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Welcoming the Millenium
With a Bang

Twenty-Second Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

December 31, 1999, was an unseasonably warm end to the old millenium. The hot winds that stream down off the mountains to the east had lingered longer into the season than usual, preventing the cooling Pacific Ocean breezes from entering the valley from the west. The cold, damp, miserable storms of El Nino, the terrible-tempered child, were not due to drench and terrorize us for another five weeks.

My Frank and I went shopping that afternoon, to pick up a few last-minute supplies for our little family New Year's Eve party with our son. Nothing too fancy, just some donuts and sparkling cider. And some crackers, chips, avocado dip, and assorted cold-cuts and cheeses. Just stuff to snack on as our 12-year-old son Bobby, my husband Frank, and I watched the world celebrate the millenium on TV. Bobby didn't want to go shopping with us, so he went to a friend's house to play for the afternoon.

Being such a hot day, I wore my extremely-short black micro- miniskirt, the one my Frank had bought me at my insistence, the one I like to wear to signal him when I am good and horny for him--which, of course, is most of the time! This skirt is not quite long enough to hide the tightly-puckered creases where the soft, feminine curve of my butt swoops down to meet the tops of my naturally-dark, smooth, silky, shapely Latin-American legs.

I hadn't often been bold enough to wear this skirt OUTSIDE of the house, but with this heat, I had simply said "fuck it" and wore it anyway. I had deliberately not worn panties underneath. That way, whatever cooling breeze might happen to find its way past the hot mountain winds, would be unobstructed on its path up my skirt to cool off the tiny beads of sweat oozing slowly, seductively down from my ass to the backs of my knees. I just LOVED the deliciously naughty feeling of being naked under such a short skirt, with my Frank at my side. For his part, my loving husband really seemed to be enjoying the view from behind me, as usual. His enjoyment was making my pussy even warmer. Luckily, as we crossed the parking-lot, a momentary stray breeze did find its way up my skirt and straight up into my slit, or I might have gone absolutely insane with the combination of the external heat, and my own growing internal heat of longing for my husband.

As we were shopping, I momentarily forgot how scantily clad I was, as I leaned over the refrigerated dairy case to pick up some packages of Monterey Jack cheese. My skirt flipped up, and if you were looking, you could notice my entire naked ass now. Believe me, my Frank DID notice. Quicker than a flash, he was behind me, his strong, masculine arms lovingly encircling my waist, his fingertips naughtily dancing across my hardening nipples through my favorite purple T-shirt, his tender lips sweetly nuzzling my neck. I hastily smoothed down my miniskirt as far down as I could, which admittedly was not very far.

Even through the denim of his jeans shorts, I could feel his rising bulge start to press against the crack of my panty-less ass, which my thin black micro-miniskirt barely hid from view. I turned my head to my right, pulled his head around to his left, cupped his neck in my open palm, and kissed him, softly and sweetly at first. But after two or three kisses, I started kissing him with a ferociously- passionate hunger as I moaned into his ear, and I thrust my ass backward hard against his front trouser ridge. It took all of my will power to back away and continue shopping now, but I knew that a crowded grocery store on December 31 was neither the time nor place for this display of raw, uninhibited lust.

As we waited in the check-out line, Frank picked up a magazine from the rack, and he began thumbing through it as we waited. He then seemed to be absorbed in one particular article, but as he often reads in super-market checkout lines, I thought nothing of it at the time.

Our 12-year-old, Bobby, seems to have a knack for timing his return home from playing, so as to get out of helping around the house. Frank and I had just finished unloading the groceries from the car, and laying out the snacks for later, when Bobby came clattering noisily up to the house on his skateboard. The TV went on as we started watching New Year's Eve celebrations from around the world. Bobby spread a sleeping bag on the living-room floor and laid down on top of it.

Frank and I sat side-by-side on the living-room couch, he still in his cute, sexy little jeans shorts and me still in my black micro-miniskirt. We both kicked off our shoes and began playing footsie with each other's bare feet. Frank's toes are long and slender, and while I was enjoying the feel of them against my own small, dark toes, I really longed to feel them once more wriggling against my inner walls and my clit, as they had so often done in the past. The weather was still unseasonably warm, but as the sun set, the house cooled off very quickly. By about 8 PM, my bare legs were starting to shiver a little, and Frank's legs were sprouting goose-bumps. So I spread a thin blanket across both our laps. Frank soon took advantage of our legs being hidden under this blanket, to place his hand at the top of my smooth, dark thigh and slowly knead my flesh. I turned to him and smiled wickedly, as I let my open palm rest over the zipper of his shorts. Our son was too engrossed in the TV to even notice our shenanigans, which the blanket hid from his view anyway. As tough as it was to rein-in our stirring passions, we didn't dare let our love play go beyond a little footsie and a little leg rubbing, with our son lying not ten feet away.

So with our hands and legs still making contact under the blanket, Frank and I just watched the celebrations on TV now, occasionally munching on cheese-and-crackers or chips- and-avocado-dip, but secretly longing to munch on EACH OTHER! Bobby disdained the crackers and the chips, and hungrily wolfed down a big chocolate donut instead.

At 11:50, Frank opened a bottle of sparkling apple cider, and poured its contents into three tall, skinny, fluted champagne glasses, in preparation for the midnight toast to the new millenium.

FIVE--FOUR-THREE-TWO--ONE! Happy New Year! Bobby, Frank and I joined in a quick group hug, then toasted each other and sipped-down our cider. With a child in the house, we couldn't exactly serve champagne, and besides, neither Frank nor I drink alcohol. And even if we did, on this special millenial night, we wanted nothing to dull our senses for the private celebration that Frank and I planned to share after Bobby fell asleep. We hadn't planned anything special, but being so deeply in love with each other, we both knew that we would commit SOME sort of wildly-uninhibited loving to welcome in the millenium.

We would get our chance far sooner than either of us expected. Within five minutes after downing our New Year's glasses of sparkling cider, Bobby had nodded off, snoring, dead to the world. Frank quietly scooped him up, and carried our son off to bed, closing Bobby's bedroom door behind him before entering our bedroom and locking our master-bedroom door.

I quickly changed clothes in our master-bathroom, silently slipping into the sexy outfit that I had surreptitiously laid-out earlier in the evening: a lacy red teddy with open peekaboo cut-outs around my nipples and my crotch. I paired this with elbow-length lacy red gloves, red mesh stockings, a red garter belt, and my trampiest red high-heels with a red feather over the toes. It was now about 15 minutes after midnight. Would ours be the first sex of the new millenium, or would some other couple somewhere have beaten us to it? It didn't matter, this would be OUR first sex of the mllenium, and I instinctively knew that we would very soon be welcoming-in the millenium with a BANG!

I emerged from the bathroom to find Frank still wearing his jeans shorts, but they were now paired with a red cotton undershirt that showed off his strong upper arm muscles and the top of his handsomely-muscular hairy chest. I sashayed over to him with as seductive a saunter as I could muster, wrapped my arms around his neck, pressed the hardening nipples of my barely-covered 38-Cs against his chest, and quickly kissed him as I kicked-up my right heel behind me and let out a soft, squealing "ooooohh". I then stepped back one pace, reached out with both hands to the bottom hem of his red undershirt, and slowly slid his shirt up his chest and over his arms, which he courteously raised above his head for me. I then leaned into him again, planting a soft kiss against the sweet depression where his neck meets his chest, just below his adam's apple. I felt his adam's- apple bob up and down as he gulped and swallowed hard with desire at the sensations my kisses were stirring inside of him.

I then kissed his right nipple, and I let my tongue flick out and barely, teasingly touch his manly chest. Next I slowly kissed my way down that beautiful, darkly-hairy chest of his, until I reached his navel. I then once more let my tongue flick out at his bare flesh there. I then kissed his belt buckle, down his zipper, then across to the bottom edge of his jeans shorts. Sinking to my knees, I at last could kiss the bare flesh of his thighs, his knee- caps, and his long, strong, slender legs. I now kissed my way back up his other leg, up his knee-cap, up his muscular thigh, back onto his zipper, and back up to his belt- buckle. My hands replaced my mouth now as I fumbled to unfasten his belt.

I was being too hasty, and I stopped and caught my breath. After I slowed down, I had better success unbuckling him now, and I slowly, teasingly unbuttoned the metal button that fastened the top of his jeans shorts. Slowly, playfully, I unzipped his shorts now, pausing every few millimeters to lean in and plant a soft, loving, gentle kiss along his growing ridge, against the denim that was still hiding his sexy manliness from my view. Oh, how I hungered for him now, to see him, to taste him, to feel him throbbing against my lips, my teeth, my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and finally, my happily-swallowing throat. But for now, I was just savoring the joyful power of being in control as I continued to tease his zipper downward with my fingertips.

When the zipper reached bottom, he wriggled his hips invitingly, seductively, and his shorts dropped to his ankles. Underneath was a shiny, shimmering red pair of silk boxers. Part of me wanted to move immediately into sliding my hand right into the front opening of his boxers and surround his long, thick shaft with my fist. But the part of me that wanted this moment to last, to continue teasing him, won out now, as I squatted down before him and planted a light-as-a- butterfly kiss on the silk, directly over the long, pronounced ridge that was so obvious underneath. His throbbing pushed the silk of his boxers out against my lips. I reached up for the waistband with both hands, and I began slowly wrestling the red-hot silk down his legs. I leaned in to kiss his crotch again, but before I could fully lean into him, my brazenness was wonderfully rewarded by feeling his now completely-naked cock throb hard against my kissing lips. Mmmmm! I just wanted to MELT into his strong, loving arms now! I stood up and did just that, kissing the side of his neck as my arms wrapped around his back, and his wonderfully-thick, pulsating cock pressed up tightly against my waist through the lacy fabric of my red teddy.

I simply couldn't resist him any longer. I sank to my knees, and I flicked my tongue out against the side of his shaft, intending to lick my way up from his balls to his cock-head. But before I could do that, Frank reached under my arm-pits with both hands, and he pulled me back up to a standing position. Facing each other, he held my hands in his, but stood far enough back that no other parts of us touched each other now.

He gazed longingly, lovingly, adoringly into my eyes for what was probably a few seconds, but it seemed like hours to me as I melted beneath his sweet, sexy, penetrating gaze.

My hands still in his, he pulled me to the edge of our queen-size bed. He picked me up in his strong, loving arms, and he gently laid me flat on my back atop the blanket. He then laid down beside me. I was still fully dressed in my red teddy, stocking, garters, gloves, and high-heeled pumps. But he was 100% completely, deliciously naked beside me! Mmmmm, what a treat for these tired eyes!

He kissed the side of neck, across to my shoulders, slowly across my upper arm. His kisses lingered inside the bend of my elbow, before slowly, tauntingly, ever-so-tantalizingly slowly kissing his way down my lacy red gloves, then kissing each fingertip individually right through the lace. Pulling gently at the fingertips, he slowly worked the gloves down off my arms and past my fingers, all the while kissing his way down my arms with each newly-exposed spot of my dark flesh.

When my arms were bare, he now slowly kissed his way back up my arm, across my shoulder, over my neck. Finally, he slowly kissed his way down into my cleavage. He cupped his right hand under the bottom curve of my left breast, as his left hand reached under my back to pull my breasts up closer to him. Then he leaned over me, kissed my nipple through the peekaboo-hole of my teddy, and flicked his tongue across my nipple a couple of times in quick succession. When my hips began to wriggle beneath him on the mattress, he decided to slow it down even more, and prolong the pleasure for as long as he could. He began a series of excrutiatingly-slow circular licks around the circumference of my 3-inch-wide reddish-brown areolas, before catching my now very hard nipple with the very tip of his tongue.

He sucked my nipple up into his mouth now, and I thrust my pelvis high up off the bed, wriggling madly from side to side with desire for him. But when he began his usual soft, tender nibbling on my nipple, I just went ballistic, frantically waving my hand through his thick dark hair, and pushing the back of his head down harder and closer into my breasts. As I wriggled side-to-side and thrust upward into his face, I just let out a long, low series of non-stop moans, one right after the other. Mmmm, but this felt SSSSOOO good! And I wanted to tell him so!

But he picked that very moment to back away from me completely. I wanted to SCREAM from interrupted desire. He rolled me onto my right side, facing him, and he rolled onto his left side facing me. He softly kissed my lips once, then backed off. What the hell was wrong now? What the $%#@! was he DOING? He had been giving me SUCH pleasure, why had he stopped?

As if in answer to my unasked question, he gazed soulfully at me now, and he slowly parted his lips. His tongue, which I knew first-hand is wonderfully long and wide, now slowly curled out of his mouth and stuck out at me. His tongue stretched out toward me as far as it could possibly go. I momentarily thought of a little boy sticking out his tongue at a classmate and taunting "Nyahhh!" But instead, Frank's fully-extended tongue ran to the left corner of his lips. Still fully-extended, his tongue began a slow, suggestive, seductive lick across his upper lip, until it reached the far-right corner of his mouth. Then he reversed directions, and his extended tongue slowly licked back across his upper lip, from right to left. Wow, this simple gesture was really GETTING to me, I was getting so turned-on watching his tongue antics and wondering when and where his tongue might land on me. I wanted his tongue to explore me everywhere that night!

Frank got up, then lay down sideways across the bed, perpendicular to me, forming a T shape with me.

His head leaned down into my thick, dark crotch fur. I spread my legs open wide to him now, and he softly kissed my pussy lips before backing off a couple of inches. His tongue now extended fully out again, and he again slowly licked from corner to corner across his upper lip. Only this time, as his tongue moved in a long, slow, sweeping arch across his upper lip, the very tip of his tongue traced that same licking arc motion sideways across the outside of my long, narrow pussy lips. Ooooohhh! Sheer heaven!

Frank now placed two fingers at my dampening slit, and he gently pried my pussy lips open. He leaned in another inch or so closer, and once more extended his tongue fully, and slowly licked on a high, sweeping arch across his upper lips. This sent the very tip of his tongue sweeping across the moistness lining my inner walls. I met his lick with an upward thrust of my pelvis even higher up into his face. He was licking right through the crotchless opening of my lacy red teddy, across my pussy lips, and against my inner walls, licking the moisture out of me almost as fast as I could dampen-up again. Ohhh---my---GAAAWWWWDDD!!!

He reached down under my ass, and he began massaging and kneading the creases where my ass meets the tops of my legs. I thrust my pelvis even higher up off the mattress again, and my hips squirmed and gyrated in uncontrollable lust, as his tongue slid ever deeper into my juicy slit and continued to lick mercilessly from one end of my inner walls to the other. I thrust myself upward one final time, shaking and moaning, using all my will power to keep from screaming and waking our son. Then I exploded hot, hard, and heavy, fast and furious, onto Frank's exploring tongue. He licked up my explosive ooze, then backed off long enough for me to quickly catch my breath.

He crawled down between my raised knees now, and he slid his way upward, burying his face in my thick, dark pubic thatch. His torso and legs stretched out as an extension of my own body. He planted a slow, sensuous, sensual series of incredible kisses right onto my hungry clit, which now grew and throbbed up into his face. His tongue slid out of his mouth again, sticking out as far as he could make his tongue go, then making those same fantastic long, arching sweeps of his tongue again, this time directly across my happy, horny little clit. His tongue kept slowly licking across his upper lip, from corner to corner of his mouth, as the tip of his tongue swept across my clit. I thrust my hips up higher and higher and higher into his face, moaning directly into his ear to "Eat me! EEEEAAATTTT me!"

With each lick now, his tongue swept a little faster across my clit, until soon he was flashing his tongue very rapidly from side to side across my horny and excited clit.

"UUUUNNNNGGGGHHH!" I gasped, thrusting and wriggling my hips every which way now, as his outstretched tongue relentlessly flashed rapidly back-and-forth against my stiff, swollen clit.

He took this as his cue to suck my clit up past his lips and teeth, fully up into his mouth. He then began a very gentle nibbling on my clit. "Mmmmmmmm!" I moaned.

"MMMMMMM! You taste SSSSOOO good, my darling," he moaned delightedly into my pussy. My fleshy folds against his lips were muffling his moan into a soft mumble.

His teeth backed off of my clit, and he resumed his rapid sideways licks across my clit. After three or four such licks, he sucked me back into his mouth for another round of clit-chewing. Then back off, lick, then suck and nibble. After about the fourth round of switching between licks and nibbles, I just couldn't STAND it one second longer. I grabbed the back of his head, pulled him down even closer into my over-excited pussy, and thrust my hips even higher up off the mattress. Shaking uncontrollably from head to toe, writhing, squirming, and gyrating, I came against his rapid-fire tongue. I exploded. And exploded again. And yet again. Then I slowed to a thick ooze, and finally to a trickle. After about ten minutes of one orgasm right on top of another and another, with his tongue licking and his teeth nibbling, I finally felt that I couldn't come any more that night. Luckily, I would turn out to be wrong about that.

"Wow!" I cooed. "WHERE did you ever learn to do that! And how come you've never done that to me before in the 3-1/2 years we've known each other?" Then I turned paranoid with jealousy: "Did some OTHER woman teach you that? You'd BETTER not be messing around with anyone else!"

Frank smiled, laughed, kissed me sweetly on the lips, and said "Relax. There's nobody else. I LOVE you, I love ONLY you. You are my soul-mate. You---"

"Oh yeah?" I interrupted. "Then where did you learn to do those WONDERFUL, those INCREDIBLE, things your tongue just did to me?"

"In the super-market check-out line."

"I beg your pardon?" I over-reacted, startled, my head filling with images of my Frank on his knees in a super- market check-out line, his head under another woman's skirt, as she coached him in the fantastic tongue maneuvers that he had just used to rock my world.

"Don't you remember, I was reading that men's health magazine while we waited to pay for our sparkling cider? The article said that if you want a healthy sexual relationship with your loved one, try extending your tongue as far as it will go, and slowly licking from corner to corner of your mouth. Then get down between her thighs, and repeat that same motion against her clit. So, how was it? Was it everything the magazine said it would be?"

I didn't answer. I just smiled. I thought how sweet of him it was to do some research on how to bring me even MORE pleasure than he usually does, and then to put that new knowledge to practical use. And I felt relieved that my Frank still loves me enough to make me the one and only recipient of his newly-acquired knowledge. There WAS no strange woman in the check-out line coaching him on how to do me. I knew how I wanted to reward him now, so in silent answer to his question, I leaned over him, and I cupped his balls in one hand, while slowly stroking the length of his shaft with my other hand. I then leaned down over him and kissed his huge, swollen, happy and excited balls repeatedly. Now I began slowly licking up his throbbing shaft, kissing my way all over his cock-head. Then I finally parted my lips to hungrily suck him in. I had him all the way down my throat, when I suddenly realized that even after all his licking, sucking, and nibbling on ME, my greedy pussy still wanted MORE. As great as his cock felt easing into my mouth and sliding effortlessly down my throat, and as much as I wanted to feel and taste his spunk on my tongue, I by now wanted him pounding my pussy, even MORE than I wanted to suck him off.

So I reluctantly backed my hungry mouth off of his wonderfully long, thick, throbbing cock, and I straddled his hips. He reached up and untied the lacy bows at the crotch of my teddy, opening the bottom of my teddy even wider. After all, my pussy would now have to accommodate something MUCH bigger than his tongue: his 8-inch-long, 2- inch-thick, driving, pounding, hard cock. And neither of us wanted ANY fabric impeding his big cock's progress up into the depth of my drooling, salivating slit now.

I slowly rocked my open pussy lips back and forth, back and forth over the outside length of his pulsing, throbbing cock, each stroke of his cock-head and shaft along the length of my wide-open pussy lips making me ever hornier. I tilted my head way back behind my shoulders, staring up at the ceiling, as I thrust my 38-C breasts forward into his face. He took the hint, licking, sucking, and nibbling my hard, dark nipples right through the peekaboo cut-outs in my lacy red teddy.

I couldn't wait one second longer to feel his hardness thrusting up into me. I lifted myself up off his hips, and as his fingers held my juicy slit wide open, I slowly sank my love tunnel down over his wonderfully hard shaft.

As he started to sink upward into my depths, the mushroom- shaped head of his cock balloooned out against my inner walls, then collapsed, puffed out then collapsed. That first pulse of his cock-head tightly into my walls sent me over the edge, and I came. Then he slid in a bit further, and his cock-head pulsed VERY hard against my inner walls once more. And I came AGAIN! His shaft slid over my clit, then pulsed once, very hard, directly against my hot, hard clit. Feeling his thick shaft pulse so mightily against my swollen clit, I came yet again, even stronger than the previous two times. I pushed myself fully down onto him now, reveling in the feel of his balls pressing up against my pussy lips, and his length and thickness completely filling every cubic inch of my pussy. I was content. This was the life. What a perfect way to start a new thousand years.

But now it was Frank's turn to get greedy and want even more. He grabbed my hips with both hands, and he pulled me upward. As his cock retreated from my loving pussy, or more correctly my pussy unwrapped itself from around his cock, I could feel my pussy lips being pulled out away from me, along with his cock. When only the head remained inside of me, that thick mushroom shape once more pulsed against my pussy lips, and I reacted the same way as the first time his cock-head had pulsed in me that evening. By coming strong and hard, thoroughly soaking his cock, my pussy lips, my thighs, and the bed sheets with my hot, thick stream of liquid lust.

Still holding my hips, Frank pulled me down hard onto his waist and hips, driving his cock quickly and fully back into me. As he thrust his full 8 inches back up into me, his thick shaft once more pulsed against my hot, horny, swollen, hungry clit, making me moan as I came all over his cock yet again.

He once more pulled my hips up off of him, only this time he stopped when his cock had retreated only about half way out of me. I knew Frank well enough by now, after 3-1/2 years of marriage, to know what this partial-retreat meant: he was getting ready to EXPLODE! Sure enough, he thrust very hard and very fast the rest of the way back up into me now, and as soon as his balls touched my outer pussy lips (which were tightly stretched around his wonderfully-thick cock), he exploded very deep inside of me. Feeling his explosion so deep up in my love tunnel, and his shaft throbbing against my clit, triggered yet another orgasm inside of me. I felt my thick love juice streaming down along the outside of his long, thick shaft, until his juices and mine seeped out of my tightly-stretched pussy, oozing onto his pubic hair, my thighs, his thighs, and the bed.

We just stayed there for a while, my legs straddling his hips, his still-hard cock pulsing and throbbing away deep up inside of me, my still-excited pussy muscles squeezing my already tightly-stretched pussy lips down even tighter around his thick, juicy cock. I simply didn't want his wonderful thickness leaving me just yet. Finally, as we both relaxed and returned to breathing normally, his cock relaxed and softened just a little, and I relaxed my pussy's death-grip on his wonderfully-pleasurable shaft. I slowly eased my thighs up off his hips, letting his cock slip out of me. As I raised myself up from above him, our juices flowed steadily out of my still wide-open slit and down onto us and the bed sheet. We both retreated to our master-bathroom to lovingly wash the come off of each other, and that is when we noticed the time on the clock: 3:30 AM. We had been making sweet, tender, delicious, glorious, delirious love for three solid HOURS!

Starting at 12:15 as we did, ours might not have been the FIRST sex of the millenium. But nobody can say they welcomed in the year 2000 with a better BANG than we had!

I was sore for two days afterward, but it was WORTH it! Two days later, I BEGGED Frank to repeat his new tongue trick against my clit, and happily for me, he readily obliged. But then it was another two days before my clit again desensitized enough for yet another repeat performance. He kept on like this, his extended tongue pleasuring my clit every other day throughout the month of January, driving me into 8, 10, 12, 15 orgasms in a row, too many to count, every other day for 30 days, his tongue thus giving me maybe as much as 225 (15x15) orgasms in the month of January! So who's afraid of Y2K? If this is what the new millenium is going to be like, bring it on! I welcome it. I am STILL glad that we were able to welcome Y2K with SUCH a BANG!


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