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Tawny T.
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Sex: F
Age: 36
Location: Virginia, USA
ICQ#: none
I'm a Nurse Practitioner, married, and consider myself bi. I’m 5' 10" tall and slender, a natural strawberry blonde, with 36 B breasts that are all mine. I'm married, and, yes, he knows about my love for the ladies. We have had several wonderful threesomes with my ladylove. I tell him everything I do if he’s not there, and it gets him hot hearing all the erotic details while we make love. He says it's a win/win situation. I don't fool around with other men, that's just my preference.

I absolutely love to write sexy stories, mostly girl/girl, as that's my favorite theme. I do get hot writing, and if I get hot and wet writing it, then hopefully my readers will too. From their feedback (men and women alike) they DO. I do too, and freely admit masturbating to my own stories sometimes when I write them, and later when I read them over again if they are really hot.

I have had over 40 stories published some years back in Penthouse’s Variations Magazine anonymously. I wrote for them for about seven years and had a number of stories published again in "The Best of" and "Special" issues. I honed my erotic writing skills there.

Most of my stories are fantasies of mine I write down, but there are several true ones. I also have some in the Extreme section of Literotica under my name in the Author Index also.

A Dangerous Erotic Cruise - Sexy chicks take pleasure cruise.
Afternoon Swim
- She shakes up lovely small-town wife's world.
Boutique Magic
- Married shop owner catches employees in lesbian fun.
Brownout Serendipity
- She catches beautiful roommate home alone.
Family Farm Fun Pt. I
- Curvy Kim arrives at Aunt Mae's farm.
Family Farm Fun Pt. II - Kim helps Aunt Mae in the shower.
Family Farm Fun Pt. III - Aunt Mae & Kim enjoy quality time.
Family Farm Fun Pt. IV - Kim shows off for Uncle Ed.
Family Farm Fun Pt. V - Kim meets Penny.
Family Farm Fun Pt. VI - The girls tease Ed.
Intimate Shaves
- She helps Tammy go smooth.
Karin's First Time - Woman reveals her first lesbian experience.
Lactating Lesbian Lady
- Rosita aids mother with swollen breasts.
Lilly White, Virgin
- Wild west lady seeks help from Miss Kitty.
Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Pt. I
- Hubby spies wife with girl.
Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Pt. II
- Hubby, wife, & neighbor.
Lovely Lingerie Lady
- She lusts for undies model.
Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt
- She visits Aunt Peg.
Memorable Beach Walk
- She meets nude stewardess & model.
My First Lovers... - Girlfriend Jean & Jean's mom teach her love.
My Lovely Leila
- Close friend becomes her lady love.
My Lovers, My Son... - Daughter catches mother at play.
My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I
- Photographer falls for Gloria.
My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. II - Olivia shows Gloria's pic.
My Very Loving Mother
- Exotic dancer loves her mom.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. I
- She lusts for Aunty's servant.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. II
- She enjoys her lovely harem.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. III
- She & Betsy go to London.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. IV
- She takes the girls to Paris.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. V
- The girls are caught in the act.
My Very Personal Maid Pt. VI
- One last weekend together..
Paradise Island
- Vacationing woman enjoys lovely Polynesian girl.
Randy Roommates - Girls enjoy a hot morning together.
Seducing My Best Friend - She takes friend's hubby, then friend.
Sexy Scuba Partner - She finds lust on the Great Barrier Reef.
Sexy Sister-In-Law - Her and sexy Jean get off while hubby's away.
Sexy Slumber Seduction - Mom catches naughty daughter.
The Twin Sister's Erotic Escapades - Sisters get racy.
Wonder Woman's Sisterly Lesson - Superheroine helps Liana.

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