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by Catisfaction

It was my second year at college, and I was finally out of the dorms and moving into my own place. I found the perfect apartment, with the perfect roommates. Tony and Gillian were a couple and shared a room while I would take the other room. I had been living there a couple of months when I began noticing that Tony and Gillian had started making out in front of me more and more often. At first they would kiss and cuddle in the lounge, then go to there room for anything else, but now we'd all be watching TV, and I'd notice Tony's hand sliding up Gillian's skirt, or her hand down his pants. I didn't worry too much, as they would still disappear to their room before and clothes were shed.

During the two months I had been living there, I'd dated a couple of guys, but neither lasted. Gillian would often quiz me about them, asking what we had done, or what he was like, I thought nothing of it, I assumed she was just trying to be a friendly roommate. Little did I know what her intentions had been. If I did, I would never have said a word.

One Friday evening, we were all lounging around after dinner, drinking coffee, and chatting, when I suddenly became really drowsy, I excused myself, and went off to bed.

When I awoke I found I was still incredibly woozy, I was so tired that I couldn't lift my hands, or move my legs. I opened my eyes, and found myself staring at a strange ceiling... 'This isn't my room' I thought, 'this isn't my bed'. I turned my head a little and realized that I was in Tony and Gillian's room. It slowly dawned on me that I wasn't too tired to move my aching limbs, but that they were tied up to the bed, I was completely naked, and was spread eagled, so that my legs were as wide apart as they could go. I struggled for a moment, but realized it was futile, the bonds were far too professionally tied, and there was no way I could get out of them. I tried to yell, but only a muffled gurgle came out of my mouth, as I realized I had been gagged too.

As I continued struggling, and whimpering through the gag, Gillian entered the room. 'Oh look, she's awake' she cried with glee. 'Tony come on, it's time for fun and games'. She smiled at me, and said, 'oh Rachel, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking, you don't know what's going on do you?' I shook my head. 'Well you see, it's like this, that coffee I made you last night, it had sleeping tablets in, Tony and I decided it was time you lightened up, had some fun, had some real sex, not like you have with those stupid nerds you always bring home.' She obviously saw the frightened look on my face.... 'Don't worry' she said 'we aren't going to hurt you, quite the opposite, we are going to give you pleasure like you have never felt before' and with that, she smiled at me, and left the room.

It seemed like and eternity before she returned, but must not have been more than a few minutes, she was completely naked, and I could see pussy juices glistening on her lips, she had no hair there, and it looked freshly shaved. Then Tony came in too, he handed some things to Gillian, and I flinched as I realized she was going to shave my own pussy, something I vowed I would never do, but it was out of my hands now. As I felt the cool cream, and the cold razor, my mind drifted to other things they may do to me, and much as I didn't want to, I felt myself getting wet.

Suddenly I realized they had finished, Gillian was maneuvering herself over me, on her hands and knees. She had one knee either side of my head, and I could see her cunt in all its warm juicy glory. Tony said, 'For starters, just to get you in the mood, we are going to let you watch me fuck her. We're going to let her juices flow out onto your face. I'm gonna show you exactly what you've got coming to you.' With that he plunged his huge manhood into her cunt. He was huge - I'd never realized that the bulge in his pants was that big! He must have been at least 10 inches, and four around. I watched as he repeatedly pounded into her, I listened to her moans, her gasps, I heard the noise of meat being hammered into a hot wet cunt, and I myself grew wetter and wetter. 'Oh look Tony, we're turning her on' said Gillian, 'and she bent her head to my open pussy, that was now flowing with juices.

His tongue made contact with my freshly shaven cunt, and I shivered in delight at the touch of another women. As her hot tongue teased my clit, and plunged into my hole, I felt myself heading toward climax, my eyes were still riveted on Tony's huge organ fucking her beautiful pussy, harder and harder he went, deeper and deeper, 'oh my god Tony, I'm cumming....' Cried Gillian, as she buried her head back into my cunt, my hips were bucking wildly grinding my pussy into her face, as I felt my self cumming too, I looked up to see Tony buried deep into her, straining, as he pumped her full of his warm cum. As he pulled out of her, I felt Gillian's juices, mixed with Tony's cum, pouring onto my face. Gillian, carried on lapping up my cum from my pussy as Tony took the gag away, and pushed his now limp penis into my mouth, so I could lick it clean.

As I continued sucking Tone's cock, Gillian moved down to the end of the bed, and slid a finger inside of me, then another, as she finger fucked me she began licking, and sucking on my clit, sending waves of pleasure tingling through me, I felt her slide a third finger in, and heard her ask Tony ' reckon I could get my whole fist in?' 'sure' he said ' and if you can't.... Just force it' and they both laughed. She was pumping her hand harder and harder into me, Tony pulled his prick out my mouth so he could watch what was happening to me. I moaned in pain and pleasure, as Gillian finger fucked me, harder, and harder. My moans turned to that of pure pain as I felt her hand hitting the lips of my cunt, 'you're hurting me you bitch' I cried... but they just laughed. 'well' said tony, ' if it's already hurting her, you might as well put the whole thing in'. 'wait' said gillian, 'I want you to fuck her in the ass while I do this, I want to feel your cock, while I fist fuck her'.

Tony moved to the head of the bed, he unhooked my bindings from the head board, and fixed them onto chains hanging from the ceiling, I was now sitting up, and my ass was nearly a foot of the bed. Gillian continued to finger fuck me, still using three fingers, as Tony slid underneath me, and stroked his now hard prick along my ass crack. Then suddenly I cried out in pain, as he shoved one finger into my ass, pumping it in an out, no warning, not lubrication, it hurt like hell, I cried again, as a second finger joined the first, and I grimaced as I thought of his huge cock going in there. 'relax' he said, 'just relax, and it won't hurt'. I tried to do as he said, but when you have three fingers pumping your cunt, and two in your ass, it's amazingly hard to relax. He pulled his fingers out of me ass, and spread my ass cheeks, bending his head, he began licking my hole, I felt his cool tongue dart inside, and a wave of pleasure went tingling up my spine.

I was getting no pleasure from Gillian's fingers pounding inside me, I knew that when this was over I was going to have bruises around my cunt, I could already feel them, suddenly she slowed down, I looked at her hand, and realized she had her thumb and her pinkie pressed into the palm of her hand, ready to impale me on her arm. She forced her hand into me, I gasped in pain, as right at that moment Tony's cock entered my ass. As he pumped deeper and deeper into me, I could feel Gillian's had moving inside me, she curled her hand into a fist, and began pounding her hand inside me, almost pulling it out, then plunging it back in. I realized I had my eyes closed, as I opened them and looked down, I saw that Gillian's hand had disappeared up to her elbow. I felt my climax building, as Tony continued humping my ass, And Gillian fist fucked my cunt. She bent her head, and began sucking on my clit, that pushed me over the edge, and wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulsed through my body, I felt Tony shooting his load into my ass, and then he collapsed back on the bed.

Gillian pulled her hand out of my cunt, and Tony grabbed her, to lick it clean. Then she walked out the room, didn't say a word. Tony untied me, as Gillian came back in the room, holding a video tape, she placed it in the VCR and a watched as the screen came to life, with all our antics on it. 'There' she said, 'you can't tell anyone, or we'll show this to everyone. And you are to do as we say, whenever we ask, You are to be our sex slave, and we can do to you what we wish.'

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