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Literotica Reunion Chapter VII
by hullo_nurse

The whole room erupted into a round of applause. Bluesman, Mrhappy and HSwriter wearily stood up and took a bow. Nurse was still sprawled on the floor, basking in the afterglow of multiple orgasms the group had brought her to.

"Thank you so much, everyone. I can't believe my dream has finally cum true. If only I had a tape of it! No one at home is going to believe me," Nurse remarked after the applause had died down and the laughter had begun.

"Your wish is my command, milady" drawled Fallen. "Manu, you got that all on tape, right? Can't we dub it for Nurse to have a copy to bring home?"

"I'll see what I can do," replied Manu.

Little did the entire group know that he was already compiling a video of the entire weekend and planned on providing a copy to everyone as a going away present to remember this great time forever.

Laurel the incredible hostess that she was, appeared in the doorway to tell us that lunch was ready outside on the deck. Laurel had managed to find time to order a huge sub sandwich. There were chips and potato salad, you know, picnic-y stuff. We all sat on blankets on the ground, talking, listening to some cool dance music blasting from the excellent stereo system Manu had rigged up.

The conversation at lunch focused on the contest last night. It seems everyone had a great time, even the guys who tried to pretend that they wanted nothing to do with sucking another guy's cock. Butterfly and SpecialK admitted to the group that they were so sorry that they hadn't participated and that after a few hours of watching they were just dying to join in. All the girls offered their treasure for sampling, but always the mastermind, Crystal suggested that we get into a circle.

We were all through with lunch and got the trash collected. Then Crystal sat down on one of the blankets and encouraged everyone else to find a place to sit. Manu sat next to Crystal, then Butterfly and Nurse. Dixon was on Nurse's other side. Next to Dixon was Mrhappy. Poor Dix didn't know what he had just gotten himself into! Then there was Eve, HSwriter, Laurel, SpecialK, Deborah, Fallen, Southerenhelle and Shintani. Kat snuck between Shintani and Alyssa.

"You have to learn to share," Kat told Alyssa.

Alyssa started to protest, but one look at Kat told her that she should refrain.

Next to Alyssa, Michael, then Sabrina and Bluesman, who was on Crystal's other side.

"Now what?" the innocent Butterfly asked.

There was some chuckling among those that knew what Crystal was up to. HSwriter and Michael were already starting to get stiff. Laurel licked her lips and Deborah looked at SpecialK with a glint in her eye.

Mrhappy looked at Dixon and said "No fucking way. Dixon, do you know what we're going to be doing?"

Dixon had no clue, so he responded "No, why?"

Crystal gave the instructions. "Anyone heard of a daisy chain? For those of you who have not, it is the ultimate group sex experience, in my humble opinion. Turn to the person on your right, spread their legs and start eating your desert!"

Butterfly shyly looked at Nurse. Nurse leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"Just do what you like to have done to you. It's that simple. Don't worry. If you like it, I'm sure I will!" Nurse said with a smile of her face. Then she turned to Dixon.

"Are you ready, stud, for the blow of your life?" asked Nurse.

"Oh, yeah! But do you all really expect me to suck Mrhappy's mrhappy?" Dixon questioned the group.

Helle and Deborah laughed and shouted at once "Fuck yeah!!"

Mrhappy looked at Dixon and said, "Just try it, if you can't get into it, then I'll move, ok?"

Dixon, not wanting to be tortured and mocked by the group for the rest of the weekend agreed to try it. He decided that whatever Nurse did to him he would do to Mrhappy's mrhappy.

As Nurse tried to deepthroat Dixon's 13" wondercock Dixon was struggling not to gag on Mrhappy.

"How the hell do you do it?!" Dixon asked.

"Practice makes purrrrfect," replied Nurse.

Nurse was gobbling Dixon up, focusing on the "male clit" (you know, the spot just below the slit under the rim of the head), massaging his balls in her hands. Dixon, in turn was doing the same to Mrhappy. Dixon seemed to be getting into it, despite his initial hesitancy and Mrhappy could care less who was giving him this fantastic blow.

Soon all you could hear was a chorus of moans and lots of slurping. It didn't take long for everyone to come at least once, as the scent and sounds enveloped the group making them all the hotter. When Mrhappy came Dixon dropped his jaw and pushed mrhappy out of his mouth with a start. Nurse laughed after swallowing down ever drop of Dixon's spunk.

"Oh my god, she squirted!!" shouted SpecialK.

"God, that was good," sighed Deborah. "Are you sure you don't like eating pussy? No one has made me squirt the first time they've been down there."

"Who ever said I didn't like eating pussy? I'm just a little shy that's all. I already said I regret not joining in last night. Do you have to keep rubbing it in?" SpecialK replied.

"Bitch fight! Bitch fight!" the guys chorused.

"There will be no fighting, bitch or otherwise, so give it up, ladies," the webmistress demanded. She flicked her whip just to make her point.

"Ok, now switch to the person on your left," Crystal instructed, trying to dissipate the mood in the air.

Dixon said his mouth was too tired to do oral again and asked Crystal if he could bang Nurse instead.

Deborah laughed and said, "See, Dix, head is a tough job. Maybe you won't take it for granted next time!"

Crystal said, "Anything goes, as long as everyone has fun."

This led to a massive gangbang. You can't even imagine the scene that unfolded. Nurse laid down as Dixon positioned himself over her, ramming his white meat into her tight twat. Butterfly sat on Nurse's face, as Nurse wanted to show her what it was like to be pleased by another woman. Mrhappy started sucking Dixon's balls and ass. Dixon was moaning as his ass was being rimmed.

Mrhappy spread Dix's ass cheeks open wide and put the tip of mrhappy at his virgin rosebud.

"What the FUCK!!" Dixon exclaimed.

"Relax, man. This'll just hurt a little. But if you fight it you might end up like dear Spellcheck," Mrhappy soothingly replied.

"I can't believe this is happening," Dixon said. "But, what the hell, you only live once and there is absolutely NO other place or time in the world that I will ever let this happen. Just be gentle," he cooed to Mrhappy.

Everyone near Dixon and Mrhappy broke out in laughter and those on the other side of the circle just watched in awe as Mrhappy penetrated Dixon's arse. Soon Dixon and Mrhappy were moving in time together as Dixon's whopper was pummeling Nurse's swollen pussy.

Butterfly was moaning as Nurse licked and sucked on her blooming flower while twirling and softly pinching Butterfly's nipples. Butterfly was on her hands and knees, her mouth on Manu's shaft. Manu was getting the benefit of Nurse's ministrations to Butterfly, as Butterfly seemed to have lost all inhibitions and was not shy at all in working Manu's pole.

On the other side of the circle SpecialK tasted Laurel's pussy. Laurel was lying on her back with her legs pulled up to her chest, pussy lips spread open wide allowing SpecialK full access. Laurel was encouraging SpecialK to continue by all the noise she was making.

"Mmmmhhhhh, ohhh yeahhhh, eat me girl, ooouuuuuuuuhhhhh, fuck, yeah, aaahhhhhhhh, mmmhhhhhhh, uuuhhhhhhhh, mmmmuhhhh, mmmmmuhhhh, ahhhh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, eat me, eat me, yeeeeaaaaah, aaaahhaaaaa, aaaahhhhaaaa, oooohhhhhh, mmmmmmhhhhh, mmmmmhhhhhh," Laurel moaned and groaned.

"God, Manu, how do you stand it? Laurel must wake the neighbors!" jabbed Deborah.

"I don't mind. At least I know she's enjoying herself. And the neighbors know what a great fuck I am. I'm too sexy for my neighbors, too sexy for my neighbors, tooo sexxxieeee," teased Manu back.

"Oh, god, stop singing and get back to licking," Crystal complained.

Bluesman said, "Hey, you, too girl. My cock just felt a cool breeze. It wouldn't have if your mouth was around it!"

Crystal obliged and strongly sucked Bluesman's shaft into her mouth biting down gently. He winced but didn't say a word, knowing there would be hell to pay if he did. He was enjoying Sabrina's pussy too much to move away from it again anyway.

Everyone got back to the business at hand and soon Laurel was not the only one moaning out in ecstasy. It is a good thing that Laurel and Manu had their own private beach, because otherwise this would be a show no one would want to miss.

Eve had no choice but to play with Mrhappy's balls, as his dick was buried deep in Dixon's ass. She easily and quickly tired of this and scooted forward a bit to lick Dixon's balls and Nurse's pussy as Dixon fucked Nurse. She continued to massage Mrhappy's swinging balls with her hands.

HSwriter was enjoying Eve's dark pussy, leaning down on his hands and knees nibbling on her engorged clit, making her squirm. She usually preferred to have a woman sucking on her "little man" as she called it, but HSwriter was doing a fantastic job for a guy. She relaxed and let herself enjoy it.

Laurel was sucking HSwriter's cock from underneath, and he was getting a vibrating hum-job with all the noise she was making. HSwriter had no complaints, though, since it was seriously getting him off.

Deborah was not to be outdone by Laurel in giving SpecialK the pussy licking of her life. Deborah prided herself in being an expert in carpet munching. She could make even the most frigid woman climax in a matter of minutes. Deborah took her time, though on SpecialK. She wanted K to delight in all that could be elicited from Deborah's glorious tongue.

Deborah started by licking the outer lips and suckling them a little. Then she ran her tongue up and down K's slit, her tongue pressing a little harder with each pass. SpecialK gasped. Deborah had found her little nubbin of pleasure. Deborah licked around it in circles making it harder and more sensitive. Soon Deborah had 2 fingers inside SpecialK, feeling for her g-spot. When Deborah found it she stroked it, keeping a steady tempo, making K want to die from the pure pleasure of it all.

"OH MY GOD!! Deborah! You are incredible!" SpecialK cried out as she climaxed.

Fallen Angel and his talented cock were ministering to Deborah. He kept up the pace that all the others had set, and was rocking back and forth on his knees. He had no idea what was going to happen to him next. Southernhelle took something out from under the blanket. The rest of the group saw what she had, but stifled their laughter so as not to give it away. Southernhelle positioned herself on her hands and knees behind Fallen. She applied a generous amount of "anal ease" to the tip of the strap-on she had adorned and took Fallen before he knew what was happening.

"What in the hell is that thing buried in my ass?" Fallen cried out.

As Helle started to move inside him, Fallen started to relax and actually started to enjoy this anal fucking. He couldn't believe that after the initial pain it actually felt good. Before he knew it he was filling Deborah up with his hot molten cum. "Oh, god! Oh, god. That was incredible," Fallen told Southernhelle. "But don't anyone EVER do that to me again!!" he added just for his pride's sake.

Shintani was rimming Helle's ass while she fucked Fallen with her fake cock. Shintani was, at the same time, being tea-bagged by Kat. He had never had a woman take both of his balls in her mouth at once, but Kat didn't seem to have any trouble doing it at all.

Alyssa was getting back at Kat by bringing her just to the edge of climaxing and then pulling away. Kat was getting very frustrated. Alyssa put one finger into Kat's wet hole and wiggled it around, but as soon as Kat let her know she liked it Alyssa would take it out. What a bitch Alyssa was being.

Michael had the job of showing Alyssa that there was more to sex that Shintani. He was licking her pussy, rimming her asshole and had 2 fingers in her pussy. Alyssa was humping back on Michael's fingers, not believing that she was getting off on another guy while her lover was eating out another woman.

Sabrina was having the time of her life, what with being eaten by Bluesman and giving Michael head she felt such power. Bluesman was enjoying the scent of Sabrina's pussy and the taste even more. She had a sweet tang that he just couldn't get enough of. He kept sucking it out of her center, willing her to give him more. As she climaxed he almost drown in it. He was in heaven.

As everyone became exhausted from multiple orgasms and the sheer excitement of the daisy chain they dropped to the blanket and fell into a stupor. Zeke appeared out of nowhere. He had his picking of dicks and pussies to lick, going from one to the next, smelling the juices of sex, sex and more sex. Zeke was in doggie heaven.

Fallen called to his delinquent pet, but Zeke would not listen. He was too excited. As he made his way around the circle his pecker started to grow and was soon poking out of his sheath. Who was he going to make his bitch next? Alyssa didn't even see it cumming. Zeke mounted Alyssa and stabbed at her doggie-virgin hole. Shintani tried to stop Zeke, but Zeke turned to him and growled, baring his teeth.

Zeke fucked Alyssa without abandon. Soon his jism was filling Alyssa's hole to overflowing and she couldn't contain it all. As it leaked out, Alyssa sighed. She'd actually enjoyed it!

Fallen was able to round up Zeke and put a leash on him. Fallen brought Zeke out to the front of the house and tied the leash to the back of the truck.

"No more of that from you, Zeke! I apparently can't take you anywhere. I am going to get kicked out soon if you don't stop this shit. Now BEHAVE!!" Fallen reprimanded Zeke.

It was starting to get dusky outside and everyone decided it would be great to go skinny-dipping in the ocean.

"Last one in's a rotten egg!" shouted Laurel.

Chapter Eight by BluesManII
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