouth, but Shannon couldn't tear her eyes from Jennifer. Holding her head still, she allowed Dan to fuck her mouth with long, slow, deep strokes.

Shannon felt like smiling, but Dan's cock was stretching her lips so far that she couldn't. She continued to let him fuck her lips until she felt him begin to quiver and shake. Moving her hand up to cup his full balls, she felt him convulse. At the same time, she felt his hot cum coursing through his shaft....erupting in her mouth like a geyser.

"Mmmmmm....." she moaned, as her mouth filled with Dan's seed. Finally allowing herself to smile, her lips parted, letting Dan's thick cum pour over her lips and onto her cheek.

Jennifer's fingers were thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt as she watched her boyfriend come in Shannon's mouth. "Hot...thick...fucking cum....Hot thick...fucking cum...." she chanted over and over as her own orgasm washed over her. She fucked herself with her fingers as she watched Dan smear Shannon's face with his ejaculation. Her excitement only intensified as she saw Steve out of the corner of her eyes.

Obviously, he'd been watching the goings-on in the back of the van. His cock was naked and pointing at Jennifer as he made his way closer. His hand was flying up and down his shaft as he grinned at Jennifer and knelt in front of her.

"Give it to me...!" Jennifer cried as Steve's cock erupted. She shouted out in ecstasy as she felt Steve's hot spray hit her breasts. Cupping her tits in both hands, she offered them to Steve.....his cum splashing wetly onto her chest. She giggled as she rubbed the thick fluid into her skin, squealing delightedly as she felt his cum hit her face.

Returning her attention to Shannon and Dan, she watched as Shannon lovingly slurped up the cum that she'd missed, licking it from Dan's belly and legs and swallowing noisily. Jennifer leaned forward, capturing Steve's still hard cock into her mouth and sucking the last bits of semen from his pole.

Both girls had just finished their preliminary snack when they felt the van pull to a stop. Caught up in the excitement of the moment, Jennifer hadn't even noticed the bumpy ride to the beach. Her heart began to pound as she wiped Steve's cum from her lips.

They had arrived. They were at the beach.

Outside she could hear the sound of boys and girls partying. A loud cheer rang out from the crowd as Randy opened his door and stepped out. Jennifer, for the first time that evening, began to get nervous. It sounded as if there was a hundred people out there....

"Party time ladies...!" Randy said, in his party voice. "Time to get down!!"

Jenifer almost fell backwards as she felt the sliding door open behind her. Quickly gathering her wits, she pulled her T-shirt up and over her breasts as the door slid open. She gave herself up as she felt two strong hands lifting her from the van like she was light as a feather. Turning to her rescuer, she looked into the eyes of a handsome, smiling stranger.

The night was just beginning, she felt.....

* * * * *

Jennifer looked around her as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. The sun was painting the sky a wonderful shade of orange and red, and a full moon was just coming up over the dunes behind them. But most catching was the flickering light of the blazing bonfire that illuminated the area. Rock music was blaring from a number of vehicles that were parked in a circle around the fire.

As she looked around her, Jennifer saw a large number of boys and girls laughing and dancing, both in groups and in couples. After thanking her two "rescuers", she sat in the doorway of the van and took in the sight. A number of young men were milling around the van, letting their eyes move slowly over Jennifer's body and she smiled sexily back at them. When she felt Dan's strong hand on her shoulder, she turned and looked at him with a nervous grin.

"I didn't realize there'd be so many kids here tonight..." she whispered to him. Dan answered with a reassuring grin, his hand moving over her back and shoulders in a comforting way.

"To be honest...either did I..." he said, his eyes moving over the crowd. Like Jennifer, he recognized a number of the faces from school, but most of the kids were strangers to him. Rangeview students, he guessed. He was pleased to note, though, that there was a fairly large contingent of female students here tonight. And from the looks of it, they were very ready to party...

"Look over there..." he whispered to Jennifer, keeping his hand on her shoulder. Jennifer turned in the direction he was pointing and saw a couple making out passionately by the fire. Jennifer felt her heart rate quicken as she spied on the couple. They were both wearing bathing suits...the boy in a pair of baggies, and the girl wearing a black bikini that seemed to shimmer in the firelight.

They seemed oblivious to the crowd that surrounded them as their faces moved against one another. And, as the fire flared, Jennifer could plainly see the boys hand moving inside the top of the girl's bikini. As she watched, she saw the boy reach behind the back of his date and undo the bow that held her top together, then return his hands to her front. There was no protest from the girl. In fact their passionate kissing increased as the girl leaned back to give her date access to her breasts. At the same time, Jennifer watched as the girl's hand began it's journey south...over the boys stomach, and directly over his cock.

Jennifer heard Dan sigh as they both watched the girl slide her hand inside the boy's suit. In the firelight, they could plainly see her hand moving up and down his shaft. Jennifer felt Dan's hands move over the top of her shoulders and down, to caress her breasts. She sighed and leaned back into his arms, crossing her legs and letting her arms fall to her sides. She was aware of the stares from the boys she was receiving, but really didn't care at that point. Obviously everyone here was feeling quite casual about being seen. And as she looked around, thrilling to the feel of Dan's hands, she noticed a number of other couples making out around them. Everyone was in various stages of undress.

As she continued to watch all the people, Jennifer noticed Randy moving through the crowd, high-fiving different people and bending to kiss girl after girl as they greeted him. Focusing on the area, Jennifer also picked out the shapes of Steve and Shannon following behind. Both were greeted with the same level of enthusiasm that Randy had received. Especially Shannon.

She looked wonderful as she glided through the throng. Having shed her beach robe, her white bikini stood out like a nurse under a blacklight. Her wonderfully full breasts glistened in the firelight and she tossed her long blond mane back and forth like a star greeting her fans, all the while laughing and joking with everyone she met. Jennifer knew then that Shannon had a lot of experience at these functions. It seemed as if she knew absolutely everyone. Either that, or she was just very good with groups of people. Either way, she looked magnificent.

Jennifer smiled, content to merely watch the goings-on. Dan's hands felt wonderful on her breasts, and although no one had approached her yet, a number of guys were giving her sexy glances as they watched her boyfriend feel her up. As she looked at each boy, Jennifer tried to imagine what his hard cock would look like...which boys would come like she liked, and which boys would trickle. As she enjoyed her game, she became more and more excited with what might happen.

Lost in her reverie, Jennifer didn't notice a short red-head walking up to the van on Dan's side until she spoke to him. She came back to reality as the girl greeted Dan.

"Hi there...." she said in a voice that just dripped sex. "Either you're new here, or I missed you at the last little party we had...."

Jennifer turned to look at the girl and felt her heart sink. The redhead was absolutely breathtaking. Although short, she was perfectly proportioned, with a gleam in her eyes and a smile that radiated a single statement: "Fuck me...fuck me right here and now!" And it didn't help Jennifer's position that the girl was wearing a pair of skin tight denim cut-offs that clung to her ass like paint. and to top it off, she wore a loose fitting white cotton blouse. The blouse was completely unbuttoned, the tails hanging out and the sleeves rolled up. The mounds of her breasts peeked out enticingly each time she moved. And she was moving a lot....

Dan cleared his throat, his eyes moving over this vision in front of him. The girl didn't look a day over sixteen, although he prayed that his judgement was wrong. He knew at that moment, that sometime before the night was out that this girl would feel his long cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He prayed again that he would also feel those full, pouty lips sliding up and down his prick.

As if reading his mind, the redhead, winked at him and allowed her lips to part. Dan sighed as he watched her tongue poke out and run sensuously over her lips. He was absolutely entranced by her.

She winked again, her smile expanding along with Dan's cock, and she turned to Jennifer. Extending her hand, she introduced herself.

"Hi...I'm Tracy...I hope you don't mind me flirting with your boyfriend here...." Tracy's eyes narrowed as she took in Jennifer for the first time. Her eyes swept over Jennifer's body, from her tits straining against the thin cotton of her T-shirt, to her legs that were exposed to her crotch. Again, Tracy's tongue made lazy circles around her lips.

"Although I think I may begin to flirt with you too...." Tracy said dreamily, "You are dressed to fuck, girl..."

"Actually, I prefer to suck tonight..." Jennifer replied with a smile. "But I appreciate the compliment..." She extended her own hand, taking Tracy's and squeezing it. "I'm Jennifer..." she said, "...and this handsome stud is my boyfriend, Dan..."

Tracy laughed and shook Dan's hand. Jennifer smiled as she noticed Tracy holding on to it as she leaned against his leg. Her eyes dropped to Dan's crotch before looking back at Jennifer.

"Good answer!" Tracy giggled. "And I see what you mean..." Again, her eyes drifted over Dan's bulging crotch. "So tell do you know Shannon?"

Jennifer returned the girl's easy grin, letting her eyes move over her now exposed breasts.

"We go to school together." she replied. "But I really got to know her when I watched Dan here fill her mouth with his cum... I knew that a girl who liked to suck cock as much as she did would be a very close friend...." She looked at Tracy, waiting for a response, but the redhead merely stared at her.

"And my boyfriend here loves to have his cock sucked...don't you Dan...?" Jennifer glanced at Dan and grinned, knowing she was setting him up with this girl. Dan smiled back at her and nodded.

"But only when it's done right..." he teased, turning his gaze to the young redhead. She smiled at him, seeming to accept his challenge.

"Well, there's only one way to find out..." she countered, placing her hand on his thigh. "I've been told that I'm a pretty good cocksucker...." She smiled, sliding her hand higher on his leg, until it disappeared inside the leg of his shorts. Jennifer grinned as Dan let out a long moan.

Moving over to lean on the side of the open door frame, she grinned as she watched Tracy make her move on Dan. The night was certainly starting out with a bang!

She watched the bulge of Tracy's hands inside Dan's shorts. He moaned each time she moved her fingers up and down his cock. "You've got a very nice cock in here, Dan..." Tracy panted, her own excitement growing. Her other hand moved inside her open blouse, caressing her breasts as she moved closer to Jennifer's boyfriend. Leaning forward to slide her tongue over his lips, she sighed as his hands came up to join hers on her tits.

Jennifer couldn't believe how confident this girl was acting. Especially when she looked as young as she did. She didn't say a word, but simply watched as the redhead turned over the task of breast management to Dan. Her hand moved out to caress his face, then make a long slow trail over his chest and belly, finally coming to rest on the button of his shorts. She toyed with it for a moment as she looked into his eyes.

"Do you want to feel my mouth on your cock, Dan...?" she teased, still running her other hand up and down Dan's shaft. It was obvious that that was exactly what Dan wanted, but he couldn't reply. Tracy smiled and continued to tease.

"Do you want me to suck your cock in front of your front of all these people? Do you want to see what a slut I am...? Do you want that, Dan?"

Dan was able to nod as he felt Tracy undo the button of his shorts and move to his zipper tab. "I thought so..." Tracy grinned, pulling his zipper down. "That's what all the boys want...all the boys want me to suck their hard cocks..."

Tracy pulled Dan's throbbing cock into the night air, and looked down at it. A smile spread over her face as she took in the size. "And I do love a challenge..." she chuckled. "Kneel in the doorway and I'll show you why I'm so popular at Rangeview." Tracy said with another smile.

Dan was quick to follow her suggestion, and knelt in the doorway of the van. Tracy smiled and pulled his shorts down to his knees, keeping her eyes fixed on his bobbing prick. Jennifer sensed the lust that flowed through the young girl as she saw the gleam in her eyes. This girl was truly enjoying this situation. She seemed to be anticipating this cocksucking session as much as Dan was.

Tracy let go of Dan's cock for just a moment as she reached up and slid her blouse from her shoulders and over her arms. With a grin and a wink, she handed the blouse to Jennifer, who looked over the girls breasts with admiration. The seemed huge on her small frame, but were perfectly shaped and firm enough to stand out straight from her chest. Her nipples were long and hard, their dark brown tips pointing like pinky fingers.

As Tracy winked again, she turned back to Dan and bent at the waist. She didn't touch Dan's cock with her hands, but Jennifer watched as her lips parted and she engulfed Dan's purple cockhead. He groaned and gripped the handbar that ran over the top of the door. His hips moved forward, sliding his cock deeper into the redhead's mouth.

Jennifer heard the girl sigh with contentment, and at the same time, heard a shuffling of sand beside her. turning to look, she saw a cute blonde on the sand, not more than two feet away. On each side of the blond was a boy. Her arms were around both boys, and Jennifer could plainly see the hard bulges of their cocks pushing out their bikini trunks.

The blonde was wearing a pair of cotton gym shorts and nothing else. Her small, but enticing breasts were moving as her chest heaved with excitement. As Jennifer's eyes moved between the newcomers and her boyfriend's cock sliding in and out of Tracy's mouth, she felt her heart begin to pound heavily inside her chest. This was the first orgy she had participated in, and she was totally excited to see people who enjoyed sex as much as she did freely exposing themselves to whoever happened by. It was a totally mind blowing experience. She really felt at home with these kids!

Tracy was holding her head still as Dan slid his cock in and out of her lips. Jennifer was truly surprised to see the tiny girl taking every inch of his cock into her mouth and throat. It seemed almost effortless as he fucked deeper and deeper.

The three newcomers were enjoying the view also, she saw, turning her attention back to them. The blond had moved her hands over their fronts and had slid a hand into each boys suit. Jennifer watched with growing excitement as the blonde began to stroke two hard cocks, and stifled a groan as the blond pulled both cocks into view.

The blonde stood there, her eyes fixed upon Tracy's lips sliding up and down Dan's cock as she masturbated each boy.

"You want Russel's cock?" the blonde said pantingly to Jennifer. "He comes like a horse..."

Jennifer smiled and shook her head. "I'm just watching for now..." she smiled, "You look like you have matters well in hand...."

The blonde grinned and continued to stroke the two hard cocks in her hands. The boys seemed to be entranced with Tracy's mouth motions, although the boy on the blond's right turned to stare at Jennifer as his friend stroked him off. Jennifer smiled back and slowly pulled her T-shirt up and over her tits, letting the boy have a look. He groaned and smiled before turning his attention back to Tracy.

As for Tracy, she was meeting each of Dan's long cock thrusts, opening her lips wide to accept his cock into her throat each time he pushed his hips forward. Dan was groaning...obviously getting closer to coming. Jennifer watched his face looking for the telltale signs. When he began to groan with every stroke she turned her gaze back to the blonde.

"He going to come in her mouth...." she whispered, ""

The blonde grinned, her hands moving faster on the cocks on both sides of her. Each boy had reached over and claimed one of the blonde's small, firm tits, caressing them both and making her sigh. Jennifer slowly moved one hand to her thigh, moving it higher and raising her skirt until her fingers pressed against her pussy. She felt as if she was in a fantasy as she watched three hard cocks swelling with the anticipation of ejaculation. She moaned to herself as she watched the two girls work to bring the boys off.

Hearing Tracy moan low in her throat, she turned her head in that direction. She could see a milky white stream of semen escape from the redheads lips as Dan came in her mouth. His head was thrown back and his chest heaved as he fucked his cock slowly in and out of the girl's mouth. Each time his hips bucked, Jennifer knew he was firing another thick load of cum into her mouth. She sighed with a bit of envy, knowing how exciting it was to feel Dan's cock pump his thick semen over her own tongue. The girl was making soft purring noises as she tried in vain to swallow Dan's heavy flow. The dreamy look in her eyes told Jennifer that she was enjoying the challenge.

Finally giving up on trying to swallow it all, the young redhead loosened the grip of her lips, opening her mouth wider and letting Dan's cum flow over her lips and chin as she worked on his cock with her tongue. Looking over at Jennifer, Tracy smiled as Dan's semen dripped off her chin and onto her tits.

Jennifer smiled back at the girl and turned to the blonde as she heard the other boys begin to moan. Her finger was sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy as she took in the sight before her.

The blonde had turned to face the two boys, and was kneeling in the sand, staring intently at the two hard cocks in her hands. She jerked them off with alternating strokes, looking like a machine as she sensed the boys nearing their climaxes.

"Come for me..." she began to chant. "Come on my tits...spray your hot fucking cum all over me...come...come...."

The taller boy took a half step closer to her, his long cock just inches from her face. "Oh...yeah..." the blonde laughed, "Give it to it!" Her long blond hair was waving in the moonlight. Jennifer had never seen a sight so erotically beautiful.

She let out a long moan as the tall boy's cock swelled and erupted. The thick stream of semen splashed wetly over the blonde's cheek and lips. She kept her lips closed, content to bathe in the cum flow, but moaned loudly as the second boy's cock exploded, covering the other side of her face.

Leaning backwards, the blonde aimed both cocks at her tits, her cum covered lips shining in the moonlight as her hands jerked both boys off. She was obviously well practiced in this particular feat, and both boys came as one, showering her tits with their semen. Again she laughed heartily as she felt the hot liquid splash against her. Her tongue shot out, licking their cum from her lips as they came again and again.

A small crowd of boys and girls had formed around the scene, and when the boys finished coming, a smattering of applause rose from the group. Jennifer found herself enthralled with the freedom and abandon that was being displayed, and felt her own orgasm flowing over her fingers.

She watched through heavily lidded eyes as Tracy stood up in front of Dan. She was smiling from ear to ear as she massaged his cum into her skin. Dan was still panting as he leaned back onto his haunches. He looked at Jennifer and smiled, his eyes dropping between her legs to see her shining fingers.

The blond stood up and followed Tracy's lead, using both hands to massage the two loads of semen into her chest and belly. She giggled softly as a group of boys stepped up to talk to her, and Jennifer grinned to herself as the young girl went walking off towards the fire with them. When she was ten feet or so away, she turned and waved to Jennifer, her grin bright and excited, and her breasts shining in the glow of the bonfire. Jennifer waved back with a smile and turned to Dan.

He was still breathing heavily, but had calmed down considerably. Jennifer smiled to herself as she noticed that his cock was still hard. He was an amazing stud when he got pumped up. She knew that he'd already come at least four or five times today, and from the look of his boner, he was ready to come again. She found herself smiling at him and shaking her head with a combination of disbelief and pride.

Tracy was also smiling, the sheen of Dan's cum still bright on her lips. Jennifer smiled at the girl and handed her the blouse she'd shed earlier. Tracy grinned as she took it from Jennifer and slipped it over her shoulders. Still grinning, she tied the tails together around her midriff, pulling the fabric tightly around the sides of her tits. The front of her cum-covered breasts and her hard nipples were totally exposed, and she turned in front of Dan and Jennifer, modeling her outfit.

"Do you think anyone will notice...?" she asked with a laugh. Dan and Jennifer both laughed with the girl.

"Yeah..." Jennifer chuckled, "I think someone here will notice...." Tracy laughed and stepped closer to Dan's girlfriend.

"I noticed these inside your little pussy earlier..." she said softly, reaching out to take Jennifer's hand in hers. Jen's fingers were still wet from her orgasm and she sighed as she watched Tracy bring them up to her lips. Tracy's tongue snaked out and began to lick the sides of Jen's fingers before capturing them between her lips. She sucked the two fingers as if they were another cock, sliding her wet lips up and down and running her tongue around the two digits...all the while staring into Jennifer's eyes. Dan leaned over on his side, watching Tracy suck on Jennifer's fingers. Already his cock was throbbing for more. He could only imagine how tight this tiny girl's pussy would feel around his cock. As if reading his mind, Tracy turned her gaze to him and smiled, slowly pulling Jennifer's fingers from her mouth.

"Maybe later you'll let me eat your girlfriend's pussy while you slide your hard cock in and out of it..."

Dan groaned at the thought and Tracy grinned as her hand reached down to grip his cock again, sliding up and down the shaft. "I'd like to feel your cock in my ass right now..." she whispered, looking down at his cock. "Would you like that? Slide your big cock inside my little asshole and fuck it while I suck your girlfriend's cunt...?" She felt Dan's cock throb in her fist and grinned, looking up at him.

"I'll take that as a yes..." she chuckled, "Let's meet back here later...and fuck..." Leaning down, she kissed the head of Dan's cock, then turned back to Jennifer. she pressed her body between Jennifer's lags and kissed her on the lips. Dan watched, spellbound as the two girls pushed their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Both of them began to pant heavily, but just as Jennifer reached up to caress Tracy's tits, the tiny girl backed away with a grin.

"Just a taste for now..." she laughed. "I have to go meet my fans... Maybe you'll decide to join in a little later. You know it'll be fun..." She winked and turned to go. Dan and Jennifer watched silently, both of them admiring the was her little ass moved back and forth in her tight shorts.

Jennifer's mind was racing. She had every intention of joining the party. After all, it was why she was here. The episode with Tracy was simply an appetizer.

Tracy kept walking towards the fire, but turned her head, as if to make sure they were watching her. She laughed and tossed her hair when she realized they were, and turned back to the fire, laughing out a greeting to a group of boys who rushed up to meet her.

As she disappeared into the crowd, Jennifer turned back to Dan. He was lying on the van carpeting, his hard cock bobbing up and down with a mind of it's own.

"If you don't put that away..." she said, grinning as she pulled her T-shirt up and over her tits, "I'm going to have to find somewhere to put it..." She shivered as Dan grinned at her and flexed the muscles in his cock. It stood straight up in the air before slapping noisily back onto his belly. Half of her definitely wanted to get to the group party, but the other half desperately wanted to feel Dan's thick, hard cock sliding into her pussy...fucking her hard until it hurt. She'd decided earlier that afternoon that the time was right for her to finally lose her virgin status. She wasn't sure when it would be, but she knew it was definitely going to be Dan. She decided to leave the decision up to Dan as to whether that was going to be tonight....

Raising her right leg up until her foot rested on the floor of the van, Jennifer let her legs spread wide as she leaned back to allow Dan a view of her pink pussy. Moving her knee back and forth, she made her lips open and close in front of his face. Dan stared at her pussy as his hand moved to grasp his hard-on.

"What will it be Dan..." Jennifer teased, reaching her fingers down to spread her pussy lips wider, "Do you want to stay in the van and fuck me all night...? " She felt Dan shiver with the thought, and also saw his cock expand in his hand as he realized what Jennifer was offering him. She saw the torment on his face as he wrestled with his desires. Or do want to get to the party?" She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his ear. "And watch me suck all those hard cocks..." she whispered.

Dan's low groan told her of his desire. She knew then that he wanted the latter. Which pleased her immensely. Jennifer had been thinking about this night since she was fifteen. She was definitely going to do as many hard boys as she could find tonight. And she was glad that Dan wanted to watch her.

Running her fingers over his hard cock, she ran her tongue around his ear. "You want to watch me suck those cocks, don't you..." she whispered into his ear. "I want you to...I want you to watch as I suck all those boys off... I want you to watch them fill my mouth with their hot cum...cover my tits... Make me drown in it..." She leaned back and smiled at him.

"Then I want you to be the last... be the last one to come in my mouth... Then I want you to fuck me, understand...?"

Jennifer moved her face down to Dan's belly. Opening her lips wide, she engulfed his quaking hard-on, sliding down it until she felt his hair brushing her nose. She cupped his full balls as she gave him head, slaming her face against his crotch as she swallowed his whole cock again and again.

Finally, when she felt his hips begin to fuck her mouth, she pulled away, a long icicle of pre-cum and spit dangling from her flushed chin.

"God, I love sucking your cock!" she panted, gathering the pre-come into her mouth.

Dan grinned, and reached for his shirt. "You just love sucking cock." he laughed, pulling it over his shoulders. He left it unbuttoned and jumped from the van, standing in the warm sand as he pulled his shorts up. Jennifer looked longingly at his hard-on as he tucked it away, then jumped down to join him on the sand. She smiled as she tugged her skirt down below her crotch, then reached up to tie a knot in the bottom of her T-shirt. She pulled the knot tighter, until it rested just below her tits. Her hard nipples stood up like soldiers against the thin fabric, and the tops of her firm breasts showed plainly above the scoop neckline.

"Do you think anyone will notice...?" she said, mimicking Tracy's comment. Dan looked at her approvingly, then turned to slide the van door closed. Putting his arm around her, he directed her to the throng of people standing around the fire.

"I think they'll notice all right..." he said with a chuckle. "I think you're going to have your hands full tonight...."

Jennifer smiled and looked at him as they approached the fire.

"What I want is to have my mouth full..." she said with a grin. Dan smiled and shook his head.

Together they walked into the crowd, both of them beginning to buzz as they heard the comments of the guys on the outer fringe. Jennifer made a point to rub her thinly covered tits against every one she passed as they made their way through the herd, and soon she thrilled to the feel of hands reaching out to caress her tits and ass as she moved. The hands belonged to both male and female, and she began to walk slower as they approached the front of the circle.

Both of them could hear cheers and laughter coming from the area of the fire. The crackle of the flames disguised much of the sounds, but Jennifer and Dan both recognized the unmistakable sounds of passion...girls moaning lightly, and the long "Aaaahhhhh....." sound's of a man as he comes.

Jennifer felt herself getting hotter and hotter as they neared the sounds. And the heat she was feeling had absolutely nothing to do with the fire!

* * * * *

To Be Continued...

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