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My Jenny Fantasy
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Jen says "first you have to correctly guess 3 of the 5 things I put into your pussy." Jesus!! What kind of a game is this, I think to myself. I try to remember what she had in her cart & what I had in mine. Then again, she might not even use one of those things!! What a devil she was turning out to be. I knew she was trying to fuck with my head & get me hornier then hell. I guess I deserved it after what I did to her, but this just wasn't fair!!!

My eyes are closed & Jenny is rumbling through the grocery bags. I feel something cold & hard near my pussy. She spreads my lips wide open & says "You surely are wet down here!" I feel her start to insert something inside me. It must be the bottle of hairspray. I say so & she says "right, that's 1 of 5" & quickly takes it out. My pussy feels so neglected, having that hard "member" slide out & leaving me empty. I really want her to get me off soon, so I try to concentrate. Next I feel something small & round. I can't remember anything that either of us bought that was small & round.

I guess it is beads, like anal beads. "Wrong!! Guess again" & she puts another one in, and another. I think of what it could be & even though I didn't know where she would have gotten them I guess "grapes?" She says "Very good! Now how do you propose I get them out?" I can feel her breath near my pussy lips, and pray that she is going to eat them out. Instead she inserts one finger, then two, & pulls out the grapes. I feel something wet on my lips & she pushes one of the grapes into my mouth.

"Eat it, wench! See how good you taste. Mmmmmm. Delicious," and I assume she has eaten the other two.

"Yummy" she says, "your dew is so sweet!" She leans over & kisses me on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth ever so gently. We kiss for a minute or so, passion increasing as the seconds tick away. Our tongues are dancing in my mouth, more intimate with each movement. She pulls away & lightly kisses my lips. I moan softly & she says "back to our little game!" I hear her shaking what can only be the bottle of whipping cream. She takes off the cap & I feel cold on my breasts.

I gasp from the shock of the coolness. She makes rings around my nipples with whipping cream. Then she lazily licks it up, making sure to lick up every trace of sweet stickiness. I arch my back up, thrusting my breasts into her face, begging her to keep licking. She doesn't, instead she starts to insert the next item into my snatch. It feels hard, & has a plastic-like wrapping. I let her insert it all the way & ask her to pull it out & insert it again, thinking I can get her to repeatedly plunge it into me, whatever it is, so I can climax.

She does this once, out & back in, slowly, while twisting it around. I try to see if I can get her to do it again & she just giggles. "Nope, no climaxing yet! You have to guess 3 more things! Now what do you think this is?" I remember that I bought a pump-toothpaste & guess that. "Right! 2 more to go," she exclaims. Then I feel something strange & tingly.

She has put a dollop of toothpaste on my clit! It feels good as she rubs it in, blowing on it. I am writhing in the bed, squirming back & forth, rocking, futilely trying to get off. I feel her push me down into the bed firmly, telling me to stop it or she will make this last forever. I obey her, having the feeling that she really would leave me high & dry. The next thing I feel going into my pussy is hard & rough.

Jenny says, "looks like we need a little lubrication here" & dips her 2 fingers into my sopping wet pussy! She tells me she is coating this next object with my juices so it will go in easier. She tells me to spread my legs wider & hold them open. I can only think of a couple of things that we bought that were on the big end, so it must be the summer squash or one of the cucumbers. I feel it pushing at the opening of my vagina & Jenny uses a little pressure to get it started initially. It feels really good, having this pushed in, filling me so full. I am rather enjoying this game we are playing & know that I must be leaving a wet spot on the bed, as I am so horny.

"So, what do you guess?" I tell her it is the summer squash. "Right! One more to go" she replies. She mercilessly pulls the squash out of my pussy & you can hear the slurping sound as it exits. "what shall it be? hmmmm. what is the biggest thing you have ever had in your pussy?" she asks. I think a moment & tell her of the things I have used on myself...that screwdriver with the rubber handle that has the numby grips, dildos & their sizes, & a few other things. She asks if I want to try something big. I am so hot at this point & want to climax so bad that I tell her to do something, anything to get me off! She asks "even if it hurts a little?"

I shout "YES! Please, do something!" I feel something at the mouth of my pussy. It is very big & fat & feel her stretching my pussy lips wide with her hand to try to get this thing in. She tells me to relax & let her get it in, that I can't guess until it is in & if I guess correctly she will satisfy me. My pussy is throbbing, my clit is getting so hard, it is like a marble. She accidentally flicks it with her fingers as she opens me up. I feel this firm object sliding into my pussy.

It feels so good, I am moaning. "MORE!" I exclaim, knowing that if she keeps putting this into me that I will be able to cum without her doing anything else. I feel her pushing a little more & she asks if she is hurting me. I shake my head "no" unable to verbalize, as I am feeling such intense pleasure. Jenny says "any guesses?"

I know it has to be the huge salami I bought, just for this purpose. I have been fantasizing about putting larger things inside me & she must have read my mind! I answer her & she doesn't say anything. The next thing I feel is the salami being pulled out & pushed back in & then her tongue on my clit! She is licking up & down & side to side, my clit is so hard that she has no trouble focusing on it. I know that this climax is going to be intense & it cums rather quickly, just as I expected with so much teasing! She is using the salami on me like a dick & sucking on my clit as the waves of pleasure start to roll over me. I moan & gasp & pull my legs up towards my chest, opening my pussy up more for her to plunge the salami in harder & deeper. She keeps licking on my clit as I shout out my orgasm, my pussy spasming on the salami, my clit practically vibrating in her mouth. As she withdraws the salami I flop my legs down onto the bed, let out a rush of air, as I had been holding my breath, & start to fall asleep.

We fell asleep for a little while & woke up with our bodies intertwined. I kissed her awake, starting with her forehead & eyelids; moving down to her cheeks & ears; nibbling on her ear lobes; kissing her neck; then moving to her lips. I sucked on her lips, kissing them, licking them, then parting her lips with my tongue, diving in... She slowly starts to respond, kissing me back, becoming more passionate as she becomes more awake. We start to frolic in the bed, moving around, tossing the sheets off of our nude bodies. "Do you want to take a bubble bath?" she asks. I nod my head yes & we move to the huge master bath & start to fill the tub with steaming hot water. We put in a large amount of bubbles, vanilla scented, & relax in the water. She has a 2-person spa tub with jets & we were able to seep ourselves in the pleasing bubbles. "Ahhh this feels so good," I said to her.

We lit the candles she keeps on the ledge of the tub & Jen jumped out of the tub. I gave her a questioning look & she only smiled & said "be right back." She returns with an open bottle of wine & two glasses. She gets back in the tub & pours the wine. We sit there soaking in the warmth of the water, the scent of the candles, the softness of the bubbles, the rush of the alcohol. The next thing you know we are lip locked again, kissing and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. We do this for a while, then stop to talk. I ask her what attracted me to her & she tells me that I seemed to be adventurous with the choices I was making in the store & that I intrigued her. She also said that she woke up super horny today & had been reading lesbian erotica the night before & really wanted to act out her fantasies. She said it was a very split second decision to flirt back with me & knew that there was no turning back when our cars happened to be parked next to each other.

I responded, "I swear this is the honest to God truth, I was reading & watching porn last night, too, & went to the store planning a masturbation marathon day. I wanted to try a bunch of stuff that I saw last night. This is too weird!" We laughed a little & I continued, "I have been fantasizing about stretching my pussy so I can get BIG things in there to masturbate with, you know, like those huge dildos they sell. The sight of it in the movies & in pictures has turned me on so much, I thought, 'it never hurts to try it once.'"

Jen nodded her head and asked "have you ever thought about how many fingers you can get inside your pussy at once?" "I've seen in some movies where the girl takes 4 fingers or the whole damn hand! It is amazing, I think. I have thought about it once or twice when I was really turned on...why are you thinking???" Jen looked at me coyly and said "want to try it out & see what we can do for each other?" I got a huge smile on my face & said, "I'm game if you are. Have you ever done this before?"

"No, but since we have done so many other unconventional things together already today I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I think this is going to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!!" We moved to sit next to each other & started fondling & kissing. Our hands roam over each other's bodies, feeling for every nook & cranny, finding each other's sensitive spots. She has found that I love getting my neck kissed & nibbled, as she concentrates on getting me warmed up again for some passionate action. I find that she loves having her hands kissed & fingers sucked. I do this to her & she starts to moan. I move my hands down to her chest, holding her heavy breasts in my hands, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples & they start to grow.

I am enjoying this leisurely exploration of her body & continue moving my hands down. I feel her hips & stomach, kind-of massaging them as I move along. Then I get to her thighs. She spreads her legs open, welcoming my hand to her nether regions, inviting me in. I spread her outer lips with my fingers, then her inner lips. I run my finger over her slit, knowing that my slow movements are driving her wild. Jen spreads her legs open more, begging me to touch her inside, yearning to be filled. I slide one finger into her hot snatch, thumb gently massaging her clit.

I hear a throaty moan & she says "oh, yes, that feels so good. Keep it up, please." I continue to discover her hidden treasure, slowly sliding a second finger into her hot cunt. I move them in & out, slowly, spreading my fingers open in a scissor-like action to stretch her pussy out a little bit at a time. Jen slides down a bit so her head is resting on the edge of the tub, her head back, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing heavily. "I am enjoying this so much, it feels incredible. I can't wait to be able to show you just how good it feels. Stretch me more, come on, put another finger in there, Please!!"

I oblige her & insert finger #3. After moving three fingers in & out a couple of times I take out my hand & ask her to sit on the edge of the tub. I want to see her pussy accommodating my hand. She does & I make my 4 fingers into a "duck bill" shape. I rub her clit with my thumb & grab a handful of slippery bubbles. I get my "duck bill" ready to go into her awaiting pussy by coating it with the bubbles. Then I turn my hand sideways & slowly start to insert the tips of my fingers. As I insert more of my fingers I continue to twist my hand, providing stimulation the entire time I am entering her. I ask her how she is doing, since she is so quiet.

"It is wonderful!" she exclaims. "Please don't stop!" I honor her request & continue to push my fingers in more, still twisting, and Jen starts moaning. "Oh yeah, more!!" as she hangs her head back, which scoots her pussy forward onto my fingers more.

"Does it hurt?" I ask her.

"No, it feels so good to feel you slowly stretching me open. Can you give me more?" I pull my hand out & tuck my thumb in betweeen my four fingers & start to enter her again. I apply constant pressure as I press my hand in. I tell her it is in to the first joint, then the second joint, then to the knuckles. Jen starts to pant & groan, begging me for more. "Oh, God, this is good! You can't imagine how full I feel! How much more until your whole hand is in?" I ask her if she is sure she wants me to go on, as I know I am stretching her pussy more than it's ever been stretched before.

She tells me I am crazy if I think she wants me to stop. I push my hand in past the knuckles & feel Jen's pussy squeeze me. She is panting now, eyes wide open, head hung back, legs spread wide open, pussy rocking foreward trying to get more of my fist inside her. I spread my fingers inside her pussy to open her up more. I push foreward & my wrist slides in. Jen is moaning & gasping, & I know that she will climax soon. My fingers curl over themselves inside her love tunnel making a fist & start to fuck her with my arm. She is in a frenzy now, wailing, tears of pleasure streaming down her cheeks. She lies on the edge of the tub & grabs her legs under her knees with her hands, holding them as wide open as she can. I am moving my hand up & down, side to side, stretching her while pleasuring her.

I get the piston action going, fucking her with my fist as her pleasure mounts. She screams & comes all over my hand, vagina squeezing my fist over & over, milking it, spasming again & again. She finally relaxes after a few minutes of intense orgasm & slides into the tub to recover. She kisses me full on the lips in the most gentle & passionate way & says "thank you for fulfilling my deepest fantasy. When I return back to earth I will show you how incredible it is."

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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