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Kelli Gets Even: Epilogue
by Kelli Bleu

Kelli awoke to the insistent buzzing of her alarm clock. She rolled over with a groan, still sore from the previous night's activities. She smiled as she remembered those events, and stretched, glancing over at her clock. 9am, she thought to herself, plenty of time to get dressed and packed before graduation at 1, then she was out of this place forever.

Her reverie was interrupted by another buzz, the angry sound of the ringing phone. She resignedly climbed out of bed and silenced it. "Hello? Yes, this is Kelli. What time? 10? Really? Okay, I'll be there. Goodbye."

Hellfire and Damnation, Kelli thought, lapsing back into her father's favorite curse. Out loud she simply breathed "Damn." Taking a deep breath, she looked around the room, rapidly calculating priorities and necessities. Picking up the phone, she called her girlfriend, who she was supposed to meet for breakfast. "Sue, I can't make it. I've been called to appear before the council of seven. Yes, really. Yes, I know what it's about. No, I'm fairly sure I've got it under control. See you at graduation." Kelli hung up the phone and bolted for the shower.

45 minutes later she was walking briskly across campus toward the administration building. "The council of seven" was the joking name given to the college's judicial board, made up of seven prominent faculty members, often referred to as the "old men" because they were all in their late 50's and early 60's. She adjusted the large bookbag she was carrying over her shoulder as she reviewed what was probably going on. One of the girls had probably filed a complaint against her, and she was being called to defend her actions. When she began planning, she knew it was a possibility; that's one of the reasons Kelli had waited until finals week. She had a special outfit picked out that conveyed innocence and still looked sexy enough to distract the men, consisting of skintight jeans, leather boots, and a v-neck sweater with a sexy bra underneath. All she could hope for was to be able to talk her way out of the situation, or else she'd have to go further than she really wanted to, which had too many possibilities for her to be comfortable with.

She entered the deserted waiting area at 9:55, and was ushered into the large conference room at 10 sharp. She sighed deeply when she walked in; this was going to be much more difficult than she'd hoped. One side of the table was filled with the stern looking seven, clad in their graduation robes. They looked quite irritated to have to deal with her on the day of graduation. On the other side of the table was the real problem.

All five of her victims were arranged on that side of the table. Bonnie was glaring at her, having apparently gotten over her embarrassment at the exhibition Kelli had made of her. Cindy just looked pissed, and refused to meet her eyes. Kelli remembered the look on Cindy's face as she left her tied to the bed awaiting the computer boys, and almost laughed out loud. She had reason to be pissed. Next in line was Erin, who looked somewhat uncomfortable with life in general. Kelli noticed that she was wearing only leather, pants and a jacket, with no clothes showing under the jacket; apparently her new mistress was controlling her wardrobe as well. Kelli raised an eyebrow at her, and Erin looked away, unwilling to meet her gaze. Beside her, looking like she wanted to rip Kelli's heart out, was Holli. Kelli noted that the engagement ring that had been on her finger, a huge rock that Holli had liked to show off, was missing. Kelli grinned at her, and it took Erin and the next victim to keep Holli from jumping out of her chair and attacking Kelli. Finally, there was Stacy, with dark circles under her eyes, sitting uncomfortably in her chair, probably still in discomfort from last night's activities, just like Kelli was. "Well, well... the gang's all here, isn't it?" Kelli commented dryly.

"Quiet, young lady, and sit there" one of the old men scolded, pointing her to a seat at the head of the table. Kelli complied immediately, sitting demurely (at least she hoped she was being demure) and awaiting the next words. "These women have brought up several charges against you, which, if true, are enough to expel you from the college immediately. They are willing to drop the charges in exchange for a private resolution that we are not privy to, that is contained in this envelope. What do have to say for yourself?" Kelli looked at the girls, who looked quite satisfied with themselves.

"Let me see the envelope" she replied.

"You admit your guilt?" asked one of the seven incredulously.

"Yes, yes, I did it... I'd do it again" Kelli answered, opening the envelope. Inside was a single typed sheet of paper. In exchange for dropping the charges, Kelli was to be the guest of honor at a special party that night, where she would submit to everything the girls could think of for a period of 12 hours. Kelli knew that was an impossible resolution; there was no way she was letting the girls get her into their power. She tossed the envelope back across the table. "Nope, I don't think so. What are the other options?"

The girls grinned wider as the head of the council spoke again. "There are no other options, Kelli. You will be expelled immediately. Your diploma will be ripped up. We have it here. As you have admitted your guilt, there is no other option. Do you not have anything to say in your defense?"

Kelli then told the council the story of what the girls had done to her. She could see them all being alternately amazed and aroused as she went on, telling the story of humiliation and betrayal. When she finished, they consulted each other, then turned back to her. "Not enough to justify what you did. I'm afraid you shall be expelled."

Kelli interrupted quickly, "Could I talk with you privately, sir?" she asked the head of the council.

"That's most irregular... but then this whole thing is quite irregular. Come into this side chamber." Kelli followed, her bag slung over her shoulder.

"What will it take to get me out of this?" she asked without preamble as soon as the door was shut.

"What?" the judge replied, stunned.

"What will it take?" Kelli insisted.

"I don't know what you mean..." the judge said, then trailed off as he realized what Kelli was implying. As he tried to stammer a denial, Kelli cut him off.

"Look, here's the deal. I have in my bag a video of each of those women in a... compromising... situation. I had planned to send those videos to various friends and family to hurt the women further; instead I offer you this deal. The girls will do anything, I imagine, to get these tapes. I will give them to you and your fellow judges. You give me my diploma. I walk out of here, and the incident is forgotten forever. And the girls will be yours." Kelli finished by handing him a sheaf of printouts. "Here's a quick look at some of the shots on those tapes... decide." He took the printouts reluctantly; Kelli watched his breathing quicken as he leafed through them. He ushered her into another room, and she heard the seven of them in the side room discussing their options. The head of the council stuck his head in the door and said, "Leave the tapes in this room. Leave by the side exit." He threw her diploma at her as he left the room.

Kelli took some time packing up her stuff and arranging the tapes, then left by the side exit. Unable to resist, she snuck quietly back to the main door into the conference room and cracked it softly open, peeking inside. She was rewarded with a view of pure debauchery. Erin was on her hands and knees on one side of the table, her leather pants yanked down around her thighs, and one of the men was spanking her as hard as he could. Cindy and Stacy were servicing two of the judges each; Stacy with her mouth and hand, Cindy alternating both of them in her mouth. Each was topless, and the judges were working to pull off the rest of their clothes as the girls serviced them. Bonnie was on her back on the center of the table, nude, masturbating for all she was worth while all of the judges looked on. Finally, the now-single Holli was on her hands and knees, clad only in a bra, in a 69 with one of the judges as the head of the council prepared to invade her from behind. Kelli closed the door quietly.

The rest of the day went as everyone expected. Sunshine and happiness as the graduation ceremony went on and on... the only mar on the day was the absence of seven faculty members and some students. No one could remember those seven ever missing a graduation before. Kelli looked at her watch as she left graduation... 3pm. Wow, she thought... those old boys had a lot more life in them than I thought. She laughed as she threw her hat away and shrugged out of her gown. Time to go, Kelli thought... time to see if the real world is ready for me.


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