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Midnight Shift Ch. IV
by Caresse Mandylor

He had an amazing grip, holding me in place no matter how hard I tried to squirm away, while he pulled his belt free from his waist. I began to realize that the more I moved the more excited he became. I could feel his hardness grow and press against my backside and had to admit to myself I was becoming aroused by the scene as well. Most people run from my temper. Not Dr. Prospero.

He knotted my hands together with the belt in record time. At first it was so tight it was painful but when he pulled me over the table and tied me to the leg on the other side, he loosed the knot just enough to let the blood flow but not loose enough where I could get away.

Dr. Prospero ripped my shorts from my waist and left them to dangle at my ankles. The good doctor kneaded each cheek at his leisure then looked into my eyes. "Well, well, well, Ms. Mandylor. It looks like it is time to give you what you have been asking for."

I looked back at him, my eyes displaying both defiance and eager anticipation. Whack! His large hand connected with my bottom, heating it as it drove me forward into the unyielding table edge.

"Hey," I yelled, "That hurt."


"I thought doctors were suppose to ease pain, not create it. Let me go now, you Neanderthal Yankee!"

"Is that the best you can do? Frankly my dear Caresse, I think a spanking is exactly what you need to cure what ails you."


"You overbearing, obnoxious...Ouch..." It was the best I could do with him bringing his hand down repeatedly across my derriere. I knew my once creamy bottom was quickly turning a crimson red "I never saw George Clooney do this."

"George Clooney was not a doctor. He just played one on T.V." Whack!

The stinging sensation was exciting me more than I thought possible. My breath came in ragged gasps as the waves of heat and pleasure washed over my body. Dr. Prospero paused every so often to drive a hand between my legs and feel the wetness there. My pussy was soaked with excitement and I blushed when I became aware that he knew how much this was exciting to me.

"First, you are going to beg me to spank you some more. Then you will beg for mercy. After you are done with that, you will beg for my cock like you should have done the moment I walked in that door."

"You are out of your dadblasted mind!...Ouch!"

"Remember when we were all talking about spanking in erotic stories that night in the writer's group? One of the other writers tried to explain the physical and psychological effects but I don't think you understood."

I could hear him taking the lid off the cake next to me and sampling a little of the icing and one of the big chunks of strawberries. "This is really good. See, light little smacks like this cause the blood to rush to that area. That's the heat you are feeling now. Along with the heat comes a sensitiveness of flesh that makes the tiniest caress ten times as powerful. The slightest touch can send you careening over the edge. Let me show you."

He took a finger of icing and smeared it onto the pinkened areas of my left cheek, exactly where the heat was rising the most. My body trembled against my will.

"It looks like you are about to come, Ms. Mandylor."

"I am not! I'm cold."

"I can wait you out, my dear. We have all the time in the world. Well, at least until dayshift arrives."

Oh, he wouldn't. Then again. Yes, he would.

The hot tip of his wet tongue began to lick the icing off my derriere, occasionally biting into a piece of fruit and smearing it's juices along the length of my slit. He was right. The feel of his lapping tongue against my heated flesh was so exciting I thought I was going to faint with pleasure. When he had finished the first serving he placed a second on my bottom and started over, this time letting his tongue delve lower to the strawberry juice. I could do nothing but moan and quiver under his tortuous ministrations.

"Okay! Okay!"

"Okay, what?"

"Take me now, Dr. Prospero. Fuck me hard. I want your cock so bad I can't stand it any more."

"But that is last. What are you suppose to do first?"

"You can't be serious?"

"Where's the cake?"

"Okay. Okay. Spank me, Dr. Prospero. Spank me again."

"Such enthusiasm. Why?"

"I've been a very bad girl, Doctor."


"Yes, I used my innocent cat, Steve, as a pawn in my flirtations with the taxi driver."

"What else?" Whack!

"My senior year of high school, I put mayonnaise filled condoms in strategic locations in the backseat of my ex-boyfriend's car for his new girlfriend to find."


Before it was over, I had confessed to crimes I committed before I was old enough to climb out of my playpen.

"Mercy!" I screamed as my body attempted to convulse. Tears of pleasure and pain filled my eyes. Even the air coming from the air-conditioner had become unbearable against my skin.

"I want your cock, Doctor. Please take me now."

"How do you want me?"

"Just like this. Take me from behind. Please!"

Two more smacks.

"What was that for?"

"Just for being a pouty-mouthed little tease with an exquisite derriere."

Saying my pussy was soaked was an understatement and the feel of his hands on my extraordinarily hot bottom only added to the pleasure. He removed his cock from his pants and placed it where the tip was just barely penetrating.

"Do you want more?"


He pulled out then pushed in a few inches deeper than before. "More?"

"Oh, yes, Doctor. Don't tease me, please."

Out and in a few more inches. "More?"

"I'm begging you, Dr. Prospero. I will explode if you don't give it to me now!"

He thrust hard and deep into my body and I screamed with the ecstasy of it. In and out he drove his cock. The feel of the fabric of his clothing caressing my bottom cheeks with every push and pull had me squirming beneath him.

In the background I could hear the stats printer start to go off. Back and forth it ran as it printed up call counts and Dr. Prospero subconsciously followed its rhythm. I knew from that day forward, whenever I heard it go off I was going to grow wet, possibly even auto-orgasm. Life was never going to be the same at work. That printer goes off at the the top of every hour.

"Yes, you feel good. So nice and tight. My randy Ms. Mandylor, you can come now."

I did. On command. My body trembled and convulsed as I felt the liquid rush of satisfaction course through my entire body. At some point I believe I actually saw stars.

He pulled out of my contracting pussy to shoot his creamy come all over my tingling buttocks then carefully rubbed it in like lotion. He kissed me softly and held me gently as I was removed from my bonds. The phone rang and Dr. Prospero took my headset and grinned. "How do you do this again?"

"Press Talk under the line that is coming in and then press the Answer button on the right." I practically purred as I joined him at my station and kneeled on the floor beside him, wrapping my arms around his elbow and laying my head on his shoulder.

Foxhills Condo Association showed up on the screen and I groaned from the sight of those words.

"Hey! Thees Guido's Feesh Market. What'cha need?" Dr. Prospero said in a deep, exaggerated New York/Italian accent. I was helpless but to giggle into the cusp of his arm.

"No, thees not Foxhills. Who ees this?...What's your beesness calling me this late? What's your name? Where do you live?" An actual mafia type killer with a money laundering company to cover illegal drug trafficking could not have done a better job.

The light went out telling me the caller had hung up. Probably wet himself too. By this time I was ready to fall down with laughter. Don't let them bother you, Caresse. Get hot and bothered over me, not them."

"Yes, sir!"

"I like that. I may make you say it more often."

When the dayshift supervisor came in she commented on how surprised she was that I had kept my cool by myself with the lines working like they were. "It's easy, Lori. I just didn't let them get to me, that's all."

I knew she noticed that I wasn't sitting down and that I started to leave with a partially eaten strawberry shortcake (We had spent a good bit of time after Guido hand feeding it to each other.) with icing stripped in various locations but I guess instinct told her not to ask if she didn't want to know.

As I turned the doorknob I did hear her shout down the hallway. "Caresse?"


"Wilma left a note. She wanted to know if you got that doctor's signature."


(The End)


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