The Best Erotic Stories.

Latina's Second Anniversary
Eleventh Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Latina sat at her desk in their master bedroom that morning, studying her books about computers. After her recent layoff from the job she'd held for over three years, Latina had decided to take some computer courses, to update her skills. Not that after ten years in the computer industry, she didn't already know a lot about computers. But she had never used Windows 98, and had yet to see, much less use, the latest release of MS-Word. And at age 48, Latina had long ago forgotten most of what she ever knew about creating spreadsheets in Excel. So after sending her son, Bobby, off to school--and her husband, Frank, off to work--Latina felt good about having this quiet time, to study and update her computer skills, before finding her next job.

As Latina read, and experimented on the computer, very brief flashes of last night's celebration of their second wedding anniversary repeatedly popped into her mind, but she always managed to fight them off, and to focus back on her studies.

Latina and Frank, and their 11-year-old son Bobby (whom she had adopted during her first marriage), had all gone out to dinner at Benihana's, the Japanese restaurant chain where chefs did fancy knife tricks as they prepared food right at your table. Latina was glad that they had taken their son along to celebrate. After all, Bobby was celebrating two years of being part of this new family with Frank, just as much as Latina and Frank were celebrating two years of married life. Two years since the successful completion of what neither knew until they met, was a 40-year journey toward finding each other's one soulmate on earth, finding the part of each other that neither knew was even missing, until they met, and they found that they completed the very essence of each other's being. Not to mention that Latina and Frank both had equally sky-high libidos, and enormous imaginations for finding creative new places and methods of coupling, imaginations matched only by their equally-voracious sexual appetites.

Their son, Bobby, had been thoroughly delighted to watch the show that Benihana's chefs always make, of preparing and cooking your food right at your table. Latina had worn the gold, heart-shaped earrings, studded with tiny red garnets, which Frank had given her the night before, as an early anniversary gift, just so she could wear them on their big night out. She recalled the two other, much-younger couples at their table; both women were extremely pretty, but were too busy constantly adjusting their hair and makeup, to pay the slightest attention to their dates. If anything, both of those younger women had seemed to be looking at, and trying to catch the eye of, each other's man from across the table.

Latina considered herself very lucky, that neither she nor Frank had a roving eye, for anyone else but each other. Latina and Frank were best friends, life companions, partners, lovers, confidants, playmates, and soulmates, and therefore had no need to even look at any other.

Latina remembered the Japanese chef, with his very sharp knife, so rapidly slicing up the shrimp, then using that knife to flip the very tips of the shrimp shells up into the top of his tall, cylindrical chef's hat. If ever there was an obvious phallic symbol, a chef's hat was it: tall, wide, round, and pointing straight up. Once more, Latina successfully pushed last night's images away, and she returned to her studies.

She remembered how, after they got home from Benihana's and put their son to bed, Frank had gently pushed her down flat on her back on their bed, so she could watch as he stood over her, beside the bed. He had then loosened and removed his tie, unfastened his cuff links, and then slowly unbuttoned the front of his formal white shirt, revealing his thick, dark, masculine hair, and subtle glimpses of the soft, smooth skin of his manly chest underneath. As she reminisced, Latina turned around from her desk, and she gazed at the now- unoccupied bed behind her, letting out a soft sigh. Once more, Latina pushed away the images from last night, and she diligently returned to her studies.

She remembered hearing the television blaring in their son's room last night, and she and Frank deciding to let their growing passion wait, until Bobby was asleep. Frank had switched on their own TV then, and they had both decided that their private celebration of their two-year wedding anniversary could wait a while, maybe another hour. After a few minutes stretched out beside each on their bed, watching an old movie, their excited breathing from Frank's earlier strip-tease (which he had performed as much for his own benefit as for hers), had calmed to a more normal pace now. Throughout the movie, they held hands in bed, and during commercials, they gently kissed each other, being careful not to get so carried away, that Bobby could hear them from his room, until he could fall asleep.

After about half an hour of watching this old movie, Frank, still shirtless, had crept into Bobby's room. Bobby was already fast asleep, his light still on and his TV still blaring. Frank had switched off the light and the TV, kissed their sleeping son good-night on his cheek (without waking him), and returned to their room, locking the master-bedroom door behind him.

Latina's recollections of the previous night, did not stop her swift fingers from gliding over the computer keyboard now. She felt proud of herself now, for she had just re-learned the formula for multiplying the contents of two spreadsheet cells, to automatically produce the product in a third cell. After practicing this procedure on the keyboard 3 or 4 times, she had it down cold, and Latina felt a new confidence, that her resume could once more list Excel among the many software programs at which she was an expert. A few more weeks of computer classes and at-home studies, and Latina would be ready for the endless rounds of job interviews that would finally land her a new job, as interesting and exciting as the one from which she had recently been laid-off.

When last night's private celebration of their second anniversary had finally gotten underway, Frank had started slowly as usual. He liked to let her passion build slowly, layer on layer, heating her up gradually, like tea kettle on a stove, bringing her sweet pussy to a very slow, gradual boil, until it was ready to whistle out its delighted excitement (actually, she made more of a squishing and smacking sound than a whistle when she got ready to receive him). This time, he had started off with feather-light kisses on the back of her hand, and on the tips of her fingers. Then they had both sat up, hugged each other, and very softly kissed each other on the lips, neck, forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids. His right hand had slowly massaged her back, moving the big, swirling circles of his massaging palm very gradually down her back, until he had her smooth, firm, but soft ass-cheek fully cupped in his palm.

Latina blinked hard several times, and she shook her head, futily trying to drive away these insistent memories. She began reading up on the new features in Windows-98, compared to Windows-95, which she was more accustomed to using. After this morning's computer class, she was going to spend the afternoon practicing, using some of these new features.

Frank had kept his right hand cupping and fondling her well-toned ass, and he had then moved his left hand around to cup her breasts, first one and then the other. Then he had pinched her big, hard, excited nipple between his index and middle fingers, opening and closing his fingers, like a pair of scissors trying to cut her nipple off. His gentle pressure each time he closed his fingers on her nipple, all the while cupping her breast in his open palm, had made her already- stiff nipples grow even longer and harder. She had wanted to make that same opening and closing scissor motion, using her legs, over his thighs--and especially over his cock.

Her growing excitement had convinced Latina that it was time to pause now, and to dress-up really sexy and slutty for him. Because his cock was already pulsing and throbbing, on its way to full hardness, her getting up now made Frank pout at her. But deep down, Frank didn't really mind the interruption, knowing that Latina was going to change into his favorite of the many sheer lingerie outfits he had bought her, through their two years of marriage.

Latina had left the door of their huge walk-in closet ajar, open just enough for him to see a brief flash of her, nude, retrieving the outfit from its box. But the closet door was not open enough for him to see her actually slip her lingerie over her delectable 38C-28-36 curves. Latina didn't want Frank to see her, until she could emerge from their closet, with her sultry outfit fully in place. But Frank's vivid imagination pictured her slipping the purple satin peekaboo bra over her shoulders, and leaning back, her firm breasts jutting out, as she fastened her bra hooks behind her.

Then he pictured her sliding her dark, shapely legs into the scanty purple satin G-string panty, and adjusting its narrow, ruffled white lace string backing as she tucked it up into the delicate crease between her sweet, curvaceous ass cheeks. Then slipping her arms into the delectably-sheer, virtually transparent white pussy-length baby-doll that covered it all, and tying up the cute little white bows at the front of her teddy. As his mind pictured Latina dressing-up for him, Frank lay naked under the bed covers, the heel of his palm slowly stroking up and down the full 8-inch length of his excited cock, not stopping until she opened the closet door and struck her sexiest, hungriest-looking standing pose, framed in the closet doorway. Frank had then stopped teasing himself, and he had placed both of his arms and hands in plain sight, atop the outside of the blanket.

Frank had sat up, and he had begun his appraisal of his wife at her cute, delicate little feet, the feet that he had so often kissed, the feminine toes that he so enjoyed sucking, the wet-looking red polish on her pedicured toenails. Being only 5'2", Latina's legs were not extraordinarily long, but they were well shaped, and her Mexican ancestry had given the soft, smooth skin of her shapely legs a breathtaking, naturally-bronze tone.

Frank fondly remembered how good those gorgeous legs had felt, every time they had wrapped around his waist, and had pulled his rock-hard cock into her deepest recesses. Or even better, had wrapped around his neck, as his tender, loving lips, tongue, and teeth had coaxed multiple thrashing, moaning orgasms out of the woman he so completely and passionately loved, with all of his heart and soul.

Scanning up her legs, Frank's gaze paused now, at the very tops of her smooth, coffee-and-cream toned thighs. His eyes focused on the ruffled hem of her sheer white baby-doll, which ended level with her pussy, and revealed the purple satin bra and panty set, and her bare midriff, underneath. She had then slowly, seductively walked toward their bed, crossing one leg in front of the other as she approached Frank. Although Frank had the sheet and blanket pulled up to his neck, Latina instinctively knew that he was naked beneath the sheets, probably because she could see his throbbing cock pushing the center of the sheet and blanket up and down as she glided, cat-like, across the room toward him. Latina's face lit up in a warm smile, at the realization of the effect her sexy lingerie and seductive walk were having on Frank. Now she licked her lips, at the thought of not only what she was about to do to Frank's growing cock, but also what his big, hard, beautiful, pulsing, throbbing, thrusting 8 inches would soon enough be doing to her already-moistening pussy.

Latina paused once more from her recollections, to glance at the alarm clock beside the now neatly made-up bed, where all of her flashback memories had taken place only a few hours before. Oh damn, 9:00 a.m., time to close-up the computer, close-off her sweet recollections, and get ready for the drive to this morning's 10 o'clock session of her computer class. As she slipped into her best, most conservative business woman's skirt and blouse, Latina felt the moisture, brought on by her daydreams, beginning to form inside of her panties. Latina briefly considered changing panties, but she then decided that she would enjoy her computer class more, knowing that a light tinge of her horniness had started to seep into the panties she was wearing in class. She tied her hair up in a bun, and she slipped her red-framed glasses into her blouse pocket, knowing that she would need them later, to read the manuals and look at the computer screen in class. Besides, with these nerdy glasses on, none of the male students would ever guess at how sexy Latina could really make herself look, and nobody would guess at the wildly-uninhibited erotic adventures that she and Frank had shared in bed earlier that morning.

Nevertheless, Latina feared that some of her male classmates might smell the scent of fresh sex (her own and Frank's) on her, and might get ideas. The last thing Latina needed right now, was some nerdy creep with false machismo, thinking that he could score with her, as if any of them could ever have even the remotest clue of how to satisfy the depths of her soul, the way that her Frank does every time.

The computer class seemed to drag on, as Latina fought to focus her thoughts away from last night's second-anniversary celebration, and back to the flat, monotone speech of the lecturer. She silently prayed that none of her classmates, especially not the males, noticed her squeezing her knees and thighs together, as she fought to keep any more of her lusty moisture from seeping out into her panties, as she fought-off her daydreams, and tried to stay focused on the class lecture.

She smiled now, as she recalled how she had slipped under the sheets in her sexy outfit, lying beside her naked Frank. She had reached over, and wrapped her little fist around Frank's 8-inch long, 2-inch thick shaft. In response, Frank had leaned over her, untied the delicate white-lace bows at the front of her sheer, white baby-doll, and he had pulled back both sides, to gain access to her purple satin bra and panty underneath. He had then pulled back the sheet and blanket, so he could admire her stunning outfit, and all of her charms hinted at underneath. Of course, this had also given Latina a chance to admire Frank's strong arms, broad shoulders, hairy chest, long and strong legs, tight little butt, and especially his long, thick, eagerly-wagging cock. Then Frank had laid down beside her, face down, as she lay face up, and he had kissed and sucked on her neck, almost giving her a hickey that would be hard to explain-away in her computer class.

Then he had kissed her big 38-C breasts, right through her purple-satin bra, finally kissing the hard nipples that were jutting-out through her purple bra's peekaboo holes, which were outlined in ruffled white-lace trim, and were topped with white-lace bows.

"Now, who can tell me how you open programs on a CD-ROM?" the teacher asked. "Let's see, who haven't I called on yet?"

Latina slid down in her chair, trying to make herself invisible, as several of the more-active students eagerly raised their hands. The teacher, naturally, was completely oblivious to all the raised hands, and looking only at those who really didn't want to be bothered. "Oh, how about you -- LATINA!"

Trying not to sound bored, or ticked-off for the teacher interrupting her sweet memories of the previous night, Latina stood up and said, in a dreamy, sexy, sing- song voice, "I don't know about anyone else, but I just keep a `Short-Cut to CD- ROM' icon permanently set-up in Windows. That way, no matter how big a dick -- uhh, I mean DISK -- I SLIP into my HOLE -- ughhh, that is, into the hole for my CD-ROM drive -- I always get it to COME up with the program I desire -- ummm, crave -- I mean WANT!" Latina hoped that her face wasn't turning red, to further betray what she REALLY wanted to insert, and WHERE she wanted to insert it. "Once I have that big dick--I mean, big DISK--" Latina continued to stumble, "FIRMLY inserted into the slit--uhh, SLOT--of my husband's computer, I just lick -- I mean CLICK -- and my man's HARD dick -- I mean, his hard DISK -- will do absolutely ANYTHING I want him -- err, I mean, IT -- to do!"

As Latina sat down again, the instructor peered at her, very sternly, over the top of his glasses. Several male students actually applauded her unintended revelations, of what was REALLY on her mind. Latina was proud enough of her healthy sexuality, and of the passion and fulfillment that she had found only with her Frank, not to feel very embarrassed by it all. Besides, after that performance, Latina realized, with a sigh of relief, that the instructor would never again call on her for the rest of the semester, and she could learn what she needed to know about software in peace, and at her own pace.

When the lecture finally ended, each student retreated to a separate cubicle, and began practice sessions on individual computers. While Latina waited for her PC to boot-up, she discretely raised the hem of her business skirt, to check how damp her daydreams had made her panties.

Latina could feel a dull, throbbing ache now, deep inside of her pussy, like she really wanted to come. But she breathed a sigh of relief that her panties were still dry, and she could save all that pent-up sexual energy for when her Frank returned from work that night. With both hands, Latina now smoothed down the hem of her skirt again. Throughout the rest of the class, she somehow found the willpower to concentrate on improving her computer skills for her next job.

Latina was glad when the class was finally over, and she drove home. At home, she changed out of her conservative business suit, briefly admiring her naked form in the mirror. Since the layoff, she had spent an hour every morning on her exercise cycle, and she and Frank had power-walked for an hour every evening after dinner. Frank had noticed, and had really shown his appreciation for, how fit she was looking, and that had caused Latina and Frank to jointly burn more than a few calories with their own favorite form of vigorous exercise, every night and every morning, for the last several weeks.

Now Latina slipped on her lacy black camisole. As she admired her figure in the black camisole, Latina's thoughts once more drifted back to the previous night. She remembered Frank kissing and licking her exposed nipples, through the white lace trim, around the peekaboo holes of her purple-satin bra. She fondly recalled him kissing his way down from her 38-C breasts, down the acres of smooth, exposed skin between her breasts and her pussy. She had then wrapped her wispy, wide-open baby-doll over his back and shoulders, so that her lingerie covered them both. She had watched, with a mixture of curiosity and hunger, as his uncovered cock had slowly slid down along the sheet, on his way to planting his mouth over her pussy, and she had wished that it was her flesh, not the bed sheet, feeling the friction of his big, hard shaft sliding down against it now.

But Frank had quickly driven that wish from her mind, when he had planted a soft, loving kiss, right on the tiny purple patch of satin at the front of her panties. He had then snaked his tongue out, to push the fabric deep into her wide-open slit. As the front of her satin panties had disappeared up her snatch, some of her thick, lush carpet of dark, curly hair, above her pussy, had become exposed, and Frank had begun planting ever-so-gentle kisses against the very tips of her long, soft pussy hairs. With his long, thin middle finger, Frank had started seriously and forcefully working the purple satin deeper and deeper into her hungry slit, whose lining had now become VERY slick, with her own natural juices.

As more and more of the edges of her pussy lips had become exposed, Frank had started kissing and licking her pussy, swirling his tongue all the way around her outer lips, before moving steadily further inward, to follow the path of her rapidly-disappearing satin panties. When his tongue had pressed her panties as deeply up into her pussy as they could go, and the narrow white ruffled lace G- string backing of her panties had disappeared all the way up into her ass, Frank's tongue and teeth had pushed the small purple patch of her satin panties out of his way, and he had sucked her entire hard, horny clit all the way up into his mouth. He had then gently clenched his teeth down on her throbbing clit. After holding her clit in his teeth for several seconds, Frank had let it go, so he could lick her inner walls. Then he had let his tongue move upward to slowly, ever-so-tantalizingly slowly, lick up and down her frantic little clit, as she bucked her hips up high off the mattress and pushed her way deeper onto his face. Her swaying, bucking hips and high-pitched moans had only encouraged his tongue that much more, and Frank had gradually picked up the pace all along the long arc of his exquisite licks. She had really wanted to let her come coat his cock now, not his tongue, and she had moaned, "she REALLLY wants you!"

Frank had just ignored her, and he had greedily continued his ravenous licking, his tongue desperately craving the sweet taste of her fresh juice flowing straight from her clit to his taste buds. When she had finally come, thrashing and moaning beneath him on their bed, he had licked and sucked-up every drop, letting out a loud "Mmmm" at finally having the satisfaction of her sweet taste completely filling his mouth. When his tongue had caught every drop of her heavenly nectar, Frank had not given Latina even one second to catch her breath, before plunging his 8-inch long, 2-inch thick sword of flesh, all the way into her tight, slicked-up, post-orgasmic pussy.

As usual, Frank's pace had been exquisitely slow at first. After that first deep plunge, he had ever-so-slowly retreated. Then he had fed his thick, quivering shaft back into her slit, a torturously-slow millimeter at a time, pausing when he was all the way back in, to push just that little extra bit, so he could crush his swollen balls against her outer lips. With each thrust, his thick, stiff shaft had pressed and pulsed against her tight inner walls. All the while, her own natural juices had flowed ever more thickly and rapidly with her growing excitement, easing the way for his long, thick shaft's slow descent toward her cervix. On about his fifth slow, deep thrust into her, he had begun to pick up the pace, sliding rapidly and forcefully in and out of her. She had locked her legs around his back, and her arms around his neck, and she had pulled him in deeper with each rapid inward thrust. The friction of him sliding in and out, in and out, in and out, plunging so deeply, and thrusting so rapidly, plunging and thrusting, thrusting and plunging, had quickly sent her over the top, and whispering his name into his ear, as loudly as she could without waking their son, she had come oh-so-forcefully and mightily, onto Frank's loving rod.

Frank had then pulled back out very quickly, and he had felt the cool night air, and her flowing moisture against the entire length of his shaft. He had then quickly thrust back in all the way again, and before he was even in all the way, his balls had begun to erupt their stored-up love juices, up the inside of his cock, and splattering out all along her inner walls.

As his thick, sticky, milky come had exploded out of his cock, Frank had continued his final rapid thrust, as deeply into her pussy as he could go, so that his hot, liquid lust would plant itself many fathoms down, deep within her soft, mysterious, feminine folds. Meanwhile, Latina had continued to come very hard, all over the length of her husband's magnificent, thick shaft, whose forceful invasion of her deepest and most private recesses she had warmly, yes even eagerly, welcomed.

When it was all over, they had both smiled their warmest, most contented smiles, hugged, kissed passionately on the lips, and in unison, they had wished each other a happy anniversary.

Finally, Latina snapped out of her daydreams about last night, long enough to pull her white Tijuana T-shirt over her black lace camisole. She, Frank, and their son Bobby had all bought identical T-shirts on their trip to Mexico earlier in the year, and she knew that Frank liked it when they all wore their matching shirts. She knew that he would change into his matching shirt before their walk, and that he would let her watch as he changed, so she could catch a brief glimpse of his bare, hairy, muscular chest, a view that he knew she so enjoyed.

Latina completed her walking outfit by pulling up and zipping closed, her short denim miniskirt, which was slit way up the left thigh, so it looked as if Frank could just slip a hand straight in sideways, to rub and press his long, thin fingers against her beautiful, glistening pussy, to gently coax open the myriad folds of her inviting femininity. But actually there was a very short pair of denim shorts underneath, attached as part of her skirt. Latina knew that Frank REALLY liked this teasing skirt, and that for the entire hour of their walk, he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of either the skirt or her smooth, dark legs, which this extremely-short denim skirt showed off so nicely. She also knew that after the walk, Frank would enjoy the surprise of watching her undress, revealing the unexpected, lacy-black camisole under her T-shirt and miniskirt.

That night in bed, Latina summoned up the courage to ask Frank, "Honey, after I suck you to orgasm, do you find yourself getting all, ummm, EXCITED, at work the next day, thinking back to what we did?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"Do you kind of tingle inside, and does he get all, uhh, ummm, BIG and HARD again, just thinking about the previous night, about me, about my lips and tongue on him?"


"Do you go through the whole day, feeling like you just want to have one orgasm after another, and then feel frustrated that you can't because you're in a public place?"

"Yes," Frank croaked hoarsely, her sexy questions already starting to arouse him again.

"What do you do about it?"

"Well, I just don't leave my cubicle, until he gets back down to size again. I find myself having to go to the bathroom a lot, too, after he gets excited and then calms down. The last time you sucked me off, the next day I must have gotten hard about half a dozen times, and after each time, I had to piss like a race horse. I just couldn't get the picture out of my mind, you and me both completely naked on our bed, me face-up flat on my back, you leaning down over my cock, while I admired the long, soft, smooth expanse of bare skin down your back, and I fondled your ass cheeks with my left hand, and I held your head while stroking your dark, shoulder-length hair with my right hand. I remembered bending my left knee up, so I could thrust my hips rapidly up and down against your face, as you bobbed your head down into my crotch and sucked more and more of my hardness up into your mouth. All that day, I couldn't stop thinking about your tongue licking up and down my shaft, and swirling all over my cock, even when it was thrust completely up into your mouth. I remember telling you I was right on the edge, and you responding by licking and sucking me with an even-more-furious passion, then me warning you a split second before I erupted, and you pulling back off of me very rapidly, and you smiling happily as you watched me spew a big mess of creamy white goo all over my stomach, from all of your greedy sucking. That image just wouldn't leave me all day. So yes, you do affect me, very STRONGLY, all day, any day after you suck my cock. Why are you asking me all of this?"

Latina smiled at her mental image of her Frank, desperately trying to conceal his constant hard-on, beneath his computer keyboard, at work all day.

"Well, I ask because SHE has had a warm, tingling feeling inside of her all day, feeling like she wanted to come, like she just wanted to keep coming forcefully, over and over again, just remembering what your tongue and teeth did to my hot, horny little clit, and what your big, stiff cock did to my tight, hungry pussy, last night. Of COURSE she gets all hot, wet, and dripping, remembering what your tongue did to her, anticipating the next time that you lick, suck, nibble, and fuck her so passionately. But the feeling is much more than just that over- powering lust. It's a feeling not only in my pussy, but a warm, contented feeling deep in my soul, a feeling that your unconditional love for me, and mine for you, has made me safer and more comfortable than I've ever felt before in my life. The feeling that we don't have to WORK at having a wonderful relationship, it just comes easily and naturally for us, me wanting to please you as much as you please me, and neither of us having to try very hard to keep that terrific feeling of being newlyweds, forever. Our relationship growing and developing, as we learn from each other, and from the events in our shared life together. The feeling that our two souls have now become one, inseparably-joined soul."

"I just don't know how to describe to you, the feeling I've had all day," Latina continued. "It didn't start slowly in one place, and then spread to other spots and build in intensity, the way an orgasm does. It just hit me intensely, repeatedly, incessantly, everywhere at once, all over the inside of my pussy, all along my inner walls, my G-spot, my clit, and my pussy lips, and stayed with me, at full intensity, all day. I suddenly became, and remained, intensely aware of all the thick, creamy, gooey white spunk that you left coating all along the depths of my inner walls, that I can STILL feel inside of me, even now. And I became SSS-O-O-O focused on my arousal, that I completely blocked out the fact that all your licking, sucking, nibbling, and banging has left my pussy STILL very sore. I repeatedly got an overwhelming desire to rub my finger deep inside of me, and to press hard on my G-spot. All day long, I've so desperately wanted something, anything, to rub REALLY HARD against my clit! All day long, I felt my juices welling up, way down deep inside of me, and I felt like I wanted to come all over the place, and I wanted to just keep coming over and over in one total, body-thrashing orgasm after another, non-stop, all day long. But somehow I couldn't, I just couldn't betray your love and trust by pleasing myself, without you here to watch and participate. Maybe I couldn't because deep down, I simply didn't, and don't ever, want to risk letting any of your sweet come seep out of me, along with my own juices; I just want to keep that feeling of being completely filled-up with your love and your passion, for as long as I can."

"All day long," Latina told Frank, "I have had to fight the urge to thoroughly soak my panties with release of my desires for you. The warm, tingling, throbbing feeling, all over my inner-most regions, lasted for HOURS--in fact, I'm STILL feeling it, RIGHT NOW! I get this way all day, the next day, every time we make love. But this feeling is at its most intense any day after you've licked, sucked, and nibbled on my hot, hard, excited, horny little clit, like you did last night. I have been SSSOOO -- HORRRNY, all day long, just thinking about last night, and I could hardly STAND it! I think I know now, just how a drug junkie must feel: that deep, soul-satisfied fulfillment of having achieved unbelievable ecstasy, mixed with an overpowering craving for the next time I can feel THAT GOOD again! It's all YOUR fault! YOUR tongue and YOUR cock did all of this to me!" Latina concluded in mock irritation.

"Do you want me to lick you again?" Frank asked sweetly, with almost a child-like innocence.

"No, that takes too long," Latina stated calmly, matter-of-factly. "I just want him in me."

Frank now plunged his middle finger into Latina's warm, moist pussy, while rubbing his thumb against her clit. As his finger slowly retreated from her inner walls, he could feel her moisture pulling out along with his finger, coating his finger. Now Frank let his slicked-up finger gently rub her own dewy passion against her clit, before plunging his finger all the way back into her again. When he felt even her deepest recesses getting wet, and her clit growing long, strong and hard, Frank knew that Latina was ready for his big, hard, throbbing cock to plunge all the way into her, even before she softly cooed "she wants him."

Frank climbed atop Latina now, and he slowly slid his long, thick horniness into her. When he was all the way in, he wrapped both arms lovingly around her back. Then he surprised her by using his powerful arms around her, to roll himself over onto his back, placing her on top of him, his one-eyed trouser snake pointing straight up inside of her. Latina knew Frank well enough, after two years, to know EXACTLY what he wanted her to do now. She straddled one leg on each side of his hips, her legs bent behind her (at her knees), her calves and feet stretched out under her, parallel to Frank's legs. She slowly slid her hungry, dripping pussy up and down over his rigid cock. She tilted her head back, in a way that made a phrase from some medieval tale that she had read long ago, pop into her mind now: "saucy wench." Latina began eagerly sliding up and down on Frank's 8- inch cock, while fondling her own breasts. Soon, his hands joined hers on her 38- C breasts, and trusting that he had her soft breasts and hard nipples well in HAND, she pressed both of her palms down onto his chest, partly to stabilize herself, and partly to massage his chest, and to squeeze and pinch his own hard little nipples. As she continued to ride lustfully up and down on his long, thick, pulsating pole, he removed his left hand from her breasts, to finger her clit, while alternating his massage from one breast to the other, with his right hand.

As Frank rubbed and pinched Latina's eager clit, he could feel her clit growing longer, harder, and more excited, like a miniature cock. His fingers felt her pussy lips stretching out, each time she plunged down onto his firm, excited cock. As he sat up and watched Latina ride him, Frank loved the view, looking up at her naked body towering over him, her big, round 38-C breasts jutting out into his face, her hard, half-inch-long nipples grazing against his happy tongue. Her head was tilted way back from her long, slender neck, but she still showed him her beaming smile of pleasure above her chin. Her torso was sliding up and down, helped along by his hands on her hips now, and she was exposing part of his shaft on each up-stroke, and letting him see her pussy lips stretched-out below her thick, dark bush, and stuffed all full of hard, throbbing cock, on each down- stroke. The visual and physical stimulation was overloading his brain, not to mention being more than his stiff rod could bear, but he held off his own release until he felt her sweet nectar oozing down out of her pussy, coating his shaft, and dribbling down onto his thighs, and onto his own thick, dark pubic hair. Her orgasm was accompanied by a series of long, loud moans, but somehow she managed to stifle the volume of her moans just enough, so as not to wake their son Bobby in the other bedroom. Feeling Latina's passionate series of orgasms flowing so freely and forcefully onto him, Frank finally gave himself permission to come, and he powerfully erupted all of his warm spunk, straight up his thick shaft, and deep inside of her, as she continued wildly bucking up and down atop him, her tightly-stretched pussy lips swallowing then releasing his hard cock, swallowing then releasing, swallowing then releasing, aided by his hands on her 36-inch hips, pulling her up and thrusting her down, up and down, up and down onto his cock. All through Frank's long, drawn-out, thrusting, squirming, and thrashing orgasm, Latina kept massaging his manly chest with both of her palms, her head still tilted back saucily away from him, as she continued both moaning and coming in unison with Frank.

Breathing heavily and rapidly now, Frank and Latina smiled at each other, him looking up at her towering over his thighs, her looking down at him stretched out flat on his back beneath her, as she sat atop his thighs. Both of them knew that their unconquerable love and insatiable lust had provided enough ammunition for two very pleasurable evenings in a row. She slowly pulled herself up off of him now, releasing his slick, glistening pole with a soft "pop," as she lay her naked body down next to his. Once more, they turned to each other on their bed, and in unison, they declared, "Happy anniversary, honey!" with a hug and a kiss, before they both drifted off to sleep.

Both completely naked, lying on their left sides like two spoons in a kitchen drawer, her in front of him, they slept long and deeply that night. Her back was to Frank, his right arm around Latina's waist and cupping her bare right breast, his left palm massaging her bare back, his still semi-hard and slowly-pulsing cock, coated with a mixture of both their juices, and pressed up against the crack of her naked ass.

His tender lips softly kissed her naked back and shoulders, even in his state of half-sleep. Her arm stretched out behind her, to cup his soft, but firm, right ass cheek in her open palm, while she lazily rubbed her right foot up and down his inner left thigh, through the haze of sleep now starting to cloud her consciousness.

Who could ask for a better way to fall asleep, or to wake up the next morning, than the way Frank and Latina, soulmates forever, always so tuned-in to each other, did on their second night of this passionate second-anniversary celebration?


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