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Outdoors with Richard
by Muse

I know how much you had fantasized about making love out doors. The thought had always intrigued me. I had several make-out sessions in my youth done in the privacy of the woods. I had always wondered about the experience of making love outdoors. Would I ever have the guts to strip down to my birthday suit and enjoy a purely physical experience in the wide open? Just the thought of creating the situation made me moist and expectant with all sorts of open yearning

It was so difficult to get you away from work. I finally coerced you into taking an afternoon off, ostensibly to look at new computers. I don't think you had a clue of the experience that I had in mind. I invited you into my car. As you slid into the seat beside me you glance over to take in the clothes. I had dressed with you in mind. A short black and white checked sundress that fit tightly across the bustline to flare at the hips. As the dress rode up my thighs, I could see that your eyes were drawn to my tanned thighs.

"Wouldn't you like to know what I have on under this?" I quizzed. As you looked into my eyes, I continued with "I'll be glad to show you mine if you show me yours!" I tugged the skirt higher until you could see the white cotton panties at the apex of my thighs. I slowly eased the skirt down. "Your turn," I invited. As you fastened your seatbelt, I pulled out of the parking place. "I'm waiting," I commented. Then I see your hands work the button on your shorts and slowly unzip your fly. Black briefs, I thought. "Nice touch Richard."

"Just where are you kidnapping me?" Richard asked.

"Hush," I responded "You will know in due time." As I continued to drive, we talked about inconsequential things. The biggest problem that I had was keeping my mind on my driving. Your hand continued to work its way up my thigh to caress my cotton-encased pussy. "For someone that had no clue as to what I had planned, you sure are making the most of a private situation," I commented succinctly.

You chuckle and reply, "Well, I never miss the opportunity to caress lovely limbs and other parts." I remind you that I cannot drive and pay attention to the road with your hand up my skirt. You remove the hand but the conversation becomes highly sexual. The teasing takes on an auditory come-on as you describe just exactly what you would do with me if you had the opportunity.

"Now Richard," I reply "Just what are you going to do if I create that opportunity?" As you contemplate the alternatives, I lean over and rub my hand from your knee to your upper thigh. As I gently stroke your prick through the twill, I feel the beginnings of a hard on. As you take in the changing landscape, you turn slightly towards me so that I can get a better feel.

"Lynn, just where are we going?"

My laughing response, "You will know when we get there!"

As I turn off the main road to the gravel drive, you gulp as the car takes what feels like a 45-degree angle up a hill. As both of my hands wrestle the wheel, I turn off to a cleared parking area. I announce as I park that we have arrived. I get out of the car and stretch. That is when you notice the tennis shoes that accompany the skirt. "Hey sweetheart," you comment "That isn't the most feminine footwear with that skirt." "Always the master of a compliment, aren't you Richard. Just help me with the stuff."

I open the trunk to display two blankets and a basket filled with goodies. "Follow me," I request as I hand you the blankets. I grab the basket and we set out for a little walk. About ten minutes later, we drop our stuff by a lake. The grasses around the lake are still dormant, but some of the weeds are approximately twelve inches high. As I lead the way around the lake, I find the perfect spot. The sun is in our faces, but since it is early spring, it is warm, not terribly hot. The fish in the pond are striking at the surface as insects light on top of the water.

As I help you spread the blanket, I watch your arms and chest as you shake out the blanket flat. I put the basket to one side and flop on the blanket. I cannot help but imagine your body underneath the shirt you are wearing. As you see me staring, you smile. As I lean over and gently run my hand down your pectoral muscle to drift over your nipple, you lean over and breath in my scent. In my ear you whisper, "Where in the world did you find this place?"

"I looked very hard for a very private and secluded spot where we could TALK," I replied. As I lift my face to look at you, I see the desire in your eyes. "Or whatever," I continued.

I lean over and gently graze your neck with my tongue. You deeply inhale, although you have smelled the suntan lotion in the car, the sun has warmed my skin and the scent surrounds us. I break the trail long enough to place a wet and noisy kiss on your Adam's apple. As you suck in a breath, I ask, "Are you ready to eat . . . lunch?" You laugh and say "Sure."

In the basket are cold cuts, fresh fruit, chips and a bottle of Chardonnay. As I pull out the corkscrew and glasses, I know that you have viewed the menu and location and you know as well as I do what I have in mind for desert. You humor me. You decant the wine and we proceed to enjoy our picnic. As you lean back after the sandwich, I lean towards you on my stomach and proceed to feed you fruit between kisses. You seem amused. You continue to talk and your hands begin to roam across my breasts and down to caress the curve of my hip. "Now Lynn,' you comment "You cannot intend to fool around out here in an open area." "Now Richard," I mock "You know that I have other plans. What do you think the other blanket is for?"

"Come with me," I request. As I get up, I feel the wind up the back of my skirt. I turn to see you lifting the edge.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself," you state. I giggle and twist so the skirt falls back into place.

As you follow me walk back towards the woods, I ask "I don't know about you but I have to go to the bathroom bad."

You look at me and smile, "Sure I do, after as much wine as you and I have drunk I thought you might."

"No Richard, you don't understand. As excited as I am, I have to go before we make love." The look on your face is priceless. You seem dumbstruck that I would be so forward as to announce that we were going to fuck in such a matter of fact manner. As we slowly walk back 100 yards into the woods, you take in the scenery. The trees are just starting to leaf out. The ground is carpeted with brown leaves. Although there is a path, it is evident that we are so far out in the country that there is no one for miles.

As I spread the blanket at the foot of a lovely 25-foot oak tree, you look around. The ground is almost level. Another twenty feet ahead is the crest of the hill. As you stroll the distance you can see that to the other side of the embankment is a creek that feeds the lake, but the drop off is steep and there is no way up the hill except for the path that we had just traveled. The air is still, but you can hear the stillness of the country, the faint buzzing of bees, the birds chirping, and other sounds of nature. You turn around to see me approximately 15 feet to the left of where I had made the pallet. I shimmied out of my panties and I am squatting slightly behind another tree. I thought in your explorations that I could attend to my need to find a bathroom and I would have a little privacy.

As I lift my skirt up, you can see my brown butt slowly squat as I drench the ground below me in a golden puddle. I turn around to see that you have caught me in the middle of the act. I see you lower yourself onto the pallet we made. At first I am concerned that I may have offended you, but then I realize that you enjoyed watching me lose control. I guess part of the excitement for you is knowing that you are the reason that I needed to go so badly in the first place.

As I slowly cross the short distance between where I had been caught and the blanket. You look relaxed, but I sense somehow that your demeanor is all a sham. By the time I reach the edge of the blanket, you sit up. "Stop right there," You command. I stop at the edge and look at you. "I think that after such a pleasant preliminary show, the least you could do is afford me a slow strip tease."

"Say 'Please'," I reply.

You grin and answer, "PLEASE."

I drop my panties on the corner of the blanket. As I stand at the corner of the blanket with the sunlight filtering in through the trees, I place my hands around my back. I turn to show you my back, "Do you want the honors of untying the bow, or shall I?" I ask. You get on your knees and slowly undo the bow at the waist. With my back facing you, I work the lacing free. I turn back around to see that you have returned to your reclining position. Your eyes meet mine as I slowly lift the skirt. With the skirt above my head, I cannot see your reaction. I cannot describe the feeling of vulnerability standing before you clad only in a bra.

You smile and comment, "Now the bra, Lynn." I reach behind me and undo the hook and eye clasps. As I discard the bra to the pile of clothing resting on the edge of the blanket, I want to cover myself. It isn't that I am ashamed of my body, but next to the other women in your life I do feel ever so slightly inadequate. Your eyes wander over my body. In my heart I know that in spite of the stretch marks and the maturity of a body that has carried, as well as given birth to children, you are forgiving in what you expect from me. Your eyes skim over my body, taking in the tan that warms all of my skin except for the starkly white area that accentuates my pubic area.

My legs and arms are firm yet full. You see that my breasts are full yet perky. As a connoisseur of women, you see a body that was drawn in many a Renaissance painting, a lush body that you can bury yourself in. As I stand before you I know that my sex is continuing to fill with wetness and my nipples pucker at the thought of your touch. As I shift slightly, I am aware that my nether lips have parted and the tissues are swollen and dark pink, like a truly ripe strawberry, with all the lusciousness of that succulent fruit. You gesture for me to sit beside you on the blanket. As I start to drop to my knees, you catch me and pull me on top of you. "What a spectacular performance, Lynn," you whisper in my ear. "You have a nice body, I find it quite lovely. But regretfully it doesn't even compare with your mind. You have some wonderful 'ideas', this being one of them."

As you roll me over onto my back, you look into my eyes and I can read all of the passion contained there. You have to read the heated response in mine as you drop your lips to capture mine. The kiss isn't innocent. It isn't sweet and gentle. The kiss is open and consuming. The wet heat sears me as your tongue makes its way into my mouth. My tongue curls ever so slightly around yours to welcome it in. It is like an immediate firestorm to my mons de venus. I gently suck to mimic the feeling of you being in me. You break the kiss long enough to take in a deep breath. I wrap my hands around your neck and bring your mouth back to mine. As I initiate this kiss and thrust my tongue into your mouth I feel your hands slowly make their way to my breasts. As I continue to kiss you, your hands work my breasts, teasing the nipples to tighten even further. I open my eyes long enough to see past you to the blue sky as the breeze skims our bodies.

"Time is awasting," I think and I start to undo the buttons on your golf shirt. By the time I finish, our tussling has caused your shirt to ease out of the band of your shorts. I ease my hands up the shirt length and I can caress up your back. I let my nails graze your rub cage as I slowly work the shirt up so that I can take it off. I break the kisses that you are placing on my neckline long enough to take the shirt over your head.

I take the momentum of my body and force you onto your back. You grin and I proceed to start to rain kisses on your neck and shoulders. As I feel your hands stroke my breasts and shoulders, I slowly lick my way down your pectoral muscles to your nipples. A man's nipples are just as sensitive as a woman's, but most women either don't enjoy licking and caressing them or don't take the time to explore the male form. I don't suck them as much as I like flicking the end of my tongue over the tips so that they tighten just like my own. Since I know that you don't enjoy a lot of manipulation of your nipples until you are really hot, I just lick and kiss until my hands reach the waistband of your shorts. As I undo the buckle and then the button, I watch your face as my hand eases the zipper down. As my hands grasp the waistband so that I can tug the offensive garments from your body. Your hands stop me and you look into my eyes.

"Are you sure that we are safe?" you ask.

"Richard, I'm very sure," I respond. "Are you scared to be with me?" I query. "If you are, then you need to know that I am excited and a little scared to be with you," I state. "I don't think I have ever wanted anyone quite the way I want you. I find your kisses intoxicating, your touch electrifying and if I don't have you I think I will die from wanting you." Your hands let go of mine and your hands rub your way up the length of my chest. "I don't think I have ever been with a woman as unrestrained as you are," you reply. "Thanks," I respond as I pull the shorts and briefs down your legs.

I sigh as I get to see your body completely nude for the first time. I have never been one to spend much time viewing a naked man up close, but if I had my way I would have spent hours touching and studying your body. Your body is so gorgeous to me. I rub my legs slightly together because I feel the moisture begin to seep from my vagina. It trickles slowly down my thighs and all I feel is the desire to take you inside me. As I toss your clothes onto mine, I turn to see you relaxed on your back staring up at the sky. "Magnificent view, huh Richard," I ask. As your gaze shifts from skyward back to my body you respond, "Yes it is."

While you are on your back I take the opportunity to caress and touch your body. I start with slow kisses down your chest to your navel. As I feel your erection becoming more and more insistent, I return my ministrations upwards. I lie on top of you, somewhat sitting in your lap, your dick hard against my thigh. As your hands massage my breasts I feel my wetness marring your thighs. You feel it as well because your hands work their way downwards to my waist. Quickly you roll me off of you to a position reclined next to you.

As you suck at my nipples, your right left hand eases its way between my legs. You draw a single finger along my full lips. Your finger grazes the front of my mons. It is so sensitive since I have taken to shaving my pussy. I jump ever so slightly. You chuckle and the finger delves deeper. You caress the inner lips that cushion my clitoris. As you rake your finger back to my vagina, you draw that warm wetness back to my clit. As your finger starts to rub back and forth with increasing frequency, I close my eyes and enjoy the buildup. With my lips ever so slightly parted and my breathing becoming more and more ragged you know that I am so close to orgasm.

Right before I get to the point of rapture, you withdraw your hand and lift your fingers to my lips. "Taste," you comment. I eagerly suck your fingers into my mouth tasting me. You withdraw the fingers to lay a simple kiss on my lips. I feel your lips work their way to my shoulder and as I feel your fingers enter my sweet little box, I feel you bite down on the juncture between my shoulder and my neck. You start with one finger, but on the next thrust, you insert another. As I feel the buildup begin anew, you thumb starts to work slow magical circles on my clit as the fingers work in and out of my pussy like a slow fuck. As I drift into the orgasm, I let out a yell as the contractions rock me. It is the euphoria that beats out any other that I know of. I know that your fingers as they continue to rock back and forth are nearly sucked in by the strength of the contractions. You can feel the wetness as the orgasm floods my pussy with all those sweet juices that a woman gives up. I can hear the slurping wet sounds of really great sex. You slow down and watch the vestiges of the orgasm leave me. Only when I open my eyes to look at your amused face do I feel you start the rhythm anew.

"Come on Lynn," you conjole "Don't you have another one or two in there?" As you lean over and kiss my parted lips the orgasm rocks me so that I lift my hips off of the pallet and thrust hard against your hand. Your fingers slip out of my pussy to slowly massage my essence into my little clit. As I slowly float back to earth, I see that you have the most amused expression on your face. "Lynn, have you always been a multiple kind of girl?" you ask. "Are you complaining?" I reply. "Never," you respond.

As my breathing returns to normal, you continue to stroke the rounded curve of my hip. Once I get my senses back together, I urge you onto your back. You are at my complete mercy. I kiss and nibble my way all over your body. I lick the curve of your underarm. I taste the saltiness of the sweat that has pooled in the crease of your elbow. The air around us smells of the woods with the undertones of the pines and cedars around us and the aroma is heady. You inhale deeply and sigh as I continue to kiss.

Along with the kisses my hands are free to roam the entire length of your body. I can stroke your upper chest, trailing my fingers along your rib cage downward to your waist. My fingers wander to your crotch where my hand encircles your very hard penis. The tip is flushed purplish red. As I squeeze you comment, "Be careful or I might come all over you."

"I don't think so Richard, would you dare miss the opportunity to fuck me properly?" I ask. As my hand begins the slow stroke back and forwards, you let out a groan. I smile as I slowly allow my hand to leave your dick to urge your legs to part slightly.

"What in the world are you doing, Lynn?" you ask.

"Just lean back and enjoy," I reply. I shift my body so that I am crouched between your legs. As you look up, it appears that I am almost praying. I place both hands around the base of your dick and slowly insert the head of your cock between my wet lips. I gaze up to see you raised up on your elbows to watch the show. I start the slow sucking, allowing my tongue to swirl over the head to graze the sensitive folds underneath the head. As I watch you watching me, I feel your hand reach out and caress my hair and urge my mouth to take more of you in. As I slowly suck and work my hand around the root of your cock, you tense. I feel your hand draw my head away. As your heavy penis leaves my mouth, I feel your hands under my arms. You draw me back onto your chest.

"You have a great little mouth, Lynn." You comment. I smile as I position a knee to either side of your waist. You relax as you realize that I am going to lower myself inch by inch on your erection. Suddenly I slip off of you. You moan and reach for me.

"Good things come to those who wait, Richard." I reposition myself so that I am facing away from Richard. Same position, except it is more like the 'Puppy Position' that you are so enamored with. I knew that the ground would make for very difficult sex in that position, but me astride you with my back to you should give you the depth that you would need as well as a wonderful view. I leaned over and slowly began to raise and lower my body slowly on your nice and hard dick.

Your groans of pleasure were all the encouragement that I needed. I kept the pace too slow, though. I wanted you to enjoy the view, the one of my tanned butt moving up and down. I knew that you could see your dick entering me and moving in me. The next thing that I knew, you placed your hands around my waist and thrust me downward. I felt your hands grasp either side of my hips, with your thumb tracing the tan line down the upper portion of my butt. I allowed you to establish the rhythm. As the light filtered in through the trees, I could see the woods floor. I could smell the sweet aroma of the leaves as we continued to crush them during our coupling.

I could hear the wet sounds as your dick thrust in and out of my wet pussy. I felt you tense and then much to my surprise; the strongest orgasm of the day grabbed me. It came without the slow buildup that I had come to expect, but it was so strong all I wanted to do was to grind myself on that nice hard monster beneath me. As the contractions started, I heard you let out a guttural moan and I realized through the heat of my orgasm that you were coming as well. That just set my orgasm to a higher, hotter intensity. As I arched and clenched to keep you in me, You thrust upwards. I swear that I felt the tip of your dick brush against my cervix. I leaned forward and slowly lifted my hips. Your dick slithered from my wet pussy to lay on your thigh. I took a position next to you and proceeded to allow the afterglow to set in.

It took all of about five minutes for us to regain our composure. You turned to lie on your side; I assumed the same position facing you. I allowed my hands to slowly stroke your body. After a while, we got up and dressed. The conversation was amusing but subdued while we savored the intensity of an afternoon away from everything except us.


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