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Natural Camouflage Pt. IV
by Carl East

The jacket was getting a lot of use these days; I had gone to the college several times, plus the nurse's home. Of course, wearing a jacket that when turned on made you invisible helped considerably. I had also thwarted the plans of some mobsters, bent on getting the jacket's secret. I even used it to spy on people, but I thought it was time I earned something from it. Who to trust? That was my dilemma.

My first thought was the police, but there had been several cases of corruption within the police force, so I wouldn't be going there. Military use was high on the possibilities list, but even they would probably misuse this gift. Then I thought government, but which department, FBI, CIA, and the numerous other departments that are not so well known.

I eventually decided to try the FBI, and soon found myself at their headquarters in the big apple. I couldn't go in and tell them straight away that I had the power of invisibility, they would want it for themselves, and probably use some hidden law that prohibited the use of such devices. So I came up with a plan that I thought was full proof. I would attempt to join the FBI, and prove my worth without letting them know about the jacket. If you have ever tried to join the FBI, you will know just how fool hardy this plan was, for I was rejected on the basis of my application alone, and I hadn't even seen anybody yet. I spent days in their head quarters, spying on their work, trying to find anything I could use to get me in.

Then after a week I found just the thing. I had been in a top-secret meeting, and had followed one particular guy back to his office. In his office he produced a small tape recorder from his jacket pocket, testing weather or not it had picked up the confidential meeting he placed it back in his jacket and left the building. I was intrigued as to why he would do this, for the notes for that meeting was freely available to everybody there. I decided to follow him, he drove to a small café and ordered a coffee.

I waited for a while, and then I spotted a swap with the guy from the next table, one envelope for the tape. I decided to follow the tape, which led me straight to the Russian embassy. I headed back to the FBI head quarters, knowing full well the information I had was invaluable. I sought after the head of operations Crystal Hunter, once in her office I turned the jacket off and presented myself. At first she was shocked at my sudden appearance, but I quickly told her national security was at stake. She listened to my story, knowing at least that the part about my jacket was true. When I told her they had a traitor in there midst, she became very interested. She went on to promise me that if this all proved to be accurate I would have a job for life.

So there we were trying to think up a way of trapping this spy, when I suggested that we have another meeting, only this time we feed him bogus information. Crystal liked that idea, and made the arrangements. Mean while she was intrigued as to how the jacket worked, so I demonstrated it to her. She asked me to touch her arm while invisible, which I did, this made her jump. I could tell that this was a turn on for her, for she reached out gently not wanting to poke my eye or something. She ran her hands down my face softly, saying how strange it felt to actually be able to touch something that she couldn't see.

"You think that's strange, then get a load of this," I said, getting to my knees.

I put my hands up her skirt, at first she pulled back a little, but I told her not to worry. She then allowed me to carry on, I slipped my hands up her skirt, and then hooking a finger from both hands around her panties I pulled them down. She let out a gasp as I started to rub her thighs going all the way up until I reached her pussy.

"This is so erotic," she said, looking down trying to see something.

Of course, all she could see was her skirt being pulled about as my hands were moving around. I found that she was very wet, this must really be turning her on. I pushed a finger as deep as it would go, quickening my pace. She was starting to moan out load, so I got her to sit down. Once sat, I pulled her skirt all the way up, revealing a shaved pussy that was glistening with her own moistness. She could see her pussy being played with, which just made her hotter, she suddenly begged me to fuck her from behind. I got up and pulled her out of the chair, turning her around I placed my cock into her wet pussy. She tried to watch, but when all she could see was her arse being moved backward and forward, and feel my cock entering her body, she looked the other way saying fuck me hard. This had been the first time I had actually screwed someone with their full consent, knowing that I was invisible. My cock was so hard, as I plunged into this willing participant. Her moans of more were becoming a little too audible, so I told her. She got herself under control, and carried on bucking her arse to greet my thrusts. She was so wet at this stage, I thought she had climaxed at least five times. She suddenly said she was coming again.

"My god, this is without doubt the best fuck I ever received," she said, gripping hold of the chair in front of her.

I quite liked that statement, which made me want to reward her the best I knew how. I renewed my efforts, really slamming my cock home making her cum again. I could feel my own ejaculation about to enter her pussy, and let it run its course. I fairly exploded inside her, one stream after another until I was totally spent. Resting and getting our breath back we sat down to talk, with me turning the jacket off to conserve energy.

"That was unbelievable!" she said.

"I know, it's also good fun," I said, smiling.

We then got down to some serious business, and formulated a plan of action. About two weeks later the plan got the go ahead, the spy was there once again, only this time he had so many bugs hidden on and around him that we could follow him at a safe distance without losing him. If he followed the same pattern, as before, we would have him, for they had set up several high-speed cameras from different angles, just across the road from the café. It turned out that he didn't change his routine, and we had him on film passing what he believed to be sensitive information to his contact. Allowing his contact to leave, FBI agents then pounced on him before he could leave the café.

Some weeks later I was informed that he had confessed to several other jobs in exchange for leniency. Then Crystal dropped the bombshell.

"I can not take you on without getting you through the training course first, and looking at your CV I don't think you will make it," she said.

"But I can pay you out of my own pocket for services that you might perform from time to time," she concluded.

That was acceptable to me, so I was in, and hoping to make a difference.


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