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Come to My Special Hideaway
With Me

by Suzie Samuels

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Misty, I should just tie you to this tree right here, too hell with your special place, I think I will take you here." You take my hands and hold them behind me, behind the tree. The fact that we are clothed is the only thing that keeps your cock from entering me, right here, right now. My eyes lazily open as I feel your head twisting. You look around, though still locked in our kiss to see if it is possible to take me right here. "Nay, we will go to your place, but you are going to pay a very dear price for keeping me waiting, you know." I pull away.

"No Master D, not here, we are very close now, please Master." You slowly let go of my hands and I slide down the tree to terra firma. We both are reluctant to move.

"Down boy, down." I laughingly say patting your bulge. I stand on my tiptoes giving you one last peck. I take your hand and pull you to start you moving. We go down the steep hill, we hold on to the trees to keep from falling; the two of us laughing at each other's antics like school kids on their first date.

"See Master D, there it is, see how the water flows over and around those rocks. This is the best place to sail stick boats. Let's do it, huh." You smile indulgently and rub my back as I lean forward to let my creek run over my fingers. Your fingers on my back let me know that the boats are going to have to wait.

I kneel beside the stream and cupping my hands I scoop up some of water and thirstily slurp the water knowing this is good spring water that the spring is just a little way to the left. I scoop some more water and jump to my feet to give you a drink too, most of it leaks out, down over your shirt. But you still lick my hand, kissing my palms. You lean towards me, wanting to kiss me saying "Misty, you are driving me crazy, come here."

"No Master, no, not here not now, soon it is just over here."

"Well make it quick, girl, or it will be here, right here." I give you a push towards my old fort. It is an old children's fort that I want to share with you.

"My brothers and our friends built this fort years ago and I occasionally come here to be alone. A lot of it is gone now but it is still here, see. Those two trees in the middle of it never were here before, but the rest of walls are fairly intact." I step in and turn around "Welcome to Fort Misty, Master. Please come in." I teasingly say and pull you in. "You know, this place used seem much larger." Your size dwarfs it. There is still plenty of room for us to have our picnic lunch, though.

I swing my pack off and busy myself with getting the cloth and food out. "I hope you like white wine because that's all I brought, that and water. I also brought some Brie and havarti and old cheddar cheese, oh and some very good garlic herb cream cheese. Now we both have to have some of the garlic cheese, k." I laughingly say, looking up at you with my big brown eyes.

I just sit there for a minute looking at you, amazed that I have you here with me. "Pinch me, Master, is this for real, are you really here?" I could drown in your eyes; I can feel your hunger.

"I guess this seems like a silly place to bring you on our first outing. I hope you don't mind tramping through my bush, but I just had to share my secret place with you. Are you disappointed? Master, are you?" I reach up and take your hand.

"No Misty, I can see why you like this place, it helps me understand you much better. Thank you for sharing this with me." You pull away momentarily while you toss the blanket out and let it float to the ground. It rests on a cushion of last year's leaves, all crispy in the dry summer air. They smell musky like earth its self as they are crushed under our feet.

I pass you the wine in one hand and the opener in the other. "How about that, I remembered both." I move over onto the blanket that you placed between the trees. I pick my tree and lean back the glasses in my hands and watch you. You lean against your tree sliding down it until you are seated, the wine still in your hand. You toss the opener into the middle of my pack. "Two points." You say chuckling. You take a glass and pour one and pass it back to me, taking the other you quickly pour yours. You pass it to me so you can re-cork the bottle and careful set it aside.

You reach out and take your glass "Here is to us, may our friendship grow, Misty," you say saluting me. Our glasses touch, we sip and we smile at each other leaning towards each other. We kiss lightly. Sitting back we delight in just looking at each other. We know the memories that we take away from this day will have to do us forever. My right hand comes up and touches your cheek, feeling your whiskers, though freshly shaved they are still there. I trace your eyes and lean up on my knees to kiss them, and then fall back down taking a gulp of wine. I just want it gone I want both hands free for your face. I think you are the same as you guzzle your wine. With the tip of my left index finger I run down your nose and around it. I bring my finger to my lips and kiss it, then I take and place that kiss on the tip of your nose. We smile at each other; I lean in fast stealing a kiss. But I am gone before you can react. I laugh at you trying to follow my kiss. My wine gone, way too fast, I set my glass safely aside. I trace your lips, such well-defined lips. My hands, both hands, like they have a mind of their own, go to your hair and I run my hands through it. When I take my hand away, there is single hair between my fingers and I carefully hold it while I unfold a napkin. I lay your hair on it, in the center, and fold it up. "When you are gone this hair and my memories of today are what I will have of you. You don't mind leaving a hair behind for a good cause, do you?"

Finished with your wine, you toss the glass out of the way, only the floor of leaves keeps it from breaking. I can't believe it, you just crooked your finger in a 'come to me' manner and I am moving, coming to you, but its like it is in slow motion. I can hardly believe it, but, now I am suddenly shy; yet this is what I want. We know each other so well, yet we know each other not at all. The moment of truth, the moment of absolute trust is here. Can I accept the real? Or are we just cyber illusions to the other. Picking you up, driving here, walking, kissing, letting you touch me has excited me so much, I thought I was prepared for giving myself to you. But now as I move towards your arms and there can be no more excuses, I bite my lower lip to keep it from trembling. 'Oh God, do not let me disappoint him, he is so special to me and we only have today. Please, God.' I say in silent prayer. For a moment, when I look at you I think maybe you have some of the same thoughts. Your hand touches my bare arm and all doubts are vanquished from both our thoughts.

Your other hand comes around and you pull me close, kissing me, kissing me deeply. My hands wrap around the your neck. I rub my breasts against you, against your chest. A moan sneaks out of me. I am lost, lost to he in that moment. You lay me back on the blanket, on the cushion of leaves. Your mouth never leaves my mouth, as we fall back, you on top of me. You sort of are on my left side; your left hand fondles my breasts. 'Oh lovely, so right.' Our kiss continues, exploring, I suck your tongue into me as if I wish you could crawl right into me. Your hand finds its way into my short tank top, and under my bra to cup my right breast. Your fingers tease my nipple, rolling it around and around, firmer and harder. In my head, I silently scream 'YES!'

You pull back off me and jump to your feet, I feel bereft. You busy yourself with your backpack. I lay there watching fascinated, waiting, not sure what is coming. You bring out all types of paraphernalia, there are belts, black ones and a flail, black with what looks like silk cords, hundreds of them attached to a long thick handle with a big knob on the end of it. Next comes some battery operated toys, vibrators, butt plugs and a butterfly, that makes me smile, remembering me purchasing mine and subsequently sharing the experience with you. Still not finished out comes several pair of cuffs, they are black leather with D rings sewn on and several lengths of rope. You place all of this on what was to have been our table. Lastly you pull out several condoms. I can feel the tightness in my chest ease when I see them. I hadn't realized I was that concerned about it. But it makes me feel better seeing you are considerate enough to have them. You busy yourself for a minute, humming a nameless tune. Sitting back on your haunches, "You really want it as we discussed or just straight or we can just talk, your call, Misty. This is your last chance unless you evoke the stop word, Navajo, so be sure."

"You mean you will not control me if I so chose? Master D, I am flattered you would walk way from what I know you want, what you came here for. I just lay here wondering if my fight or flight auto response will kick in and I would up and bolt. It didn't. I am still here and I want to belong to you. Let's face it I have already belonged to you for several months, so now it is real and I can't wait." I reach up and take your hand. "It is ok, honest, it is what I want also." We smile at each other realizing that we are at a crossroads. One-way we are the friends we were when we came, mind you special friends but just friends. The other way, we will be really committed to each other, in a true relationship; a sexual relationship or we will crash and burn destroying everything. You put your hand out to me; the choice has come down to me; and this single simple gesture. Instantly I take your hand and you lift me to my feet. You reach out and steady me before you.

You take my face, "Misty, are you sure."

"Yes, Sir."

In one fluid move you pull my tank top off and reach back and unhook my bra. You then carefully, almost reverently lift the cups off my breasts. The cool breeze and / or the thought of you seeing my breasts for the first time, my nipples instantly stand up erect and hard. We both let out a simultaneous sighs. The touch is like lightening going through me. My eyes are down but at that instant they fly up to yours. My lips part waiting wanting your lips. You respond with a demanding savage kiss. Your lips opening mine, demanding that I yield to your will. My breasts crush against you. My hands go around your neck. You put your right hand up and take my left one pulling it down to my side and I feel you latch one of the black leather cuffs on my right wrist. I am ready for the second one. But I can't help but look down; I have never been cuffed before not for real.

You undo my belt and pull it out of the loops. You chuckle at a private joke. You toss onto the tablecloth too. And you undo my jean shorts and I step out of them, balancing between you and the tree. I am left with only my panties on, snowy white, with a lacy front panel and thong back. You step back and just stand and look at me, critically. It scares me that you will not like me. You smile and the whole world is okay. Quickly you pull your red golf shirt off and slip out of your hiking boots. I can only look at your hairy body and imagine how your coarse hair will tickle my breasts.

You put your big hands on my head and push never speaking, but the command is definite, 'on your knees.' I almost fall to the ground unable to keep my balance with the cuffs but you hold my head keeping me upright. "You know what to do Misty, do it." With cuffed, shaking hands, I reach up and undo your braided belt, then the button on her jeans, and slowly slide the zipper controller down. Your black silk boxers shine in the dappled sunlight. Your musk is released when I open your cock prison. I lean in and take a strong sniff of, you. I try to pull your jeans down, but my cuffed hands make it difficult, I whisper, "please." You lend a hand with the removal of your jeans and I hold the bottom of the leg as you step out of the each leg, first right then left. I toss them aside. I go back to kneeling and take the elastic of your boxers and pull out and down, freeing your cock. 'Oh! Oh, my so wonderful.' Your heady aroma; almost overwhelms me. Your cock flies free, up, so proud. His big head, that I am sure is almost purple with trapped blood, is hidden in his sheath of foreskin, now pulled taunt. I lean in and kiss your jumping cock, no mean feat. As he jumps he hits my nose and leaves a smear of precum on my nose. I look up at you and reach up ready to wipe it off until I see the look on your face that is a definite no; the word "No!" was not necessary.

Your hands reach down and pull on my nipples hard, twisting and pulling as hard as possible. You milk my breasts pinching the base of them and pulling out ending on my nipples. It is hard to keep my mind on my job, giving you the best blowjob imaginable.

My hands find your scrotum and specifically your balls, those treasures. My head ducks under your massive tool and I pull your balls a little forward so I can administer to them, kissing them and then licking your scrotum. I cannot resist taking them into my mouth. Oh I have to taste them, taste you. You are a little salty and a lot hairy. Your cock jumps on my forehead. Finished washing off all your salty sweat, I leave them for your pride and joy. I raise my eyes to meet yours.

I kiss your cock head again though this time, my lips open as I am doing it, my tongue circles your stretched foreskin covered cock I murmur against it softly. My left hand circles your shaft's base and my right massages your balls. My supple tongue slithers in under your foreskin and I lap your precum at its source. It is hard to keep him, you, still. You moan, no groan, louder with every circle, your balls have get rock hard. I impale my mouth on your hard cock. I pull back, pulling hard, the suction caving in my cheeks ending with my mouth wrapped tight around your cock's head. My tongue tells me that your head is exiting his protective shield. I know that if I stay here on your cock, that he will come and the day is young. I give a final pull; sitting back on my heels, you pop out. Your groan now is pour agony. You push me onto the blanket on my back. "My gawd gal, you give the best head. Misty, are you, hot and wet yet?"

"Yes." I whisper.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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