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Love Letter
by db01


Where do I begin? It's been two short weeks and already I know that I will never meet another woman quite like you. What was it you said, standing behind me in the checkout line the afternoon that I met you? We couldn't have talked for more than a few minutes and as we walked out of the store you looked up at me and asked if I'd like to go get a cup of coffee with you. I remember laughing and telling you that I lived on coffee. I think I was already under your spell, even then.

Two nights later when I picked you up for dinner I could hardly speak when you opened the door and I saw you. You were in baggy jeans and a loose top at the coffee shop and I know that you couldn't look bad no matter the outfit, but that night you were incredible. The perfume, the dress that clearly told me that you had little or nothing on underneath it and your eyes sparkling and teasing me at the same time.

I'm writing today because the memories of last night have kept me from doing anything constructive. I want you know how I feel and maybe words are the best way to preserve this.

I remember watching you as you slid down on top of me, slowly taking me deep inside of you. Your hands were flat on my chest, supporting yourself. Your chin dropped to your chest, hair falling over your face, and when you lifted it back up and said " I want all of you tonight" I felt this aura begin to grow from between us.

You have this way of rolling your hips that is so sensual, your eyes never leaving mine, the muscles inside of you moving with your hips, massaging my shaft, drawing the head in even deeper, sucking at it, caressing it. I love how you hold my head to your breasts as I suck hard on your nipples and how it causes you to squeeze me even tighter inside.

How long did we make love last night? How many times did I hear you crying out, not in pain but in ecstasy? I came so hard and so many times, even after I thought I had nothing left to give. You would take me into that mouth of yours or take me into your hands and coax me back to life, telling me over and over that you wanted all of me tonight.

Be prepared lover, I will have my turn soon and will revisit this evening. Two can play this game of passion that we find ourselves in and you know how I love a challenge. Be prepared..*kiss*


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