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Pool Boy Pt. III
by Rebecca

We rejoin Linda, Barry and Brian, the pool boy. Linda still breathless after what was thus far the most intense and pleasurable orgasm of her 30 years.

Both men stood in front of her waiting for her to shake the cobwebs of her orgasm from her head. She took a deep breath and smiled, her entire body was alive and tingling from these two men standing in front of her. She looked at the tent in her husbands boxers and the rather large outline in the pool boys now uncomfortably tight denim shorts. These two cocks were hers, all hers.

She reached for Barry and made quick work of his boxers, pulling them down and off. His meaty 5 1/2" was hard, the head dark purple and shiny. Then she inched closer to Brian and eased his zipper down, pulling the front of his underwear down just enough to reveal the pink head. She leaned in and took the head in the mouth delighted at its sweet coating of pre-cum. Then she leaned back and told him to take down his shorts and underwear. He nearly tripped but he managed to become as naked as Barry was. Linda looked at both naked, hard cocks and couldn't help comparing them. While the pool boys cock was at least 2" longer then her husband's, he was not as thick and the head not nearly as mushroom shaped. His balls were tight and snug in their sac while Barry's balls hung a bit. She decided both were perfect.

She leaned forward and took Barry cock in her mouth, working her tongue over and around it before swallowing all of him and pulling up, letting his cock go with a slight "pop" sound. Then over to Brian. She was careful because she new how close her young lover was to cumming and it wasn't time yet. She licked the head, flicking her tongue over the slit. She had the idea to take both heads in her mouth at once but remembered a girlfriend in college saying that both guys freaked when she had tried this, Linda did not want to ruin this moment in any way so she resisted.

She moved back to Barry. One thing she noticed about her husband over the past few weeks was that the more steadily they fucked, the longer he was able to last. She put his cockhead back in her mouth and slid down and up a few times. His pre-cum was a bit more bitter then Brian's but she had learned to love its taste over the past month.

Back to Brian's young cock. She allowed herself to take the head into her mouth this time and slide slowly down. She made it 3/4 of the way down until she gagged a bit and moved back up. She felt Barry rubbing his wet cockhead against her cheek as she had Brian in her mouth. She backed off and looked at her two prizes one more time. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She knew she would worship her husband for eternity for allowing her these pleasures.

She held both cocks in her hand and pulled the guys forward a little until the swollen heads touched, neither guy moved or tried to pull away. Soon she had both cocks stretching her jaw. She was sucking two cocks at once... this was sooo amazing. Her pussy was on fire again and she needed some attention but she knew that had to wait a bit. The fucking was still to cum.

Her mouth was adjusting to the size of both cocks and the guys seemed to like it when she would take her mouth away and rub their cockheads together, then stuff them back into her mouth. She stroked each shaft as she did this. She was surprised by the sudden spurt of hot cum that splashed in her mouth. The jet was a thin powerful one. She realized it was Brian and she spit out her husbands cock for the moment. Brian's second shot of cum went by her face and into her hair. She had his cock back in her mouth for the third shot, and the half dozen that followed.

Barry was stroking his cock, watching his wife swallow the young studs cum was too much for him. While Linda still had Brian's cock in her mouth, Barry stepped up and started shooting his cum all over her cheek. She was able to get his cock in her mouth for the last few spurts but was still a mess. Her pussy was in need of something and fast. Feeling the hot cum drip from her cheek onto her breasts made her feel like a total slut and she loved the way that felt.

Her husband fell between her open legs and as soon as he stuck a finger in her and locked his mouth over her clit she came. This orgasm though was a bit less intense and served only to increase her need for a cock stuffed in her. "Lets go upstairs now," she said and stood as both guys followed, their cockheads wet and sticky. Barry was surprised that Brian's cock was still rock hard.

Once upstairs on their unmade bed, Linda lay on her back and motioned to two men to her. Like earlier, they each took a tit and worked on her. She was getting that feeling again, her whole body was tingling as they sucked harder and harder on her sensitive nipples. Brian began kissing his way down her belly and stopped when he got to her blonde bush. He looked up at her and in a shy voice asked her "Can I?" she opened her legs wider and told him to go for it.

Brian didn't have much experience at eating pussy. He'd licked his girlfriend on several occasions but it was always just to warm her up. Here, he had a pussy that was already soaked, the lips pink and swollen and a clit at least twice as big as his girlfriends. He licked at the lips tentatively but it felt good to Linda. She could never cum from this type of technique but she thought it a good warm up for Barry's cock. Ah, Barry's cock.

She motioned for her husband to straddle her chest and she took his semi hard cock in her mouth. She sucked him deep, using plenty of suction. After five minutes of this she was surprised that she was nearing her third orgasm. Time to have a cock in her. She told her husband to fuck her and he didn't need to be asked a second time.

"Move over, partner," he said to Brian who reluctantly left the pussy he was feasting on. He stayed down at the bottom of the bed though and watched as Barry rubbed the swollen mushroom head up and down Linda's slit. She was so wet, her pussy seemed to open on its own trying to suck the cock that was so close into it. Finally Barry entered his wife who was now begging to be fucked... begging! He'd never heard her beg before for his cock. She let out a long, loud moan as he slid all the way in.

Brian had watched enough, he moved up and knelt by Linda's head. At first she was so into the fucking she was getting that she forgot about Brian until she felt his cock slide across her lips. Mmm, this was good. She opened her mouth and took him in as Barry fucked her slow and deep. She was rising to a slow boil and it felt so good. Her young lover slid his cock across her lips, her husband was leaning in so close watching her mouth work the big cock in front of her. A few times the head of Brian's cock came within inches of Barry's own mouth but Barry resisted his curiosity.

Brian was the first to start cumming, his cum shot across Linda's face and down onto her sweaty tits. Barry felt some of Brian's cum hit him on the shoulder as Linda kept pumping his cock until it was empty and spent. Barry was getting close himself and Linda was right on the verge, her body was building not towards a climax but towards an explosion. Her toes were curling, she was ripping at the bed sheets.

Barry grabbed her ass and hips for leverage and leaned back, pulling her pussy onto his hard cock. He was pounding her, slamming his cock balls deep with every thrust and she was being more vocal then he had ever remembered. "Touch my clit" she yelled. Brian was startled by her loud demand and thought it was directed at him. He quickly reached down and rubbed her clit furiously. His fast moving hand was rubbing Barry's cock as well. They came at the same time, Linda's body convulsing and spasming, her pussy getting vice-like around her husbands cock as he unleashed what felt like a gallon of white hot cum. He kept pumping, shooting into Linda's pussy and she kept cumming until finally there was quiet in the room.

Linda's pussy was almost numb, sore from Barry's pounding. He did a lot of damage with that 5 1/2" monster of his. Brian had another erection and Linda told him he could fuck her if he wanted but he said he promised his girlfriend he wouldn't fuck anyone. He asked if he could lick her pussy again and she looked down, the blonde hair matted wet and sticky. He lay beside her and as he licked her pussy, licked out her cum and Barry's, he stroked his erection until he came. Barry remembered smiling, cuddling with his wife as they fell asleep. When they awoke several hours later Brian was gone. His dried cum in her hair and on her tits was the only sign that he was there, and that it really happened. Linda snuggled a little closer to her husband and whispered that she loved him, more today then the first day that they had met. And he knew he loved her more too.

Summer passed and Brian went back to school in last August. The three of them had gotten together twice more before he left and Linda made sure she gave him a thorough lesson in cunnilingus, so he could impress his girl. To Brian, it was every nineteen year-old boy's wettest dreams come true. For Barry, it was a memory that never failed to get his cock hard and ready for his wife. For Linda it was more... the pool boy had saved her marriage.


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