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Natural Camouflage
by Carl East

My name is Paul; I have a story to tell one that will make you wish you were me. It all started last week when the prototype of a new form of camouflage was finished. This camouflage consisted of a jacket that when worn and activated would effectively make the wearer invisible. I was designated the first test subject. I had the responsibility of field testing this piece of hardware, and trust me when I say, that a lot of money had gone into making this. How it worked was totally out of my league to fathom, but work it did. The first time I put it on I got a mild electric shock, which I thought didn't bode well for the future of this bit of kit. Having found out what was wrong they asked me to try it again. A bit apprehensive after the first time, I put the jacket back on flicking the switch situated in the front chest pocket. I could just see a field of shimmering light surrounding me, which I thought would be handy to tell the wearer that it was activated.

Colin, who was the supervisor in charge of the test, had asked me to pick up something from the desk. When I heard them cheer after activating the jacket I realised that it must have worked. I walked over to the desk picking up a pencil; Colin had kindly left a mirror behind the chair, so I could see the pencil rising up seemingly by its self. Colin asked me to deactivate the jacket which I did, the shimmering effect faded away. I stood shaking everybody's hand in congratulations; someone opened a bottle of bubbly. After the celebrations were over, we decided to go to the next stage, which involved me taking it out into the world. I had to perform several given tasks, if I returned undetected then it would be deemed a successful completion of this project.

My first task was to walk amongst a crowd of people without be discovered, I passed that with flying colours. Second, I had to go into a chosen bank and bypass their security; I was informed that the bank was only aware an attempted security breach was imminent. If I did get caught then I didn't have to worry about prosecution, still I felt a little nervous about this particular test. The bank was crowded, so I kept to the side in order that I didn't collide with anyone. I spotted a gorgeous looking blonde behind one of the counters. She had the sort of body you would give your left nut to see every male that spotted her seemed to go over to that queue. I just had to have a bit of fun here. So I got behind the counter, finding that there was plenty of room to get under I lowered myself down. She smelt lovely this close up, and she had gorgeous legs, her skirt was well above her knees. I got down and looked up her skirt; she wasn't wearing any knickers, which instantly gave me a boner. The only draw back here of course was that I couldn't touch, and I would have given anything to fuck that cute pussy.

Getting back up I was about to get more serious, with the job in hand, when a manager of the bank came over to this beautiful blonde and treated her like dirt. I don't know about you but I hate bullies, I decided to teach this man a lesson. Watching him go from one member of staff to another, and upset nearly everyone, I waited until he crossed over to the other side of the bank. He was now visible to every body in the bank; I yanked his trousers down to his ankles. He was suddenly the centre of attention, and a laughing stock. I knew that that wouldn't stop him being an arse hole, but it felt good. I then got more serious about my work and commenced too finding the vault. That was the easiest part for me that day, I just had to follow the money. I soon found myself on the basement level with just a security guard between the money and me. Soon I had picked up a hundred-dollar bill and was vacating the premises. Handing the hundred dollars to Collin, (whom I was told, was responsible for getting it back to the bank) who was very pleased by my progress so far, gave me the third test. All this consisted of was wearing the jacket for as long as possible, just to find out how long the solar cells would keep it running after daylight. Apparently it did store some energy, but not a lot. This was my chance to have some real fun, so I left with the jacket activated telling Collin I would see him tomorrow.

I had three hours of daylight left, plus however long it lasted after that, so I decided to go to the local college. Once there I quickly located the women's dorms and entered. My timing couldn't have been better, for the whole place was a beehive of activity. They all seemed to be rushing around getting ready for tonight's fun on campus. Some of these girls were gorgeous, some were dogs, but all were in the process of changing their clothes. One young woman, (she must have been about nineteen) was sitting on a chair looking into a mirror while combing her hair. She was only wearing knickers, and had the most perfect tits I had ever seen. I stood watching transfixed as she methodically brushed her hair. Then I heard the start of a conversation just outside the door, walking out I stood next to the two girls talking. They were discussing their initiations into this house.

"All I know is that we will be given a letter, which will tell us what to do, if we do it then we pass, and will be initiated." Said the taller of the two girls.

This had possibilities, I thought as I followed them down the corridor; they led me to what I assumed was their room. I had to get their names, so that I could put my plan into action. On the cabinet in their room I found two letters, addressed to two different girls. I waited until one of the girls gave the others name away, which took twenty minutes. Then I knew which one was which; I then found an empty room with which to use for writing a letter. I wrote, Julie, you are to go to the attic place a blind fold on and do what ever you are told to do. Then I put the letter under the door and proceeded to the attic. I already knew that it was the sort of attic opened with a self-retracting ladder. Upon pulling the string attached to the door, I tugged and opened it up, climbing the ladder I got into the attic and waited.

After ten minutes I heard someone ascending the ladder, it was Julie. She stood in the centre of the attic and waited, I could see she was blindfolded, so I deactivated the jacket. Walking over to the attic door I drew the ladder up and closed the door. She asked who was there to which I replied shhh, taking the jacket off, I walked over to where she was standing. Then I started to undo her blouse; her breasts were heaving up and down while this was going on. I could imagine her thoughts as I opened up her blouse revealing a bra that was struggling to hold her tits in place. I couldn't help thinking what these girls must go through just to be accepted into a chosen house. Going behind her, I undid her bra and pulled it off letting it fall to the floor. She didn't try to stop me; she just stood there waiting for what ever was going to happen. Next I unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall around her ankles. Then very slowly I placed two fingers either side of her knickers and pulled them down. She let out an involuntary gasp as I lightly brushed her thighs; she was enjoying this I could tell. I then placed my mouth over one nipple while holding the other, she moaned. Then slowly I let my left hand wander down her body until it reached her pussy, upon circling her vulva with one finger I started to probe her love nest. She let out a cry of pleasure as I began to finger fuck her while licking and sucking her nipple. After about ten minutes of this, I undid my flies and let my cock loose, she must have heard, for she reached forward groping for her prize. Upon touching my cock she bent down and took it in her mouth, expertly covering my engorged cock, she started to give me the best blowjob I had had in a long time. She took the whole eight inches down her throat, putting her tongue around it as best she could. Then she started to jerk me off at the same time; it wasn't long before I was coming in her mouth. Swallowing my load she stood back up, I positioned her over a storage crate. Entering her pussy was heaven; she had the tightest cunt I think I ever fucked. Once she was as wet as I thought she could get I started to pound it in with more force. She was crying out to fuck her harder which I did, her moans of pleasure were becoming more audible, which was turning me on no end. When I eventually came I buried my cock as far as it would go, shooting my load she let out a final scream of pleasure.

Telling her to get dressed I told her to go back and await further instructions, as she left still blindfolded she said thank you. I quickly got the jacket back on and activated it; the shimmering informed me that it was still working. I made it back to the exit still feeling horny, when I got out side I still had a couple of hours of light left. I decided to go to one of the other houses and check them out. The one I chose had the kind of girls whose fathers would treat them to a car for a birthday present, you know, lucky bastards. But there was no denying they were lovely young women, in fact I was spoilt for choice. But the chance of the same thing that happened in the other house happening here was remote, to say the least. I watched them, go about their various tasks, thinking how much they reminded me of worker ants building a nest. Then I spotted a young lady kissing her roommate full on the lips, thinking oh yes a little lesbo action; I followed them to their room. Sure enough they got down to business straight away, both of them getting on the bed in the sixty-nine position. They went at it like two crazed animals, both licking and sucking each other's pussy, with some vigour. After watching that for a couple of minutes I had to leave the room, because I had a boner that had to be fed.

Wandering around I found a lovely little thing asleep in her bed; I gently pulled the covers back revealing a nice body. Testing the water a little I gently rubbed a finger over her knickers, to which she responded with a slight moan. I next pulled her knickers apart and slowly inserted a finger in her womb. She let out a cry in her sleep that momentarily made me stop, for fear that she was waking up. I then checked out her breasts, luckily it was the type of bra that undid from the front.

Using a finger and thumb I pressed the stud hard, which freed her bust, I then placed my mouth over the nearest nipple. She started to writhe in bed like she was having a wet dream, my finger was still buried in her cunt, while I licked and sucked her nipple. This would only get me so far of course, because I couldn't risk mounting her, for fear of waking her up. It was fun while it lasted though. The next thing I did was go to the top floor, looking around I found the shower room. There were two women in the showers, both soaping them selves up. Now that is erotic I thought as I watched, unzipping my fly, I started to jerk my cock, while watching these two put soap all over their bodies.

One of them finished quickly, but the better one of the two, carried on lathering herself up. She must have been waiting for the other one to go for once she was alone, she started to play with herself. What with the soap covering some parts but not others and the slight moaning that was coming from her mouth, I soon found that I was about to cum. God that felt good as my sperm shot out just missing the young lady, who was far too preoccupied with her own orgasm. Again I came not so far but just as enjoyable, I could see the water washing my seed away so there would be no evidence of me being there. I decided to call it a day after that, and looked forward to further field tests.

To Be Continued...


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