The Best Erotic Stories.

Sixteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

I have this outfit that I wear only to signal my hubby how horny I am. He knows that when I wear it, I have only one thing on my mind: getting him in me, and FAST! I'll approach him in it, and strike my sexiest "Take me, PLEASE!" pose.

Of course, I have LOTS of outfits I wear when I'm horny, but he knows that I never wear this outfit for any other purpose, EXCEPT to get him horny enough to give me the thorough pounding that I desire and deserve.

My favorite "fuck me" outfit is my dark-blue blouse, whose top button is all the way down at the bottom of my cleavage; and it is an INSIDE button, so his hand has to brush against my breasts to open it. I team this up with a very short, tight, black micro-mini-skirt, and black fishnet stockings. My trampiest open-toed high-heels complete the look. I wore it recently when I was stuck at home, while he was working. He came home to find me sitting at our computer, and wearing THE outfit. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my breasts, and began softly nuzzling my neck, making me melt. I began softly purring in his ear, as I returned his kisses.

It wasn't long before we moved to our living room, for a heavy necking session on our couch. I draped myself as sexily and invitingly on our couch as I could, so he'd get the message loud and clear, how much I wanted him to take me, right then and there.

His hand found its way to that very-low top inside button, and he expertly unbuttoned it. He quickly had my blouse off of me, and he began nibbling on my nipples, right through the peekaboo holes in my lacy black bra. My breathing became more rapid, as his sucking and gentle nibbling explored all around my big, round, firm 38-C breasts, and my hardening nipples. He lingered for the longest time around my wide, reddish-brown areolas, which he so thoroughly enjoys pleasuring with his fingers, lips, and tongue.

Next, he surprised me, by kneeling on the floor, and sliding his face UNDER my short, tight black skirt. His face went right for my crotchless black-lace panties, and his lips, tongue, and teeth really did a number on my hard little clit. He unzipped and removed my skirt, then he continued his mouth's attack on my pussy, and especially on my horny clit. He curled his tongue, and he inserted it directly and deeply into my widening slit. Then with loud, exaggerated slurps, he slowly licked his way up and down my vaginal lips, until the tip of his tongue stroked my clit again. When my clit was fully exposed and hardened, he gently clenched it between his upper and lower teeth, and he began soft, nibbling bites. I don't know which was making me hornier: the physical sensations, or the sound of his exaggerated slurping. All I know is, he had me moaning and writhing all over our sofa, and I could picture him smiling at the exquisite pleasure that he was bringing to me.

Of course, his face was too firmly buried in my crotch for me to actually SEE his smile!

When I get excited, my inner walls get very damp, and I begin making loud squishing and smacking noises, deep inside of my love tunnel. He loves it! He scoops the moisture out of me, and he lovingly, sensuously licks and sucks my ooze off of his fingers. This just makes my pussy wetter and louder. I've heard that some women fake orgasm, to get the sex over with, but I could NEVER get away with that: he would KNOW I was faking it, if he didn't feel my dampness and hear my squishing. Besides, he takes SUCH good care of me, and he makes me feel SO good, that I always hold out for the real deal. I simply CAN'T identify with ANY woman who is content to just fake ecstasy, when Frank makes sure I get real ecstasy EVERY time!

For the longest time, I stayed in a state of suspended animation, dampening up more and more, squishing louder and louder, teetering on the brink of orgasm, enjoying his attention TOO much, to let myself go just yet. When I finally bucked high up into his face, and I exploded (not once but multiple times), he continued nibbling and sucking on me, through one explosion after another, until neither of us could STAND one more SECOND of this exquisite pleasure.

Then he sucked and licked-up every last drop out of me, and off of my thighs and tummy, before he stood up and let me strip him.

When he was completely naked (I still had on my bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings), he arched himself above me, as I sat up on the couch. He leaned over me on tip-toe. His 8-inch-long, rock-solid manhood was directly aligned with my salivating mouth. I hurriedly cupped his muscled ass cheeks in both of my palms, and I hungrily pulled him all the way down my throat, as he leaned his head down, so he could watch himself thrust in and out of my mouth. It was one of the sexiest moments I've ever experienced!

The sheer joy of watching the man I love, as he watched me slide his powerful organ past my lips again and again. The raw sexual energy and excitement. The power I held over him, to control the pace and intensity of our loving.

My silent nod of ascent at the end, leading to his multiple explosions against my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and the back of my throat. The sweet taste and thick texture, filling me, as I gulped down load after load of his too- long pent-up spunk. His low moans, uncontrollable shaking, and labored breathing. It was a true feast for all of my senses, and I've rarely felt sexier, than at that moment.

I wanted him to know how it feels, to know that your life partner considers you the sexiest member of the opposite sex, alive on the whole planet. So I decided to buy HIM some sexy outfits that he could wear, to signal ME when he was in a romantic mood. I've always liked him in skimpy underwear, the skimpier the better. And I've even bought him edible underwear, which I've licked and nibbled into a gooey mess, to get at that beautiful, pulsating treasure hidden underneath.

So, I recently bought him 3 more men's G-strings, for his 44th birthday. One of the sexiest, is a tiny, fake-leopard skin pouch, that barely covers his flaccid cock and balls, and is completely inadequate to hide ANYTHING when he gets stiff. I always know I'm in for a terrific time, when he wears that outfit to bed.

But one outfit in particular I enjoy. For me, it is THE "fuck me" outfit that HE wears. It starts with his old boy- scout uniform shirt, worn completely unbuttoned and untucked. I don't know why it is that I, and so many other women, just love a man in uniform. Maybe it is the crispness of a starched uniform shirt. But I suspect it is the tight, form-fitting style, that flatters and accentuates every mouth-watering feature of a well-toned, masculine physique. Beneath this open uniform shirt, I can see his hairy skin and his navel, and I know that I need only push aside the fabric, to see and touch his strong, muscled chest. He teams this with extremely-short denim shorts, showing me vast expanses of his slender, hairy legs, and hinting at what he knows I desire, located just between those long, strong legs of his. No shoes with this, completely barefoot. The look is so savage and primitive.

But best of all is what I find underneath, after I slowly, sensuously make a show of unbuckling his belt, and I slowly unzip those micro-shorts with my teeth. For paired with this truly sexy outfit, is a G-string that I bought him, made of loosely-woven black mesh in the front. There is nothing at all hidden from view, as I watch his lovely 8- inch cock harden right through the fabric. I love to savagely push him flat onto his back on the floor, lean down over him, start kissing the black mesh, and see and feel him stiffen, just beneath my lips and tongue.

All the while, I cup his firm ass cheeks with one hand (and play with the thin black string between his ass cheeks), and cup and massage his balls in my other hand.

Eventually, of course, I slide his G-string down his legs, so my hands and mouth have unobstructed access. By that point, his shaft is too long and thick for the black-mesh fabric to cover much of anything, anyway. I then let my tongue lick sideways along his exposed cock, from his balls, all the way up his throbbing shaft, to the tip of his cock-head, as it starts to leak those precious drops of clear pre-come against my lips.

I love to kiss all over his cock head, especially the very tip.

Then I slip my eager tongue into his wide-open pee-hole, and I tease and play for a while. Finally, of course, I just can't resist feeling his smooth, hard man-flesh, gliding over my tongue, as it lustfully pushes, thrusts, and forces its way down into my eager, highly-receptive throat. Watching him writhe side-to-side, buck his hips and thighs up and down into my face, and hearing him moan, is a real treat for me!

But the best part is the sweet, creamy taste, the thick, sticky texture, as he explodes and gushes into my mouth, while I repeatedly gulp and swallow, as hard and as fast as I can.

The last time he wore his black-mesh "fuck me" G-string, after his usual series of tasty explosions into my mouth and down my throat, we retired to our bed, for more foreplay. We enjoyed a highly-charged 69,which led us to a slow, leisurely fuck, where he very gradually increased the pace of his thrusts over the course of about 45 minutes, until we both came explosively, at the same time.

After he had come repeatedly, while I had sucked him, I don't know which surprised me more: that he could stay hard through 45 minutes of slow in-and-out, or that he could still come so powerfully and forcefully, and slam in and out of me so rapidly, at the end of that 45 minutes. He told me that the black G-string had made him feel so very, powerfully sexy, and that is why he was able to give me SO much loving, all through that night!

I am SO glad I bought him that G-string! I HIGHLY recommend to other couples reading this, that they buy each other some favorite "fuck me" outfits! Try it, you'll see how a great "his and hers" bedtime wardrobe can really spice up your love life.


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