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Moving Violation
by Shintani

Jayme brought the car through a tire-squealing turn. Nancy cringed next to him, alarmed at their rate of speed. "Maybe you better slow down a bit," she said. "Are you kidding?" was his disdainful reply.

"I'll show you what I can do." With that, he mashed the accelerator down more, building speed into the next turn. He whipped around it nearing 90, laughing at his girlfriend's obvious discomfort. Neither one of them noticed the State Police cruiser parked behind a small shed. But he saw them. In an instant, Tommy had his patrol car on the road, building up speed, lights and sirens blaring.

"What an idiot," he thought to himself as he matched Jayme's every maneuver. In his rush to catch them, Tommy neglected to radio in his pursuit status. Ahead, in the speeding car, Nancy was screaming at Jayme to pull over. He rounded another turn, and looked in the rearview. No police in sight. Jayme pulled over to the side of the deserted country road. "Take over," he ordered Nancy.

"What?" she replied.

"Look," he explained, obviously annoyed. "It's your car anyway, and I can't get another ticket." With that, he undid their seatbelts and nearly flung her over into the driver's seat. She didn't have time to protest, as the flashing lights appeared in their mirror and the patrol car approached. Nancy straightened out her shirt; a burgundy pullover that was rather low cut. Her magnificent bosom pressed hard against the taut fabric, but she ignored Jayme's leering approval.

Tommy slowed his approach, this idiot had tried to run, and they might be up to something. As his headlights illuminated the scene, he saw the customized license plate "SEAL 05".

"Great," he thought to himself. Another one of those Navy special-forces punks. "Well, I'll show him who's boss around here." Throwing open his door, Tommy crouched over the top of it. His searchlight shone directly into the Eclipse in front of him.

"Driver get out of the car and walk back to the sound of my voice!" he commanded. His right hand unholstered his Beretta, his thumb checking to see that the safety was off. As Nancy slowly opened her door, hands up, Tommy brought his weapon to bear on her. "Hands up! Stand up! Now walk backwards slowly" Nancy did as he ordered, nervous about what was going to happen next. Adrenaline flowing, Tommy unconsciously took in the beauty of her form. A perfect hour-glass figure, he caught a fleeting glance at her chest, but was able to take in the sight of that fine ass as she walked back towards him. In his subconscious, he registered that, yes, it was one of the best he'd seen, even better than Jennifer Lopez.

Nancy's long black hair cascaded down her back, bouncing with each step back that she took. She reached the police car, and Tommy ordered her to place her hands on the hood. "Not bad," he thought about 5'6" or so, which was only an inch shorter than he...And then he raised his pistol and aimed it at Jayme, who had just gotten out of the car. "Hey pal! You stay right there, or I'm going to have to shoot you, OK?" Jayme raised his hands in compliance and stopped dead in his tracks. Tommy turned back to Nancy. Although the fear was apparent in her face, she had the most beautiful Asian features, dark brown almond-shaped eyes, full red lips...Her burgundy top accentuated her skin tone, and the black hip-huggers she wore accentuated...well, back to work. Holstering his gun, he began to pat her down.

"I'm not going to find anything on you, am I?" Fat chance of that, her clothes were so tight that he could see the outline of her thong panties. "You, know, guns, drugs, needles, hand grenades, that sort of thing?"

Nancy cracked a smile at that, the question was supposed to disarm the innocent and weed out the guilty. She, for the time being, fell into the former category. "And a beautiful smile, too" thought Tommy as he went about his task. She was soft to the touch; he let his hands linger on her ample breasts and drew them down. Nancy gasped as his hands touched the bare skin of her belly, then continued further on. Tommy had just run his hands over the curves of that gorgeous bottom when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. No time to think, just react.

He threw Nancy aside, and his left arm reached for the baton that hung from his belt. No sooner had he gripped it than Jayme slugged him, delivering a glancing blow to the chin. Tommy dodged around and brought his knee into Jayme's midsection. An elbow delivered to the back brought his assailant to his knees; repeated hammer blows from the baton finished him.

"Why?" demanded the irate trooper.

"You were touching my girl, slant!" was his mumbled reply.

Tommy snapped when he heard the slur added to the end. "That could describe me and her!" he shouted, and brought Jayme's head off the pavement with his baton. A swift series of kicks followed, and then more blows with the baton. Jayme dabbled in martial arts, but had a condescending attitude towards Asian culture. Nancy was the culmination of that, a Filipina girlfriend that he could show off as a trophy, or treat as property. Tommy was exacting vengeance for all of that now. For all his supposed martial arts prowess, he was beaten.

Jayme lay still on the pavement, and the enraged officer unholstered his pistol once more. This time, he brought the slide back and let go, chambering a round. He placed the muzzle at the base of Jayme's skull, and was stopped by Nancy's shriek. He spun around to look at her. She was just getting up off the ground, her full bosom exposed in her low cut top. Tommy felt a stirring in his loins at the sight. He safed his weapon, then handcuffed Jayme and went to his car. "Stay right there, both of you!" he ordered, and returned with a set of full restraints.

Immobilizing Jayme, he stepped towards Nancy. "Do exactly as I say, and he gets to live." Nancy nodded in agreement. Standing in front of her, Tommy stripped off his gunbelt and unzipped his pants. Nancy reached in for his cock, and brought it to her mouth.

"That's it baby, suck," said Tommy and he slammed her head into his crotch. Nancy, fighting back tears, stroked his hardening cock into her mouth. Tommy reached down, pulling her top off, exposing a lacy black bra. That went too. He sat on the seat of his car, Nancy in front of him, on her knees. She sucked his cock expertly, stroking the shaft and rubbing it all over her face. Pressing her down again, Tommy reached out to fondle her dangling breasts. Despite their size, they were firm, and Nancy couldn't stop her nipples from hardening in response to his touch.

Although she was rather young, no more than 21 or 22, she sucked him like an expert. Nancy swallowed his cock all the way down her throat, her full lips wrapped around the hard shaft. Her soft, delicate hand stroked as she continued to suck, his strong hands continued to play with her voluptuous breasts. Her hardening nipples were the object of his attention; Tommy was rubbing them between his fingers. He cupped her breasts and squeezed as she continued her oral ministrations.

As Jayme watched helplessly from the ground nearby, Nancy's tears stopped. A lusty look filled her eyes as she looked up at Tommy. She felt a warmth fill her, and could tell that her pussy was reacting quite favorably to her situation. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked Tommy off faster, and stroked him even harder. The cop was clearly enjoying this, Nancy's fingers gave his balls a squeeze, and she felt them tensing up in anticipation. A few more long sucks on his shaft drove him over the edge. Tommy came in her mouth, hot jets of his cum splashing into her mouth and down her throat. Nancy sucked him even harder, squeezing his cock and milking every drop into her mouth. His sticky cum tasted so good to her, she knew that she wanted more.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, she continued to stroke him, even as one last spurt decorated her lovely face with a hot gob of cum. She kissed the throbbing head of his cock and smiled. A long stroke of her tongue on the underside of his cock signaled her intentions to him. Standing up, Nancy wiggled out of her tight black pants. Her thong panties soon followed, and she gyrated in front of Tommy, teasing him.

A quick glance over towards Jayme revealed his pain and humiliation at the situation. Here was his girl, sucking off the guy who had just kicked his ass. And now, she was waving her hot pussy in his face. He had enjoyed many nights of pleasure between her legs, and now she was slowly spreading those hot shaven lips for someone else. He struggled at his confinement, but to no avail. In his pain, he was forced to watch what transpired next. Nancy was giving Tommy a quick striptease show, bringing his cock back to full attention. She danced seductively before him, giving him a long look at her pink pussy lips, letting his tongue lash out at her tits.

She sat down in his lap, his hardening cock pressed against her wet cunt, and he buried his face in her chest. An expert was sucking her nipples and breasts on, and the juices flowed from her pussy. Tommy shifted his attention from one huge tit to the other, driving Nancy wild. His hands reached around and grabbed the soft curves of her ass as he continued kissing her breasts. Nancy threw her head back in absolute pleasure, and shifted her weight in his lap. Feeling the tip of his cock pressing against her pussy, she raised her hips just a little, then slid down on his cock. He felt amazing to her.

His thick sexy cock forced her dripping pussy lips apart and slid inside. Nancy started to ride him, letting every inch of his thick sexy cock slid in and out of her cunt. She kept her rhythm slow at first, teasing him. His grip on her ass tightened as her felt his shaft sliding in and out of her hot fuck-hole. He sucked on her tits furiously, running his tongue around her nipples. Nancy bounced faster in his lap, fucking him for all he was worth. Tommy closed his teeth slowly and gently around one of her rosebud nipples, and pulled back slowly. The feeling was incredible. Nancy bucked even harder, feeling his intensified pleasure, and receiving the same. The harder he tugged at her tits, the harder and faster she rode his cock.

Wet pussy juices were flowing from her now, as she moaned in delight. Tommy brought one hand off of her fin ass and ran his fingers over her clit. Nancy screamed as the pleasure grew in her. Her pussy clenched down on his cock as she arched her back when the first waves of orgasm overtook her.

"Fuck me baby!" she shouted. "Do it to me the way you want to! I'm all yours!" Jayme could only watch in anguish as the cop pushed Nancy down to the ground, on all fours. In an instant, he had his cock shoved into her cunt from behind, and began to thrust. He drove into Nancy hard and fast, fucking her as deeply as he could. She wiggled her ass at him, pressing back to meet each powerful thrust. His hands grabbed her gorgeous ass as he continued to pound away. Nancy was screaming with pleasure, begging for him to take her hard and fast. Her wet pussy felt so tight to Tommy, the feeling of fucking this girl was incredible. And her stupid boyfriend was forced to watch. Nancy's body shook as another orgasm wracked her, she was begging for him to finish her off. Tommy's thrusts grew harder and harder, sliding so deep into her...he grabbed handfuls of her luxurious black hair and pulled. Nancy screamed with delight, feeling his cock slamming into her, his weight pinning her down. He was in complete control of her and she loved it. The rhythm of his balls slapping against her ass intensified as he approached climax.

"That's it baby! Fill me up with your cum! I want it so bad! Oohh! Fuck me baby!" she screamed as his muscles tensed. Tommy exploded with a gasp, shooting his second load into her hot cunt. As he came, he slapped her ass with his hand, smacking her bottom as his semen forced its way inside her. Nancy's cunt was dripping, both with her own juices and his flowing over her lips and down her thighs. Tommy collapsed on top of her, completely spent. Nancy lay under him, her own muscles weak and unable to respond. She couldn't believe it, not after experiencing the most intense orgasms of her life. The two caught their breath, and Tommy straightened himself up, and walked over towards a fuming Jayme.

"I promised I'd let you go, pal," he said. "Your girlfriend's quite a piece of ass, thanks for letting me have her," he taunted. As Jayme opened his mouth for a retort, Tommy brought the barrel of his pistol down on his head, knocking him senseless once again. Watching Nancy clean herself off, he got in his patrol car and left.

The next evening, Tommy was sitting in his patrol car, running LIDAR patrol again. His system beeped at him, something was approaching-very fast. Firing up his lights and siren, he took off after a familiar looking Mitsubishi Eclipse. As their speed approached triple digits, he noted the license again. SEAL 05. Well, if it was revenge they were after, he was ready. The two cars slowed to a halt at about the same spot as the night before. Tommy got out cautiously, pistol at the ready.

What happened next surprised him. Nancy stepped out of the car, wearing a low cut minidress. The skirt was so short that he could see the tops of her thigh-high stockings. He approached slowly, and realized that the car was empty. Nancy placed her hands on the hood, bent over slightly, and spread her legs to be frisked. A breeze came up and blew at her skirt, revealing that fine ass once again. "Alone tonight?" asked Tommy.

"Not anymore," was her reply, as she shot him a seductive look. Turning back to her car, she braced against it for another wonderful fucking at the hands of her newfound friend.

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