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by Shintani

I was picking up my stepdaughter from her summer vacation. Her mother, my wife wasn't feeling well so she sent me all the way down to go get her darling little angel. She had spent the summer at the beach with my sister in law and her family, but now it was time for her to come home.

We had been driving back and I was getting tired, so we decided to stop at a hotel for the night. It was a decent place; it even had an indoor pool. After dinner, my stepdaughter asked me if she could go down to the pool. Sure I said, and she rushed into the bathroom to change. The door was open a bit and I could see her getting undressed and changed into her bikini in the mirror.

Wow had she grown up! Her legs were long and shapely as I watched her slip out of her shorts, and when she bent over to pull on her bikini bottoms I saw just how fine her ass was. Then she took off her tank top, just as I suspected she didn't have a bra on underneath, and her budding breasts were so inviting! When I had bought her the bikini before vacation, I had no idea that she would fill it so nicely, even at her age.

"Bye daddy" she said as she left the room for the pool. I spent my evening in the hotel's bar, from there; I could keep an eye on her. And mine weren't the only eyes on her! Several teen-aged boys had noticed her young body and were hanging out with her. She didn't seem to mind the attention; a couple of them even bought her some soda and ice cream. So, the little darling knew how to use her charms already! One of them even got to put some tanning oil on her, even though we were indoors and it was nighttime! Well, he had bought her the most stuff, and again, she didn't seem to mind. I was watching him smooth the oil on her back and legs, I could see that he was copping a feel of her ass and even reached around to her breasts as well. No harm done, I figured, and I went back up to our room, a slight stiffening of my cock hidden in my shorts.

Later that evening, she came back up to the room and got changed for bed. I watched her in the mirror as I had done before, and got treated to a full frontal view of her budding breasts as she pulled on a T-shirt and panties to sleep in. I was already in my bed, under the covers and watching TV. It was a good thing, too, as I had been stiffening once again as I watched her getting changed. I got another good look at her legs and ass when she crossed the room and hopped into her bed. What an amazing young body! Long blonde hair, blue eyes and just starting to fill out into womanhood. And that fine ass! Her panties didn't cover all of her ass cheeks, and it was quite a sight. My cock started getting hard again.

We watched some TV together, and just as I was about to shut the lights, she spilled her soda on her bed. Not wanting her to have to sleep in that mess, I said it would be OK if she slept in my bed with me. I made sure that I was completely wrapped in the sheet, as I was nude, and trying to hide my physical reaction to her. She climbed up on the bed with me and was sitting up, as I glanced over, I could see that her panties were a bit too tight, and I could make out the outline of her pussy lips under them. She crawled under the covers and saw that I was naked.

"Oh daddy" she said as I was trying to cover up. "I was a little hot in here" I explained to her, and as it turns out, she was too. "Is it OK if I take my T-shirt off? She asked.

"Sure" I said, wanting to see what was underneath up close. To my surprise, after she took the shirt off, she snuggled up against me, her hand brushing against my cock.

"Daddy," she said, "I know that there are some things that make guys happy. Would you like me to do them with you too?" I was shocked and amazed at my young stepdaughter suggesting that she had some sexual experience.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well," she said, "while I was at the beach, some boys showed me a couple of things that they said that guys liked. And," she continued, "Cousin Rachel kinda told me how to do those things".

I couldn't believe it. Her teenaged cousin had taught her how to make out! In an effort to find out just what she knew, I played stupid. "What kind of things have you been doing?" I asked.

"Well," she answered, "I know you like me rubbing you because it's making you hard". Which it was, and she continued to rub my cock with her small hand, even wrapping her fingers around the shaft and slowly stroking me. "And I know that if I do it enough, you'll cum," she added.

"It does feel nice," I admitted, and then added "do you like it when someone touches you that way?" as I slipped my hand down and began to stroke her pussy through her panties.

"Yes" she said, as I continued to massage her pussy.

"Is that all you've done?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. "Rachel told me that guys like it when I use my mouth on them too. Do you want me to show you?" I was barely able to get a "yes" out when she pulled the sheets off and took my cock in her pretty little mouth. It was incredible as she took the tip into her mouth and then slid the shaft in, all while continuing to stroke my raging hard on. I pulled her panties off and began to play with her clit, and realized that she had some tanning oil on her bald pussy lips. That little bastard down by the pool had managed to finger her while they were together! She perched up on her knees next to me and was sucking me pretty hard as I continued to finger her pussy. What else was I going to find out that night?

It didn't take long for me to find out. "Daddy," she said, as she took her mouth off my cock but continued to stroke with her hand, "is it OK if I don't make you cum this way?"

"What do you mean sweetie?" I asked.

"Well," she said, " I don't really like the way that cum tastes. You wouldn't be upset if I did it another way, would you?"

"Why no, sweetie," I replied, "why don't you tell me what makes you comfortable".

"OK," she said, "if you want to do it too."

"Do what?" I asked, fairly certain of the answer, but needing to hear it for myself.

"A couple of times when I didn't want a boy to cum in my mouth," she explained "I let them do it themselves. If you want to, I'll let you too. After all, you are my daddy." As I prepared to jerk myself off with her, she surprised me again by lying back on the bed and spreading her gorgeous legs apart. "I'd really rather have it this way," she said, "I don't really like it from behind."

She was going to let me do something I had only fantasized about...she was actually going to let me fuck her! I couldn't believe my luck, and told her that I would be as gentle as possible. I climbed up between her legs and looked down at her naked pussy. Those soft lips were parted from the fingering I had been doing, and she spread her legs wide for me. I slowly guided the tip of my cock between them and thrust into her ever so slowly. I slid each inch slowly into her tight little fuck-hole, amazed at how tight she was, and how wet all that we had been doing had made her.

"I've only done this a couple of times," she said as she began to move her hips to meet me. "It feels so good, daddy" she said as I finished my first thrust into here cunt. Slowly, I withdrew my cock and thrust into her again, a little harder each time. I looked down at her; the pleasure in her face evident as her body lay ready to take me. Her budding little breasts even jiggled a little at the end of each of my thrusts. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second as I continued to fuck her. She began to moan as I reached an almost frantic pace of fucking her.

"Do you want it baby?" I asked breathlessly as I continued to thrust harder.

"Yes" she almost screamed out. "Do it to me. Cum for me. I love you daddy" It was almost like fucking a younger version of her mother as I continued to fuck my stepdaughter.

"Tell me what you want" I gasped out, nearing climax.

"I want you to cum for me daddy" she screamed. "Fuck me hard and cum inside me."

"You ready to take it you little slut?" I cried out as my cock began to spurt. It seemed like I was cumming gallons inside her as I came. I had never cum that hard before in my life, as my cock spasmed inside her, filling her cunt with my juices. I could see drops of my cum dripping out of her pussy as I pulled my spent cock out and rubbed it against her clit. It was such a hot sight to see her bare pussy with my sticky hot white cum spread all over her pink lips.

"That was great baby" I told her as I gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

"Yes it was daddy" she replied. "I can't wait to tell everyone how I spent my summer vacation." And she smiled at me and reached for my cock once again.

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