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Literotica Reunion Chapter III
by Laurel

His strong hands clutched the girl, softly denting her thighs. A mist of perspiration clung to their skin, accentuating the muscles in his arms and the curves of her breasts as they push-pulled toward ecstasy. Watching, Laurel became them both - at once the girl being filled and emptied, then the man as he gripped her hips and plunged deep into her soft warm wetness. Laurel's right hand found her clit while her left parted her robe, cupping her breast, lightly squeezing the now-hard salmon-colored nipple. Blood rushed to her face and neck, painting her ivory complexion a mottled pink, as she watched the couple's movements grow faster and more intense, nearly violent, until he went rigid, his head thrown back, and collapsed on top of her.

That did it - Laurel came like a rocket.

When the orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes to find the couple peering at her from the bed. Her blush deepened.

"Oh, just checking on you guys, making sure you found everything. Looks like you did!" Laurel hurriedly fastened her robe and started to shut the door.

"Don't go - stay!" Sabrina urged, licking her lips. Her eyes lustily roamed Laurel's satin-covered figure. "We have so much catching up to do!"

"Yeah, stay! You're the host - don't let us drive you away!" HSWriter smiled sweetly, wrapping a forearm around Sabrina's waist.

"No, thanks. Everyone's gonna show up soon - I've gotta greet them, play hostess, you know!" She backed clumsily out of the room. "And no rush, guys - dinner won't be ready for a couple hours, so take your time," she added with a wink, and left.

As she made her way back to the living room, Laurel contemplated all that had happened within the last hour. She wondered how Manu was faring. Despite the fact that they ran a sex site, neither of them had ever had sex with their pets or family. Nor were they in the habit of dressing in latex and whipping each other, or engaging in Roman orgies in San Francisco. This weekend would be a new experience for them, and they greeted it with a mixture of fear and great anticipation.

Orange light tinted the living room as the sun dropped into the darkening sea. No Manu here - where could he be? Had the embarrassment of the garden incident driven him from the house? Shit, she thought to herself. The last thing she needed was to drive all over the county looking for his embarrassed (though nicely shaped) ass! She sighed, then heard a little tinkle of a laugh. A woman's laugh. Coming from the den.

She peeked around the corner and found Manu in the Eames lounge chair. In his lap sat a lovely young woman, her bright eyes glittering, her arms draped languidly over his shoulders. Manu wore an expression of guarded excitement. He said something Laurel couldn't catch; another peel of laughter escaped the girl. As she threw back her head in glee, dark sultry curls spilled over her back, allowing Laurel to read the embroidered name resting on the ample bosom: SpecialK. She smiled as Kay took Manu's face in her hands and touched her lips to his. Manu's hands found Kay's buttocks, and Laurel could see the pinkness of Kay's tongue slip into Manu's open mouth.

As they deep kissed, she untied her robe. She guided his hands to her lovely, large natural breasts, which he cupped and fondled lustily, never breaking eye or lip contact with her. Laurel shuddered, knowing full well the effect of his steel blue eyes, full of lust. Kay moaned, parted Manu's robe, and gripped his engorged cock. (Laurel had no idea how many inches long or thick Manu's cock was; she only knew that her own pussy was a better measuring device than all the rulers in the world, and he filled that amazingly well.) Kay kissed his neck, his chest, his stomach, the tip of his penis. Manu's eyes widened as she took him deep between her soft pink lips as she pushed her gorgeous chest against his legs, her butt posed seductively up in the air.

His eyes wondered the room in half-lidded ecstasy, then connected with Laurel's. An "Oh Shit" expression widen his eyes, but she shook her head and gave him a thumbs-up sign. Quietly, Laurel crept across the den's wood floors and stood behind Kay. Her fingers touched her Kay's silken inner thigh; Kay jumped, startled, then continued to swallow Manu's erection as Laurel explored her exposed femininity. Laurel stared deep into Manu's eyes as she slid her finger over Kay's moist vulva, then deep into her love canal. Kay's tight cunt gripped Laurel as she pumped her index finger deep inside her while stroking her clit with her ring finger.

"Having fun, are we?" a deep voice whispered in her ear. Large hands pulled her against a man, a taller man... She turned her head. His expressive eyes met hers; he smiled a sweet smile. She knew immediately...

"Dixon?" His grin broadened in confirmation. He kissed her lightly, then glanced over at Manu, not wishing to offend him. Manu watched Kay's mouth work his member, entranced. Satisfied, Dixon kissed Laurel's forehead, then guided her to the floor. She positioned herself between Kay's thighs. Face to pussy with Kay, Laurel suddenly wondered what the hell she was doing. Here she lay, about to engage in cunnilingus with a woman to whom she'd never even spoken... Had she lost her mind, or at the very least, her good judgement?

All doubts dissolved as Dixon's strong hands unwrapped her from her satin cocoon, fondled her tight, petite body. He bit-licked her nipples and breast flesh, then gave her a sexy smile as he slid downwards. A knee over each shoulder, he grazed her swollen pink lips and clit with the tip of his tongue. Laurel groaned into Kay's wet pussy, causing Kay to moan over Manu's organ, the vibrations of which fetching a deep sigh from Manu.

Kay sat up, and Laurel rolled over onto her stomach, wanting to watch what she knew would happen next. Kay straddled Manu, and Laurel looked on lustily as Kay placed the tip of his large red organ against Kay's wetness. Dixon lifted Laurel onto her knees and elbows. Kay arched her back, and slowly slid down onto Manu's pole. Laurel watched Kay's lips part and accept Manu's offering as Dixon pressed his 13" cock (or so he claimed) into Laurel's hot shaven tightness. They both groaned at the intensity of the feeling. Thirteen inches or not, it stretched Laurel in all the right ways.

Dixon's hands moved from Laurel's petite waist to her tiny bottom, gripping her asscheeks as he slid in and out of her. Her pink pussy looked magnificent impaled upon him; it felt like sliding his cock into a thick, exquisite oil. Laurel was overcome with the sensation of his thickness spreading her, plunging deep into her. She peered over her shoulder. His eyes shot her a look part seduction, part bare animal lust, and a warm tingle crept over her body.

She turned and watched as Kay bounced greedily upon Manu's shaft. Her cunt looked stretched, filled to maximum capacity, yet she plunged him in and out of her swiftly, deeply, and wetly. Kay's moans mingled with Laurel's, and soon the men began to also make noises of intense lust and pleasure. Laurel dropped her shoulders to the floor and began to move her hips in rhythm with Dixon to get the deepest penetration possible, all the while watching Manu as he too lifted his hips to meet Kay's motions. Laurel caught a glimpse of Manu's face - a mask of total wanton lust. That pushed her over the edge - she pushed herself harder, faster against Dixon. He accommodated her speed, plunging deep into her pussy, grabbing her ass tightly, watching himself sink deep within her, until...





A four-way simultaneous orgasm.

The sound of appplause roused the four of them from their sweaty post-lust collapse. A crowd stood at the doorway to the den, their faces flushed from the show they'd watched. Laurel laughed, totally embarrassed for the second time that day. She hunted around for her robe. (What's the use of covering up now? she asked herself.) The crowd of new people had all discovered the packages she had left for them, and donned their robes. On their chests, she saw the names: Deborah, the blondie giggling behind her hand; Southernhelle, raising a perfectly curved eyebrow at the scene; demure Butterfly, her hands cupped over her mouth in amazement; mrhappy, his face a satisfied smirk; Michael, looking on in disbelief; hullo_nurse, her face full of undisguised lust; Eve, the mocha goddess towering above the other women; Shintani, trying to cop a feel of Eve's ass; BluesmanII, asking himself what he'd gotten himself into; and a mysterious, lanky, mustashioed Texan..

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