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Literotica Reunion Chapter V
by Michael

"Ok, guys, who wants to be first?" the ladies asked simultaneously.

"First!" Shintani exclaimed. "My god, we're too hot to wait in line! Guys, everyone grab someone and let's get started!"

"'Grab,' my ass!" Deborah said. Four or five of the men started toward her, faces alight with eager lust.

"Back off, shitheads!" Helle exclaimed. "She wasn't asking you to grab her ass!"

"Fuck, Helle, that's what she said!" Bluesman protested.

"No, lamebrain, she said 'Grab, comma, my ass!'" Helle shouted. "She meant she didn't want to be 'grabbed' at all!"

"Shit!" Fallen Angel said to the other men. "Why can't women ever fuckin' say what they mean?"

Helle rolled her eyes in disgust. "My god, Laurel, ever wonder if guys' brains are all in their nuts?"

"Don't be too hard on us, Helle," Michael commented. "It's part of our enculturation."

Helle gave Michael the finger.

A few miles from the house, a car drove slowly down the highway. Inside, Rodrigo peered at the surroundings, trying to locate Laurel and Manu's house. XXplorHer had sent him up to supplement Manu's efforts to get the party on film and tape, and to join the festivities, if he liked. The thought of so much warm, luscious flesh had kept him aroused for days. Knowing he must be very near the site of the reunion, he was getting extremely hot.

XXplorHer had misplaced the exact address, but had told Rodrigo to look for a sign that said "Black's Beach."

Presently, Rodrigo saw a sign, and pulled up, hoping he had reached his destination at last. But his face fell in disappointment when he looked at the sign and saw that it said "Black's Beech."

"Shit," Rodrigo said. "Fucking tree nursery." He drove off.

In the back yard, the men were growing desperate, their hard cocks throbbing at the need for relief. "Look, guys," Deborah said, "we'll blow you, but we're not fucking slaves at an auction."

"Hell, who lost the game?" several of the men exclaimed at once.

"Yeah, and who's got teeth in the mouths you want to put your precious cocks in!" Deborah retorted. The men conceded the point.

Dixon took the high road. "Gentlemen, let's be magnanimous in victory. Each of us can choose one of these lovely ladies..."

"Dixon, darling, you're always the voice of reason," Laurel sighed appreciatively.

"'Reason' my ass!" Helle said, grasping Dixon's 13 protruding inches. "This one's mine!" Several of the other women shot her dirty looks.

"Just a moment!" Michael said. "There's no need to show partiality. We'll all be here long enough to enjoy each other at our leisure. Besides, half the appeal of desire is in the imagination."

"Thank you, Socrates," Deborah said. "Now can we cut to the chase before you guys lose your hard-ons? I'm about to go into a convent waiting for this to happen."

"Festina lente," Michael said. "Manu, Laurel, please bring out something we can use for blindfolds. I suggest that everyone be blindfolded-men and women alike. Laurel and Manu can match the partners. The men won't know who is sucking them; the women won't know whose cock is in their mouth."

"God, I knew he was weird," Helle said.

"C'mon, guys," Eve pleaded. "Why can't we all just be friends?"

The women looked at each other; the men did the same. The idea seemed very strange. Mrhappy broke the silence.

"Try it," he said. "C'mon, everyone be a sport. I can't participate, but I'd like to see this."

Laurel went to the hall closet to get some cloths to use as blindfolds.

While they waited, Michael thought about his trip to California from Memphis.

On the way, he had stopped in Albuquerque and, to his surprise, had spotted mrhappy leaving a hotel restaurant. After finishing his own meal, Michael had gone to mrhappy's table, seen his room number on his dinner check, and walked down the hall to his fellow Memphian's room to say hello. When he got there, however, he heard ecstatic cries of "Daddy! Oh, daddy!" coming from the other side of the door. Not wanting to interrupt what sounded like a family reunion, he had decided not to knock.

Michael had gone to the front desk and asked for a local paper to find announcements of special activities. To his surprise, he had read that the Tallis Scholars were in concert that night in the auditorium of the local art museum. A concert dedicated to the works of a 16th century composer of English church music was not necessarily what Michael had expected to find in Albuquerque, and he was so intrigued that he decided to go.

Michael reached the auditorium, took a program, and found a seat. The auditorium was rather small, and there were few seats left; he had to sit near the back. Presently, an attractive woman a few years younger than he, sat down next to him in one of the only seats left.

Michael looked over his program. He could sense that the woman next to him was restless. She leaned over to him and said, "Does anyone really like this music?"

Michael noted a slight Canadian accent, another surprise to find in Albuquerque. "A few, certainly not all," he smiled. "But after all, is it necessary to be here if you don't really like it?"

"Maybe not," the woman said. Michael saw that despite her exasperation, she had a lovely face and probably had a very nice smile when she was pleased. She had short brown hair, nice eyes, and although dressed modestly, Michael could tell that she had a nice body.

The woman continued, "I came here because I got stuck," she said.

"Stuck? Hmm, not waiting for towing service in here, are you?"

The woman gave him a small smile. "I'm traveling with my younger sister and brother-in-law," the woman said. "I'm part of a group of people online who post messages topics." She smiled quietly to herself. "The woman who runs the message board is having a party at her beach house in California. I decided to go, and I invited my sister and her husband to come along too."

Michael stared at her. "Good heavens! Is your hostess's name Laurel?"

The woman stared back. "How in the world would you know such a thing?"

Michael was almost too surprised to speak. "I'm part of the same group, and on my way to the same place!"

The woman sat open-mouthed. "This is too much!" she said. "What is your name?"

"I'm Michael," he said. "You may have seen some of my posts."

"You're Michael? My god! I'm Kat! We've responded to posts from each other before on the same thread!"

The two of them just sat and stared. Presently, they both broke into happy laughter.

"This is incredible!" Michael said. "I've heard of serendipity, but this is one for Guinness! Still, I don't understand how you ended up at this concert!"

"Well, I guess it wasn't totally chance," Kat said. "I toured with my school choir when I was in college, so I appreciate good singing. Anyway, my sister and brother in law had planned to go out this evening and visit clubs and dance, but..." she lowered her head and smiled quietly to herself. Then, she looked up at Michael and smiled.

"The fact is, they had gone to the hotel restaurant for dinner, and I was a little late in joining them, and by the time I got there, my sister had started flirting with some old lech sitting at the next table. She's got this fantasy about...about..."


Michael thought of his conversations with mrhappy before they had left Memphis, and then he put his hand on Kat's hand and smiled. "Say no more," he said. "I see there are several coincidences at work here."

She looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back.

"Well I'm very glad you ended up here, even if Tallis is not your cup of tea," Michael said. "I really enjoy his work."

Kat leaned toward him just a little. Her dress had a scooped neckline, and it gaped open only enough to reveal some shadow beneath. Michael found himself wanting to see what was inside. He smiled.

"Perhaps you can tell me what you find so appealing...about Tallis." Kat smiled.

"Certainly," Michael said. "To begin with, he wrote at a time when organs were not widely used in church music..."

Kat started a little; her breathing began to grow almost imperceptibly faster. "Yes, but...I think so important. Don't you?" Her voice was growing husky.

Michael looked deeply into her eyes. "Indispensable," he said. "Still, don't underestimate the power of the human voice. The whole oral apparatus is an amazing thing." He leaned closer to her. "Our lips, tongue, and throat have infinite possibilities. Don't you think so?"

Kat didn't care to say anything. They leaned very close and looked at each other. Michael smiled, and put his hand on her knee.

Finally, she found her voice. "I'm not sure I'm up to appreciating Tallis's...technique, this evening."

"Technique is a marvelous thing," Michael said. "Spontaneity can be even more important."

Without another word, they got up to leave.

In the cab, they nearly devoured each other. At the hotel, they went straight to Michael's room. As soon as the door was closed, their bodies rushed together in desperate hunger; Michael took Kat in his arms and pushed her against the door. Eagerly, their hot mouths met, and feverish, wet tongues began to probe and lick. Michael could feel her heat even through the clothes; Kat could feel Michael's hardness pressed insistently against her. Their hands could not remain still but began to eagerly undo buttons and fasteners; the sound of rustling fabric a background to their low moans of pleasure as they drank from each other's mouths.

Kat began to remove her dress, and Michael began to eagerly lick and kiss her warm throat, working his way further and further down. When Kat had pulled her dress down to the waist, Michael buried his face in her cleavage, licking wildly. As he did this, he unfastened her bra, and when it fell, began tracing circles around her hardening nipples with his fingers. She gasped, and arched her back to put her full breasts even closer to him. He moved his mouth to her right breast and began to suck.

He undressed her with growing intensity, and on the bed, their bodies met once more, naked now, and she quickly wrapped her legs around him. Desperately, they groped and explored, their eager hands and fingers setting each aflame.

Michael put his face against her breasts and began to suck and lick her hot flesh. Her moans became more intense as he sucked each nipple, kneading the breast as he did so. He worshiped and adored breasts, and could get lost in them forever, but there were other ways that he liked to give pleasure.

She lay on her back, and he knelt facing toward her feet, and began to slowly kiss and lick his way down her chest and stomach, toward her legs. Knowing what would happen, and feeling all her inhibitions melting away, she began to open her legs.

Michael began to kiss and lick her inner thighs, working his way slowly toward the center. She was fully open to him now, her lips swollen and glistening. He placed his tongue in that tender place and began to lick. Her moans became louder. Suddenly, she grasped his hard cock and began to stroke it.

He continued to lick and slurp. He could never get enough of drinking a woman's juices; he always wanted to lick and slurp every drop right out of her. She was writhing, but he held her and gently parted her lips, held them apart, and began to lick, back and forth, as her movements become even more excited, and she played with his cock more insistently. He moved his mouth to her throbbing clit and began to suck, as he inserted his finger into her opening. She began to cry out.

When she was ready, he lay down, and she mounted him. As he entered her, she dangled her delicious breasts in his face, and he licked and sucked them urgently, needily, as he placed one hand behind her and began to play with her anus.

She took him into her very deeply, and cried out to him to play with her breasts more roughly, as her excitement mounted. Their movements formed a pattern, as he began to thrust more and more deeply, harder and harder, faster and faster. His finger slipped into her anus and began to move in time to his thrusts. They began to call out each other's names, and presently, their cries turned to wails of agonized delight, as he felt himself explode inside her, gushing his semen deep into her tunnel.

As they lay in each other's arms, the phone rang, and Michael answered it. "This is the front desk," a voice said. "Is everything all right? One of the staff passed your room a moment ago, and thought they heard someone in distress."

"There's no problem, Michael, said, his breathing beginning to return to normal. "We were discussing the use of the organ in church music." He hung up.

They lay naked in each other's arms all night, and at dawn, melted into each other once more, pouring their whole being into each other, merging their hungry bodies in an ecstasy of rekindled desire. Eventually, they parted with long and hungry kisses. Kat said "Hope I'll see you at the reunion...that is, if my sister can keep away from every Tom, Dick, and Harry who smiles at her."

"Well, Tom and Harry may be superfluous," Michael smiled. "Anyway, be easy on your sister. When you get to Laurel's, you may find it's a small world." He didn't explain himself, and it was time for Kat to go.

Standing in Laurel's back yard, waiting for Manu to return with blindfolds, Michael hoped Kat would make it, but there was plenty here to keep him occupied. He surveyed the "losing team" with satisfaction. There was Eve, her lovely, mahogany-colored skin making his mouth water; Helle, with her auburn hair and full breasts; Laurel, a petite caldron of lust, now becoming strangely powerful in her dominatrix guise; Butterfly, smiling back at Michael with a sexy smile; SpecialK, her inhibitions now totally forgotten, completely naked and unashamed. All of the ladies were enticing. Michael began to wonder if he could persuade his employer to establish a west coast office.

Manu came back with some cloths, and handed them out to everyone. Michael blindfolded himself, and heard Laurel say, "All right, everyone, stand where you are, and I will lead you to your partner."

"I stopped playing follow-the-leader when I grew up," Deborah insisted.

"You started playing again when you let yourself be bareassed and blindfolded in my fucking back yard," Laurel said, lightly flicking her whip across Deborah's buttocks.

Deborah shivered. "Wow, this 'webmistress' stuff really gets to some people. How do I start my own site?"

"Ask your partner," Laurel said. "He'll do all the explaining; you'll be too occupied to talk, for the time being."

Mrhappy smiled, looking on. "Go for it, webmistress!" he said. Laurel smiled back.

Blindfolded, Michael felt body warmth and heard a soft whisper in his ear. "This is Butterfly, Michael. Just wanted you to know."

Michael smiled, and whispered back, "I'm glad. You were the one I would have asked for; I'm partial to younger women."

He felt a soft tongue begin to flick at the head of his cock, and then begin to circle it. The tip of the tongue began to lightly touch his slit, licking the pre-cum that was oozing out. Two eager hands gently grasped his balls and began to play with them, as her tongue began to lick up and down his shaft in long, slow strokes. He began to tremble, and around him, he could hear the grateful cries of the other men as their straining cocks found hot, wet refuge in eager mouths.

The doorbell rang. SpecialK, who had not yet been blindfolded and paired with a partner, immediately strode through the house to the front hall to answer it, forgetting-or not caring-that she was completely naked. This day had changed her forever.

Outside the door stood a very earnest, sincere young man in jacket and tie, and horn-rimmed glasses. He carried a package full of religious literature. He was canvassing the neighborhood on behalf of Good Shepherd Outreach Fellowship and wished to tell people of their need of repentance.

Just before the door opened, his package slipped, and some of the pamphlets fell to the sidewalk. He stooped down to pick them up. When he stood back up and looked at the doorway, there stood one of the loveliest women he had ever seen. She was completely naked.

SpecialK looked at the young man. He blushed scarlet, and began to stammer, but he could not take his eyes off her nipples, which excited her. Teasingly, she gently shook her breasts from side to side, and his head helplessly followed the motion.

Except for the nerdy glasses, he wasn't bad looking. He had a nice complexion, pleasing facial features, was clean shaven, and seemed to be the type who must work out at least some. SpecialK began to feel very warm. "Can I help you?" she smiled.

The man gasped; he could hardly speak. With a herculean effort, he managed to raise his eyes from their helpless fixation on her erect nipples and said, "I...uh...I'm...talking to people about the need to...uh...repent...uh..."

"You may be right," SpecialK smiled sweetly. "But don't get the cart before the horse. Before repentance, comes temptation."

The man was beyond speech. His gaze had returned to her nipples. He seemed unaware of anything else.

"What's your name," SpecialK encouraged him.

"Tits" the man muttered thickly. "That is...Ted! Sorry!"

"Well, Ted, why not come in and let's explore the matter more fully." She smiled at him.

Ted stepped inside, and SpecialK closed the door behind him. From the backyard came a chorus of moans.

Chapter Six by Butterfly
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