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Paradise Island
by Tawny T

I sat on the hotel restaurant terrace enjoying the superb view of the lagoon, letting the warm tropical breeze wash over me, and listening to the far off rumble of the waves on the outer lagoon. Twelve hours before I had left Los Angeles and now I was in paradise - a small Polynesian island off the beaten track.

Marianne, a beautiful Polynesian and I were the only ones in the restaurant. She wore the traditional pareo, the sarong, and her lovely body and face, attracted my admiration. We talked and I found she was a beautiful mixture of French, Chinese and Polynesian. Under her pareo, I detected that she only wore a pair of tiny panties. She caught my glances as she leaned over serving me, showing firm cleavage, and I caught the smell of the coconut soap used in the tropics. Her eyes moved to my thinly covered breasts and her eyes sparkled.

I asked about the shell collecting snorkeling trip advertised in the lobby. She told me the hours, and said she would be my guide. She performed several jobs in the small hotel.

The next morning, we were anchored in the lagoon. A young French couple was the only other guests present. The lovely French woman had shed her top early on, and Maryanne and I quickly followed.

Before we left the boat Marianne helped me coat my body with a high number sun screen, as the tropical sun could be brutal. Her soft hands stroked the oil over my body. She even coated my breasts lovingly, making my pussy tingle. Her laughing eyes told me she was enjoying teasing me.

We donned masks and fins and swam away from the pontoon boat. The French couple, accompanied by our Polynesian helmsman, went in another direction. As we swam away from the boat, I felt Marianne's fingers at my hip and my bikini bottom floated free. I looked and she was stuffed it into the shelling bag. She was gloriously naked too. The warm water felt gloriously sensual.

Marianne showed me how to find the beautiful cowry shells under the coral fans and how to watch for moray ells before I reached for them. She was a water sprite, moving through the water with the grace of an otter. She was able to hold her breath for incredible lengths of time. She swam between my spread legs, her long brown hair streaming. Her slick skin brushing my pussy lips. I swam behind her, glimpsing her lovely pussy as she scissored thorough the water.

When we had our share of shells, we swam back to the boat. We could see figures under a palm tree far up the beach. We toweled dry and sat naked on the soft mat floor. Marianne leaned close and kissed me softly, her tongue flicking my lips gently. I reached out and cupped her firm breast, gently squeezing it.

"I saw the way you watched me," she smiled. "You like women too?" I nodded. She looked toward the shore. The others were returning. "Tonight, leave your door unlocked, I will come to you." She reached down and slipped a finger deftly between my slick pussy lips. It stroked upward to flick my erect clit lightly, bringing a sigh from me. She slipped her finger between her lips and sucked it, her eyes locked to mine. We slipped on our bottoms just before the French couple and the native helmsman climbed aboard.

The young native said something to Marianne in Polynesian and they both laughed. I asked what he had said. "They're cannibals! They tried to eat me alive." She translated. We burst out laughing.

I went to the nearby village and bought French bread and wine, fresh tropical fruit. I learned Marianne had told her cousins that if I wasn't treated right, they'd have to answer to her. I also bought several colorful pareos and bars of the totally delicious coconut oil soap.

It was dark when I heard the back door of the bungalow open and then Marianne slid naked into my bed, the scent of the tropical flower in her hair sweeter than any perfume. She kissed me softly and her firm breasts were hot against mine. She wiggled her legs between mine thighs and I spread them wide for her. Sensually she pressed down, her mound burrowing into my spread sex. She rubbed her wet flesh against mine and in no time she brought me to a gasping climax.

We made long, slow love to each other. Her body tasted and smelled of the fragrant coconut oil soap, a I smell I still associate with her. She was an expert lover, she kissed me and her strong tongue slid up and down and into my pussy again and again, but could be so soft as she caressed my turgid clit.

Her pussy was sweet and clean, and my tongue slid into her bringing the sweet nectar from it. Her clit was firm and rather large. She cried out as I sucked and licked it, while my fingers slid deep into her body.

We moved into a 69 and feasted on each other's liquid centers. I lost count of the times we brought each other to a shuddering climax. She was an expert lover. The ceiling fan whirred softly as we made love. Spent, we drifted off to sleep, my arm around her. Later, when I awoke, she was gone.

At breakfast, she was my server. I told her how wonderful our night was, and what a good lover she was. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss, telling me she would be back that night with a surprise. My panties were wet all day.

True to her word she slipped quietly into my bed that night and in the dim light, I saw another figure slip into bed with us. Marianne's soft body pressed close on one side, a hard male body on the other.

"My boyfriend, he is a very good lover." She whispered in my ear. "He asked to come. I will send him away if you do not want him with us."

She was so dear, I didn't have the heart to dismiss him. I pulled him to me and kissed him, my hand finding his thick erect cock. My two lovers showered my body with kisses and caresses until I was moaning with need. Marianne straddled my body and began to lap at my pussy her expert tongue bringing me to a wonderful climax.

She then licked and sucked me until I was panting again. She guided her boyfriend's hard cock inside my liquid core. Slowly in unison the two made love to me. Her tongue nibbled at my clit as he thrust in and out from behind. His hips expertly rotated so that his rigid tool caressed every inch of my pussy. I had his cock deep inside me and her lips and tongue lapping at my throbbing clit. It was the best of both worlds.

He caressed my breasts, his fingers pulling and rolling my erect nipples expertly. He came with a long moan and a deep thrust, gushing deep inside me. When his cock grew soft and slipped out, Marianne's lips covered my pussy, scooping a mixture of our combined juices out. Her tongue drove me over the edge and I climaxed as her boyfriend watched. They kissed me and slipped from the bungalow.

Every night Marianne slipped into my bungalow, sometimes alone, sometimes with her boyfriend. Several times she came with a girlfriend, and the three of us made delightful Sapphitic love far into the night.

When it was time for me to leave, she saw me off at the airport, tears in both of our eyes. I promised to return soon, and I shall return - to paradise.

A fine story by Tawny T.
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