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No Regrets Part VI
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Tracey quickly retrieved her vibrator and a small tube of K-Y jelly from her overnight bag. Susan had pulled Allan on top of her and slipped his rigid prick into her pussy.....Allan was slowly stroking his prick into her pussy. Tracey spread Allan's ass cheeks and smeared a generous amount of jelly on his asshole. Tracey took her finger and worked it into his asshole spreading the jelly and relaxing his muscles for the vibrator. Tracey place the tip of the vibrator on his puckered asshole and began to gently push it in. Tracey would push forward then draw it back, push forward then back, slowly fucking his asshole and penetrating a little deeper each time. When she felt the penetration go about an inch and a half deep into his ass, pass the major sphincter muscle, she thrust the vibrator deep into his ass. She heard Allan moan as she began to fuck his ass with longer strokes of the vibrator. With it buried deep in his ass, she threw the switch and activated it....she felt Allan's body give a jerk as he felt the vibration start deep in his ass.

"Oh God......that feels good," said Allan. "I feel like I'm totally filled up....I can feel the vibrations....feel it in my balls and in my prick."

Tracey began to stroke the vibrator in an out of Allan's was tight but it moved much more freely now. Tracey could feel Allan actually pushing his ass back on it as she pushed it into him.....trying to get it even deeper into his ass. Allan's strokes into Susan's pussy had increased.....he was ramming his prick into her pussy as deep as he could.....Susan was thrusting her hips up to meet his prick as it pounded into her pussy. Susan began to moan softly and grabbed Allan's buttocks trying to pull him bodily into her throbbing pussy as she felt her orgasm sweep over her.

When Tracey heard Allan begin to moan and whisper Susan's name, Tracey reached in and grasped his balls in her hand and began to massage them. The effect on Allan was almost instantaneous.

"Ohhhh.......Susie.....Susie.....I'm going to cum," moaned Allan as Tracey thrust the vibrator all the way into his ass. "Oh God....I'm cumming....I'm cuuummmminng." Allan's body went stiff, his prick buried deep in Susan's pussy, then he collapsed on Susan, hugging her, "Lord, I thought I was never going to stop cumming.....that was terrific.....," gasped Allan. 

Tracey removed the vibrator as Allan rolled off Susan. Tracey looked at Allan's semi-hard prick, now coated with cum and Susan's juices....Tracey lowered her head and took Allan's prick in her mouth and gently sucked it clean. Finishing with a kiss to it, Tracey looked up at them and said, "You guys taste good." Allan pulled her up beside them and gave Tracey a quick kiss. They laid there quietly listening to the rain and thunder, just enjoying the moment. It had been a busy night and morning....the sound of the rain on the tent lulled them to them to sleep.

Susan woke to a particularly loud clap of thunder. Glancing at Allan and Tracey she noted they were still asleep. "Damn," thought Susan, "I feel must be the sex. I never realized I'd enjoy it this much....feel this good....this satisfied." She looked at Tracey and Allan and smiled, "I'm glad we did this, the three of us," she thought. "God, I love them both." Very quietly, trying not to wake them, Susan leaned over and began to gently lick Allan's sleeping prick. She could feel it respond to her gentle licks....start to thicken and grow larger. At the same time she gently slipped a finger between Tracey's pussy lips, Tracey's pussy was still moist with her pussy juices from earlier. Susan gently stroked her finger in and out of Tracey's pussy and as Allan's prick got larger and began to stand erect, she slowly took his prick into her mouth.

Susan felt Allan's hand on her head as he began to thrust his prick up into her mouth...she knew he was awake. Turning her head, but keeping his prick in her mouth, Susan looked at him, Allan was smiling at her, enjoying her efforts. Susan began to finger Tracey even harder and felt her stir.

"Ohhhh.....that feels good," said Tracey. "That's the kind of alarm clock I like." Tracey rolled closer to Allan and gave him a deep probing kiss.

Susan sat up, "Here Tracey....I got him good and ready, get your pussy on his prick...get on fuck him."

Tracey immediately straddled Allan's hips and as Susan guided his prick between her pussy lips, Tracey lowered her pussy onto Allan's prick.....squirming her ass about, driving his prick as deep into her as she could. "Oh...Oh, I like it this feels so pussy feels completely filled up. That's it....that's it," moaned Tracey, as she began to move her ass up and down driving his prick into her throbbing pussy. "That's it...push it in....fuck me hard," gasped Tracey, as Allan began to thrust his hips up to meet Tracey's ass as she came down on his prick. Tracey would lift her ass until only the head of Allan's prick was still in her pussy, then quickly slide her pussy back down Allan's shaft. As Tracey lifted her ass, she suddenly yelled, "Huh-Oh, it slipped out....put it back...put it back in me." Allan guided his prick back to her pussy lips and Tracey moaned softly as she settled her pussy back down on his rigid shaft.

Susan watched Tracey and Allan......she was amazed at how good it felt to watch watch Tracey screwing Allan's prick into her pussy as hard as she could. Tracey began to pound her pussy down upon Allan's prick even harder and faster....sitting up slightly, she drove his prick even deeper into her pussy....Allan raised up slightly and began to suck and nibble on her tits, sucking her nipple into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue. 

"Ohhh....suck it, Allan, suck it hard," moaned Tracey, as she continued to work her pussy up and down his rigid prick. "That's it....That's it," gasped Tracey.

Allan gripped her hips and began to thrust his prick into her hot pussy at a furious pace.....he felt Tracey's body begin to tremble as she yelled, "OOHHhhhhh.......I'm going to cum......harder, fuck me harder........AAggggghhh....I'm cummmiiing....cummminnng," gasped Tracey as she collapsed on his chest. Allan felt his prick erupt and spew his cum into Tracey's pussy as she hugged him, pressing her pussy down on his spewing cock as hard as she could....milking the cum out of it.

As they lay there spent, Susan laid down beside them, draping her arm over them, and giving Allan a deep kiss. "You guys were beautiful," said Susan. "I thought I was going to cum just watching you." Tracey turned her head on Allan's chest so she could look at Susan....Susan leaned in and gave Tracey a deep kiss thrusting her tongue into Tracey's mouth. Pulling back Susan smiled at Tracey and asked, "How are you liking camping out, little sister?'

Tracey chuckled, "It's great....I just didn't know it could be so exhausting." Allan laughed, Tracey said, "Oh, that feels good....I can feel your prick move when you laugh." Tracey gave Allan a quick kiss, "I can understand why Susan likes that 'Little Fellow' so much." Tracey rolled off Allan and his prick now only semi-hard plopped out of her pussy, scattering cum and pussy juices on his stomach and thighs. Tracey leaned over him and said, "Susan and I need to clean you up," as she licked the cum off his legs. Susan took his limp prick in her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick it clean.

"Oh God...that feels good," moaned Allan. "This is just our first day, you two may have to carry me home in a basket after three days of this."

Susan laughed, his prick still in her mouth but now soft and flaccid, "Don't worry, we won't let our little fellow get too tired out."

After the kid had stowed the groceries in the trunk of the car, Tracey thanked him and drove out of the market parking lot and headed back to the State Park. "It's a good thing it's a beautiful day," thought Tracey, "I don't think my pussy could have taken another day of having to stay in the tent." Tracey smiled to herself as she thought of the day before..... considering the whole day and evening, Allan had screwed her three times, before they had finally gone to sleep last night. "Lord, he screwed Susan at least three times as well," she chuckled to herself, "he needed a rest today."

When they woke this morning, it was beautiful....brilliant sunshine and very little wind. Tracy had volunteered to make a grocery would give Allan and Susan some time Tracey wasn't in any hurry to get back. At the Park, Tracey pulled in to the lot for the Park Lodge, she wanted to visit the gift shop and pick up something for Mom and Grandma. She also wanted a souvenir for herself, to help remind her of this camping trip. Tracey smiled to herself as she parked the car, thinking, "They probably don't have the perfect souvenir, a penis shaped dildo."

She got Grandma a refrigerator magnet and her mother a decorative ashtray with a small civil war cannon mounted on it. For herself she had a small figurine showing three figures sitting around a campfire....when she found it she had thought, "It would be perfect if they were naked." As she was checking out with the cashier, she sensed some one behind her and turned.

"Hi, you're Tracey...right?" said Brent Mosser. "I'm the ranger that stopped by yesterday, Brent Mosser."

"Oh sure, I'm Tracey," she replied. "I almost didn't recognize you without the raincoat."

Brent laughed, "Yeah, I'm glad that stuff moved out of here. I assume everything is okay at your camp?"

"Sure," answered Tracey. "I just made a run to the grocery store. Susan and Allan were going to the swimming area....I'm just killing time, I wanted to give them some time alone, without me hanging around....three can make it a crowd."

"Hey, that's great," said Brent. "How about letting me give you a tour of the Park, it'll take about 90 minutes.....I have to make a complete circuit of the campsites and Park before I get off. Then, if you want to, we can join them at the swimming area."

"Okay, let me drop the groceries off at the tent," said Tracey.

Brent followed Tracey to the tent and after she had put away the groceries and left Susan a note, they toured the Park, taking their time talking, stopping at the scenic lookout points and generally have a very good time. As they left the last site that Brent had to check, he said, "Okay that does it, I'm through for the day. I need to run by my cabin and get my swimming trunks, if that's okay."

"Sure," said Tracey. 

As Tracey was getting out of the jeep in front of Brent's small cabin, she caught the heel of her left shoe on the jeep transom and fell forward. "Oh Damn," she swore softly, hitting her knee on the ground, scraping it up pretty badly. "I feel like an idiot."

Brent rushed to help her up. "It's skinned up some....pretty bloody....I've got a first-aid kit inside. Does it hurt much?"

"Not as much as my pride hurts," said Tracey. She limped slightly on her leg, she had fallen at an awkward angle and wrenched it some. "It'll be okay, I just need to walk it off."

"We'll just put a little iodine on that scrape," said Brent. "In the woods, you don't want to run a chance of any infection."

Tracey sat on the edge of Brent's bunk while he knelt in front of her and cleaned the blood away from the scrape. "This is going to sting a bit," said Brent, as he applied the iodine."

"Serves me right," said Tracey. Brent had his hand under her leg cupping her lower thigh as he applied the iodine. Tracey didn't notice the iodine as much as she did his hand holding her leg. She could feel her pussy beginning to feel moist and warm as his hand held her thigh, and as he moved her leg to apply the iodine a second time. She was wearing a pair of Susan's old cut-off jeans which were cut very short and fit loosely around her legs. As Brent moved his hand on her leg she could feel her pussy literally beginning to soak her panties. Glancing at Brent's crotch, Tracey could see a growing bulge...he was getting an erection. Then she noticed how her shorts, Susan's shorts, were standing out, gaping out from her leg, "My God," thought Tracey, "my cunt must be in plain sight." At this thought, she felt her pussy lips tingling and a creamy wetness soaking her panties. "Huh-oh, I'm creaming in my panties," thought Tracey. "They must be soaking wet....he can see that." Just the thought of it was arousing her, she could feel her nipples growing stiff and hard as the wetness spead in her pussy.

Brent was trying to concentrate on putting the iodine on her knee, but he couldn't take his eyes off the panty covered pussy he could see just under her shorts. He could feel his prick growing, pushing against his trouser leg. He could see Tracey's pussy hairs sticking out from the edge of her panties and then he saw a small damp spot quickly enlarging, covering the front of her pussy. The panty material was stretched so tightly on her pussy that as it became wet, it was almost transparent, letting Brent see the faint outline of her pussy lips. His prick sprang to a full erection, hurting from the constriction of his trouser leg.

They both stood up, too quickly and at the same time, bumping into each other. Brent grabbed her to keep her from falling back on the bed, and she clutched his arms. They just looked at each other and Brent moved his lips to hers and kissed her. She hesitated a moment then wrapped her arms around him and began to return his kiss. She felt his tongue probe at her lips, opening her lips she sucked his tongue into her mouth.....she returned his deep probing kisses matching him tongue thrust for tongue thrust. She could feel his hard, bulging erection pressing against her as he kissed her. Still kissing, Tracey pulled him to her and fell gently backward onto Brent's bunk. 

"Oh Tracey," said Brent, "I've been wanting to do that all afternoon. You're so darn beautiful, I was afraid to try."

"I'm glad you did," said Tracey, kissing him again. "I don't usually react this fast, but I like you, Brent." Tracey kissed him probing his mouth with her tongue, and shifting her body until they were laying on the bunk toe to toe. She could feel his erection poking against her and she pressed her hips against him, trapping his hard prick between their bodies. She felt Brent's hand stroke the back of her thigh and move up to her ass cheeks that were peeking out from under her shorts. His fingers slipped under the leg of her shorts and he gripped her buttock in his hand, his fingers caressing the crack in her ass. He pulled her tightly against his large erection.

Tracey pulled Brent's shirt out of his pants and ran her hands up it, stroking his bare back, enjoying the feel of his skin. Brent slipped his hand around her thigh stroking her between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Slipping his fingers up the leg of her shorts, he slipped two fingers under her panty leg, stroking and probing her pussy. 

"Oh Brent," moaned Tracey, "that feels feels good." Tracey felt Brent's hand move to her back, stroking it and then releasing the clasp to her bra top, then slipping around to her breast, cupping it in his hand and massaging her nipple. Tracey lowered her hand and began to stroke his hard prick through his trousers, gripping it she gave it a gentle squeeze. 

"Tracey....Tracey, I want you so much," whispered Brent. "I want you now, so bad..."

Tracey started undoing his belt.....within a few seconds they were both naked. Tracey kissed him and said, "Brent, I want you too.....I want to feel you in me."

Brent rolled between Tracey's legs as she spread them and lifted her knees a little. Tracey took his prick in her hand and rubbed the head of his prick between her wet pussy lips, then inserted the head of his prick into her throbbing cunt. "Oh, Brent, put it in....put it all the way in," she moaned. As Brent thrust his hard prick deep into her pussy, and began to thrust it in and out of her tight pussy, Tracey gasped and pulled him to her. "That's it.....get it in me deep as you can. God, I love the way you feel," she gasped. Tracey wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs and gripping his buttocks in her hands pulled him in to her as hard as she could.

"Oh, Tracey......Oh, you're're so hot," whispered Brent huskily. "God, I love the way you feel....what you're doing." Brent was taking long, hard strokes, driving as deep into her pussy as he could. "Oh, Tracey, you're so good."

Tracey could feel every inch of Brent's prick as he pumped it in and out her pussy. It felt different from Allan's, thicker, larger in diameter, but just as's wonderful she thought. Tracey thrust her hips up to meet Brent's prick as it drove into the depths of her pussy. Every few strokes, Brent would drive his prick into her as deep as he could, hold it there, grinding his pubic region against hers. As Brent increased his pace driving his prick into her pussy even faster, she could feel his balls slapping against her ass as his prick hit the bottom of her pussy. Brent slowed his thrusts and kissing her whispered, "Oh Tracey, I want to make this last....last as long as possible. You feel're so tight."

Tracey gave Brent a deep kiss, then replied, "Brent, make it feel great...I love the way you feel in me. I feel so full...I can feel every bit of you each time you push it in me." Brent stroked his prick slowly in and out her pussy. Tracey could feel the pull on her pussy lips as Brent withdrew his prick almost all the way before plunging back in to the depths of her throbbing pussy. "OOHHhhhh......fuck me good, Brent......OOHHhhhh...that feels so good," moaned Tracey as she began to thrust her hips into Brent even harder, wanting his prick deep in her quivering pussy. Brent increase his pace driving his hard, hot prick into her faster and faster.

Tracey could feel the tension building in her pussy and the tremors start in her thighs, "Oh Brent....fuck me faster.....harder...harder....I'm going to cum...I'm going to... ......NOW...THAT"S IT....Ohhhhh, Brent.....Brent," moaned Tracey as her orgasm swept through her. She felt Brent's body stiffen as he buried his prick in her pussy, spewing his cum into her already throbbing cunt.

"Oh Tracey....," moaned Brent as his prick pumped shot after shot of cum into her hot, tight pussy. He collapsed onto Tracey, holding her tightly and kissing her as he slowly, and with very short strokes, he pumped his prick into her pussy, milking the last drops of cum from his prick.

Tracey hugged Brent as he lay atop her, his prick growing soft in her pussy, she couldn't actually feel it, but more sense it losing its rigidity and hardness. Tracey whispered, "Brent, that was were so good, I just want to lay here with you in me." Tracey gave Brent a slow kiss, gently probing his mouth with her tongue while she stroked his back.

They lay there quietly for awhile not talking just gently kissing, enjoying the feeling they had shared. Brent finally rolled off Tracey, his limp prick slipping from her cum soaked pussy, allowing some of the cum in her pussy to leak out....she could feel it trickling down from her pussy to her asshole as she lay there. 

"Tracey, I didn't ask you here to try and seduce you...really," said Brent. "But, I'm glad it happened. It's never been like that for me before. It was're wonderful." Brent leaned in to her and gave her a gentle kiss. "I want to see you again. I don't mean just here, but after you get home."

Tracey laughed softly, "I know Brent, it just happened. I don't know what got into me. I've never gotten that aroused so quickly - I wanted you so much that I just had to have you. I've never done anything like that before. We just met, but, God, I wanted you so much.....I just didn't care." Tracey gave him a quick kiss, "I'd like to see you again too, I like you....right now I think I like you a lot." Tracey gave him a deep probing kiss, teasing his tongue with hers. Then she began to kiss her way down his body until her lips were at his limp cum covered prick. Tracey looked up at Brent, "Lets see if we can wake this fellow up," she said, as she began to lick the cum off his limp prick and then took his prick into her mouth. Tracey sucked on it gently and felt it swell until it was filling her whole mouth and as hard as it was before. She could feel the large head of his prick almost choking her as she took him deep in her throat. Tracey lifted her head and admired his large prick, the veins standing out on his shaft. "You have a beautiful prick, Brent. Look how it curves up a huge banana with a dark purple plum on the end of it. That must be why it feels so good in fits my pussy perfectly," Tracey kissed his prick, licking at the pre come that was oozing out the slit in the head of his prick.

Tracey rose up, straddled Brent's hips and guided his prick into her already cum drenched pussy. "We'll make this last a long time," said Tracey as she stretched herself out atop Brent and began to slowly raise and lower her ass, sliding her pussy up and down his hard, rigid prick. "We'll make it last a long, long time," she whispered, as she gently kissed him.

To Be Cont'd:

This is a 2 part (so far) story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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