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Modeling Shoot
by Sexy Eyes

While in the middle of a pleasant dream, I get woken up by my alarm clock. It is 6:00am and I am so exhausted from my modeling shoot I had the previous day. But another day and now it's time to start my daily routine yet again.

My boss told me last week that my usual photographer is resigning to another company and yesterday was his last shoot with me. This will be a very difficult couple of weeks I fugure. I was so comfortable with Dwayne, we ahd been a team for over 2 years and today there is a new photographer that will have to learn how to work with me. Modelling is my number one passion and I love to flirt with the camera. With Dwayne is was so easy, I knew him and we had spent many hours in the studio together. I never said or did anything to him about this but I have always wanted to fuck his brains out. So I always used the camera lenz to flirt with him. Now it's too late, a new guy is gonna take his place. I don't know what will happen. I've never met this new photographer but from what I've been told, he's very good with a camera and his models.

It's 7:00am, I think to myself..."Well this is it...why am I so nervous?" I've been in this business for 5 years and never once have I been nervous, anxcious yes but never nervous. I walk into the studio, look around and to my surprise I'm alone. The photographer should have been here by now. Oh well, no time to lose I have to get changed and start putting my make-up on. I get into the dressing room, closing the door behind me, take my shirt and skirt off and then out of the blue I start thinking about Dwayne. I sit down in front of the mirror and lower my hand to my already wet pussy. I start playing with my clit, watching myself in the mirror, getting turned on by my juices and by my nasty thoughts. Wishing I could just some guy to fuck me without wanting a commitment.

I hear a sound from outside my dressing room, I think to myself, no need to stop then. I know it's the new photographer but there is no way he would come in here since he doesn't know me. I rub my slit up and down, paying special attention to my now numb love button, then within two minutes I cum. I have to hurry so I decide to clean off my pussy and start to put my make-up on. After 20 minutes I am ready to meet this new photographer.

I walk out wearing my satin robe before I put on my first outfit. I guess the photographer stepped out of the studio for a minute, it is 7:45am and it's almost time to start doing the shoot. I walk over to the fridge and grab myself a bottle of water. As I turn around there he is, right in front of me. He is a bit older than me I can tell, he is tall, brown hair, beautiful eyes and his lips are so full and luscious and for me that is a major turn on. I think to myself...I have fell into total LUST. I walk over to him smiling at him. I ask him his name, introducing myself, he says his name is Mitch. This is a surprise to me, I never thought I would be instantly attracted to him. I start to feel my pussy getting aroused and my nipples hardening by the second just looking at him. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful work relationship. Mitch then orders me to go put on a skimpy bikini for him and that this will be a practice shoot for us to get used to each other.

Without hesitation, I walk past him, purposely rubbing my tit against his arm. Still walking I look back at him and smile, and I start to untie my robe and before I even get to my dressing room, the robe is off, hoping he is watching and getting a hard on. I get into the dressing room, leaving the door open. I search all my bikini selections and come up with my most sensual and seductive bikini. I put it on and then put on my shoes. As I am bent down to tie them I hear the door close shut, but I pretend I don't hear anything over the music I had just turned on.

All I can feel is his hard cock pressing up against my ass as I'm still bent down. I stand up and from behind me he grabs my tits and starts pinching my hard nipples, biting my neck. This is really getting me hot and this guy must get something in return I think to myself. With both my hands behind my back I untie his pants and pull out his waiting cock. I start to stroke it slowly as he's reaching down and playing with my still wet mound. I turn around and push him onto the couch and give him that "now you are gonna get it" look.

I kneel down between his legs and pull down his pants. I notice he isn't wearing any briefs. I lean forward to his ear and whisper " what a fucking nice cock you have...mmmm" I stand up and to the beat of the music do a little striptease for him taking off my bikini while I stare deep into his gorgeous eyes, as if they were the camera lenz, hypnotizing him. I begin to fondle my tits, licking my nipples and then I order him to jerk himself off for me until my bottoms are off. I walk over to the counter and sit my ass up on it spreading my legs wide open, asking him if he sees my juices glistening off my slit. When he responds yes I tell him "good now come here and eat my waiting pussy baby" He starts fucking my pussy with his thick long tongue and 4 fingers, making my hips thrust back and forth, making me moan and groan. I ask him how I taste, he responds that I taste terrific, and then I ask Mitch if he wants me to be his slutty bitch and if he does to fuck me like the slut I am.

Putting his cock inside my cunt, I let out an "Oh yeah baby, fuck me bastard, make me your bitch" Then after about 15 minutes of fucking me like a slut I turn over so he can fuck me from behind. Spanking my ass every time his hard cock deepens inside my cunt. I tell Mitch to moan because that really gets me going crazy. I play with my clit at the same time and then Mitch tells me that he wants to do something to me. I let him do whatever he would love to do to my body. Mitch makes me get on all fours and starts putting the head of his thick cock in my tight ass. Slowly putting it in, bit by bit. Reaching down I rub my clit with my finger, moaning so fucking loud now and talking to him like the slut I am and the bitch he wants me to be. I tell him to fuck my pretty tight ass like the slutty bitch I am.

He is moaning really loud now and I can tell he's ready to cum. I tell him to cum on my ass and when he pulls out he lets it all squirt all over my ass, some getting my hair. I reach with my hand and spread it all over like lotion. I clean his still very hard cock off and lay him down on his back. I start to suck on his rod like it were a lollipop, deep throating it every time I came down at itwith my hungry mouth. I can hear his moans and it is driving me crazy again. I stop and ask him if he likes to face fuck me and he replies that I am too driving him crazy and that he wants me to sit on his face. I think to myself that I love the thought of exploding all over his face, but how could I forget about his perfectly creamy white cum swimming down my throat. I can feel his tongue deep inside me and his fingers rubbing my slit and clit faster and faster as I'm making his dick vanish into my mouth every time I lower my head.

We are both sqirming now. I feel my pussy tighten and I know I'm about to cum all over Mitch's face, moaning louder and louder I press my cunt hard up against his face and explode all over. Mitch taking every last drop into his mouth swallowing my cum his still making me extremely horny that I cum over and over again. Mitch still face fucking me, I start to lick and put the tip of my tongue in the hole at the tip of his head and stroking his shaft faster and faster. Feeling his cock tighten up I know he's about to explode into my thursty mouth, very lightly squeasing his balls and deep throating him until his jism fills my mouth up. Swallowing all of it and licking his cock clean. Once we have both came I turn around and give him a very passionate french kiss. We get up and get cleaned up to start our first shoot together. And it will be a very good one. I wonder now why was I really nervous? Everything I had thought about this morning turned out to be better than I ever expected.


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