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No Regrets part IX
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Sharon chuckled, "It's okay, I started taking the pill when I quit seeing David. I was going to have you even if I had to rape you one night." She laughed, "You don't even have to worry about it hurting me. You remember when you fell asleep on the couch last month, well you got a huge hard-on while you were asleep. I sat there and watched this thing grow," she said as she gently squeezed his prick with her thighs. "I got so hot for you, I went upstairs and fucked myself with my vibrator, ramming it all the way in. I broke my cherry; you saw the blood on the sheets the next day when I was doing the wash. I told you I started my period."

Sharon rolled over on her back, spreading her legs and pulling Gary over on top of her. "Now stick that beautiful big prick inside me and screw me...fuck me like I've dreamed about for years," whispered Sharon. "Oh Gary, I want you so much....I've wanted you for so long. Make it come true....fuck me....fuck me good."

"Sharrie, I want you too. God, I can't believe this is actually happening," murmured Gary as he slipped his prick into her moist, hot pussy. "I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and find this is all a dream," whispered Gary as he kissed her and sank his prick deep into her pussy.

Gary began to pump his prick into her pussy with long slow strokes, drawing his prick almost out of her pussy, then thrusting back into it as deep as possible. Sharon wrapped her legs around his thighs, crossing her ankles just below his buttocks, opening her pussy even wider to his thrusts. Sharon began to thrust her hips up meet Gary's downward thrusts trying to get his prick even deeper into her throbbing pussy. She grasped his ass cheeks in her hands and pulled him into her as he thrust his prick into her.

"OOhhh, Gary, that feels so good," moaned Sharon. "God, your prick fills me completely up....Ohhhhhhhhhh.....that's it...that's it, fuck me hard...all the way in. I love the way it feels....Damn, you're so hard," murmured Sharon.

Gary hugged Sharon, kissing her deeply, "Sharrie....Sharrie, I love you," whispered Gary. "I've wanted to do this for so long. I can't believe we're doing this....God, you feel so good, so wet and so tight and hot."

"We aren't dreaming, Gary," said Sharon as she pushed her pussy against his rigid prick sliding deep into her pussy. "Dreams don't feel this good....Oh Gary, I love the feel of your prick in my pussy. Oh Gary, fuck me....fuck me hard.....make me cum and keep on cumming."

Gary began to increase the pace of his strokes, driving into her pussy even harder. Sharon moved her legs up as high as she could on his buttocks, totally exposing her pussy to his pounding prick. She wrapped her arms around him as he kept driving his prick deep into her aching pussy, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to the edge of that crest of sensation. She hugged him tightly, crying out, "Oh Lord, Gary.....fuck me....that's it...harder...harder, I'm going to cum. Oh God, I'm going to cum."

Gary thrust into her pussy even more rapidly, driving his prick as deep as possible. Sharon yelled out, "OOHHhhh....NOW.....NOW..... I'M CUMMING, DON'T STOP....DON'T STOP."

Gary could feel the tremors in Sharon's body, as her pussy seemed to clasp his prick in a wet velvet glove, her body shuddering under him. It was more than he could take, Gary felt his prick throbbing and then erupting, spewing his warm cum deep in her pussy. Gary thrust his prick as deep as possible and held it there, letting her pussy milk his prick of all its cum, feeling spurt after spurt shooting into the depths of her pussy. As the pulses lessen in his prick, Gary collapsed on top of Sharon, hugging her and gently kissing her lips.

As Gary started to roll off Sharon, she grabbed his hips and held him tightly to her and rolled with him, keeping his prick buried in her softly throbbing pussy. "I want to keep you there," murmured Sharon, "inside me. That's where it belongs." Sharon kissed him, running her tongue deep into his mouth, teasing his tongue. When Gary thrust his tongue into her mouth, she began to suck on it as though it were a small prick. Sharon broke the kiss with a soft giggle, "I felt your prick twitch in me when I started sucking on your tongue. Oh Gary, it feels so good in me....I've wanted you for so long." She gave him a quick kiss, "I was determined to have make love with you, even if you ran me off afterwards."

Gary ran his finger lightly over her lips, down her neck and stroked her nipple, still hard and aroused. "Sharrie, I would never run you off. Now that I've got you, I'm going to never let you go." He kissed her neck, lightly tonguing her ear lobe and behind it, "Why do you think I could never go with a girl for very long? I tried to, but it just never worked out." He took her ear lobe between his teeth and gently pulled on it; letting it go, he whispered, "They weren't you. You're the only girl I've ever wanted."

"Oh Gary, I love you," sighed Sharon. Gary's prick had grown soft and Sharon's tight pussy squeezed it out of her. "Oops," she cried, "something just slipped out."

Gary laughed, "You didn't expect it to stay hard forever, did you?"

"No," laughed Sharon, "but I bet I can get it back up pretty fast." Sharon turned so they were lying head to toe and gently took his cum covered prick into her mouth, sucking on it and stroking it with her tongue. She felt Gary move her hips up on him so her pussy was over his mouth. When his tongue lapped at her soaked pussy, she moaned softly, "You're going to get a mouth full of cum and pussy juice if you keep doing that."

"Hmmm, that's what I taste good, even better than before," whispered Gary.

Sharon could feel his prick beginning to grow, filling her mouth, reaching into her throat as Gary licked at her clit. She felt him gently nibble at her clitoris then suck it hard, which triggered a warm rush in her pussy. She knew she had just flooded Gary's face with pussy juice and his own cum. When she heard him cough, she chuckled quietly and said, "I warned're getting too good with that tongue."

His prick was now hard and rigid as a pole. Giving it a kiss, Sharon rose and turned, straddling Gary's hips. She bent forward and gave his wet face a couple of quick kisses. "I want you to lie there, I'm going to fuck you this time," she said, as she reached down and guided his prick to her pussy. She slipped the head of his prick between her pussy lips and quickly lowered her pussy onto his rigid shaft. 

"Oh God, Gary, you feel wonderful. I love the way your prick feels in me, so deep, so hard," she murmured, as she began to slide her pussy up and down his prick. She leaned forward, stretching out on him and began to pump her ass up and down, sliding her pussy back and forth on his prick. Sharon kissed him and licked at the juices on his lips and chin, "Gary, I love you....I'll always love you. I'm yours for as long as you want me." She kissed him hard, "God, I've never been this happy before....fuck me, Gary, fuck me good and hard."

Gary began to thrust his hips up meet her pussy, driving his prick into her with such force that they could hear the wet squishy sounds coming from her cum filled pussy as his prick rammed into her. They both lasted longer this time, but as Sharon felt the sensation building up in her pussy and groin, she began to pound her pussy down on his prick. Raising up slightly so she could push her pussy against his prick even better, she felt the tension building in her body.

"Ohhh Gary, I'm getting close....cum with me. I want you to cum with me.....fill me with your cum."

Gary gripped Sharon's hips as he thrust upward, driving his prick into her. He could feel the shudder begin in her body as he felt the tightness in his scrotum and balls. "NOW SHARRIE.....NOW," he yelled as his prick erupted spewing his cum into her throbbing pussy.

"YES....YES," cried Sharon as she felt her orgasm sweep through her body. "OOhhhh GOD, YES....yeesss....yyeesssss," she moaned as she collapsed forward onto Gary.

They lay there spent, recovering from their passion, holding each other tightly in their arms. Sharon raised her head from Gary's chest and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Gary looked at her, she could see his smile in the moonlight, "What are you thinking about?" he asked.

She laughed, "I was thinking, Thank God, there's no school tomorrow."

"You're that tired out?" asked Gary chuckling.

"Oh no. I mean, it's Saturday, you're off; there's no school, so we can stay in bed and do this all day." She gave him a quick kiss. "We'll just get up to eat. You'll need to keep up your strength," she said laughingly.

Gary laughed, "You better include some vitamins with the food, for both of us." Gary kissed her passionately, then pulling back and looking at her, said, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of making love to you, Sharrie. Even now, I still want you. I can't get enough of you."

"Oh Gary, I want you too. We have all night. This has already been the best - most unforgettable night in my life. We have all night and the rest of our lives, darling." She kissed him deeply, hugging him to her as she probed his mouth with her tongue. Finally, pulling back from the kiss, she whispered, "Thank God I finally had enough nerve to tell you how I feel."

"I know. I'm laying here kicking myself for all the time we lost together when we both really wanted the same thing - each other."

Sharon laughed softly, "You can thank Susan for giving me the courage to come in here tonight. This was her idea. She told me I'd never know if you felt the same way just sitting around waiting for something to happen. Susan said to grab you by your prick and see how you reacted."

Gary laughed, "I'm sure glad you took her advice; I'll have to thank her." He pulled Sharon closer and kissed her tenderly, running his tongue over her lips. "You like Susan a lot, don't you?"

"Oh yes. I've had friends, but I've never had one I felt so close to, so in synch with. It's like we've known each other for years and years, but it's only been a few months."

"Good, I'm glad you've got a friend like that and that you're happy."

"Oh Gary, I'm more than happy," she whispered. "I have you, really have you. It's like one of my dreams came true tonight." She reached down and fondled his limp prick, "And, you know what, I want to make it come true again."

She moved down his body and took his semi-hard prick in her mouth. The odor of his cum and her own pussy juices emanating from his damp pubic hair triggered an instant response in her pussy. Lifting her mouth from his prick, she whispered, "Oh Gary, I want you even more now than I did earlier. My pussy feels like it's melting it's so wet."

Sharon's fondling, her tonguing, and her words brought his prick to full erectness. She took him in her mouth once more, running her tongue over and around the large head. She gave his prick one last kiss and then Gary pulled her back down on the bed and rolled over between her spread legs.

"Sharrie....Sharrie, I love what you do to me," he whispered, as he pushed his prick into her tight, wet pussy. "Wrap your legs around me. I like to feel you wanting me...fucking me back."

"O....Oh, I want you. I want you," she gasped, encircling his body with both her arms and her legs. Sharon thrust her hips up to meet his as he drove his rigid prick into her aching cunt at an ever-faster rate. "Oh Gary, I'm going to cum....Don't stop. OH LORD, DON'T STOP," she begged loudly, her body shuddering from her climax.

Gary slowed the pace of his thrusts, letting her come down from her sexual high. He buried his face against her neck, stroking his prick in and out her throbbing pussy very slowly, whispered, "God, you're wonderful, Sharrie....I love you."

Breathing heavily, panting for breath, she stammered, "I didn't...didn't want to...cum that...that fast. I couldn't sto....couldn't stop it. I want...wanted you much."

Gary tongued her ear, whispering, "That's okay. I love to feel you cum like that. It just makes me want you even more." He picked up the pace of his thrusts into her pussy, pulling almost out of her pussy and then ramming his prick back to its depths. "Oh Sharrie, it won't take me long - it feels too good. You're so tight and wet."

She gripped his buttocks and pulled him against her pussy. She discovered that if she pulled him up toward her when he was thrusting into her that her clitoris would be trapped between the base of his prick and her body, stimulating her even more. Sharon pulled him even harder into her pussy, grinding her hips against his, as his prick reached deep into her aching pussy. Each time she did it, the contact of her sensitive clit with the base of his hard prick, sent a sexual charge throughout her body, making her want it even more.

When Gary began to moan, signaling his imminent climax, Sharon felt the tremors start in her loins and spread quickly to her pussy. The sensation started deep in her pussy and seemed to sweep over her body as she experienced the most intense climax she had ever had. She could hear, as if from a distance, Gary moaning, "I'm cumming...I'm cumming." She never uttered a sound.

"Oh God," thought Sharon, "that was unreal." She hugged Gary loosely and, her voice cracking, whispered, "Gary...Oh Gary, that was fantastic."

Gary rolled off her and pulled her to him gently. He kissed her nose. "I know, Sharrie. I know. It was for me too," he murmured.

They lay there quietly, holding each other, and drifted off to sleep. Sharon's last thoughts as she dozed off were, "I've got to call Susan. Call her and tell it worked....worked great."

To Be Continued...

This is a 2 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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