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Peephole Payoff
by Surgeon

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At home, Caroline walked around her bedroom setting things in order, and picking up clothes for the laundry. Walking down the hall, she thought she might as well look into Don's room as she did so often. And as expected, on the other side of his bed was lying a pair of his dirty jeans. Shaking her head in annoyance at his habits, she bent down to pick it up, and as she pulled the jeans up another little piece of clothing flew out. Little did she know that Donald had practiced repeatedly with the jeans the lacy pair of panties he had stolen from his mother's dresser!

Caroline gasped when she saw the pair of panties lying on the floor. As she picked up the little piece of lace, she got a shock as she recognized her own lace panties! What was the boy doing with them? She sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at the lace wisp in her hand. Oh my god, she thought, as she looked at the little stain on the crotch, it was hers, and that stain had to be ... her hand shook as she raised it to her nose and sniffed. And the male smell of sperm hit her. Her son was using her panties to masturbate! Suddenly, she heard the front door open and Donald tripping in shouting out that he was home. She quickly threw her panties back under the bed, and rushed out with the laundry in her hands. Donald met her at the foot of the stairs, and one look at her face convinced him that she had seen what he had wanted her to!

Well, both his plans had been put into motion. Now to see if he could actually get to sleep with his Sis and his Mom! Fulfilling Plan S

A couple of days later, Donald rode over to Tanya' s house and dropped another couple of pictures in her mailbox. Then he rushed to the corner of the street to the public phone box. He dialed Tanya's number and when she picked it up, kept breathing into it without saying anything.

"Hello, who is this, why don't you answer, hello?"

He cut off, then called again after five minutes. This time he spoke into the phone "Check your mail for some envelopes" and cut it off immediately. Barely a minute went by when Tanya rushed out of her house to the mailbox. She quickly snatched up the letters and his envelope and ran back into the house. Very good. Just give her time to get a bit more disturbed, then he would make his move. The next day would be it, he decided.

So two days later, Donald rode up to his sister's house. She opened the door in her house-coat, and let him into the house and took him into the kitchen for his habitual can of soda. He could see she was a bit worried. Good, at least she's frightened. But he was still afraid as to how she would react. She had always been a bit of a cold bitch to him, and now was the time to test it. Somehow, they never did get along when they were kids.

"Hey Sis, you know that digital camera Dad gave me for my birthday last year, i've been quite busy with it!"

"What are you talking about Donald," said Tanya, sitting across the table.

"i took a lot of cool pictures, of a lot of people. Would you like to see some?"

"Ok, sure."

He was sure she flinched at the words "pictures" and he suppressed a grin. He got up and pulled an envelope out of his bag. Her eyes widened when she saw it was similar to the previous two she had received. Then he came and stood behind her and pulling a sheaf of pictures from it, put them before her. He could see her shoulders relax when her eyes fell on a picture of a dog in the park, playing with a ball.

"Go on, take a look, there's lots more"

There were pictures of their parents, and of her and him. Then she came to a picture of her brushing her hair in front of her dressing table in her old bedroom. Donald put his hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her.

"When did you take that one, Don?" she asked.

"Look at the rest of them, Sis, go ahead."

The next one made her shoulder tense. It was her in her bra and panties, putting on some lipstick. She wildly pushed aside a couple of pages more when she saw herself in her wedding gown. And the next two confirmed her fears - there she was bent over with Fred's penis in her mouth. She turned her head around to stare wildly at Don.

"You filthy little pervert! You, how did you get all this!? What ....... Where were you, how did you do this!?"

Donald smiled down at his sister. She glared angrily up at him as he told her about the little peephole and his favorite hobby. Then he pointed at the picture of her mouth around Fred's cock as the cum dripped from her lips.

Don stared down at her, a grin on his face, excitement in his heart, and a growing lump in his pants. He had her cornered. This was it, make or break. She was still glaring at him from her seat, when he started talking about the peephole. And when he came to the episode with Fred, he could see her resistance crumbling.

And then he fired his final weapon.

"Maybe Mike would like to see that, won't he, Sis?"

That was it, the tears dripped from her eyes, and she began to sob. Don just kept looking down at her. Then he lifter her chin with one hand and smiled at her. She wiped her tears, and looked back at him, hopefully, it seemed.

"Ok, Don, what do you want me to do. You want money or something, maybe I can get that for you. I have an exhibition next month, and I hope to make a few sales. But you're blackmailing me right out! And......"

Before she could continue, Don silenced her with a finger to her soft lips. It took all his courage, but he came out with it after all.

"Hell no, Sis, I don't want money or stuff. Just thought you might like to meet Don junior, and give him a treat like you gave Fred!"

Tanya stared at him dumbly. It came to her as a complete shock, and she refused to believe what her brother was saying. Was it possible? She started to speak, when he reached down and began to open his zipper. Was he mad? What was he doing?

"I...I'm your sister, Don. What are you talking about? What do you mean... you can't be serious about this?"

Then she saw the bulge in his underpants and snapped her mouth shut. God - Mike was big, but that looked like a monster! And then the basic instincts in her took over. The hand she had raised to protest was suddenly engulfed by Don's hand, and he led it to his crotch. One touch of the throbbing organ in his trousers was enough of a shock to bring her back to reality. And she realized that she didn't have much of a choice. But she also realized that she wanted to do what he was saying. The excitement and naughtiness of her own brother standing with his fly open in front of her sent a shiver down her spine. It was unnatural, but extremely erotic, with her brother standing in front of him with his penis almost exposed.

Then he broke that last barrier and reached into his pants to pull his shorts down. She gasped out aloud as he cock popped out of his pants. All 9" of it, thick and monstrous, right in her face, waving like a fat rod. Already, the engorged head was slick with pre-cum, shining and wet. Donald reached up with his other hand and stroked the back of her head.

"Come on, Sis, I know you want to suck my cock."

The harsh obscenity in his words shocked her into the fact that he was right. She did want to suck him, just as she had wanted to suck Fred, and all the other guys she had known. She loved to suck men off, and loved the taste of their sperm, and the great feeling she had when she stared at their contorted faces as they spurted into her mouth in their orgasms. She had to admit to herself time and again that she was a "sucker" for big cocks. That is why she couldn't resist going down on Fred. On anybody for that matter. And now here was this delicious looking cock, all wet and shiny and HUGE. So what if it was Don's.

Don gasped when she reached out with her little hand and grasped his cock around the base. Her fingers encircled its thickness, and she stared at the head as a drop of clear pre-cum oozed out. She brought the hand up and used her thumb to lightly brush the slick head and he moaned out loud. His hands were in her hair now, and he began to pull her head forward, closer to him. She moved closer and slowly stuck her tongue out, wanting to taste him. The touch was electric, the two of them gasped as her tongue touched his cock and licked the wetness.

"Oh, yeah, Sis, lick my cock, lick it!"

Tanya let go of his cock and it fell against her face and lips. She began to nuzzle it while her hands were busy pulling open his trousers and belt. She let his pants and underpants slide down to his ankles and sat back to stare at the monster cock staring her in the face, with the sac of big balls hanging below it. Once again she grabbed his cock, this time with both hands, and lowered her mouth onto it. Her warm and wet mouth opened and her lips closed around it, sucking it in. Donald was in ecstasy, and began to whisper to her.

"Yeah, Sis, I love it, suck my cock, suck it, Sis, man, this is great, my big Sis sucking my cock! Do it baby, do it for your bro, suck my cock..."

And Tanya, stimulated further by his words really went down on him, trying to get his length deeper and deeper into her mouth, her lips sucking wetly at the long and glistening organ. She swirled her tongue around his sensitive head and made him squirm even more. He grabbed her hair with both hands and began to slowly piston his cock in and out of her mouth.

"I can't believe it, I'm fucking your mouth, Tanya, I'm fucking my sister's mouth!"

And that was enough for the boy, as her gasped out "I'm cumming, Sis, I'm gonna cum in your mouth now!!"

Tanya slowed down and felt his cock swell, just before he began to spew his sperm deep into her mouth. The thick blast filled her mouth and her cheeks, and she began to swallow, feeling some of the delicious cream spurt out of the sides of her lips and dribble onto her chin. Again and again, three times, he spurted his cum into her mouth, filling it and drenching her mouth and lips as she struggled to swallow. Then he calmed down a bit, still standing before her, his mind reeling. She continued to suck and lick his cock as it softened a little, cleaning up the splashes of cum off it. He stared down at her dazed.

"Wow, Sis, that was the best! You sure know how to suck cock! Now it's my turn, Sis! "

She wiped her mouth and chin dry with a napkin, and stood up. But Donald had other plans. He grabbed her waist on both sides and lifter her slim body up, putting her ass on the edge of the table. She started to talk, but he quickly covered her mouth with his hand, and pushed her back so that she lay back on the table with her legs hanging off the edge. The other hand reached up to pull aside the house-coat, revealing her soft breasts unconfined by a bra.

"Donald, what are you trying to do!?"

"Don't tell me that didn't make you horny too, Sis, come on!"

And he slipped his hands up the gown to find the crotch of her panties sopping wet. One tug and they were pulled down her thighs, and he pushed aside the gown to reveal her crotch. And he gasped in surprise when he saw her shaved pussy!

"When did you do that, Sis?"

"Mike likes it that way, Don," she replied, waiting for him to touch her now that her passion was all exposed.

Donald knelt between her legs and lowered his lips to her shaved cunt, licking her thighs and tummy, making her gasp. And when he closed his lips over her wetness, she moaned out aloud and thrust her groin into his face, her hands reaching down to caress his head. He stuck his tongue out and began to lick slowly up and down the wet opening, little flicks over the clitoris making her squirm. Wet and waiting as she was, the feeling of his warm mouth over her pussy and his tongue probing deep into her made her orgasm, and she began to scream and moan, jerking around on the table as he felt her cum. Before she could calm down, Donald reached for the thin panties stretched between her thighs and ripped the little flimsy garment into two. She gasped as he thrust her legs apart and standing between them, pushed his cock against her wet cunt.

"Oh, Donald, what are you doing," she moaned, her eyes glazed over with lust, and her voice thick with passion.

"I'm going to fuck you, Sis, I'm going to fuck my big sister today!"

And he held his hard and wet cock against her wet pussy and pushed it into her. She was already wet and waiting, and he sank into her, making her gasp and arch her back, penetrating her to a depth she had never felt before. He held her breast with both hands, his fingers playing with her hard nipples as her small slim body was invaded by his huge penis.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, Don, oh yess, do it to me, darling, ,......."

Donald began to pump his cock in and out of his sister's cunt, the eroticism and naughtiness of the situation exciting him even further, and in his mind he could only see her as his sister, and he was fucking her, fucking her hard.

Her legs wound around his waist, pulling her closer into her, wanting every bit of him she could get. The world was swirling around her head and she was moaning incoherently to him, saying things no sister would say to her brother. And then they were both exploding in orgasm, their hips wetly smacking into each other, the sounds and smells of sex, their moaning and screaming filling the kitchen. She began to cum around his cock, her body seemingly out of control as her arms flailed and her hair flew wildly, her mouth open in her scream of release! And Donald could not hold back, he pulled his cock out of her and began to jerk himself.

"I'm gonna cum on you, Sis, like a slut, I'm gonna cum on you!"

And she stared at his huge cock spurt once again, whatever little juice she had left him after sucking him off, the cum spewing out onto her shaved pussy and her tummy. He collapsed back onto the chair in exhaustion, and she lay on the table, both recovering their energies.

New Developments at H7ome

Tanya and Donald talked for a long time about their new relationship. Initially both didn't know what to say, but gradually they realized that they had crossed the barrier of no return that morning. So they sat together and talked about it, and decided to wait and watch as to what developed next. Donald gave Tanya a deep kiss for a long moment and then left for his home.

He wheeled his bike up to the garage and decided to walk to the back and enter via the kitchen. Best to let himself in with his spare key for the back door, without disturbing his mother. She would in any case be busy in her studio. Thinking about what he had seen a couple of days ago caused a slight shudder to run up his spine and a tingle in his crotch. Man, things were really going wild in his life!

Running quietly up to his room, he began to undress to change. Then decided off-hand to take a quick peep into the next room. Slowly he shifted his secret partition aside and peeped in. And nearly fainted on his feet. For a few seconds, he felt his heart had stopped and what he was seeing was a dream. Then reality came rushing back, and his cock, tired as it was, sprang to attention.

There was his beautiful mother, half naked, bent over the bed at one side of the room, getting fucked by Mike, his brother-in-law! It was amazing to see Mike too, his cock pumping in and out of his mother as she moaned in her excitement! Her head was turned up, and he could just about see her face in profile. Her hands were gripping the sheets hard, and her ass kept jerking back into Mike's crotch, trying to get as much of him into her as possible. Mike stood with his pants around his ankles, shirt tucked up, still wearing his tie. He gripped his mother-in-law's hips and lunged into her rhythmically, fucking her hard! He raised his hand and slapped her hard on her quivering ass, the soft flesh turning crimson. She cried out and jerked her head back, but Don could see the pleasure in her face! Then Mike reached forwards and grabbed her long hair in his fist and pulled back on it, forcing her to twist her head and arch her back even more. All the time, he kept pushing his cock into her, jerking her body about like a rag doll.

Donald recovered quickly and ran naked to get his camera before it was too late! His painfully throbbing cock stood out erect against his belly, harder than he would have thought it could be! Quickly, he managed to start taking pictures of the two of them just as they were both reaching climax. Just as he had done in the morning, Mike pulled his cock out of her and pumped his cum all over her ass, spurts of it flying up to her back. Lucky for him, in her lust, Caroline turned to look at Mike cumming and his cum flying, and she was staring almost directly into the camera as he snapped. The look of pleasure on his mom's face was neatly captured, along with her upturned ass as Mike pumped his cum all over it. Donald was wild with pleasure and horniness; this was going to speed up Plan M faster than he ever expected!

Loving Sister

Donald was worn out for the next couple of days. Two times with Tanya and twice he had to jerk himself off in bed before he could get to sleep. And he woke up in the morning with a hard-on again. So he tried to calm down and sort things out. If he piled on too hard on Tanya, then she might back off. And right now, if he was going to concentrate on her, then probably Mom would need some more time.

So after two days, instead of going to the library, he went to Tanya's house. She was waiting for him, and as soon as the front door was closed, she hugged him hard and gave him a deep wet kiss.

"Hey, Sis, why don't you go dress up for me? I mean, I'm sure you have a lot of sexy stuff to wear for Mike, why don't you show some to me? After all, I used to spend so much time going through your lingerie at home!"

"Ok, brother, you got it, just give me a few minutes," she grinned back at him, and turned to run up to her bedroom.

Donald immediately ran to the phone and called up his home. His mom sounded slightly out of breath when she picked up the phone, and he expected that either she was masturbating again, or Mike was back! She kept waiting for him to answer, then he shocked her. Placing his handkerchief over the phone, he whispered.

"Mrs. Alexander, I know you're very close to your son-in-law. Very very close!"

He could hear the sharp intake of voice at the other end, and she stammered out a few words, scared out of her wits. He grinned and put the phone down. Sitting on the couch he was thinking out his next move, when he heard the clicking of high heels coming down the stairs. Looking up, he saw Tanya standing there, wearing a short nightie just about down to her thighs, resting on the tops of her breasts with tiny spaghetti straps. The material was some gauzy black stuff through which he could see everything clearly. No bra, black G-string and black thigh-highs with black stiletto sandals completed her outfit. She had even touched up her lipstick, and her lips shone a deep dark red.

"Hi there, little brother, you like?" she smiled at him.

Donald choked on his response, she looked so sexy. She grinned at him and did a little pirouette, exposing her naked ass to him. He kicked off his shoes and socks, pulled off his shirt and began to undo his pants as fast as he could. She came up and stood before him, as he stripped naked. She smiled at his eagerness, pleased that she could turn him on so. His penis was obviously ready to get to work.

He reached a hand out and began to fondle her body, touching her breasts and her thighs, feeling her soft skin and the soft touch of the nylons. Her nipples rose to his touch and hardened to little points under the soft cloth.

"You're a sexy little slut, aren't you, Sis? Do you like being slutty, Sis?"

The dirty words from her brother turned her on to no end. She gasped when his fingers found the crotch of her tiny panties already wet.

"Ok slutty Sis, get down on your knees and suck my cock! I love to see my cock fucking your face!"

Tanya knelt between his legs and began to suck his cock. Looking at her red lips sliding up and down his cock, leaving a trail of wet sticky saliva and his pre-cum was wonderful. She was enjoying it as much as he did. Holding the massive cock in her hands, she ran her clever little tongue all over the head and its length, making him moan in pleasure. He stared down at her, dressed in her lingerie and sucking his cock.

"My Sis is a cock sucking slut, isn't she, Tanya. You like me to fuck your mouth, don't you, Sis!"

Tanya was turned on even more by his words, and sucked the cock into her mouth deeper. They were both really turned on by their incestuous relationship, and nothing was going to stop them now. He let her suck for another couple of minutes, then reached down and told her to stand up. Then he pushed her down slowly onto the carpet, and knelt between her legs. Pushing her panties aside, he rubbed his hard cock along her wet shaved pussy, and she waited for him to enter her. Her face was flushed with excitement and she ran her hands over her breasts, pinching her own nipples and adding to her own lust.

"Ohh, come on, Don, do it, fuck your big Sis with your big cock, please.....Fuck me, Donny!"

Donald looked at her dressed like a slut, his own sister begging him to fuck her like a whore in heat, and he could hold back no longer. He lunged forward, impaling her body on his huge cock. The scream of pleasure from her throat rang through the house, as she felt him penetrate her cunt. Donald began to fuck her hard, plunging his cock in and out of her rapidly, his strokes both long and fast. He broke out into a sweat, and felt her flesh stick to his as they came together wetly. He pulled her legs, still encased in the nylons and sandals, up till the ankles rested on his shoulders, and then bent his body down on hers, bending her legs back. She was splayed wide open, and her head flailed wildly from side to side as he continued to fuck her deeper and deeper. Resting his body on his hands, he began to pump her in a smooth rhythm, loving the wetness engulfing his cock, loving his sister, loving being able to fuck her. She pushed her hips back at him ever time he lunged into her, wanting his cock deep inside her. They were both staring at each other now, knowing they were both close, staring at each others eyes. The dark secret that they shared was theirs alone. Then she began to moan out slowly, and he knew she was almost there, quickening his pace to meet her, feeling her pussy begin to spasm around him. The warm rush of wetness in her cunt engulfed him as she shuddered beneath him and began to cum, and he too began to spurt his cum into her cunt, filling her with his sperm. The brother and sister lay locked in a tight embrace afterwards, their sweat slickened bodies sticking together, his semi-rigid cock still inside her, both feeling the wetness of their union as their combined juices dribbled down her thighs.

"I love you, Sis," he said as he kissed her on the lips, staring into her eyes, as she kissed him back.

Loving Mom

Donald could tell his mother was a bit worried about that phone call, and she didn't even talk much with his dad. Though he knew that his father never noticed, possibly the old man was thinking about his nurse all the while! Don waited for a day, then decided to pull of his second blackmail of the week. This time he felt more confident, knowing he could make it work. Of course, his mom might not react like Tanya did, but then, no pain, no gain! He had to take the risk!

So after breakfast, when his dad left, he made some excuse about going to the library again, and left the house. But after loitering around for half an hour, he came back and let himself in through the back door once again. Quietly getting into his room, he went immediately to the peep hole and peered into the room. And as he was hoping, his mother was busy on the floor with the dildo, gasping about as she masturbated herself off slowly. He waited for a few minutes, feeling his cock get hard through his jeans. Just when he felt that she was going to orgasm, he rushed to the door of her room and began to knock on the door, loudly calling for her.

"Mom, come quick, I gotta talk to you! Are you in there, Mother? Mom?"

He assumed rightly that she would panic, and it took just a few more seconds before she stood gasping before him in the doorway, her clothes rapidly pulled together. But her rapid breathing and the flushed face gave her away. He could see that she still needed to cum, and was trying to control herself somehow.

"What is it, Donny, why are you in such a hurry? What's going on?"

"Look Mom, somebody left this envelope in the mailbox, and it's for you! What is it, Mom, shall I open it up?"

Before she could enter, Don entered the studio and ripped open the envelop. He pulled out his photos and pretended to stare at them in shock, as if seeing them for the first time.

"Gosh Mom, is that you?! How could you...I mean... what is this all, Mom!"

Caroline snatched the pictures from his hand and stared at them in numb shock. A hot flush rose to her face and she blushed staring at her own pictures having sex with Mike. The photos turned her on even more, especially the one of Mike spewing his cum all over her ass. But she was caught half way between the shame and embarrassment at being caught by her own son. She lowered her head, unsure of what to do. Oh God, she wished she could make it all go away.

"Donald, I...actually, you see, your father and I, and...well, now that you're old enough, you know, I think you can understand..."

Donald slowly moved and stood just behind her and his big hands on her shoulders made her jump. He could fee that there was no bra holding her big breasts up, she was wearing nothing under that loose t-shirt.

"Shhhhh, Mom, it's ok, relax, I know!"

"What do you know, Don, what are you talking about?"

His hands slid down her back and rested over her ass. She tried to move away from him but he slipped his hands to grip her waist, holding her still. Pulling her back, he pushed his groin against her, and she gasped when she felt his huge erection through his jeans.

"Donald, what are you doing, for God's sake, what are you trying to do!? Let me go this instant!"

But her voice was choked both with lust and with tears. She began to sob as he moved closer to her body and began to nuzzle her neck.

"Donny, I couldn't resist Mike, it had been too long, you know, and your father...He...and I well, Donald, please, what are you doing! I'm your mother!"

Donald had now gripped her hard in both arms and was rubbing his bulge against her ass. And his lips and teeth were busy nibbling and kissing her neck.

"I know everything, Mom, I saw Dad fucking his little nurse at his clinic!" She stiffened when he mentioned that, whether because she didn't know, or because of his blunt language.

"And I am the one who saw you using your dildo, Mom, and I took the pictures of you with Mike too! I love you, Mom, and I want to make love to you too."

Caroline couldn't believe what was going on. This was her own son, and apart from using his panties to masturbate, she didn't think he would be seriously lusting after her! Then all sensible reasoning left her as he moved his hand under her shirt and reached up to touch her breasts. The feel of his finger and thumb gently touching her already aroused nipple was exquisite, and she couldn't stop the gasp of pleasure from her lips.

"No, Donny, baby, please, I know how you feel, but this is wrong...come on, listen to your mother, son, please, I...unnhhhgh!"

The feeble attempts at stopping him were cut off by the moan deep in her throat as his second hand reached down to cut her pubic mound through her slacks. She was already wet, and he could feel it. Her legs involuntarily squeezed his hand between her thighs, wanting the pressure to increase. Her body won over her mind, and all resistance crumpled as she felt his erection pressing against her once more.

"I know what you like, Mom, and I'm going to give it to you. You don't have to keep waiting for Dad any more, cause I'm going to be there for you. You like to get fucked, don't you, Mom! Do you like to get fucked hard, Mom!"

The dirty things he whispered in her ear made her squirm against him. She just moaned back and nodded her head slightly. She was still shocked and the feeling of being almost unreal was too great for her to understand and respond. But he was sure about one thing, she did like to get fucked, and get fucked hard!

"Go on, mother dear, put your hands back, and do what you want to do!"

He gently guided her hand between their bodies, still standing behind her. She gasped as she felt the huge lump straining at his jeans. Then he slowly slid his zipper down and let his cock out. The large organ fell right into her palm and she moaned with delight. Any reservations or resistance that she had was now gone.

"I wanna fuck you, Mom, I wanna fuck you real hard. I want to make you moan and scream and I want you to cum, Mom!"

Caroline's mind was reeling as she heard her son speak to her like that. His hot penis throbbed in her hand. She could resist no longer. She whirled around to face her son, and he looked down at her with lust in his eyes. She lowered her eyes to look at the cock she was holding. And gasped when she saw the size of it; her little boy had grown up!

"You like it rough, Mom? You like to be treated hard and dirty, don't you Mom! I saw Mike spanking you, fucking you hard. You like it, Mom, you like being a whore?"

She could just nod her head dumbly as she stared at the monster cock in front of her. Even her husband wasn't that big, and Mike was smaller than Stephen was too. She was jerked out of her reverie when Donald suddenly grabbed her hair with one big hand and twisted her face towards his. He lowered his head and began to kiss her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She kissed back with the same lust, never letting go of his penis. Then he pulled back and still holding her hair, began to lower her face to his cock.

"Suck my cock, Mom, kneel in front of me and suck my cock."

She knelt in front of her tall son and pulled his cock towards her mouth. It was already glistening with his pre-cum, little drops oozing out of his cock. She poked her pink tongue out and gently licked the wetness from the underside of his cock right up to its head. The sharp hiss from Donald told her he liked it.

"Oh man, I've been waiting for this day for five years Mom, ever since I started jerking off I wanted to do it with you. I wanted you to lick my cock, and suck it, and I wanted to fuck your mouth!"

Caroline just moaned and engulfed her son's huge cock head in her wet mouth. It was naughty, it was wicked and it was dirty, but she was loving it! She had never in her dreams imagined that she could be doing such a thing!! And Donald was in heaven. His greatest fantasy had just come true. Here he was fucking his mom's face, sticking his hard cock into her mouth!

"I love you, Mom, and I wanna make love to you. Quick, strip naked, I wanna see your body!"

He pulled his cock from her hungry mouth and began to take the rest of his clothes off. Caroline too, in her lustful daze, stripped off what she was wearing, and stood naked in front of her son. He stared at her in wonder.

"I think my father must be a fool to look for younger bitches, when he has a perfectly sexy one right here in his home!"

Caroline blushed at that. "I don't think you mean that, Donny, after all, I am quite old now!"

"Oh yeah, just look at what my cock says, Mom!"

And staring at his throbbing erection she realized he meant what he said. Then he was carrying her in his arms over to the bed. He threw her onto the bed and grabbing her ankles in both hands, pulled her legs apart roughly, exposing her trimmed pussy. He lowered his head to her crotch and began to lick her softly, making her moan out with pleasure. His tongue was lapping up and down gently, the wetness wonderful for both of them. He poke the tip of his tongue into her hot cunt, or on her budding clitoris and she jumped at the contact. Her hands were running through his hair and she was moaning away "yes, son, lick me, I love it, do it for me, do it for mommy, Donald!" She came in a shuddering climax, jerking around on the bed.

He climbed onto the bed between her stretched legs and knelt between them. He still held her legs splayed apart at the ankles. She gasped as his cock touched the tender lips of her pussy, and he slid it gently in the wetness. She reached down to grasp his throbbing cock in her fingers, and fondled it, rubbing it into her pussy, waiting for him to enter her.

"You want my cock, Mom, you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, Donny, fuck me, fuck your mother, you dirty boy!"

She held his cock at her wet and waiting cunt and he began to lean over her, pushing her legs up towards her head, splitting her wide open. He stared down at her hands pulling at his cock as it entered her cunt slowly. Then he could wait no longer and with one lunge, he pushed it into her. The scream of pleasure from Caroline's mouth rang through the empty house loudly. He moaned himself as he felt her warmth and wetness engulf his cock completely. She seemed to be lost in her ecstasy as she mumbled incoherently and ran her hands through her hair and over her breasts. Donald was in heaven as he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of his mother's cunt. She thrust her hips against his, wanting him deep within her, loving the friction of their uinion.

Then she was cummin, her body jerking in mindless pleasure as she thrust against her son, feeling his massive cock plunging in and out of her canal.

"Ohhhhhh, I love you, darling, fuck me, I'm gonna cum, fuck me harder, deep,.......yess, make me cum, my darling, make me cum........" Donald felt her spasms around his cock and began to feel his own orgasm swelling.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum all over you, I'm gonna shoot my cum all over you!"

"Yess, Donny, cum on Mommy, make me wet, darling, do it now!"

Donald let go of his mother's splayed legs and pulled his cock out of her wet cunt. He grabbed it with his hand and began to jerk hard, leaning over her body, and his sperm spurted out in shooting blasts, cumming as he had never felt before. The hot fluid landed on her breasts and her tummy, and she squealed with pleasure as she rubbed the sticky cum into her skin. He spurted again and again, then collapsed besides her as he drained himself. She raised herself and lay over his body to kiss and suck his dripping cock, licking up the juices from it.

The two of them lay together in each other's arms, kissing and cooing like a couple of lover birds, feeling the new loving bond that had formed between them. Donald closed his eyes and thought of how much his world had changed in the last couple of weeks. Well, he was going to be busy and tired, but life was going to be one wonderful sex-fest for him now!


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