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Lonely No More
by Carl East

'What a beautiful day' I thought, as I walked down the main road that led to my house. I had been to the local supermarket to get the weeks shopping, and as there was only myself to shop for I only had two bags to worry about. Getting home and putting the shopping away I put my feet up for a breather. I lived alone and was eager for male company, but I never seemed to meet the right people.

Using the remote I switched on the TV, that's when this little adventure started, for no sooner had I switched it on than it blew. 'Damn,' I thought, that's the last thing I need, I was already stretching the budget to the max, but I couldn't be without a TV. Calling the shop I sat and waited, three hours later the van showed up, I got to the door before they rang to find a hunk of a guy. I stood staring at him, thinking 'the things that I'd like to do with you,' then I realised I was keeping him waiting.

"Sorry, come in." I said, quickly.

"Your TV on the Fritz then, love?" he said, stating the obvious.

"Yes, and I'm not sure if I can afford its repair," I answered, wanting to keep the conversation going.

"Well, let's have a look, and see if we can't come to some agreement," he replied.

After he'd had a look, he told me that a fuse had blown, but that they don't normally blow without a secondary reason. He then said that he had replaced it, and if it went again he would check all the other possibilities. I told him thanks, then asked if he would like a drink.

"Yes please, a coffee would go down nicely at this moment."

I put the kettle on and we started to chat, I couldn't help noticing his muscles because he was wearing a tee shirt. He had a broad chest and clearly worked out, the one thing that struck me about him the most though was his smile. You know the kind of smile that lights up the entire face. Once the kettle had boiled I quickly made the coffee and sat back down, he was staring at me.

"Is something wrong." I asked.

"No, it's just that I seem to recognise you from somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it." He replied.

"Now you come to mention it, I know you from somewhere as well." I said.

We both started to swap information, I found out at that point his name was John, then we hit on where we knew each other.

"What college did you go too?" I asked.

"Oxford, in England." He said.

"That's it, I went to Oxford myself, from 1992 till 1994." I stated.

Then we started to narrow it down by telling each other which courses we were taking, it turned out that the only course we were both on was English.

"Professor Sutton." He remarked.

"That's it, god it really is a small world isn't it?" I said, more to myself than to him.

"How much do I owe you for the repair?" I asked.

"Nothing, let's just keep it to ourselves." He kindly said.

With that he drank the last of his coffee and said he'd better be going, but before he left he asked me out for a drink. I said yes I'd love to and that was that, he left after I had given him my phone number. For two days later he still hadn't rung, I very nearly phoned the shop again, but thought that would make me look desperate. Then he rang; he apologised for not ringing sooner but that he had been busy. He told me that he would like to come round on Friday, but he wouldn't be finished till late. I told him that I would get a film in and cook something up for us both. Telling me how nice that sounded and promising to be here at ten o'clock at the latest he hung up. I couldn't wait till the next day; I was rushing around all day trying to get everything looking just right for his arrival. I wore a tight dress that came well above my knees, and let my hair down past my shoulders. I cooked chicken Chinese style, with rice and a bottle of wine; I even put two candles on the table. Everything was ready for nine thirty, and then I remembered I hadn't got a film. I quickly looked through the TV mag to find that with sixty odd channels there was fuck all on. Then I remembered the porno my brother had given me a few months ago, I wondered weather I dare. So what I did was put the cassette in the video recorder and left it there. When he arrived I asked if he liked wine to which he replied yes, pretty soon we were eating drinking and laughing. He asked me if I had remembered to get a film, to which I lied by saying that my brother had lent me one of his, saying that it was bloody good. We sat down in the lounge after dinner and I put the video on. I hadn't watched it myself yet so I had no idea what to expect. When the titles came up and he discovered who the star was he told me that that was a famous porn star, her name was Jenna Jameson.

"You're kidding?" I said, looking as innocent as possible.

I faked getting up to turn it off.

"No, leave it, I don't mind." He said.

The opening scene saw this gorgeous looking blonde, who John informed me, was Jenna, god I thought I had a decent body, she was probably every mans dream. She was about to get fucked by this handsome young man, who had an enormous cock. Just then John put his arm around me, we watched for a while like that, then John leaned forward and kissed me. From that point on the film no longer existed, for I returned the kiss. He placed his hand on my leg and I could feel it creeping up to my pussy, when he got there we were still kissing. He was lightly brushing my panties with his finger making a small wet patch appear, then with his other hand he skilfully unzipped the back of my dress. I reached for his cock through his jeans and found him to be rock hard and raring to go, unzipping him I placed a hand inside to find a respectable eight-inch cock. He pulled my dress up and over my head, revealing my bra and panties, he wasted no time in undoing my bra and letting it fall to the floor. Then he stood up in front of me and pulled his jeans off, then his shirt, he then bent forward taking my panties down with both hands. I couldn't stop myself from taking his cock into my mouth once he had straightened up again. I placed the end on my tongue licking first, then letting it go further into my mouth I sucked it in. I tried to take it all in, but I had never been that good at giving head, I did manage to take most of it. He was standing, his legs slightly bent his moans were egging me on to try harder, for I wanted to please him. The feel of this nice thick cock hitting the side of my mouth was one I hadn't had for a while, and one that I missed. He suddenly pulled it out reaching down for me to stand up and join him. We stood kissing for a while; I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my inner thigh as we kissed hard and long. He then picked me up asking where the bedroom was, directing him he was soon placing me down gently. He then climbed on top kissing me passionately; I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy and reached down to guide it in. I was so wet at that stage he had no trouble pushing it home. He very slowly started to move back and forth, our kissing becoming more erotic, with his tongue entering my mouth. I wanted him to go faster but at the same time I wanted this to last forever.

My first orgasm was more from the kissing than the sex; his rhythmic pumping of my pussy was just keeping me wet. Then he started to speed up placing his hands either side of my arms as he rose to plunge in hard; I was ready, as his cock was slamming me to the bed. My cries of harder made him go that little bit faster; I opened my legs wider wanting to experience the fullest penetration. My orgasms were coming thick and fast as this onslaught continued, he began to moan saying that he was close. Gripping his ass I shouted 'fill me,' he replied here it comes. I could clearly feel the first jet of sperm hit the walls of my pussy, gripping his ass tighter I drew him into me feeling a lust that I had never felt before. He didn't slow down for a while making me cum again, then he suggested another position.

I had always liked it doggy fashion, so I got onto my knees and told him to take me again. He pushed it in easily, I let out a gasp as he entered as deeply as possible, then his speed increased making me grip each side of the bed. In this position I could feel every last inch of his cock, as he pushed it in. My next orgasm made the first seem insignificant, I was biting the pillow, and the knuckles of my hands were white from gripping the bed so tightly. I started to push my ass back to meet his thrusts, while he grabbed my butt making sure that his cock didn't come out. I climaxed two more times before I heard him shout that he was coming. Once he had, my whole body seemed to come down to earth as if I had been lifted up slightly. As we lay next to each other he kissed my breasts and neck telling me how much he had enjoyed it. I placed an arm over his chest wondering how long this would last. We talked for hours after that, and I suggested that he stay the night, which he did.

We saw each other a lot over the next three months, and I was very happy for the first time in my life. I was happier still when he proposed to me, which I accepted straight away without hesitation.

My main thought as I walked down the aisle was 'I will be Lonely No More.'


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