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Night of the Intruder
by Shintani

Tina reluctantly hung up the phone. It certainly was a treat for her, to be talking to him again, so late at night. She looked around her, her store was empty and her remaining staff was ready to go. She sighed softly to herself. Once again, she was headed home, alone. A dark, empty apartment was waiting for her again tonight. Turning off the lights and locking the door, she slowly crossed the parking lot with her departing associates and headed for her car. Still, she thought to herself, tonight was something of a treat.

Normally, she couldn't talk to her lover after he left work, tonight he was out playing with his new toy, a cell phone, and had spent the majority of the evening on the phone with her. Her co-workers were good about it, covering for her so that she could talk. Besides, it hadn't really been too busy. As she started the motor and drove off down the road, her mind wandered back to the conversation that she had shared with him.

As soon as she took his call, he was starting in on her already. His sexy voice purred into the phone, explaining in explicit detail how badly he wanted to be with her, fucking her. She smiled at the thought. Some days, his hot-talk phone calls were all that kept her going. As they had a relatively large amount of privacy that night, she gave it right back to him, telling him one of her darkest, kinkiest fantasies. Tina was normally an aggressive lover, she didn't hesitate to take control in bed, or climb up on top of him when they were together. Stephen was rather assertive in bed as well, taking control when control was needed. Tonight, on the phone, things were different. Tina had mentioned to him that she would love for him to take complete control of her during their next liaison. To be aggressive with her to the point of domination. In short, she wanted him to virtually force himself on her. And she had told him in explicit detail, details that made her pussy wet just thinking about it and details that were sure to bring his cock to attention.

While those were pleasant thoughts that they had shared, nothing could change the fact that he was hundreds of miles away, and it would be weeks until his next visit. This saddened her, as she would be completely alone until he came by for another visit (and almost certainly a weekend of non-stop fucking), but the fond memories he had left her of their last two visits lent her some encouragement. Tina pulled her car into one of the last available parking spaces and headed into her apartment. Not even her cat was there to greet her, this was her new apartment, and Milli was still in residence back at her mother's. At least she could bring her back next week, and would then have some company. Stepping inside her apartment, she decided that she was too tired to eat, instead, she opened the sliding doors to her balcony, letting the refreshing night air in, and headed for the bathroom. Tina turned the nozzle to start a nice hot bath, and then she looked around for her favorite bubble bath. The bottle was empty.

Oh, well, she thought, as she unplugged the drain. At least I can still have a nice hot shower. Leaving the water on to heat up, she headed into her bedroom to undress. First off was her shirt, a clingy lacy top through which her satiny black bra had been clearly visibly. As she pulled the top off, she shook her head, letting her luxurious black tresses cascade down her back. Tina absent-mindedly ran her hands over her voluptuous curves as she slipped out of her tight black skirt. Her leopard-print thong was still soaked a pleasant reminder of Stephen's last phone call. Bending over to undo her sandals, she was vaguely aware of a presence behind her when-WHAM!

Two strong hands grabbed her at her waist and literally threw her across the room. Someone or something was in her bedroom with her and had shoved her face first down onto her bed. Tina opened her mouth to scream, and felt someone, definitely a someone land on top of her. She writhed beneath as a hand clasped over her mouth, and she felt cold steel against her throat. A raspy voice ordered her to shut her eyes and not to make a sound, or she'd surely regret it. Fearing for her safety, Tina whimpered in compliance, closing her eyes tightly as she felt the dull edge of long blade sliding across her neck. The prick of a sharp point reminded her that her assailant was being merciful, it could have just as easily been the sharpened edge that she felt. The person on top of her, whoever it was, shifted slightly, grabbing her silk dressing robe. With a quick snap of the wrist, the steel blade in his hand sliced through the wispy material, cutting off a generous length.

Still pressing her against the bed, the intruder quickly looped the silk across her eyes, tying it off tightly behind her head. The blindfold was crude, but in the near total darkness of her bedroom, effective. Tina felt her wrists and arms being forced up over her head, she tried to resist, but her attacker was too strong for her. While one of his hands held her wrists together, the other unhooked her bra, and pulled it free. As her voluptuous breasts fell free, Tina begged him not to hurt her.

"Shut up, bitch!" was his reply, followed by a quick smack across her ass. As she recoiled from the blow, Tina was keenly aware that her bra, her very own bra was being used to bind her hands.

"No, please stop," she begged as she found herself restrained. A yelp followed as he pulled her head back, grabbing a handful of her hair. The knife was back at her throat.

"I told you to shut up, bitch!" he growled at her. "No, please, I'll behave, don't hurt me, please," she replied.

In one sudden motion, her attacker pulled her thong off of her. "You know what's going to happen next, don't you, you little whore?" With that, he reached around and stuffed her panties in her mouth. Tina could taste her own pussy juices from earlier that night, when she had spoken to her lover and soaked her panties thinking about him. Now there was someone else, someone cruel and rough who she knew was going to have his way with her. Even as she felt him tying the gag on tight, she could hear his motions as he undid his pants and rubbed his cock against her. He leaned over top of her, wrapping his arm around her throat. "You want this, don't you? You little slut, you're going to get it now," whispered the gruff voice in her ear.

Tina attempted to resist, but it was futile. He squeezed her neck slowly, forcing her to rise up on her knees just a little. It was just enough for him to slide his swollen cock into her tight cunt from behind. Tears rolled down Tina's face as she felt him violate her, his slow thrusts forcing his cock into her. "Mmm, you're so wet babe," he said as he slid into her. Never mind that she was wet thinking of her lover, not of him. It was turning him on to make her the object of his lust.

Reluctantly, Tina nodded in agreement, prodded by his arm constricting around her neck. While she did all that she could to refuse him, it wasn't enough; in fact, it was turning the evil bastard on. His thrusts into her pussy grew harder, faster. As he fucked her from behind, he could feel her pussy grow wetter and wetter. Just as he thought, this bitch tried to feign an air of innocence, but she was just another cock-loving slut at heart. Slight whimpers of protest were all that Tina could muster. Her body was his, to do with as he pleased, and she couldn't even help the physical reactions that only served to encourage him. She groaned, and tried not to cry out as he relaxed his grip on her neck, only to pull on her hair once again, forcing her to arch her back and press herself against him.

He was leaning back now, using his control over her as leverage as his cock slammed into her wet pussy. It felt so good to take this girl against her will, to make her his own personal sex slave. Her cunt was slick and wet, just waiting to be fucked. In all his years, he had never taken a woman who's pussy felt so good as he shoved his cock inside her. From what he had seen, her breasts were magnificent, large, full mounds of flesh that surely would serve to please him. And as she wiggled and writhed in a vain effort to set herself free, her fine ass looked so inviting. Very inviting. He released her hair, allowing Tina to collapse forward onto her face, only her outstretched arms kept her from falling completely. A quick, hard smack across her ass followed. Then another. And another.

With each smack, Tina whimpered, grimacing from the sharp pain. His thrusts continued, increasing in tempo and ferocity, Tina thought he was about to cum inside her, ending this nightmare. Instead, after he built himself up, he slowed his pace tremendously, allowing him to slide his cock into her with less and less force yet it still remained rigid. As he gradually reached a halt, he pulled himself from her. His cock was literally dripping with her pussy juices, when he reached a hand down to position himself to enter her again, he could feel just how slippery his fucking had made her. He positioned the tip of his cock against her ass...and slowly, ever so slowly, slid deep inside her. Beneath her blindfold, Tina's eyes opened with a start, this bastard had raped her, now he was fucking her ass as well.

She bucked her hips to throw him off, but it only served to drive him deeper inside her. And it earned her ass another smack for attempting to resist. His pace quickened yet again.

"Oh, yeah, bitch take it, you know you want it," he taunted as his cock slid into her tightest of holes.

"You can't play innocent with me, you fucking little slut, I know you love having my cock fucking the hell out of you," he continued as he slammed himself into her-hard. All Tina could do in response was grit her teeth against the pain and wish herself away. His cock had actually fucked her pretty well, she thought, and now it was driving itself into her ass, against her will. Slight moans escaped her mouth as she felt him slamming into her, and his verbal abuse of her continued as well.

"That's it, bitch, take it! Oh, yeah, baby, that's it, you're going to make me cum!"

"No!" she begged. "Please, no!"

"Oh, yeah, that's it baby! You know you want it! Oh, yeah! That's it you fucking little slut, you want my cock shoved in you ass, you know you do!"

"Oh, God, no!" cried Tina as she felt him increasing his pace, slamming his cock into her ass one last time. She felt his body tensing up in preparation, then she it happened. His hot cum shooting off deep inside her ass, finishing what he had started. He pulled her close to him, forcing her to by pulling her hair as he shot off his entire load into her ass. Hearing him moaning with his own stolen pleasure, Tina breathed a slight sigh of relief as she felt his thick cock sliding out of her violated ass. He had fucked her hard, that was sure, but now it was over, and he would let her go. She felt his hands rolling her over onto her back. With her arms above her head, the lovely curves of her hourglass figure were quite visible to him, and quite arousing.

Her breasts were simply magnificent, definitely worthy of some attention. And her pussy, her shaved pussy was so wet from it's recent fucking, never mind that Tina wasn't a willing participant in that. Before he had rolled her onto her back, some of his cum had seeped out of her ass and dripped down around her pussy. When he spread her legs, the streaks of his cum around her pussy lips drove him wild. He had to have her. Again. And soon. Good thing he had her all tied up, it would only be a few short minutes before he could slam his cock into her tight little pussy again. Tina lay on the bed, quaking with fear. She had already been the object of an animal's passions once that evening, she knew he was still there. His heavy breath penetrated the silence. She could feel his eyes on her, probing her body. When she had tried to close her legs, she felt him between them, forcing them back open, exposing her pussy to him. But she was tied up; there was nothing that she could do.

Already the victim of rape once this evening, she mentally prepared herself for a long night of it. How different it was from the times her lover had surprised her. Physically, the actions were the same, yet when Stephen came down to visit, she so dearly loved spending sleepless nights with him, endlessly making love together over and over. Tonight was different. She had been forced, taken against her will, yet her body ached for more. Her pussy was soaked with her own juices; her assailant's cock had been so slick when he pulled out of her. She very nearly came as he fucked her, only the gag and her own force of will had prevented her from crying out in the heat of passion. His hands were upon her again. She felt him caressing her breasts, taking the fleshy mounds in his hands, squeezing and fondling her. He found her hardening nipples, and he was rolling them between his fingers.

The familiar sensations of a lover, yet here she was supposed to be an unwilling participant. Then why did her back arch, did a slight moan escape her lips? Was she really feeling pleasure, she asked herself, or was this complete submission to him on her part? As those thoughts clouded her mind, she became aware of his hands wandering lower. They traced the hourglass outline of her figure, resting briefly on her trim waist, then slowly they slid down her thighs. Without even thinking about it, Tina parted her thighs, exposing her pussy to him. She felt his fingers caressing her, nimbly teasing her outer lips. In a moment, they were inside her, searching their way inside her. Pussy juices flowed over then as he teased her hardening clit while slowly finger fucking her.

There was no way for her to hide her involuntary reactions to his touch. She felt his cock stiffening as it brushed against her shapely legs. A soft murmur escaped her lips. Although she willed herself to endure what was surely to happen next, the intruder's next move still came as a rude shock. Suddenly, without warning, his hands were on her thighs. In one quick motion, he threw her legs up in the air, over his shoulders and pressed in against her. His cock slipped inside her soaked pussy. Once inside, he fucked her furiously. His cock slammed into her, driving deep inside that well-fucked cunt.

Tina gasped with surprise at each stroke. Her legs were at a perfect angle for him to take her, the speed and violence of his approach intensified the feelings. She squeezed her eyes shut tight underneath her blindfold as she felt him ramming into her again and again. His cock reamed her dripping fuck hole, his balls slapped up against her ass. Tina could feel her body tense up as he drove himself into her, her back arched, pressing her hips against him, driving his cock all the way into her cunt. He leveraged himself against her thighs, forcing his cock down into her, fucking her with wild abandon. Tina tossed her head back, trying to contain her pleasure, but as her gag slipped out of her mouth, her moans of pleasure echoed through the room. She couldn't believe it when she heard her own voice beckoning him to take her.

"Oh! Oh yes! Do it! Do it to me!" she cried. His thrusts into her intensified, an evil grin crossed his face as he heard her screaming, taking her own pleasure at his complete control of the situation.

"That's it!" he said as he smacked his hand across her face. "Take it you little whore, you want that cock, don't you, bitch?"

"Oh my God! Yes! Fuck me! Do it!" she gasped as her own orgasm wracked her body.

He slapped her again. "You cock-loving slut, I'm going to fill you with my cum!"

Tina could feel him tensing up, preparing to fill her pussy with his cum. "Oh, yes! Come for me!" she shouted as she felt his cock sliding nearly all the way out of her. He groaned as he pushed her legs apart and scrambled up on top of her, straddling her jiggling chest.

Slapping her again, he ordered, "Open your mouth, bitch!" As she did, he shoved his slick cock into her mouth, forcing Tina to take his cum shot. She gagged momentarily as he pressed his cock inside her, then felt his hot, sticky cum shooting into her. "Bite me bitch, and I'll kill you!" he warned as he pumped his load into her. Sticky strands of cum coated her tongue, splattered across her face. Her tongue lapped up what she could; wrapping it around his cock and sucking down the pearly white droplets.

"That's it, swallow it all down, you fucking little whore!" He slammed his cock down into her mouth, stroking his shaft, milking every sweet drop into her mouth. Tina swallowed what she could, the rest spilled out over her lips and cheeks. With his cock filling her mouth, Tina could only grunt a reply as she took the last few drops of his hot cum into her mouth. As he withdrew his cock from her mouth, she felt his body collapse onto the bed next to hers. She lay still, catching her breath, barely believing that she had taken intense pleasure at his attack.

His hands tugged at her blindfold, freeing her eyes to see once again. As they adjusted to the dark of her bedroom, she looked over at the intruder, her eyes opening wide at the sight of her lover, as he smiled back at her. "Be careful what you wish for sweetie, you just might get it," he said as he leaned over to kiss her for the first time that night.


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